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Posted in: Kishida calls for U.N. reforms to address Russian aggression See in context

Reform the UN. Guess his reason is, abuse of the UN by the 5 permanent members using their veto power, abuse. Perhaps, he should check the records of the 5 permanent members and their veto records. Ie, see who had used it, veto UN resolutions, most often. Or, his idea of reform is, perhaps, only have 1 permanent member? His friend from across the ocean?

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Posted in: Chinese delegation barred from queen's coffin See in context

Anyone needing to know what colonial history needs explaining? Well, selling opium to the native/local population? For eg? Among many, eg.

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Posted in: Chinese delegation barred from queen's coffin See in context

These anglo-saxon trying to claim the moral high ground, as if they have the right, should be asked to explain their colonial history, and asked to make up for all the pain/misery/thefts etc etc their country brought to the World.

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Posted in: U.S. to send another $600 million in military aid to Ukraine See in context

Wow, i ask the same question. Where do they get all these money from? All kinds of money pledged for all kinds of domestic initiatives, chips act, EV acts etc etc. Then, all these pledges for the conflict in Europe.

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Posted in: A new space race? China adds urgency to U.S. return to moon See in context

Its a free world, no?? Anyone with the resources/know how etc etc can do whatever it wants, in the guise of national security. Favorite justification used by some. All incumbents get the itch, when its faced with a new competitor, when its hegemony is at risk. They don't look at it as healthy competition, which can drive efforts/desires etc etc, and better for the world/mankind.

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Posted in: China's large drills near Taiwan raise Japan, U.S. alert level See in context

The first island chain, guess its quiet well known among people interested in geopolitics. There is even a second island chain.

I do not need to explain why there are there?? Do i ??

Get the parties who put them up to to remove them? We see how China respond and react to them, perhaps, it is not too late to opine then??

Honestly, i think its a cultural thing, putting it cordially.

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Posted in: Japan to pledge around $30 billion in African aid at conference: report See in context

Basically, it boils down to your purpose.

If, it is really, sincerely to help the African, it will be worthwhile, even if, some end up in someone's pocket.

If, it is because of China, then, whoever made the decision??? No wonder the country has been stagnant for the last 30 years, such decision makers running the country.

The money would have served better purposes domestically.

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Posted in: Six months into Ukraine war, Russian goods still flowing to U.S. See in context

Again, its, whatever benefits me. Will work with the devil, if, it benefits me.

So, all those things about sanctions, boycotts etc etc because someone/some country is violating human rights/free trade/stealing trade secrets, forced labor etc etc, are just to grab they think will give them the high moral ground, gain world support?? Fooling no one.

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Posted in: Kishida yet to deliver on promise to create new form of capitalism See in context

As long as the PM, any PM, is beholden/fear of lack of support from other factions/afraid of losing the next election/kick out etc, etc.

The job of running the country well, make life better for the public, really change things around etc, etc, sadly will never happen.

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Posted in: Myanmar ambassador to China dies; 4th envoy to die in China this past year See in context

Great opportunity to judge/gauge the commentators here, whether they are commenting with or without bias/clouded lens, etc etc, etc. Just read their comments here.

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Posted in: Pelosi says U.S. will 'not allow' China to isolate Taiwan See in context

:) Don't kid yourself. Its not China versus Taiwan. Its not even China versus Japan, or, for that matter, anyone.

Its China VS Usa.

The rest are just pawn.

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Posted in: Japan, Saudi Arabia vow to work together for stable international oil market See in context

This is exactly the reason, some countries in the world, led by USA, has little credibility. One moment, when they are referring to China, of course, they do not have the courage/credibility to name it, talked about not accepting/dealing/excluding countries with surpassingly autocrat leaders. Then next, they do something like this, Biden meeting/dealing/being friendly with the autocrats from the ME, Japanese leaders, doing exactly the same. This demonstrated the truth, its not autocrat, its the country concern, trying to stop/keep a country/any country from rising/challenging their hegemony/influence. Of course, you are free/just like everyone else to do what you want, just do not try to fool others/yourself?? Thinking that just because you shout more often/loudest, people believe you. The world is not the fool you think it is.

