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Posted in: Kishida's weeklong trip focuses on China-Taiwan tensions ahead of G7 summit See in context

Its very straight forward and simple. To maintain stability/no conflict, across the Taiwan Strait, all parties just need to maintain the status quo, in every sense and its spirits, including the Taiwanese. The Chinese are not going to force unification if the Taiwanese and American don't try to slice salami. Eg, when Ma was the president.

All future if this , if that, are just war mongering, parties trying to justify what they want to do, ie, not because of their desire for a stable Taiwan Strait.

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Posted in: Japan's defense buildup shouldn't be seen as threat: U.S. official See in context

Talk about hypocrisy. Japan's defense spending, defense build up, etc, is like your defense build up, its like any country's defense build up, not just your allies' defense build up, is sovereign decision.

Now, he is claiming only ours and our friends' defense build up is not a threat, only our foes' defense build up is a threat??? Expressing unhappiness is difference from saying its a threat.

Now, you know why, integrity is a fat ZERO.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan launch task force to tackle forced labor in supply chains See in context

Non thing more than just a disguise, like, rule of law, changing status quo, economic coercion, national security, etc, etc, to maintain its hold on hegemony /prevent any challenge to its hold on hegemony.

You are a sovereign country, free to do what you want, happy buyer, happy seller, within WTO rules, which you signed on to. If you do not want to buy, don't buy, don't cook up lame excuses, hoping to justify your action. Your number one ally is forcing 3rd party/country to do their bidding, the way to trade/buy/sell. Talk about coercion?? No integrity. So fooling no one.

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Posted in: Japan's trade minister calls for new world order to counter rise of authoritarian regimes See in context

These politicians never get tired of these types of rhetoric??  "new world order", "rule of the law"?? Fooling no one who thinks a bit.

What they actually have in mind, mean is, MY new world order and MY rule of the law.

He is asking the American to take the lead. But, he did not mention/say anything about the same American rejecting the recent WHO rulings???

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Posted in: Japan says it scrambled jets to monitor Chinese aircraft carrier operations See in context

May i also propose among the comments here?

That whatever/all, that the Chinese are doing in the East/South China sea, are in response to what the American have created, the island chains, around China, which will be used, if required, to impose an embargo, like the one around Cuba.

So, if the American removed these island chains, then all the East Asia Countries can work together, using their resources, more trade etc, etc, to improve their peoples life, instead of buying more arms etc, etc.

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Posted in: Japan to deploy missile defense unit on Yonaguni: report See in context

All the noise/echo...

There is zero chance, zero, of China engaging militarily with Japan, unless, Japan chooses, her own choice, to get involved with China's internal issue of Taiwan, and only Taiwan.

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Posted in: Chinese fighters repeatedly take off, land on carrier near Okinawa See in context

Well, what do they have to say? To defend what they did? After all, its still international water.

To shut everyone up, and end the discussion. In the name of "National Security". Just like that "guy" across the ocean. May i also offer? Everything they are doing its in view of that "guy". And, of course, that "guy" will/can say the same thing.

As for the rest of us? We should just tell them, both, to leave us/our interest alone, do whatever they want with each other.

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Posted in: China-Russia navy drills to begin Wednesday See in context

Just normal self determined things that sovereign countries do. Not taking anything from anyone, not forcing anyone to do anything, not killing any foreigner.

There is non thing right/wrong about this.

Commentators who opine that its wrong, is like someone saying, "whatever i say/do is right, whatever you do/say is wrong". Of course, there are such people, such countries.

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Posted in: China putting U.S. space assets at risk, senior U.S. officer says See in context

"international rules-based order" is what these Anglo-Saxon countries like to frame it, (fooling no one/or at least not everyone), and its used for all things/everything under the sun to hang on to their hegemony. What it actually says is, Anglo-Saxon's rules-based order.

Everyone/country is suppose to happily allow/let the American lead them? happily follow the American? wherever/whichever direction/place the American want? Allowing their own progress/advancements to be dictated? at the pleasure of the American? Regardless of whether they can find their own way/direction?

Wake up.

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Posted in: Japan tells China, Russia it has 'severe concerns' over joint air patrols See in context

Around Japanese territory is the same as near Chinese, near Korean territory.

You will come across with more integrity, if, you do not do the same thing, IE, join air force activities, with other countries IE? USA??

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Posted in: Kishida orders funds to raise Japan's defense budget to 2% of GDP See in context

I will offer, in today's world, no one wants conflict/war, especially countries in the East. Even Mr Kim/Xi. People/country use resources/money for defense purposes because they feel threatened/others, someone stronger trying to change their country/the way they live their lives. Resulting in a snowballing effect, everyone has to waste valuable resources to response to threats.

Solution? Get the most powerful country in the world, one that is right at the top of the food chain. Not to threaten anyone/try to change anyone/anyone's life. Will result in a snowballing effect, everyone, countries in the East, will not need to use up valuable resources for military purposes.

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Posted in: Costa Rica scores late to beat Japan 1-0 in lackluster game See in context

A classic case of a coach getting ahead of himself.

Poor management.

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Posted in: U.S. excludes oil for Japan from Russia's Sakhalin-2 from price cap See in context

Talk about double standard, ie, credibility. Whether the cap can be implemented or not is a different issue.

Regardless of whether a country is rich/poor, need the energy/not need the energy is not the reason for imposing the cap. Its, allies or competitors.

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Posted in: Xi spat with Trudeau lays bare China's frayed ties with Canada See in context

"In Canada, we believe in free, open and frank dialogue, and that is what we will continue to have.

