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Posted in: Tell us about any encounters, either good or bad, you have had with Japanese police. See in context

I live in a multi story apartment in Tokyo. One day I smelled an odd odor which I knew was "dead smell". It was summer and the wind was blowing so I did not have any idea where it was coming from and it was just an occasional scent. However, it continued off and on for a week so I started looking. I saw flies and maggots on the balcony below mine so checked the mail box and found it full of mail. I do not speak Japanese well enough to report this so I sent e-mails to the building management, Chiba City, and the Chiba International Center. No response. Finally I had a friend call the police for me. They arrived in force a short time later and in pairs I had six officers come to my apartment. Each time they asked for my ID. They asked if I knew the man (no) they asked if I had fought with the man(no I had never seen him). After the second time I became afraid they were blaming me for this mans suicide. With no further comments they finally removed the body and left. I am sorry but I will not call the police again unless it is a problem I have.

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Posted in: Are Japanese growing less heat-resistant? See in context

the biggest reason for the number of heat stroke cases is the manner of dress. Look around it is summer and over 30 but people are wearing sweaters, jackets, and many layers of clothing. No matter how much you drink if you heat your body through clothing and are older then you are asking for heat related problems. The cities may be hotter but if you are a senior wearing sweats and a jacket you will soon have heat stroke.

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Posted in: Nobody really knows how many children are missing See in context

I hate to add anything to the Japanese police that would interrupt their lunch. However, if the police would identify juveniles on the street late at night it would help. In America they have curfew and the police can ask for ID and where you came from and are going. If the police are not satisfied they can take the juvenile to the station and call the parents to pick up the juvenile. the collected information can be kept in a computer file. Not a perfect solution but it also would reduce juvenile crime.

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Posted in: New immigration laws hinder some married expats returning to UK See in context

The governments do not think when passing these stupid regulations. I have money in the bank and am retired but my income is under the amount stated. SO I was told I had to return to the US and work and file taxes for two years before I could apply to bring my wife. And yet the illegal people will be given status. I am a citizen and I pay taxes but can not bring my wife there

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Posted in: Phone app ‘Line’ under fire from school after incidents of bullying See in context

ban the medium but not the cause. Yes it looks like the school is doing something. Ban phones in school OK but when something is found confront the person not the device. Take your head out of the sand and confront the bully

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