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Posted in: Japan aims to maintain stakes in Russia's Sakhalin 2 energy project See in context

Take care of your own interest/your own citizens. Just do it without losing your credibility by shouting like your ally across the ocean, eg the BS/nonsense about autocracy/democracy?? After the recent visit to the Middle East, eg, meeting/working with autocrats??? Like best buddies?? Autocrats do not matter anymore??? People in the world are no fools.

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Posted in: Price cap on Russian oil to be about half of current price: Kishida See in context

I thought trading/buying is about buyers happy, sellers happy??? There is another system? where you are/can force your seller to sell you something you need at a price, that is only acceptable to you???? Perhaps, its part of a comedy routine??? Or, just hot air for headlines??

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Posted in: North Korea slams U.S.-South Korea-Japan military cooperation See in context

The N Korean have no right to complain/shout etc etc about what the American/allies are doing.

SIMILARLY, the American/allies have no right to complain/shout etc etc about what the N Korean do?? eg developing their nuclear ability???

I am a pacifist. My personal views is ban/forbid all nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Kishida warns G7 of danger of 'wrong lessons' from Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

"Wrong lessons", might it be, blindly listening/following your suppose friends?? Your friends' prodding's/encouragements/assurances etc etc. Then, you are left alone to hold the HOT potato?

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific admiral says cooperation with Japan key to regional security See in context

:) :) The truth of the matter is, if, its really about reginal security, then the obvious/only thing you can do is, engage the dominant country in the region, ie China, engage/talk/discuss etc etc her. One way or another, maintain the status quo, ensure continued reginal security.

But, its not, it is?? Exclusion/Containment/prevent the rise etc etc, purpose??? Not overtaken? maintain/hold on to the hegemony? A regular person, like me, can see through it, guess, every one too can see through it. :) :)

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Posted in: China's mass testing program building a waste mountain See in context

Now you know why i am, and lots of Asians, read commentaries, if we read them, reports etc etc with skepticism and shack of the head. We are no fools.

Alternative is? no test? Perhaps, more dead bodies is better than more medical waste??

Beside, every country do test, if absolute number, perhaps China produced the most, its population is the highest in the world, bear in mind. You don't hear/see such reports/commentaries about other countries, especially Western countries.

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Posted in: Japan deploys MSDF fleet to Indo-Pacific with eye on China See in context

America and some people like to frame it as for democracy, perhaps. they think it give them moral high ground.

Its either blind/delusional/or just blatant disregard for the truth.

Reason being, very soon, the American president is going to the Middle East, specifically, to a country, i can only describe as, perhaps, completely opposite from the kind of democracy the American has in mind.

Fooling no one, except, those who see only what they want to see.

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Posted in: Japan deploys MSDF fleet to Indo-Pacific with eye on China See in context

You are a sovereign country, those countries you are going to are also sovereign countries, its international water. If, you want to go, just go. Its a free world.

Why do you/have to ? framed it as, in view of China/with an eye on China/counter China?

The only reason/purpose is to provoke them/which is what America's sole purpose is, whatever they are doing. If you do not provoke them, you find no reason/purpose to go there/sail there.

Independent foreign policy? What a joke.

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Posted in: Head of U.S. Marines Pacific to bolster defense in south Japan See in context

When this hegemon, there is a reason its describe as a hegemon, does it, it described it as "bolstering defense"

When others do it, exactly the same thing, it describe it as, "de stabilizing etc etc".

Now you know why, it is doing everything it can to maintain its hegemony. The President is going to the Middle East, meeting the head of State, whom will not be wrong, described as autocrat(generously). Autocracy is one of the reason it used to get others to join its effort to maintaining its hegemony.

Hypocrisies/Lies ?? you decide.

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Posted in: Japan hosts military symposium that U.S. hopes will help contain China See in context

Containing a country, Ie, prevent it from rising/advancing/becoming better, what is the purpose?

Would it not be better? if you use/spend all your time/effort/money in making your own country rise/advance/become better? Less waste/conflicts/confrontations, everyone can trade/earn more money, better life for all. If, there is any problem, obviously there will be among countries, deal with that individual problem/issue, instead of "containing a country" which means what?

