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Posted in: Man arrested for hit and run after citizen follows in pursuit in Osaka See in context

It seems like they teach "How to Hit-and-Run" in driving schools here. So many drivers do it.

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Posted in: Skepticism over Toyota's fixes grows as probe widens to Prius See in context

They never told Ford or GM owners to stop driving their cars amidst the dozens of recalls they've had.

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Posted in: Do you think the latest recalls involving Toyota will discredit the Japanese manufacturing industry as a whole? See in context

The American carmakers have major recalls every couple of years. People expect it, and take a "ho hum" attitude about it. However, Japanese carmakers are held to a higher standard, as consumers expect Japanese cars to never have recalls.

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Posted in: Dealers swamped by worried Toyota drivers in U.S. See in context

The current problem has been traced to a factory in Indiana that makes the faulty part. CTS Corporation - ELKHART, Ind . As part of my TQM (Total Quality Management) studies at TRW, I learned that Japanese manufacturers are able to machine parts to tighter specifications that American manufacturers. Maybe they shouldn’t use American companies for critical parts like brakes and accelerators where tolerances are critical.

So whose BAD is it?

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Posted in: Tracing meat - Japan has the right idea See in context

And yet every week we read about a Japanese food company that has been selling falsely labeled food products for years.

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Posted in: Hokkaido man dragged 24 kilometers in fatal hit-and-run See in context

I think they teach "hit-and-run" in driving schools here.

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Posted in: Should freedom of expression include the right to offend others? See in context

Some people are offended by anything that runs counter to their beliefs. Some people are offended by other people having basic human rights. For example, many Japanese, including the courts, say discrimination is okay because "it is only natural." So the fact that foreigners may have some of the same rights as they do offends some Japanese. The fact that the vast majority of people responding to this poll feel that one should not have the right to say anything that offends others is another good example.

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