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Posted in: U.S. spy drones relocated to Okinawa despite local objection See in context

Local objections had never been of concern when the issue at stake was beyond the grasp, in the sense of knowledge and information, of the people concerned. The infinite "behind the scenes" transactions, that we commoners have not the slightest idea about. I have some knowledge of medicine, and when the doctor told me that it was necessary for an open-heart operation to save my life, I didn't object, even when the doctor told me that there was the possibility I could never wake up. It happens that, I TRUSTED the doctor. That was the only difference that stopped me from objecting or protesting. The politicians, through their history of corruption, ignorance, mismanagement, and aloofness, are in no position to deserve trust.

Mark Twain, said, "Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason".

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Posted in: Lack of shelters leaves Japan's populace vulnerable to attack See in context

I don´t want to survive in a world after a nuclear attack.

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Posted in: Daisaku Ikeda, longtime Soka Gakkai lay Buddhist leader, dies at 95 See in context

I had the opportunity to know him personally, and the only thing I remember of him is the impression I had that he had a very high opinion of himself, more than anyone else I had met in my life.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman on street in Kagoshima Prefecture See in context

Alcohol can affect memory and cause blackouts, which are periods of amnesia where people forget what they did or said while drinking. I have experienced this with some former friends who were alcoholics. They often denied or forgot the hurtful things they did or said to me when they were drunk. I decided to end our friendship after several heated arguments. Alcohol interferes with how the brain forms and stores new memories, making it difficult for alcoholics to remember their own actions. This is not an excuse for any criminal behavior, but just my personal observation of how alcohol affects memory.

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Posted in: Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima See in context

"Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima"

During my 43 years living in Japan, I have never seen fish sold, or cooked that had a label of orgine. Have things changed?

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Posted in: Kishida says he is determined to lead world toward cooperation, not division See in context

Mr. Prime Minister your intentions are coming from a person that had never read history. Good luck with your utopia.

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Posted in: Monk arrested after high school girl stabbed in neck in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

My guess, without any proof whatsoever, is that the monk is suffering from a mental illness.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Married men' See in context

Social establishments like marriage and others would never stop basic animal feelings; the core of our beings. What the mind thinks or believes, is a tenuous barrier to the assaults of reproductive hormones since the human race appeared on earth. Hence we humans are so many.

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Posted in: Novelist Murakami hosts Japanese ghost story reading ahead of Nobel Prize announcements See in context

I read one month ago one volume of the two-volume book written by him, and cannot remember the title. This is my opinion of his writing.

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Posted in: Accusers in Johnny's sex scandal say they hope for apology, compensation See in context

Instead of apologies and compensation in this order, be honest and say compensation, and apologies if you ever wish.

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Posted in: Japan to boost response to quasi-legal drugs amid rising health fears See in context

And the list of dangerous drugs will continue growing and growing. Humanity and other animals have been drugging themselves for ages, and this will continue. Laws and regulations may provide some deterrents but animal nature cannot be stopped. Few people accept that we are evolved monkeys.

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Posted in: Man fined ¥500,000 for killing 13 crows with pesticide See in context

Good industrial-grade earplugs would have cost him a fraction of that amount, avoided the cruelty, and spared the lives of 13 feathered souls.

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Posted in: 65-year-old man arrested for stalking woman after repeatedly pouring fluid on her car See in context

In the dim understanding of this dirty old man ¨bodily fluid¨ appeared as an imaginary picture of the guy ejaculating into the exhaust pipe of the car. Euphemisms are getting tough to understand.

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Posted in: Japan's births fall 3.6% to 370,000 in Jan-June See in context

Hakuo Yanagisawa was the health minister of Japan from 2006 to 2008, under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In January 2007, Yanagisawa sparked a controversy when he described women as "birth-giving machines" and urged them to have more children to address Japan's declining population.

Whatever goes up goes down, laws of nature.

Humanity as a whole has reached the point of too much, too many.

There is no human planning that can defeat Mother Nature.

As an individual who cannot change the state of affairs, I just laugh folks, just laugh, as a hero laughs in the face of the executioner.

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Posted in: More nuclear challenges await Japan after Fukushima water release See in context

To have a visual image, I made a calculation of how many 10,000 Yen notes are 41 trillion Yen laid on how many Tokyo Domes.

The area would be equivalent to about 1,066 Tokyo Domes!

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Posted in: South Korean protesters call for government action on Fukushima water See in context


No, South Korea has not canceled the 1965 agreement. The 1965 agreement, formally known as the Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea, established diplomatic and consular relations between the two countries and settled the issues of property and claims arising from Japan's colonial rule over Korea.

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Posted in: Half of bus drivers in Japan greet each other via hand wave, defying rules See in context

¨He added that for instance, a bus at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour could advance even 11 meters per second if one is not careful in driving.¨

Careful or not careful at 40km/hr the bus advances 11 meters per second. The quality of the writing is appalling.

