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Posted in: Japanese firms offer highest pay hike in 32 years in spring wage talks See in context

"Japanese firms offer the highest pay hike in 32 years in spring wage talks."

I am a teacher of little kids and used to make difficult things easy to understand for the cherubim.

There was a once flourishing oasis until 34 years of drought made it difficult not to live, but to survive. The owners of the water sources gathered, forced by the thirst of the sands. And they decided to take a dropper and pour 2 drops of water on the dunes. Satisfied with the ritual, they continued with business as usual.

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Posted in: Man arrested for putting girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter in washing machine See in context

garypen, I understand your impeccable logic. But as I cannot push repeatedly the counter of approval, I am writing this comment. It may be possible that JT writers have already a pre-written text to save time for writing their articles about crime. Or that they use a preprogrammed bot to write the stories. Who knows! Anyway, I appreciate your logic, something extremely rare in the world.

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Posted in: SDF officer denies shoplifting at drugstore, saying ‘I just forgot to pay’ See in context

How could we possibly and truly assess the frame of mind of this SDF officer?

All these comments, as usual in the comment section of JT, are pure speculation.

Humanity thrives on baseless assumptions, speculations, conjectures, and many others, used as a means to fend off the anxiety of not knowing the future, which is a baseless absurdity, a projection of their imagination.

And not only that, they transport and superpose their anxieties and delirious imaginations, to any other topic that is not even related to themselves. A common human tendency to fill gaps in knowledge with speculation and assumption, often without basis or relevance to the subject at hand. See, the effect of this conduct in the news? No? Humanity is like a blind walking in a pitch-dark room.

Bwahahaha! Bwahahaha!

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Posted in: If you’ve tried meditating but can’t sit still, here’s how — and why — to try again See in context

Moonraker, it seems the meditation you're practicing may not align with your intrinsic nature. Persisting with a method that doesn't resonate with you is like relentlessly hitting your ego against an unyielding wall.

I'm not in a position to prescribe a specific meditation technique for you, as I'm not acquainted with your personal history or disposition.

Perhaps it's time for you to craft your own meditation practice, one that transcends the clichéd notions often associated with it.

From my experience, I can share this: meditation is not about pursuing a target or fulfilling a benchmark. It's a practice to be engaged in for its own sake, relished without the pressure of time or achievement.

Whether you choose a passive approach or an active one, like handwriting, remember that meditation is not an end goal.

The outcomes, often unrelated to merely quieting the mind, are beyond what you might currently envision. Good luck!

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Posted in: Japan gov't again ordered to pay damages over Cameroon detainee death See in context

The personification of an entity, like the Government, is misleading.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

The title of this article seems to assume that there are people who do not die alone. However, I know that everyone dies alone, nobody can accompany you to the "other side." I would suggest, a title like: "68,000 elderly die without being watched by a single friend."

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Posted in: Man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on acquaintance's car in Iwate See in context

Euphemisms like "bodily fluid", train the minds of the readers to get farther and farther away from reality in the name of not "hurting sensibilities," this is said in a feminine, and touchy tone.

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Posted in: Abe murder revealing religion's role in Japan's child abuse problem See in context

I do not condone assassination. Rulers, governments, and all-powerful entities had relied on it, blatantly, openly, shamefully, and cruelly. They are in power so that nothing can judge or punish them. I know that for the populace, my comment will be controversial.

If, in the impossible eventually I am a judge, will certainly expel from the country the perpetrator, sit on a throne, give him a totally new identity, and provide him with all his needs, for life.

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Posted in: Buddhist nun speaks out over Tendai priest sexual abuse allegations — Part 3 See in context

EvilBuddha: Your erudition in Buddhism is impressive. I admire your clear, consistent, and sharp comment.

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Posted in: Japanese youth spend around 5 hours a day online: gov't survey See in context

And what do you expect? Big Tech has as many faces as everything else. One face is the voracious endeavors for profit, the other is the wonderful things it provides for humanity.

