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Posted in: Crosby, Stills and Nash follow Young's lead in Spotify row See in context

All these old hippies have gone from "sticking it to the Man" to "sticking UP for the Man." Whatever happened to free speech?

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Posted in: Anime tie-up with Japanese onsen town causes public outcry See in context

Suretto posted (on Nov. 23 at 07:27 am JST):

Is Japan paying people a lot to just stay home and do nothing except argue online, or how do people get into such silly "flame wars"?

"Flame wars" have existed long before the pandemic and resultant lockdowns and even long before Twitter was even a thing. Any time people have anonymity they will indulge in some of the most outrageous conduct. I guess that with the legendary tolerant spirit of the Japanese people, this may seem like a new phenomena but I can assure you that since the dawn of bulletin boards on the nascent Internet, there have been those who would flame others for what the flamer sees as an unpopular opinion. Modern social media only makes it vastly more accessible.

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Posted in: Baldwin calls for police to watch guns on set after 'Rust' death See in context

Vreth wrote (on Nov. 9 at 01:08 pm JST:)

Since this story broke I've noticed so many likeminded people writing harsh comments about this guy. I didn't get why people hated him so much. Looked him up and found out he impersonated Trump on Saturday night live. Hahaha so now the trump internet defense force must step in and flood every comments section with how this is all his fault.

No, Vreth, the reason there are so many "likeminded" people commenting is because Baldwin has been, and continues to be, a boorish, abusive, and loudmouth entitled hack. He is better known for his many abusive comments and actions than for any parts he has ever played. His profanity-laden rant against his daughter is legendary and he has had numerous run-ins with photographers, reporters, and even ordinary, everyday people.

No, Vreth, Baldwin has been hated long before he started parodying Trump on SND (that's Saturday night DEAD, if you can't figure it out.)

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Posted in: Who's next? Jodie Whittaker to leave 'Doctor Who' in 2022 See in context

How about Sean Pertwee? Having the son of a Time Lord play a Time Lord would be very interesting! However, they would first have to retcon the entire 13th Doctor from the timeline.

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Posted in: Robots with rhythm: Boston Dynamics' dancing androids a hit See in context

Yeah, but I'll bet it still was a human running the Steadicam!

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Posted in: 'I know your favourite drink': Chinese smart city to put AI in charge See in context

...and thus began the ascendance of Skynet.

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Posted in: Hollywood action movie clips spotted in China airforce video See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday wrote: (at 09:07 am JST) :

I watched yesterday. Bye bye Guam.

I thought Guam was going to tip over and capsize if 8,000 Marines would be sent to the island...

During a House committee meeting, Rep. Hank Johnson said he feared that stationing 8,000 Marines on Guam would cause the island to "become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize."

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Posted in: Hollywood action movie clips spotted in China airforce video See in context

Well, in all fairness, they probably paid to produce all the film clips, so why couldn't they use them?

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Posted in: Pair arrested for blasting adult video audio inside Harajuku train station toilet See in context

I seem to say it a great deal lately, but play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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Posted in: Russian voters agree to let Putin seek 2 more terms See in context

Serrano said (Today at 06:55 am JST:)

Hasn't he served long enough?

Is he dead yet? Then, in his eyes, he hasn't.

Michael Machida said (Today at 07:56 am JST:)

Putin is a joke. A silly joke.

More like a dangerous, megalomaniacal joke.

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Posted in: What are some of the most interesting radio programs in Japan? See in context

My favorite Japanese radio program is Minare Koda's Wave, Listen to Me!

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Posted in: Bolton memoir raises concern over Japan alliance if Trump re-elected See in context

GoodlucktoyouJune 25 said (at 10:57 am JST):

Joining with China doesn’t mean becoming a communist state.

Really? I think the people of Hong Kong would beg to differ with you on that point.

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Posted in: Pandemic claims another U.S. retailer: 118-year-old J.C. Penney See in context

Pandemic claims another U.S. retailer: 118-year-old J.C. Penney

They did say that the elderly is a high risk group.

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Posted in: As coronavirus hits pause on touring, musicians perform online See in context

What about LiSA? I just saw what looks to be an online concert posted today by her. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PYKGIeDZLQ&t=134s

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Posted in: Actor, singer, 'The Gambler': Kenny Rogers dies at 81 See in context

From “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In” to “Islands in the Stream," Kenny was a musical force. Thankfully, we'll have all of his music videos, movies and TV appearances to remember him by. Rest in peace, Kenny.

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Posted in: 'Isekai' anime: 5 must-see fantasy anime set in a 'different world' See in context

Of the five series listed, I have only seen two, so I'll comment on them.