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Posted in: Hacker group attacks Japan nuclear websites over Fukushima water release plan See in context

According to the web search results, the decay life of tritium is the same as its half-life, which is 12.3 years. This means that in 12.3 years, half of the tritium atoms in a sample will decay into helium-3 by emitting a beta particle and an antineutrino. The beta particle from tritium has a very low energy, so it can only travel about 6 millimeters in air and cannot penetrate human skin

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Posted in: Japan leads the world in 'working while aging' with the support of three factors: the high willingness of its senior citizens to remain employed; companies' appetite to hire or retain them; and policies that support the recruitment and retention of seniors. See in context

I have talked to many seniors that go to a park nearby. As I am a foreigner they feel open to talk about their predicaments. None of them have a hobby, those who are married told me that the wife does not want them home during the day. They have been coerced and indoctrinated since early childhood to work and shut up. They are not used to living on a meager retirement allowance. What is the only and sole option they see?

Work and shut up.

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Posted in: The 'coming age of 40 degree temperatures' portends summers in hell See in context

To give you a more detailed scientific point of view, hyperthermia produces heat inflammation, coagulation of proteins, and cellular injury in heat-induced shock, a severe and deadly complication of heatstroke.

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Posted in: 31-year-old woman arrested over attempted murder of 2-year-old daughter See in context

When natural maternal feelings disappear we have to put in doubt mental sanity. The feelings I mentioned are hardwired in our brains by genetics. When the expression of these genes is not present anymore I suspect an extremely deep problem in the brain. 86 billion neurons in utter disharmony. At the end of the road, there is nobody home. This last statement may horrify you, or perhaps you will dismiss it, either way, it is the truth I have arrived at after an entire life of research and experimentation.

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Posted in: One person in 100 suffers from hidden mental illness, says magazine See in context

And I a psychiatrist say 20 people in 100 have some kind of mental illness. And they are increasing at an alarming speed.

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Posted in: Man who drove car into spectators at night festival says he was in a bad mood See in context

This motive reminds me of the novel written by Albert Camus and published in 1942 titled The Stranger where the Judge asks the accused, Why did you kill her? and he answers ¨Because it was hot your honor.¨

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Posted in: Japan raises concerns over Iran's nuclear enrichment and drone supplies to Russia for Ukraine war See in context

Again late! Even for concerns that cost nothing and require no setting of any infrastructure. I sincerely love you Japan (no sarcasm intended).

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Posted in: Locals warn Mount Fuji climbers to take challenge seriously See in context

¨Do you know the old saying ¨Baka to Kemuri...¨?

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Posted in: Japan OKs 1st domestically-made COVID vaccine See in context

Ah! My lovely Japan is so advanced in certain areas and so backward in others. Fear to make mistakes, brings other types of mistakes and delays.

Finally, now that the pandemic seems to be gone, Japan has come up with the authorization for a Covid vaccine. Something akin to getting your luggage done but the train has departed 1 hour before. Not to get angry, I laugh.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' isn't opening in Japan this week, but the country has a long history of cinema about the war See in context

These are some facts about Oppenheimer that may help to understand his personality. Oppenheimer struggled with his mental health. He expressed suicidal thoughts during his time in college, as claimed by Yahoo News in its report. The most remarkable thing about his adolescence was the diagnosis he was given to explain his dark character: dementia praecox, i.e. schizophrenia. He attempted two murders and was sexually confused. His health condition, Dementia Praecox is also called premature dementia, a term used to describe what we now know as schizophrenia. The psychiatrist who saw Oppenheimer described him as a "hopeless case," which most modern psychiatrists would never consider saying to a patient, as reported by FHE Health portal.

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Posted in: China begins blanket radiation testing on seafood imports from Japan See in context

Radioactive cesium 180 times Japan's legal maximum has been found in fish caught in the port at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The cesium in the black rockfish caught in May measured 18,000 becquerels per kilogram. The legal limit under the Food Sanitation Act is 100 becquerels per kg. According to plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Holdings Inc.

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Posted in: North Korea fires two ballistic missiles, Japan says See in context

Errata. My previous comment should read:

The cost of building two ballistic missiles is approx. 200 million dollars in North Korea. This figure translated into the cost of food,

results in between 40 to 100 million people being fed during 24 hours with 2,000 calories a day. My figures are coming from my own calculations as a Professor of Statistics for the UN.

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Posted in: North Korea fires two ballistic missiles, Japan says See in context

The cost of building two ballistic missiles is approx. 200 million dollars in North Korea. This figure translated into the cost of food,

resulting in between 40 to 100 million people being fed with 2,000 calories a day. My figures are coming from my calculations as a Professor of Statistics for the UN.

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