Who can foresee the results before they present themselves?

Humans, naturally, tend to focus on the negative aspects of everything, a genetic legacy imprinted in their DNA.

There is no solution because the problem is a personal and very partial perception. I entice you to think about this.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill 18-year-old son See in context

The immediatism of this type of news is also a characteristic of Japanese police reporting and investigation. Also in courts, this immediatism is appalling. I wonder what is the root of this kind of view.

What can I comment, that the mother is a monster, that the son is also a monster? That the mother is the only guilty part in this crime?

I don't know what to think, but my sadness is deep.

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Posted in: Japan's population falls below 125 mil; down for 13th straight year See in context

Insects and mammals undergo similar population cycles.

Why should humans be an exception?

Mother Nature is indifferent to our financial status, living conditions, or societal norms. Many countries are currently experiencing a population reduction.

When a species reaches a certain number of individuals, its population begins to decline.

In nature, including our financial activities, permanent growth is a fallacy.

Any attempt to counteract this cycle is likely futile.

So, I invite you to laugh—bwahaha ha—and savor your ice cream with joy.

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Posted in: Japan to limit number of asylum applications to speed up deportations See in context

"..... who fail to present reasonable grounds ....." Isn't survival a reasonable ground?

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Posted in: Whole boxes of Mystery Meat going on sale in Japan See in context

For all to know, there is no mystery. The "mystery meat" that Nissin has recently marketed in Japan is a freeze-dried food consisting of minced pork and vegetables. It's a combination of pork and soybeans mixed with a vegetable extract, then freeze-dried. Nissin has been transparent about its composition when asked directly.

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Posted in: No plan to call election before scandal-hit figures punished: Kishida See in context

Reprimand!? I laugh again.

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Posted in: Mental fatigue has psychological triggers − new research suggests challenging goals can head it off See in context

In my understanding, there is no division between psychological triggers and physiological triggers. One is the other and vice versa. A chemical change in the brain produces a psychological effect, and a psychological effect triggers a physiological effect.

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Posted in: Joy, envy in Japan as baseball star Ohtani speaks more about marriage See in context

People who are joyful and envy the marriage of anyone, do not have any idea what marriage is or feels. The hardships involved in harmonizing two different human beings under the same roof or cell are tremendous.

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Posted in: Don't let it bug you - how not to worry See in context

I forgot to say that in the brain, no structure corresponds to a self or "I". In folk's terms: Nobody is home!

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Posted in: Don't let it bug you - how not to worry See in context

There is a piece of neurological data that is not correct. There are no "One hundred billion brain cells" They are approximately 86 billion, and the entire body of a 70kg person is 140 billion approx.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up woman’s skirt on station escalator See in context

In Japan, police made more than 5,000 arrests for clandestine photography in 2023, a record number and about three times the cases in 2010. Plus the cases that are not reported or when unnoticed, I add.

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Posted in: One dead, 2 injured in knife attack in Hokkaido convenience store See in context

I believe that a comment should include some reliable information. I used AI to search the web for statistics on crime during the last 20 years in Japan. I can't believe it, but here they are for your consideration.

"• The number of violent crimes, such as bodily injury, assault, intimidation, and extortion, has dropped from 260,204 in 2002 to 88,707 in 2022," I repeat, I can't believe it.

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Posted in: Netanyahu says he has told U.S. he opposes Palestinian state in any postwar scenario See in context

Before the creation of Israel in 1948, the land it now occupies was part of the Ottoman Empire, which controlled it until the end of the First World War. Afterwards, it became a British mandate called Palestine, where mainly Arab Muslims and Christians, and a minority of Jews, lived.

The Jews began to migrate to Palestine in the late 19th century, driven by the Zionist movement, which sought to establish a Jewish national home in the land of their ancestors.