Angel Beats: I would have to agree with Fox Sora Winters that Angel Beats is not an isekai. I'm not sure if I'd classify it as sci-fi or fantasy but it doesn't fit the basic premise of an isekai anime.

In Another World With My Smartphone: I cannot believe that Limarc Ambalina would include this series as one of five to watch while rejecting SAO! Smartphone has the most ridiculous plot of any isekai I've seen (and I've seen most of them) in that the hero has the most overpowered smartphone in the history of this, or any other world! It's perpetually charged and gives him the ability to create literally anything. I continued to watch this series when it came out only to see if it could get any worse week-to-week (spoiler alert: it did!)

I would agree with Fox Sora Winters on other isekais to watch. How not to Summon a Demon Lord skillfully combined comedy and adventure. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, while also having a vastly overpowered hero like Smartphone, actually does something positive with the hero's abilities and gives realistic situations and opponents. The saga of Tanya the Evil deals with philosophical and religious topics and The Rising of the Shield Hero turns the isekai genre on its ear!

I can't agree with all of her "avoid" recommendations, however. Yes, Kasuba and Aqua are annoying in Konosuba--but that's the whole point! It's a comedy--there would be no comic tension if they weren't annoying. As for RE:Zero--the airhaeadedness of Emilia and the blind stubbornness of Subaru's unrequited love are frustrating, but that's the stuff of romance novels. It's a classic love triangle story. They don't always break the way you want to but you can't help reading (or watching) them anyway. Isekai Cheat Magicians, on the other hand...read like it was written by committee. It was better than Smartphone, but that's damning with faint praise.

As for my recommendations, I'd add Log Horizon, Gate, and Ascendance of a Bookworm to the list. Log Horizon is a more complete story, as it is more about world building by those who are in a different world involuntarily than SAO's "trying to escape for a game world" premise. Gate is unusual because people don't have to die or get trapped in the different world. They can just travel through a gate to get there. It's probably the most sci-fi based of the isekais but it's done so well that the sci-fi aspects don't hit you in the face all the time...at least in my opinion.

Finally, there's Ascendance of a Bookworm, from the Fall 2019 season. This isekai takes a completely different tack--the main character is not physically or magically overpowered. She's actually a sickly child that the MC inhabits the body of at the beginning of the series. The MC loves books but, in addition to becoming younger and sickly, her host is in a poor family in a world where only the rich can afford books. Determined to bring books and reading to all, the MC struggles through a series of attempts to create her own books. If anything, she's not physically overpowered but mentally overpowered, as she retains all of her memories from her former life, including being able to create many things not imagined in the world she finds herself in. This is a different look at the genre. It does require the story to move at a slower pace than other isekais, but the payoff is enormous--again, IMHO.

Ad for the three series (or two series and a movie) that I haven't seen from the article--Only The Twelve Kingdoms is available streaming legally, on Crunchyroll, so I will catch up with that one. Children Who Chase Lost Voices used to be available on the Anime Network (and its successor, HIDIVE) but it's not longer listed. I usually don't buy physical discs of a series I haven't seen (except when they're at extreme closeout prices) but being that Children is a Makoto Shinkai creation and Tsubasa is from Clamp, I may have to buy them anyway.

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Posted in: 'Isekai' anime: 5 must-see fantasy anime set in a 'different world' See in context

AnimeJohnMikeToday wrote (@10:51 pm JST):

This is something cool I watch anime on https://kissanime2.ws & read manga https://mangasnake.com

Of all the pirate sites to watch anime on, Kiss Anime is the worst! You really need to support the the licensors instead of stealing from them.

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Posted in: James Bond film release pushed back 7 months due to virus See in context

So they've decided to delay the premier by...

wait for it...

007 months.

Somebody had to say it...

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Posted in: Does anime need to start being more politically correct for overseas audiences? See in context

I think the recent issue with Interspecies Reviewers (Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu) and Funimation, which helped bring this concern to light, actually illustrates a totally different problem--that of companies outside of Japan blindly buying up rights to enormous amounts of anime series without regard for, or an understanding of, the content within. It's this desperate attempt to be number one by maintaining control of as many properties as possible that leads to debacles such as this. Perhaps the desire to be first and to ace out all other importers/localizers is the problem. Importers/localizers should be more discerning about what fits their "creative standards" before snapping up every title in a season, instead of being the anime version of Veruca Salt with their "I want it all!" attitude.

@Samt Basu: I think you're off base, there. I know that all series of BanG Dream! have been picked up by Sentai Filmworks. The new Madoka Magica side story is so popular that it's airing on both HIDIVE (Sentai's streaming service) and Funimation. The iDOLM@STER is also popular here in the U.S. If anything hampers the popularity of the musical series over here, it's the limited access to the music! It's near impossible to find the music here and why the untapped U.S. concert market hasn't been tapped is beyond me. There are enough anime conventions occurring across the country that groups could make a nationwide tour piggybacking off of convention appearances. Large audiences would be assured.

