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When I heard that the Academy was having problems with finding a host was that they should try a new format. Have the Academy president start the evening and then, as each winner comes up, they become responsible for announcing the next category's nominees and winner.

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I have to correct you on your assertion that,

(o)riginal English-territory "Eva" licensor ADV Films closed its doors in 2009...

While ADV Films has ceased to exist in its original form, the concern was broken into its component parts, as even acknowledged by Funimation's events manager Adam Sheehan, who responded to a question about ADV going out of business thusly:

ADV isn't out of business. ADV did remaster itself, as you might call it, and change itself into multiple different companies (Section23, etc.), holding different parts of its brands, of its marketing, so [it's] still around...the best way I would describe it is to think of it as Voltron: if it turned back into the five lions, so it's not the one Voltron robot anymore, so the ADV logo is no longer around, but the lions and all the properties are still around.

The former A.D. Vision (which included ADV Films) has been reborn as Section23 Films, which consists of Sentai Filmworks (anime licensing and distribution,) Switchblade Pictures (live action film licensing and distribution,) Maiden Japan (classic and niche anime licensing, distributed by parent company Section23,) and AEsir Holdings (which holds the licensing for several titles that ADV Films previously held, including NGE,) among others.

It's entirely possible that Netflix has obtained the streaming rights from AEsir Holdings, which could mean that the original ADV English dub would be utilized. That would still leave unanswered the question as to whether the remastered BluRay visuals would be used but with Netflix's deep pockets, I wouldn't put it past them to shell out the funds to make it so.

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Nice work if you can get it!

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In 50-100 years, people who dare to come here will be greeted and processed in the airport by robots. They will ride on trains and taxis that are driverless. They will be served and serviced in restaurants and bars in every way by a robot. EVERYTHING will be automated.

Except it will probably be robots coming to visit Japan...

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Next year's model should be called the ED209

The Daleks are here. I hope that they do not exterminate.

What's with appropriating these Western robot memes? Japan's got plenty of home-grown robots to choose from: Gigantor, Gundams, Voltoms, and Arm Slaves (just to name a few.)

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Bullying in Japan is so much easier these days with social media.

Bullying everywhere is so much easier these days with social media.

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@Burning Bush: Prince was only known as "The Artist" during his contract dispute with Warner Bros. Records. between 1994 and 2000. He resumed using his name when his publishing contract with Warner/Chappell expired.

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So, what do we have here?

On one hand, we have a fuzzy "repressed memory" accusation from 36 years ago, where the accuser can't recall pertinent facts (like the time and place of the supposed assault) of the incident, refuses to appear before the Senate (as of this morning) in any way without their jumping through the hoops she specifies, and who initially planned to remain anonymous, which would deny Judge Kavanaugh his Constitutional right to face his accuser.

On the other hand, we have a 30+ year record of exemplary service to the United States, with Judge Kavanaugh mentoring his juniors, male and female; over 300 rulings, 12 of which later were upheld by the Supreme Court; and a track record of being an upstanding husband, father, and member of his community. He also has multiple character witnesses that he has interacted with on a daily basis over those 30+ years that attest to his upright character. Even the person whom the accuser cites as a possible witness (judging from the initials she used in her statement) attests to Judge Kavanaugh's good character, stating flatly that nothing of the sort happened to the best of his knowledge and that he doesn't even know and has has never met the accuser. I know which I would choose.

As for the accusation: This would be a local matter, not a Federal or state matter. The FBI would not investigate it as a criminal matter--it is out of their jurisdiction. The state in which it allegedly occurred would probably not investigate it, deferring to the local prosecutors. As for them--they can't touch it as the statute of limitations has run out for that type of offense. Therefore, to borrow a phrase from a famous former President, "there's no there there."

Maybe over there in Japan you don't know how the political game is played here in the US. This is an old scheme from the Democrat playbook--a last minute ploy to besmirch the character of a target they couldn't stop by any other means. This is designed to delay the confirmation proceedings and hopefully drive Judge Kavanaugh out of the Supreme Court seat. They have even threatened that, if Kavanaugh isn't confirmed or removes his name from consideration, to keep the seat open until the next Presidential election--two years from now! What more do you need to know to realize that this is all political street theater?

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I'd love to stay there! I just don't know if I'd get any sleep...

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At least he didn't drop it while dancing and shoot someone while he was retrieving it! (RE: The FBI agent in Denver.) The gun was most likely a H&K USP in 9mm. If they are working plainclothes they should have a proper retention holster for their pistols. There are many different designs available that do not rely on a strap to hold the pistol in place.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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