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Posted in: Japan, Pacific islands strongly oppose change of status quo by force See in context

After achieved their goals, total hegemony/rich from industrialization through fossil fuel/colonization and robbing, its time to maintain the STATUS QUO?????? IE, no one else is allowed to become better/improve/ innovate etc, etc.

Stop parroting.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard vessels enter disputed waters in East China Sea See in context

If you stop parroting America's foreign policies/geopolitics, it will be very, very easy to talk/negotiate with them. Welcome outcome, for both.

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Posted in: Kishida grateful to N Korean leader for quake sympathy message See in context

Any sort of empathy, well wishes, regards, etc are welcome, regardless.

War mongers, take your wars home, fight them in your countries, East Asia don't need any of it.

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Posted in: Kamikawa pledges to promote 'mutually beneficial' ties with China See in context

Unfortunately, very, not reflected in actions. So, its just rhetoric. So, waste of time/money.

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Posted in: 'We don't give a damn about the feelings of Japanese concerning the so-called Northern Territories:' Medvedev See in context

These are the results/consequences, once you have made your choices/decisions in todays geopolitical situation. You can't have it both ways.

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Posted in: Japan joins others in halting funds for U.N. Palestinian refugee agency See in context

Yet another example of parroting the American/West.

Next time, to avoid such comments, how about taking the initiative, IE, implement/carry out something, making geopolitical decisions before the American/West?????

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Posted in: Kamikawa eyes Pacific islands visit in Feb to counter China's expanding clout in region See in context

The problems/issues with all these trips/adventures etc, is, it echo/a repeat of what the American have attempted.

If, the American needs someone/another country to echo/repeat what it has done, it is unlikely to achieve anything that the American could not.

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Posted in: Xi reluctant to resolve disputes with Japan during talks with Kishida See in context

Because any talk/discussion will only be meaningful/useful when/if Japan recovers independence of its foreign policies, otherwise, its just a waste of time/resources. Unlike Kishida san, other heads of state value their time/resources, tax payers hard earned resources.

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Posted in: Japan hands over air radar system to Philippines See in context

Outsourced, and, foolishly accepted.

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Posted in: Japan focusing on boosting bilateral security ties with diverse ASEAN See in context

If the desire to help/work with your friends/neighbors is intrinsic, its very good, everyone prospers. However, if there is a ulterior reason/motive, please bear in mind, no one is stupid/blind. I have doubt, because, you are not engaging in the same way with the elephant in the room.

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Posted in: Japan and Malaysia sign ¥400 mil maritime security assistance deal See in context

Many of these countries also have/signed some sort of agreements/arrangements with China. Its not an issue. If, you are going to offer them anything/assistance/equipment, etc, its not an issue/problem, they will accept it, and smiling. But, a big but, if you expect them, to pivot to you/align their foreign policies with with, like you do with yours with America, when it concern China. Well, they are not stupid like you think/assume. especially when its 400M yen???? Short sighted, sad to say.

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Posted in: Japan, Israel leaders agree to closely communicate on Gaza situation See in context

Why is he even wasting his precious time/money talking to Israel about this war??? He probably has a more importance/grander impression of his/country ability in this regards. Israel in not even paying attention to what America wants in this war. Use your time/money to fix problems here!!!! There are lots of them.

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Posted in: Kishida urges LDP factions to forgo fundraisers amid scandal See in context

Next general election, this coalition will win hands down. Says everything about the country's state of politics. Only one word, SAD.

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Posted in: Japan's frontier islanders decry lack of gov't plan to aid Taiwanese fleeing attack See in context

Everyone knows what their Red Line is, at least all politician should. Its Taiwan's moves for independence, as long as that does not happen, there will not be any war to worry about, Japan and Taiwan must be alert and smart, don't let/allow yourself be instigated. Who knows, Taiwan may one day still win the on going civil war, and refugees could be from China??? Whatever it is, don't be used as a pawn.

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Posted in: U.S. continues to fly Osprey aircraft in Japan, despite Tokyo's request not to See in context

What a shame/disgrace, country's sovereignty?? The key word, "Tokyo's REQUEST", and its in its own country's territory, Japan.

What more can be said???

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Posted in: Japan, China foreign ministers discuss security, seafood ban See in context

Its pointless, and a waste of tax payer money, if you do not have an independence foreign policies. Its non thing but a charade/kabuki play???. Act like a sovereign country first.

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Posted in: Japan faces 'friendshoring' dilemma in Asia amid China risks See in context

Economically, globalization made every one better off, trade, IE, you and i do what we are good at/efficient at, trade. In todays world, no one wants war/fight, regardless of the size of a country. Regional conflicts due legacy issues can always be discussed/negotiated with your neighbors. All you need to do is, don't get involved in others affairs, especially instigated affairs. Have an independence foreign policy to start with.