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Posted in: Non-infected Americans from cruise ship in Yokohama to be taken back to U.S. See in context

kwattToday said (at 10:47 pm JST)

Why does not the US evacuate infected Americans? There are 428 Americans in all. It abandons them? There are better quarantine facilities and hospitals there.

I would imagine that whoever is involved in the evacuation flight would not want to mix infected and uninfected people on the same flight. Then, instead of having 48 infected people, they could very well have 428 infected people.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation closing donation account for arson attack victims on Friday See in context

zichi wrote (on Dec. 25 01:38 pm JST):

That is a considerable sum to each victim/family.

I'm sure it is, but I'm also sure that, even in Japan, the medical costs are enormous. I gave to the Sentai Filmworks GoFundMe campaign here in the US and I applaud Kyoto Animation's resolve in ensuring that all the money goes to those who most need it.

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Posted in: Mister Donuts Japan to release sweet potato donuts for autumn See in context

I wonder how they'd keep if air shipped to Oklahoma... I don't usually eat donuts but I'd love to try these. Maybe I could get one of the local chains (like Hurtz Donuts, out of Springfield, MO) to give this a try.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arsonist will live but still hasn't been formally arrested See in context

jack o helenToday said (on 18.9.19, 11:56 am JST)

I'd hate to be one of the doctors or nurses there that have to work hard to keep this p.o.s. alive. It must be so aggravating and depressing.

Medical professionals are such because they can rise above such emotions and devote themselves to caring for (as in tending to) the people under their charge. They don't have to like it but they willingly do it. That's why I have such respect for them.

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Posted in: Anime studio hit by deadly fire is known for skill, fan base See in context

The Original WingToday wrote (at 12:45 pm JST)

I've read reports/rumors elsewhere that he accused them of plagiarism. Not sure how accurate that is.

People have accused authors/production companies of plagiarism that have been judged in a court of law. Some were uphled while others were dismisses as baseless. Whether or not this person's claim was true, he should have pursued that avenue and not mass murder.

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Posted in: Riding grass cutters for orchards gaining attention for use at solar plants See in context

I'm wondering why they didn't pour a concrete pedestal around the supports for the solar panels big enough that they didn't have to worry about mowing close to the panels. That would seem more efficient in the long run.

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Posted in: Singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for 'inappropriate' Instagram picture See in context

BungleJune 10 08:38 am JST said:

It's funny, because earlier in the day, I was chatting with Ayumi in the supermarket. Another customer noticed that she was holding a barcode, and then asked us if we were an item...


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Posted in: Japanese firms prefer to use 5G networks of domestic carriers See in context

quercetum wrote (on May 26 05:18 pm JST)

Why is Japan lagging behind USA, South Korea, and Chiba in 5G? Article doesn’t say.

If you continued reading the next paragraph, you would have found this:

Roughly nine out of 10 firms have not secured enough engineers who can deal with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

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Posted in: Japanese firms prefer to use 5G networks of domestic carriers See in context

Kenji Fujimori wrote:

In terms of 5G-related patents, Chinese firms hold an overwhelmingly dominant position. But it will be difficult to adopt them given the possibility of a leakage of information," a machinery maker manager wrote in the May 8-17 survey

Wed have to pay royalties to the Chinese anyhow.

Better to just pay money than to pay money and have your secrets stolen!

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Posted in: Emperor to 'commute' to palace from current residence for a while See in context

InspectorGadget wrote:

Why not just swap residences? Clearly they both regard their current homes fit for habitation.

Why are the renovations required?

Did you read the article at all? I realize that it was the last paragraph, but the explanation is there. So you won't miss it again, I've copied the relevant paragraph below.

From the article:

The retired emperor and empress, meanwhile, will eventually settle in the crown prince's home that will be renamed as the Sento imperial residence. It will be renovated with more barrier-free structures.

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Posted in: Wreckage confirmed to be crashed Japanese F-35 stealth fighter; pilot still missing See in context

Redtail SwiftToday said (at 10:12 am JST today)

Been waiting a long time for this.

I feel this plane is dangerous and should not be flying over Japan. It has a crash history. No F-35 in Japan! All of them should be grounded immediately for public safety.

Two crashes in 20 years and you're declaring the F35 dangerous? That's totally unrealistic. It's not like they're dropping out of the sky left and right, taking hundreds of people with them. I feel that you'd be fine with Japan having no ability to defend itself at all, relying on the US for that while whining about it continuously. There's a word for people like you--"freeloaders."

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