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Posted in: Kishida calls on like-minded nations to defend democracy, key values See in context

This is in the context of the democracy summit organized by the American/Biden. Among invited countries, Iraq, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Malaysia etc, like minded??? Countries not invited, Singapore. You get the idea? figure it out.

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Posted in: IOC call with Chinese tennis star Peng raises more questions See in context

Yes, there are problems. That is one subject.

There are also a lot of hypocrisies, from some Western countries/ organizations/ media, and their allies.

That incidence in the Middle East, which is a very important ally of someone, where some one was confirmed chopped up. Warranted only a short period of time in the press?? No one/ organization/ media cut off ties/ contacts/ imposed sanctions??

Because of such example, Western countries/ organizations/ media, and their allies have no credibility when they critic someone/anyone. Its all political/ geopolitics, even for sport bodies.

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Posted in: China’s 'Little Kyoto' shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture invasion See in context

The big picture, is, todays world is so divided. Everything is politicized and became so "sensitized".

Its no surprised that people looked at everything nationalistically.

No thanks, to a particular country and the need to maintain curtain hegemony.

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