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It's weird that Japanese never learns anything from history. After 1989's Tiananmen square Incident, Japan also did the same thing like what they are doing this time: following US and other countries to put a sanction on China, but then try to appease China in secret so that Japan can benefit from it by taking the market shares other countries left, it does work for a while for Japan but look what a friend you got now? What goes around comes around, dude.

What Japan really need learn from the recent history is that only nuclear weapon can protect a country, friends (even friends like US) are not to be trusted, so no matter how difficult it its, the first priority of this Japan government should be to get Japan some nuclear weapons to protect itself. Actually the Putin's success at Crimea can only make Chairman Xi to be bolder over Senkaku Islands dispution, after Xi already openly claimed that Putin is his model. So if you want to get some nuclear weapons, better be hurry.

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