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What are these falsehoods Trump is supposed to tell? His honest opinion about the election? Why do so many commenters here assume Franken's trustworthiness above that of President Trump and, presumably, of Franken's candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, above that of Donald Trump? Trump Tweets his views to everyone, he is very public and hides nothing -- yet no one has diagnosed him crazy before his run for the presidency. Psychiatry hasn't the stature -- the reliability -- to impugn this president. Look how it has been used to lock up critics of the state -- and now being used to discredit a president who has overthrown an abusive machine, overthrown, in fact, an organized crime mob that includes Soros Democrats and their war-crime allies the Neo-cons like Bush, McCain and Graham.

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Not all Japan wanted to invade China. Military strategists and statesmen even attempted to assassinate those behind the move in the 2/26 Incident of gekokujo. It was men powerful in finance and the central bank with ties to international bankers who were friendly to Stalin who exerted their powerful influence for attacking Japan and the absurd pre-text that this would put Japan in a better position to defend against what was viewed as the real enemy, Stalin and Communism. Japan's strategiests of the gekokujo were wanting peace while Japan grew stronger, as it was doing in the 1930s. They planned for a war with Russian in 1952, possibly in a joint move with Germany. By forcing Japan, through their agents, to attack China the banker in the City knew they were determining the defeat of the Empire of Japan and its East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere. Would Beijing really want to hear a truly honest confession of all this from Shinzō Abe? I don't think so. Zhou Enlai was Stalin's man. It would cause big trouble for the CCP. And Japan's reliance on international bankers is no less than it was in 1936.

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Japan has fallen into deeper into deflationary depression, because Shinzo Abe's programs have failed to put money where it counts, in the real economy flowing between the household and domestic business sectors.

He cut corporation taxes which didn't reflate the real economy while he raised sales tax and hidden and deflationary Value Added tax on production and indirectly on consumption and eliminating national regulation of the national economy. Shinzo Abe obviously wants increased imigration and earlier deaths for Japan's elderly. . He has done nothing to curb pornography which is eroding basic Japanese family and social relationships, manhood and dignity. Shinzo Abe was not trying to increase standards of living, Japan's consumption, its aggregate domestic demand. Instead he was doing what Greece and the US are doing -- imposing austeirty and rasing corporate power over citizen power to attract international investment. That fails the people everywhere as a means of ending middle-class deflation depressions.

Shinzo Abe promised the international bankers at Davos that he would drill to break up the "solid rock" of Japan's traditional views of employee-employer relations, that he would end overtime and make firing of workers easier.

The Japanese people are still unified, they are still basically one people -- but just as in 1936 when corrupt big business planned to betray Japan by invading China -- the occasion of the famous 2/26 event -- we do not know if those taking the bribe were aware that they were betraying Japan, involving Japan in a war that was against its own interests -- because Stalin was the enemy and Manchukuo was the country that needed protecting from Stalin. The Japanese were tricked to take the path that led straight to the fire-bombing of Tokyo and atomic bombs on two cities. The American people and the Japanese were led by international bankers -- just as the economy of Japan is being modified to fit their agenda today.

May people everywhere take a more active interest in changing policies that have been dictated by international organized crime and fashioning monetary and finance systems that truely will benefit the great and good people of Japan.

Please excuse me for sharing such an unpleasant view. Who is ready to cope with such a reality? I write only in the hope that people will realize where corrupt servants of the 1% is taking their beloved Japan.

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Shinzo Abe offers neo-liberalism while Yukio Edano proposes what? Not "trickle-up." It is not "trickle-up" when the spending is deficit financed. Real "trickle-up" would require a new national yen that is not borrowed into existence, but an ex nihilo currency from the government distributed to each Japanese courtesy of the Emperor so that the people of call classes can spend new money into existence together. In the 1920s and 30's there Japan showed interest in the social credit ideas of C H Douglas. Perhaps it is time for Japan to again review the assumptions of the Bank-of-England-Rothschild model of what money is and where it should come from and who should be the first spenders of it when it is new.

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The comments here show how Japanese culture has eroded under cultural attack by enemies of that culture. I've seen it happen to America. Some don't see that this is happening by design. When people see the "old ways" as interfering with their mass culture then the country is finished. The disrespect for the father in laws -- shown not in the article but in the comments -- tells me that deflation is not the only thing eating away at Japan.

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There were idealists behind the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere and the Emperor and the newspapers and schools showed the Japanese people only that. China and Japan both shed blood to fight Anglo-American Imperialism. What racism to say that when Mao kills Chinese it is OK but when Japanese fight to protect Manchuria and Formosa and Korea from Imperialism that they are evil. Who can say for certain that given all that has happened since Hiroshima and Nagasaki and V-J Day that the world is really better off with Stalin and Churchill and Truman beating Hitler and Tojo? And if you can't say it, is it because of reliable knowledge of the facts or out of fear of the consequences? The greatest sin it to bear grudges over many generations -- fighting our fathers' wars with our fathers' prejudices.

Merkel speaks for Merkel and her party and maybe most of those who voted for her -- but it was not Germany that insisted upon unconditional surrender, it was not Germany that started bombing cities (it was Churchill). Did you know that Poland was also a militaristic state and that they were putting German's in concentration camps in 1938?

I see Japan being intimidated by China, Germany, Britain to continually bear chains of guilt.

As long as people say "Never forget." so long will their be new wars and atrocities."

How much do you say Japan owes you? How much is a ticket of confessed guilt worth? Lawyers who make a living suing for damages based on confessed guilt of something done in war.

Germany needs a peace treaty so it can stop being an occupied country. Japan must never go down the route of exploitation that Germany has. Germany was firebombed and people, the women were raped by the allies, and solidiers were allowed to starve and die from the elements. I submit that the Japanese have the greatest culture and are the most peaceful people. I say that they are victims of organized crime worse than their own abuses during the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. Can you stand to hear it?

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War is a state in which the norms against killing are suspended. H & N show us that the concepts defense and aggression need refinement. The notion of war crimes allows the killing of the enemy to continue after peace - the concept is not unlike war on terrorism. Gumplowicz and Ratzenhoffer wrote about perpetual war among races and among interests -- Bernard Baruch seemed to have this "us-or-them" ideology and he influenced Roosevelt and Churchill and in fact made Eisenhower and George C Marshall. MacArthur did not know about the bomb. My personal view is that peace should end war and the atrocities of war should at that point be forgotten. I also believe that the Americans seen H & N as unnecessary atrocity in war and "voted out" all those responsible -- as they almost did when the Republicans -- the Taft Republicans (Sen Taft was an isolationist and opposed War Crimes Tribunals - my thinking comes from him -- were given power for the first time since the New Deal, that were those "interests" voted out of power permanently -- the election of Eisenhower and he death of Taft ensured that the New Deal/Baruch view/policy would be carried on -- if they had been voted out for good, that 9-11 would never have been. There is an American saying -- "what goes around comes around." What is needed is a peace treaty among the interests. If that could be attained it would be the end of war and terrorism and endless hunt for terrorists and war criminals. And, of course, I realize that there is very little Japanese about JAPANTODAY. Peace is in everyone's interest.

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