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Posted in: Chinese man files suit over harassment at immigration center See in context

Ridiculous, nothing this man has said indicates undue 'harassment' or discriminatory behavior by immigration officials towards him.

I was thinking there might have been some merit to his claim, maybe he was beaten or forced to stand outside under the blazing sun for hours. But nope, scant details means he is one of those perpetual 'victims' who always seeks to blame others for their own wrongdoings.

He overstayed, he's being punished. Grow up!

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Posted in: 1st 'comfort women' statue installed in Taiwan See in context

A shame really, considering the great ties between Japan and Taiwan.

I don't say this because I think the idea of remembrance is bad, but because of the way these people go about doing it, caring little about honoring the victims and more about antagonizing Japan.

All these anti Japan nationalists follow the same tired script, like this guy in Taiwan. Japan has 'never' apologized or properly atoned, Japan has 'never' compensated victims (and always using the Asian Women's Fund as an example), etc. So played out.

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Posted in: Whaling documentaries from Japan rebut 'The Cove' See in context

About time.

The vicious propaganda against all Japanese as a result of the "Cove" was irresponsible.

It is Japan's culture and way of life as they see fit, not for others to judge.

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Posted in: Emperor pushed imperial boundaries to reach out to Asia See in context

Akihito is a far different person than his father, that is for certain.

Hirohito only felt regret and sorrow for the Japanese lives lost in the war he helped to instigate, and not for the lives of Japan's Asian neighbors, as well as allied forces, that were the result of that war machine.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy missing after grandfather sends him home alone See in context

While I understand that Japan is more lax with very young kids being on their own, this was pure negligence in allowing a 2 year old boy to wander off alone in the extreme heat.

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Posted in: N Korea slams U.N. chief over call for nuclear disarming See in context

Nadege, it is spelled, North Korea, not North Corea (that silly movement about how Korea was spelled with a "K" just so that Japan ("J") would come before it is pure nonsense). Anyways, the only one with a war like attitude is North Korea. Last time I checked, it was North Korea that lobbed multiple missiles towards Japan. When was the last time Japan lobbed missiles towards North Korea?

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Posted in: N Korea slams U.N. chief over call for nuclear disarming See in context

The biggest irony in this whole fiasco is that when it comes to North Korea and Japan, at least North Korea never changed its negative tune towards Japan. Whereas, when it came to North Korea and the U.S., NK says and promises one thing, yet behind their backs they do something completely different like continue to develop a nuclear arsenal.

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Posted in: 'Suicidal' mechanic steals plane from Seattle airport See in context

Pretty impressive he knew how to take off and fly the thing. At least he only killed himself and not others.

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Posted in: New organization set up in S Korea to tackle forced labor issue during Japanese colonial rule See in context

Well said extanker.

These people say one thing, and yet their actions speak something else completely.

It's never about things like righting past wrongs, seeking justice, or whatever other reason they come up with. These never ending comfort women memorials, organizations, etc., are simply a way for Koreans to continuously bait and harass Japan.

Like I always say, it wouldn't matter if the Prime Minister of Japan one day groveled on his knees for forgiveness and gave 1 trillion dollars in reparations to South/North Koreans, the anti-Japan crowd would still claim that Japan has 'never' apologized or properly shown atonement.

What a farce.

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Posted in: U.S. launches airstrikes as Taliban attack Afghan city See in context

More waste of U.S. taxpayer dollars

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Posted in: U.S. announces Space Force plan for 'next battlefield' See in context

Space Farce is more like it. They don't want to commit a few hundred million to deal with Russian cyber attacks on the U.S., yet they want to waste billions of taxpayer dollars for this nonsense.

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Posted in: Police step up search for missing French woman in Nikko See in context

Hopefully they find her soon.

I remember when the likes of Lucie Blackmann disappeared, the world media descended on Japan and the highest levels of government between Great Britain and Japan were involved.

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Posted in: S Korea to unveil monument for 'comfort women' on Aug 14 See in context

South Koreans and their blind supporters continuing to whitewash their own history, one where Japan has 'never' apologized or given reparations to comfort women?

How shocking.

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Posted in: Parents, son arrested for stealing groceries from Niigata supermarket See in context

Give them all hard prison time. Zero sympathy from me.

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Posted in: Despite progress, East Asian actors in UK complain of stereotyping See in context

The UK is behind the times when it comes to such matters. You know it's embarrassing when Hollywood, with is long tradition of whitewashing Asian roles, is more progressive.

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Posted in: Wife of Japanese journalist held in Syria makes tearful plea for his release See in context

Sad, but he knew the risks and still went ahead.

But you can't fault him, without journalists willing to risk their lives, we would never get past the fake news from the media.

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Posted in: Strong typhoon approaching eastern Japan See in context

Japan just cannot seem to catch a break lately with natural disasters.

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Posted in: Japan to use facial recognition system at 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

Good, I don't see how anyone could remotely have an issue with this.

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Posted in: 49-year-old man arrested for killing 69-year-old mother See in context

Another brutal family murder.

No excuses.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

In today's politically correct society, yes it would be considered a way crime. But that's war, bad things happen on all sides. All nations committed war crimes, some worse than others.

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Posted in: Elderly couple arrested for killing 50-year-old son See in context

I hope they get properly punished for such a brutal crime.

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Posted in: Tokyo businesses may be asked to turn up ACs and open doors to help keep Olympic spectators cool See in context

Who is the tall girl in the picture (second from right)?

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea show no signs of holding Abe-Kim summit soon See in context

Oh well.

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Posted in: French woman missing in eastern Japan See in context

Very sad, hopefully she will turn up soon.

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Posted in: Companies fighting back against unruly customers See in context

I don't know, sometimes I think the general public has this opinion that all of Japanese society runs like some well oiled machine, where its citizens do not like to stand out from the grain. A country where its people are well mannered and never raise their voice in public.

However, Japan is like any other country in the world. You have your well mannered folk, and then you have people that can be just as rude and inconsiderate as any other nationality. I have worked at an airport a long time ago, and some Japanese passengers were some of the most hostile and rude I've encountered, taking out their frustrations on me.

Basically, what I am saying is that Japan is like any other country, there are rude, not so rude, and in between people.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy fatally hit by motorbike while returning from fireworks festival See in context

Very tragic, both will live with this for the rest of their lives.

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Posted in: Japanese exec pleads guilty to raping colleague in New York hotel See in context

I hope he has fun in an American prison.

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Posted in: Woman injured by ex-boyfriend; suspect tries to commit suicide See in context

Over 20 year age difference, yeah that was a recipe for success.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies from heatstroke after being left in car See in context

29 kids so far have died in the U.S. from being forgotten in hot cars. It happens everywhere. It could most definitely happen to anyone, including the most judgmental folk on here.

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Posted in: FX plans: Rebooting 'Shogun,' Nick Offerman drama and Fargo See in context

A reboot of Shogun? Seriously?


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