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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context

@zichi and Jefflee

being vaccinated does not stop the spread. If you are vaccinated it’s not 100 percent effective so there’s no absolute way to be safe.

, have the decency and courtesy to be vaccinated.

taking drugs is not a courtesy.

I understand you feel a bit cheated because you took the ineffective shot and have received no benefits from it. You are demanding perks for your obedience and effectively calling for the social credit score into Japan, because this does not stop at vaccines. It’s just the catalyst for complete control over our lives and children’s lives. Please think more deeply at what your asking for, unless this is what you want and therefore should be more honest for your hopes for a segregated fascist society.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts condemn Aichi music event organizer for lax COVID steps See in context

To Aichi government:




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Posted in: Local gov'ts condemn Aichi music event organizer for lax COVID steps See in context

people at the music festival condemn the government for being the anti fun police.

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Posted in: Japan halts use of 1.63 mil Moderna vaccine doses over contamination See in context

Does the foreign material direct your cells that usually only your body can make. Oh wait, that’s the mRNA shots.

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Posted in: Japan to expand state of emergency to 8 more prefectures See in context

Burning bush:

I’ve noticed this too.

also this time around the death rate compared to the positive rate is extremely low! I believe these restrictions are more harmful than helpful. Normal human activity is better than staying home and being inactive.

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Posted in: Japan mulls extending maximum reactor lifespan beyond 60 years See in context

referring to cases abroad such as in the United States where they can operate for up to 80 years.

just because the USA makes bad decisions, doesn’t mean Japan should do the same.

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