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Posted in: Diet passes Y13.1 tril stimulus budget by one vote See in context

I think you all need to do a little research into Central Banking.

Many people have the misconception that Central Banking (perhaps the most infamous being the U.S. Federal Reserve) is actually a controlled section of the government. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In simple terms…Central Banking systems such as the Federal Reserve, are actually private institutions that consist of a conglomerate of various banks (from which the money trail trickles down to the 1% of ultra rich banking families) whom print and loan money to the government.

In times of financial crisis and war the governments borrow money from these private Central Banks to help balance the economy and make it appear as if the problem is being solved. The real truth is that every yen that they borrow from these Banksters, they must pay back with interest. So this magical economic stimulus is actually 13 trillion yen plus interest, creating an infinitely large national debt that will never actually be paid in full before the next stimulus package is needed to bail out the next Abe-esque douch-nozel... Hence, a never ending cycle of craziness and debt.

The most deceptive part of Central Banking is that such incessant borrowing and spending from governments has given this powerful group of elite Banksters the ultimate power as they control whether or not countries are given such stimulus packages and at what interest rates. Essentially, governments can easily be manipulated into changing policies, laws, civil liberties, etc. because their throats are firmly being held by those who control the money pipeline. So think much bigger than the Yakuza…these elite Banksters are the ultimate mafia and, sadly, control our fate.

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Posted in: Thieves get away with iPhones, iPads, cash from 2 Ibaraki stores See in context

Gimme your phones and money だっぺ!

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Posted in: Facebook and Twitter more tempting than sex: study See in context

Tube 8 or not tube 8... That is the question.

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Posted in: Agony and the ecstasy See in context

Perhaps the biggest kick to the Oyaji's kintamas was the North Korean girl winning the gold medal. Right now there is some sort of meeting happening to see how they can change the rules once again to make it harder for the Gaijin to take another medal.

For those who are not familiar with Judo, after the last Olympics they took out some very important  techniques to try and quash the downfall of the Nippon supremacy from the crafty foreigners. In particular, they removed the double leg takedown which can be used quite effectively to get a takedown and pin an opponent. Their reasoning was that "日本の柔道はきれいな技を使わないとダメ" which translates as Japanese Judo should only uses beautiful techniques to win.

If you think about how absurd it is to change the rules of the sport just to try and take out the advantage away from foreign athletes who have size and power, then you can get a glimpse at the nonsensical thinking that actually runs most of this country. If basketball was a Japanese sport, it would be equivalent to removing slam dunks to try to eliminate the advantage of size and power. "やっぱり。。。日本のバスケットはきれいなシュットしないと"

I have nothing left to say...

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Posted in: Google chief declares war on international criminals See in context

The world is a safer place now that Interpol and Google are helping to secure more profits for Big Tobacco...Would not want any of those unsafe and dangerous counterfeit cigs to harm anyone....Keep pumping out them cancer sticks whilst making endless billions...Meanwhile their brother in arms Big Pharma awaits the infinite hordes of disease ridden victims to make their endless bags of Doubloons off the pain and suffering of good ol’ Joe Punchclock.

It’s a win/win situation for nations around the world…Let their lower classes grunt it out day by day, feed them their Budweiser and Marlborough’s to help forget about what they are doing… then when they are finally ready to retire and reap the benefits of their hard work, they die off young from all the poisons that helped sedate them all those years. The whole time, from their beginning to demise, the government and Big Business make immeasurable profits…Is anyone seeing a pattern here.

Oh well…all this is stressing me out… I think I will have a few cigs and a 6 pack of tall boys whilst Googling more about this topic.

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Posted in: iPad case with shock absorption See in context

Better yet...check out this case that converts your iPad 2 into a MacBook Pro!


In Japanese:


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Posted in: Roppongi Art Night See in context

I wonder how many caps of Amanita Muscaria have been ingested in direct correlation to her art?

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Posted in: Realtors have hard time renting stigmatized properties See in context


One can never truly relate to this story until they have been rained down on with maggots from the above apartment...spawned from a corpse that had been rotting for over a month during the lingering heat waves of last September.

Not a friend, family member, nor work place to take notice or care...

Rather it was the “gaijin" downstairs (my friend) who came to a traumatic epiphany one eve (me being summoned to take witness) when that rotten stench that not even KabiKiller (a powerful disinfectant) could take away (coupled with our well-fed friends who had squiggled their way down from the cracks and holes of the above flooring/ceiling onto ones futon)...turned a nagging suspicion into reality. The final “hinto” being a seeped-over mailbox and an undeniable reek coming from the shower/bath ventilation that could only lead to one conclusion…

There is a guy dead and rotting in the apartment above me.

Needless to say the Japanese route of nonsensicality was taken…The English-school Company was called and instead of the proper authorities being summoned immediately, the major real-estate agency was notified (in the morning of course as to not disturb the Wa). What happened the following day can only be left to speculation, as my friend and I were asked to go to work, despite what had happened the previous evening.

All that is known is that Yakuza-like stiffs (from the real-estate company) were sent to help move my friend from his larvae-ridden suite that very day (after work that is)…not even bashing an eye-lid as to what they had probably witnessed being the first to crack open the above apartment’s door…They helped gather all of my friend's things…and proceeded to sweep everything under the literal and proverbial carpet.

This obviously wasn’t the first time for these kind gents…just another day at the office.

On the brighter side…in exchange for calling the ready-to-move-in apartment company before calling the police, my friend was moved into a much dapper suite in a better area of town free of cost…or was it?

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Posted in: Henry Black (1859-1923): Japan’s first gaijin talent See in context

I guess overweight / follically challenged westerners have managed to find success in Japan for over a century!

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Posted in: Death and the expat See in context

I wonder how many foreigners are given the fourth option not discussed in the article: a lovely oil drum filled with cement / sea burial package offered by the local Yakuza?

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Posted in: Two bodies found in steel drums in Osaka parking lot See in context

This is the disposal unit of choice for the Yaks. Usually they take you out into the ocean and chuck you about 5km out...I wonder how many oil drums there are out there? I'm sure I've escaped being whacked a few times because I am too big to fit into one of these tomato cans...mendokusai...daro!

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Posted in: Blockbuster MMA event Strikeforce comes to Japan via live webcast See in context

wAr fEdOr!

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Posted in: The McJob of Asia See in context

Somebody call the Waaaambulance...

First mistake to make in Japan is placing all your faith in your company.

Is the ALT job really so demanding? Do you not have 2 to 3 hours a day of free periods?

I'm guessing you use this free time to write sob story, waa boo articles of how life here is hard...instead of using this time to improve yourself, edit university papers for cash, study for that JLPT level 1, work on a correspondence Masters degree, join a calligraphy/art/science class, map out your future, or simply vegetate...all whilst being paid.

I would prefer working for one of these shadier dispatch companies because the shadiness can work both ways. They provide one with a visa and base salary...One then doubles his/her salary by working private lessons under the table tax free. Larger companies often threaten their workers whom choose to work on the side.

Be the user and not the used!

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Posted in: Tattoos See in context


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