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Of course if they all chose not to travel the reduction in China’s appalling environmental footprint and consequent damage to both the world and local environment would be appreciable!

It's such a heartless comment. Would you say the same thing toward, say, the millions of travelers during the Thanksgiving holidays? These are hard-working ordinary people who probably assembled the computer or the phone you are using to bash them. At least most of them are taking the trains.


It's so easy to fire cheap-shot from the moral high ground, it's getting boring. Speaking of environment footprint, do you know where the most industrial waste (such as plastics, e-waste) from Western countries are dumped until recently? Just give you a glimpse:


I am glad China is moving up on the value chain, and feel sorry for other poorer countries to have to take its place as the dumping ground.

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Poorly made plastic and other fake chinese made junk soon finds it's way into landfills or being burned all over the world, so it's not simply a matter of finding Chinese pollutants on the top if Mt. Fuji - this just gives graphical meaning to the fact that China's main export is pollution.

That is why I and many like minded people won't buy or use anything made in china.

I don't know how you and your minded people typed your comments. Please let me know since I don't know how to locate a computer or a phone NOT made in China. Also instead of blaming everything on China, try to pressure the big corporations to pay fare wages and help improve local environment standards (of China or any other low-cost developing countries) , instead of squeezing out every penny of profits.

Yes, it pains me to see the mistakes China and some other poor developing countries have been making and the huge price they have been paying in the last 10 ~ 15 years, to become the low cost manufacturing base, with minimal profit sharing, but huge damages to the local environment. But for you to turn around and blame Chinese for the "junk" that's made to the specifications AND price dictated by the western corporations and consumers, it only shows your deep rooted bigotry and hypocrisy.

Btw, I hope you also find this revealing: http://www.economist.com/news/international/21570678-growing-mounds-electronic-scrap-can-mean-profits-or-scandals-cadmium-lining

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The following is the first link on the Baidu news, the most popular news portal in China. http://international.dbw.cn/system/2013/09/30/055109881.shtml

Per Google translation, its content is pretty much the same as reported here: essentially describing an accident with the alleged responsible party arrested, and further investigation going on ... no more no less!

It saddens me to see so many knee jerk reactions and bigoted speculations on this board about anything to with "communist China" here from people like Tokyo-Star. Sadly such bigots exist on both sides ...

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