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Posted in: Self-Defense Forces hold drill to repel invaders See in context

What an aim/purpose? Repel invaders?

What potential invaders?? If you don't get involved in China's internal affairs, contravene UN/your own recognition/charter. No invaders will ever any attempt to invade, therefore, non thing/invaders to repel.

Advice, have an independent foreign policies, like 90% of the world.

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Posted in: Koi emerge as new source of souring relations between Japan and China See in context

When you start the game, all gloves are off. You have your reasons/justifications, they have theirs, equally valid/justifiable. No point in complaining, not everyone/country is as pliant as you or/America wish/hope.

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Posted in: Kishida wary of joint China, Russia bomber flights near Japan See in context

They do it on Monday, your group do it on Tuesday, they do it on Wednesday, your group do it on Thursday. Pot calling kettle black. In the mean while, you waste resources, your neighbors/next door, waste resources, you cannot/don't have resources to improve your citizen's life. So, how?? Don't let groups from far away, safely guarding their homeland from hijacking your foreign policies/don't let them instigate you, Talk/negotiate/discuss/etc to/with your neighbors, after all, its just disputes/legacies. In the mean while, use your resources to improve your citizen's life.

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Posted in: Japan needs to make stance on Israel-Hamas war clearer, observers say See in context

The G7, Japan, cannot/will not make a clear stand on this issue is because, they do not believe in it/there is 0% conviction. In fact, its possible that their true belief is the opposite!! They are making these vague statements so that they will appear politically correct, avoiding judgement/criticism/laughter/shame.

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Posted in: G7 nations call for 'humanitarian pauses' in Israel-Hamas war See in context

All i will add is. Do not pay attention/believe/listen to every rhetoric you hear coming out from any country/government/officials. No intrinsic/altruistic/genuine beliefs/principles. Because, when its friend/allies, its ask/request, and i will add, politely. If its not friends/allies, its human right/violations/crime, war crime??. IE, 100% lacking in integrity.

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Posted in: China owed more than $1 trillion in Belt and Road debt: report See in context

Some people/countries like to paint these loans as bad for the borrowers??? When the IMF/World Bank, western institutions, failed to do their jobs, or, with so many conditions attached for/when doing its jobs, some others need/can step up, for developing countries. Or, are these western countries just like to see the developing world stay developing forever, perhaps, its easier to get the developing world to do its bidding/easier to acquire their recourses?? Before someone says that China is doing the same. At least, they do not go around heaping all sorts of slanders/accusations at other lenders. That alone earns it the benefit of the doubt.

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Posted in: Kishida struggling to show leadership See in context

Has no leadership/demonstrating leadership. He does not know/understand what his job is/responsibilities are, therefore, has the wrong priorities/unable to/don't know how to select the right people/how to delegate, therefore poor leader, ie, leave. Big picture, the country needs/desperately, a new political landscape. IE, new people, younger? new parties, more varied? Definitely, not family's dynasties type.

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Posted in: Japan announces sanctions on Hamas-related individuals, company See in context

This "comments" platform, is exactly it. Its just for comments/opinions, that's all. Its hardly a platform for a debate. Why is there a need for some readers to response to comments/opinions posted?? If, you have an opinion/comment, just post it. No need to response, its impossible to debate any issue here. The administrator will take care of any undesirable comments/opinions.

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Posted in: Japan announces sanctions on Hamas-related individuals, company See in context

Sometimes, if you take the initiative to do something, ie, do it first, before the American. Then it will come across as it was done with some integrity, otherwise, with your history/record of actions, it just come across as aping, ie, no back bone.

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context

Come on the G7. Don't talk with your hand over one eye. IE, don't be such hypocrite. The sea food ban, any difference from all the tech ban????? They are just responding.

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Posted in: About 1 million nuisance calls made to Japan embassy in China over Fukushima See in context

All i need to add is, do not believe everything you read, or see.

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Posted in: China's defense ministry blasts Pentagon's annual report See in context

Sure, they are building up their nuclear capability/military capability. Blar blar blar!!! Threatening everyone. But, who knows what will happen in the future???? All i know is, the pass/historically, what who has done. And i know who is the actual/real thread, over the propaganda.

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea, Japan raise concerns over Russia-N Korea military cooperation See in context

The headlines could easily be this, Russia and N Korea raise concerns over US.-Japan-S Korea military cooperation.

The American has been in Japan since WW2, and S Korea since 1950.

So, how????

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