"We will continue to look to work constructively together, but there will be things we disagree on,"

This is an excuse for leaking private/confidential conversation?? If its, what a joke of ........

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Posted in: Kishida hopes meeting Xi will help build stable relations See in context

The key to a stable relationship, with your neighbors, IE, foreign policy, is, be independent. When outsiders are involved, they invariably have their own interests, which may oppose your national interest.

In todays world, no one wants conflict/war, everything, except perhaps, a country's RED line, can be negotiated, if, there is good faith.

So, no big hurdle to jump, just have a independent foreign policy, do not allow yourself to be used/do not allowed yourself to be instigated/have confident in your abilities and keep it within members whos future/where there is cost if things do not work out, IE wars/conflicts.

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Posted in: Kishida tells Asian leaders China infringing on Japan's sovereignty See in context

"Kishida's remarks follow those of U.S. President Joe Biden, who stressed to Asian leaders on Sunday the importance of peace in the Taiwan Strait and ensuring freedom of navigation in the South China Sea."

The above line says all it needs to say? doesn't it?

If, the order had been in reverse? Perhaps, it can be taken a bit more seriously??

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Posted in: South Korea's Yoon calls for greater co-operation with China, Japan See in context

Where ever you are/whatever bloc you may in in/what ever group you are in, its always the very very best course/way/thing to do is, negotiate/talk/discuss among yourself, only yourself. Do not allow outsiders in, outsiders will only have their own interests in mind, under mind yours, because some interests are exclusive.

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Posted in: N Korea launches 2 missiles toward sea after U.S.-S Korea drills See in context

You have your exercises, they feel threatened, they fire their missiles, you feel threatened. No one is the good guy here, no matter how you want to present your story.

Solutions? Perhaps, a change of decision makers on both sides?? Someone who can see the big picture? Someone who can see, clearly see about being USED.

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Posted in: Unification Church tries to derail ex-believer's press conference See in context

Goes to show the sorry state of the government/people chosen, to run/manage the country. With connections to a cult?? Its mind boggling.

Its time ordinary/regular Japanese take charge, of where they want the country to go. At the poll??

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Posted in: LDP member draws fire for tweet on Abe funeral social media posts See in context

And you wonder why Japan has been stagnated for 30 years?? Being ran/managed by the same group of people/him.

If, this does not change, different people take over/manage, we come back in 30 years time, JP will still be the same, and others will be in the distance, in front.

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Posted in: Japan WWII poison gas agents still scarring people today See in context

People in the world, open your eyes, not be blinded, sees things as they are.

War, must never happen, allow to happen. Major powers must never be allowed to start war, which quiet honestly, is unlikely to happen, because, they will suffer too, especially if it happens in their homeland. What usually happens is, they get others to do, IE, instigate, by proxy, sponsoring etc etc, usually with their secret organizations, to achieve their strategic agendas.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for U.N. reforms to address Russian aggression See in context

Reform the UN. Guess his reason is, abuse of the UN by the 5 permanent members using their veto power, abuse. Perhaps, he should check the records of the 5 permanent members and their veto records. Ie, see who had used it, veto UN resolutions, most often. Or, his idea of reform is, perhaps, only have 1 permanent member? His friend from across the ocean?

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Posted in: Chinese delegation barred from queen's coffin See in context

Anyone needing to know what colonial history needs explaining? Well, selling opium to the native/local population? For eg? Among many, eg.

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Posted in: Chinese delegation barred from queen's coffin See in context

These anglo-saxon trying to claim the moral high ground, as if they have the right, should be asked to explain their colonial history, and asked to make up for all the pain/misery/thefts etc etc their country brought to the World.

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Posted in: U.S. to send another $600 million in military aid to Ukraine See in context

Wow, i ask the same question. Where do they get all these money from? All kinds of money pledged for all kinds of domestic initiatives, chips act, EV acts etc etc. Then, all these pledges for the conflict in Europe.

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Posted in: A new space race? China adds urgency to U.S. return to moon See in context

Its a free world, no?? Anyone with the resources/know how etc etc can do whatever it wants, in the guise of national security. Favorite justification used by some. All incumbents get the itch, when its faced with a new competitor, when its hegemony is at risk. They don't look at it as healthy competition, which can drive efforts/desires etc etc, and better for the world/mankind.

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Posted in: China's large drills near Taiwan raise Japan, U.S. alert level See in context

The first island chain, guess its quiet well known among people interested in geopolitics. There is even a second island chain.

I do not need to explain why there are there?? Do i ??

Get the parties who put them up to to remove them? We see how China respond and react to them, perhaps, it is not too late to opine then??

Honestly, i think its a cultural thing, putting it cordially.

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Posted in: Japan to pledge around $30 billion in African aid at conference: report See in context

Basically, it boils down to your purpose.

If, it is really, sincerely to help the African, it will be worthwhile, even if, some end up in someone's pocket.

If, it is because of China, then, whoever made the decision??? No wonder the country has been stagnant for the last 30 years, such decision makers running the country.

The money would have served better purposes domestically.

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Posted in: Six months into Ukraine war, Russian goods still flowing to U.S. See in context

Again, its, whatever benefits me. Will work with the devil, if, it benefits me.

So, all those things about sanctions, boycotts etc etc because someone/some country is violating human rights/free trade/stealing trade secrets, forced labor etc etc, are just to grab they think will give them the high moral ground, gain world support?? Fooling no one.

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Posted in: Kishida yet to deliver on promise to create new form of capitalism See in context

As long as the PM, any PM, is beholden/fear of lack of support from other factions/afraid of losing the next election/kick out etc, etc.

The job of running the country well, make life better for the public, really change things around etc, etc, sadly will never happen.

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