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Posted in: Employee being fired fatally shoots 5 co-workers, wounds 5 police at Illinois plant See in context

guns aren't scary, and guns do not kill people, people kill people, and the last thing I want as an American citizen is the GOV collecting anything from me other than taxes.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine accident off Japan categorized as severest 'Class A' See in context

Training accidents are unfortunately a fact when highly risky operations are practiced. Im sad for the loss of life.

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Posted in: Man caught after sharing his drift driving videos on Instagram See in context

The guy should be commended and receive sponsorship from the K truck manufacturer. Way to go unnamed dude from Fukuokka! I know many people that would love to learn how he set up his truck and copy so they can drift their k truck too.

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Posted in: SDF member arrested for beating teenage daughter See in context

Why do most automatically condemn the father for the abuse? Wife, child and father at home on a Saturday morning, sounds like this is a case of parents trying to do the right thing but going overboard (slamming head on desk).  Furthermore, the father being in the military has no relevance to the story.

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Posted in: Thieves steal 600 apples grown by high school students See in context

@TrevorPeace We love our Japanese apples up here in Aomori. They cost extra because they taste better!

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Posted in: Fishermen to claim ¥93 mil in damages over dumping of fuel in lake by U.S. jet See in context

@GW, the flight path was over the lake, not the ocean. The pilots swift actions (not mistake) most certainly prevented loss of property and possible lives on the ground, plus he saved the aircraft. F16s are single engine aircraft and when the engine fails there is no back up. The main product the fishermen harvest from Lake Ogawara are brine clams (Shijimi). The USAF and local authorities painstakingly cleaned up the spill. My family eats clams from the lake every year, and this year the clams were especially delicious.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan celebrate skaters' friendship See in context

it is wonderful to see such great sportsmanship between athletes way to go ladies!

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