The answer is, keeping/maintain hegemony/ability to influence.

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Posted in: Japanese defense chief conveys concern to China over flight with Russia See in context

All these show of force is a response/reaction, to what USA/allies are doing at its border.

If, you do not want/like to see this, then the answer is obvious, do not provoke, tell your allies not to provoke, especially, so far away from home. Or, you do not join them.


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Posted in: U.S. blasts China's 'destabilizing' military activity near Taiwan See in context

99% of the world recognized that Taiwan is a part of China, even the Americans.

If American stopped provoking China, using Taiwan, China will not be doing what they are doing, which the American say is de stabilizing. In all countries, foreigners selling weapons to non government agencies in another country will be considered provoking, or, even supporting terrorism. Sending government officials to another country without that country clearance, will be considered provoking. All the so call de stabilizing things that the American claimed China is doing in Taiwan, if you follow events, is always after a provocation.

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Posted in: Ukraine today could be East Asia tomorrow: Kishida See in context

It will be, if you push for it. IE, war mongering, more war mongering, saying dooms day will come.

Frightening, or, trying to frighten people to your side/ideas? In todays world, no one/country wants to go to war/engage in warfare, unless, sovereignty is compromised. Except, when the war/conflict, can/is fought somewhere else, IE, not in the HOMELAND. If it is not in the homeland, then, war/conflict will/can be fought for far far lesser reasons, eg lost of influence/hegemony etc etc.

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Posted in: China's diplomatic gambit heralds new 'Battle for the Pacific' See in context

I indeed asked myself. What China hopes to get out of her ventures into The South Pacific. It is, exactly what Western countries hope to get, no more. I further asked myself. For the last, what 30 years, or so?? All those Western countries, which had the means/abilities to do more/help more/engaged more with The South Pacific, what did they do? Apparently not much, one even closed its embassy, you know the implication? when a country closed its embassy. China now has the same means/abilities, so, she is doing in The South Pacific exactly what those Western countries are doing, in other parts of the World, where the benefits/returns are more, greater than they could get/reap in The South Pacific. And now Westerners/Countries are screaming/shouting that China is coming to The South Pacific to rob/steal from the local people, when all she is doing, is exactly what Western countries are doing everywhere ??? And you know what i also asked myself?, Had China not gone to The South Pacific? The region will still be overlooked/neglected etc etc by the same Western countries, which are screaming now.

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Posted in: Australia offers Samoa new coast guard vessel as part of charm offensive See in context

You be the judge/says a Samoan. For the last 30 years? or so, or even longer. Non thing was done/neglected etc etc, now there is a competitor/new player around, making friend/making offerings, your neighbor suddenly remember you/see you around??? What can i say? Hypocrisy??

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Posted in: Japan may need to boost defense costs to ¥10 trillion: think tank See in context

Would it not be better?? spend less money militarily, more for people/citizen benefits/future? Just abandon ideologies/bias/international ranking thoughts etc etc, and work with your immediate neighbors. Close neighbors are bound to have differences/disputes, but, they are not insurmountable, no one wants war/disruptions etc etc, just do not be foolish enough to let others/outsiders use you as a pawn/card for their own agendas/motives(Ulterior). Remember this, war elsewhere, not in the homeland.

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Posted in: Ex-Malaysian PM: U.S.-led trade group intended to isolate China See in context

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, is no smarter/intelligent/in sighting than any other current or former leader of any country, including Japan, for that matter, any reasonable person in the world. Most do not speak their mind like PM MM, as they have obvious reason not to, they just quietly/with a false/half smile look, accept the hypocrisy, not yet. Only USA/Anglo Saxon countries? are in denial of the intelligence of the world.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand, U.S. sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific See in context

These 5 eye countries, sounding the alarms, over what is happening in The South Pacific??

These sort of things/deals/treaties etc etc has been going on since the end of WW2. What is going on there now, is just a new player, copying/doing exactly what the others have been doing for years, so, i wonder, why sounding the alarms now?? Or, is it? its been done by your competitors???

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