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Posted in: Wynn Macau board ousts tycoon Okada for 'unacceptable conduct' See in context

To all saying this is peanuts money for casino business. Bribery is most likely the worst thing for any country democracy. Never mind if this is M or MM USD, it distorts the whole economy and penalize the people trying to do fair and clean business associated with shared economical prosperity. None should be allowed to overuled this basic behavior! And even less for the exposed business like casino.

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Posted in: Last evacuation center in Tohoku closes See in context

I sincerely wish all these nuke refugees best of luck. But this announcement sounds to my hears like the "state of cold shut down" PR made earlier. Hope I'm wrong.

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Posted in: U.S. moves to isolate Japanese, Russian crime groups See in context

US will not be able to isolate any mafia. Mafia deals with what society (or lawmakers) has decided is morally bad while a significant percentage of the population thinks differently. The only way to kill mafia business is to legalize all this. Clean drugs for the ones who want/need it, prostitution considered as a descent and recognize job, transparent gambling with declared income for high bets and ... done! The problem is that the moralists kill the basic moral and well being of a lot of people (addicts, prostitutes, ...) by supporting mafia organizations. Totally counter productive and cynic.

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Posted in: Emperor enters hospital to prepare for heart bypass surgery See in context

I wish him and like everyone going to this kind of treatment my best of luck. Emperors and kings are totally out of my thinking mode but I respect tradition. Having said that I strongly believe that he - being recognized as an impartial and wise person - has missed a historical opportunity to ask solemnly J-gov and TEPCO to be honest with Japanese people. Being the emperor of all Japanese, he should voice their concerns on a firm manner in this crisis situation. Even if he is not allowed to do so. If he is really an emperor he must have the sense of responsibility and take the risk for the well-being of Japan. Otherwise he is just an expensive muppet like any other king/queen/princess/... Wishing him a swift recovery.

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Posted in: Dutch workers down tools at Mitsubishi plant See in context

"down tools" is a direct translation of the French expression "poser les outils" (the article is coming from AFP = Agence France Press). In other words "stop working" or "on strike" as Maria said.

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Posted in: There is particular concern among foreign residents with children. And on the professional level, some are worried about the economy and their employment situation. See in context

I believe it is more accurate to say: the COMPANIES are deciding to relocate or fire their expats in Japan as a consequence of the economical situation here. Many of the foreigners I know here are not willing, but forced to leave.

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