This caused tensions and conflicts with the Arab Palestinians, who opposed the Zionist plan. In 1947, the UN proposed to divide Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab, but the Arabs rejected it. The following year, the Jews declared the independence of Israel, which triggered a war with the neighboring Arab countries. Israel won the war and occupied more territory than it was entitled to according to the UN, while some 700,000 Palestinians became refugees. Since then, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has continued, with several wars, failed peace negotiations, and violence. The Palestinians claim their right to have their own state in at least part of historical Palestine, while Israel defends its security and its existence as a Jewish state. Some of the main obstacles to peace are the status of Jerusalem, the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the blockade of Gaza, and the fate of the Palestinian refugees.

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Posted in: Gov't rejects Nagasaki casino resort plan due to funding doubts See in context

The article mentions "measures against gambling addiction.".

Well, let's see then what is "gambling addiction", and the factors involved.

There are many factors that can contribute to gambling addiction, such as:

• Biological factors. Some people may have a genetic predisposition or a brain chemistry that makes them more vulnerable to gambling addiction. For example, some people may have lower levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, impulse control, and reward. Gambling can stimulate the release of dopamine, another neurotransmitter that creates a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

• Psychological factors. Some people may have mental health disorders, personality traits, or cognitive biases that increase their risk of gambling addiction. For example, some people may have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can affect their mood, judgment, and impulse control. Some people may also have a high need for achievement, excitement, or escape, or a distorted perception of probability, skill, or luck.

• Environmental factors. Some people may be influenced by the social, cultural, or situational factors that encourage or facilitate gambling. For example, some people may have easy access to gambling venues or online platforms, or be exposed to gambling advertising or peer pressure. Some people may also face stressful or traumatic life events, such as financial problems, relationship issues, or loss, that trigger or exacerbate their gambling behavior.

What possible measures can be used to control this very complex behavior? It sounds to me like a ridiculous enterprise!

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Posted in: U.S. spy drones relocated to Okinawa despite local objection See in context

Local objections had never been of concern when the issue at stake was beyond the grasp, in the sense of knowledge and information, of the people concerned. The infinite "behind the scenes" transactions, that we commoners have not the slightest idea about. I have some knowledge of medicine, and when the doctor told me that it was necessary for an open-heart operation to save my life, I didn't object, even when the doctor told me that there was the possibility I could never wake up. It happens that, I TRUSTED the doctor. That was the only difference that stopped me from objecting or protesting. The politicians, through their history of corruption, ignorance, mismanagement, and aloofness, are in no position to deserve trust.

Mark Twain, said, "Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason".

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Posted in: Lack of shelters leaves Japan's populace vulnerable to attack See in context

I don´t want to survive in a world after a nuclear attack.

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Posted in: Daisaku Ikeda, longtime Soka Gakkai lay Buddhist leader, dies at 95 See in context

I had the opportunity to know him personally, and the only thing I remember of him is the impression I had that he had a very high opinion of himself, more than anyone else I had met in my life.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman on street in Kagoshima Prefecture See in context

Alcohol can affect memory and cause blackouts, which are periods of amnesia where people forget what they did or said while drinking. I have experienced this with some former friends who were alcoholics. They often denied or forgot the hurtful things they did or said to me when they were drunk. I decided to end our friendship after several heated arguments. Alcohol interferes with how the brain forms and stores new memories, making it difficult for alcoholics to remember their own actions. This is not an excuse for any criminal behavior, but just my personal observation of how alcohol affects memory.

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Posted in: Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima See in context

"Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima"

During my 43 years living in Japan, I have never seen fish sold, or cooked that had a label of orgine. Have things changed?

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Posted in: Kishida says he is determined to lead world toward cooperation, not division See in context

Mr. Prime Minister your intentions are coming from a person that had never read history. Good luck with your utopia.

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Posted in: Monk arrested after high school girl stabbed in neck in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

My guess, without any proof whatsoever, is that the monk is suffering from a mental illness.

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