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Posted in: Think the news industry was struggling already? The dawn of 2024 is offering few good tidings See in context

To get eyes on their writing, most sites write click bait headlines with articles that would only appeal to one idealogical “tribe”.

i tried reading the Mainichi newspaper.(probably biased, but not outrage inducing) Just a bunch of boring facts-nothing to get me sputtering at the buffoonery of the other side.

if a news site could avoid audience capture And obvious bias, they could become trusted by both sides. Then, become profitable.

However, I don’t see any main stream anglosphere media sites aiming for this goal

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Posted in: Trudeau condemns mosque attack, says Islamophobia 'has no place' in Canada See in context

When they were burning churches a couple of years ago, he said it was wrong, but understandable. His stance on anti-Islamic behavior seems much stronger than his position on anti-Christian behavior

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Posted in: China sees two 'bowls of poison' in Biden and Trump and ponders who is lesser of two evils See in context

It’s not just China that sees two bowls of poison. I think most people- left,right and center are seeing the same thing

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Posted in: As diversity, equity and inclusion comes under legal attack, U.S. companies quietly alter their programs See in context

Equality of opportunity =flourishing society

Equality of outcome= a non- flourishing society

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Posted in: A Japanese health ministry panel recommends adults sleep at least 6 hours at night. How many hours do you usually sleep? See in context

Sleep 9.5 hours last night-uninterrupted. Feeling fantastic today.

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Posted in: Man arrested over possession of ‘magic mushrooms’ See in context

In the early 2000’s Harvard did a test of people of different ages and backgrounds. Gave them all mushrooms and something like 90% described it as the most spiritual experience of their lives

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Posted in: What is your biggest hope for 2024? See in context

i think a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia would help bring global political tensions down

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Posted in: Investing in private assets, which can lead to higher returns, has not been rooted in Japan yet. See in context

Get a Rakuten account, buy some etf’s. Slow and steady. Anyone can amass a tidy pile over time-think in decades-not news cycles

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

Walking to the back of the farm to find the perfect tree. Watching my Dad climb up and saw it off. The dragging it back to the house and trimming it

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Posted in: Hamas leader visits Cairo as talks build for another Gaza cease-fire See in context

Big P… I don’t think Islam has been at anybody’s throat since before the time of Christ.

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Posted in: Hamas leader visits Cairo as talks build for another Gaza cease-fire See in context

Hamas charter. Article 13…

Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Abusing any part of Palestine is abuse directed against part of religion.

Hamas a partner for peace-unlikely

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Posted in: Man beaten, robbed on street in Chiba Prefecture See in context

That would be terrifying. I hope he makes a full recovery and the gang is caught on camera and apprehended

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Posted in: Nonalcoholic beer: New techniques craft flavorful brews without the buzz See in context

At Gyomu supa

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Posted in: Nonalcoholic beer: New techniques craft flavorful brews without the buzz See in context

it’s a red can-craft no alcohol I.P.A.on the can . ¥120

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Posted in: Nonalcoholic beer: New techniques craft flavorful brews without the buzz See in context

Suntory makes a very beer like craft IPA. Not as good as real craft beer, but better than many big company beers.

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Posted in: The challenges of being a religious scientist See in context

God and science walked hand for much of the last millennium, due in no small part to Aquinas.

a nice little quote from Sir Isaac Newton:

He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God.”

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl arrested after slashing classmate with knife See in context

James and Ossan. Go easy on the victim blaming!

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., others vow to triple global nuclear energy by 2050 See in context

This is the best, fastest way to create abundant energy . It will also allow people in poor countries to have access to more energy

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Posted in: Israel pushes deeper into Gaza and frees Hamas captive; Netanyahu rejects calls for cease-fire See in context

Neither Israel( nor the global community)should allow a government to have as a part of their charter, the goal of committing genocide. Senior Hamas agents must be killed and the next Palestinian authority must eradicate this genocidal hatred from the charter. Then Israel and the rest can give money to rebuild Gaza

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Posted in: Netflix's 'Old Dads' is a recycling of PC grievances and a Bill Burr career nadir See in context

critics like this are really helpful. If they hate it, I’ll give it a shot.

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Posted in: South Korean rollerskater 'very sorry' after early celebration costs gold See in context

Heartbreaker. Hard lesson learnt.

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Posted in: Have you ever been to a hostess bar in Japan? If so, what was the experience like? See in context

Paying someone to force them to pretend I’m funny or interesting? Sounds like a miserable way to spend an evening. And I get to pay for it? Not a chance.

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Posted in: What is your definition of the word "wokeness?" See in context

A term for people who accept the postmodernist position that everything is a social construct(completely subjective)then go on to accept that their way of viewing the world is the only right way.(completely objective).

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Posted in: Power supply forecast to remain tight for Tokyo this summer See in context

Small nuclear plants of the modern type. The very best way forward for the environment and for power stability globally

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Posted in: 'Don't blame women': Japan birth rate drive sparks online debate See in context

They have a system in Japan where opportunities for ambitious women are not easily attainable, the life of the average salary man is grim and the life of the child in a cycle of juku and bukkatsu is grim. What is the motivation to continue the cycle?

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Posted in: Japan edges Mexico 6-5 to reach WBC final against U.S. See in context

Most exciting game of the series, so far! The final should be amazing!

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Posted in: History of kamikaze attacks not a heroic story: ex-school teacher See in context

It wasn’t until about 20 years ago that I learned there were also kamikaze mini submarine missions as well. It must have been truly terrifying for these young mento be stuffed in one and sent to their death.

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Posted in: Sanctions rarely work, but are they still the least worst option? See in context

Starting some kind of peace talks seems an obvious alternative or secondary path. Strangely, not much talk. In the media of a preference for peace

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Posted in: Migrant shipwreck in Italy kills at least 59, including 12 children See in context

Meloni is correct. The presence of these ngo ships are being advertised to vulnerable refugees who then take risks they may not otherwise.

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