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Posted in: Quota for big Pacific bluefin tuna to rise 50% amid stock recovery See in context

As mother =another

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Posted in: Quota for big Pacific bluefin tuna to rise 50% amid stock recovery See in context

Why not give it as mother 10 years and let the tuna population flourish? A little long term planning might just be a good way to steward this planet responsibly

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Posted in: 98% with mixed Japanese heritage experience microaggressions: survey See in context

In my own study, I found 98% of everyone has experienced some form of micro aggression based on some personal difference, or perceived personal difference.

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike set to win re-election, exit poll shows See in context

Her long list of accomplishments must have got her over the line…wait, remind me again??

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Posted in: Gender gap fuels disputes as Japan gets joint custody law See in context

Huge win, for equality and for countless children who grew up without their father’s guidance and love. A great piece of legislation!

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Posted in: Christian studio eyes 'culture wars' challenge to Hollywood See in context

It sounds like a company capitalizing on the hole in the market Hollywood has created by moving the Overton window to the left. I haven’t watched their stuff, but I wish them well

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Posted in: Japan ranks 118th in 2024 gender gap report See in context

The standard of health care in Japan is well above that of Canada or the U.K. these days. 58th-very unlikely

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Posted in: What's the history of 'outside agitators'? Here's what to know about the label and campus protests See in context

Gargoyle, no need for a random shot at the Christians. They’re not likely to be running things in that part of the world

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Posted in: For fresh catches from the Sea of Japan, head to Niigata’s Teradomari Street Market See in context

This is a wonderful place to go for a weekend. There is also a nice hotel with saunas with sea views and the fish is fantastic. A great crab restaurant as well

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Posted in: Less alcohol, or none at all, is one path to better health See in context

oops…because I sleep much better, feel more energetic, more goal oriented and confident

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Posted in: Less alcohol, or none at all, is one path to better health See in context

I quit for several months a year. I always go back….and I always realize I’m kind of stupid for going back

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Posted in: Abe murder revealing religion's role in Japan's child abuse problem See in context

Lumping all religions and all institutions of religion together in “religion’s role”. Makes as much much sense as lumping as secular related issues under “the state’s role”

any and every institution on earth leans towards abusing their power when a) they have too much of it, or b) their power is opaque.

this is not a religious/secular issue, this is an institutional abuse of power issue

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Posted in: Competitive workplaces don’t work for gender equality See in context

So people who are hyper competitive do better in jobs that require hyper competition. Doesn’t sound like a problem, as long as the opportunity to enter the company is equal

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Posted in: Japan publisher threatened over publication of trans-skeptical book See in context

There is clearly a social contagion issue when entire friend groups transition. If it was the 50’s, they would have been beatniks, in the early 2000’s , maybe emo’s? 10 years from the now, the fad will no longer be popular, but the damaged bodies will remain. This information should be available and obviously activist violence should be dealt with in accordance with the law.

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Posted in: Why are Americans fighting over no-fault divorce? Maybe they can’t agree what marriage is for See in context

Transactional marriage focuses on each partner’s responsibilities, love marriages focus on individual pleasure. If, as a government, your goal is a stable, flourishing society, which path should be encouraged? Which of the two expectation parameters lead to a stronger relationship?

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Posted in: More Chinese women choosing to stay single as economy stutters See in context

Whether you like it or not, it could be that at the societal level you need the patriarchal system to continue your culture over generations. If you look at South Korea, as women have become more empowered, theydivorce at much higher rates and choose to not have children-over the next 3 generations the Korean population will be reduced by 96% if current trends continue.

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Posted in: Nowadays, for fear of child predators, it is no longer considered safe in many countries to let young children go by themselves to and from school, to a friend's house, play in parks or at the beach, go to shops and so on. What was it like when you were growing up? See in context

My mother had a handbell she would ring calling us in for dinner. What we did all day was up to us.

One summer day a few years back my boy and his friends came rushing in asking for a hammer, saw and some shovels. We live in Tokyo(city). I didn’t see them until dinner time.(no laws were broken:).

I think the kids in my neighborhood were still doing alright

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Posted in: I have heard my students say things such as, 'Having children means losing income and free time for myself' and 'In the end, only women have to take responsibility for child rearing.' See in context

For many who have had children, it is the most important experience of their lives. When you have a child, a whole new level of love opens up to you that you may not even suspect exists.

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Posted in: Think the news industry was struggling already? The dawn of 2024 is offering few good tidings See in context

To get eyes on their writing, most sites write click bait headlines with articles that would only appeal to one idealogical “tribe”.

i tried reading the Mainichi newspaper.(probably biased, but not outrage inducing) Just a bunch of boring facts-nothing to get me sputtering at the buffoonery of the other side.

if a news site could avoid audience capture And obvious bias, they could become trusted by both sides. Then, become profitable.

However, I don’t see any main stream anglosphere media sites aiming for this goal

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Posted in: Trudeau condemns mosque attack, says Islamophobia 'has no place' in Canada See in context

When they were burning churches a couple of years ago, he said it was wrong, but understandable. His stance on anti-Islamic behavior seems much stronger than his position on anti-Christian behavior

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Posted in: China sees two 'bowls of poison' in Biden and Trump and ponders who is lesser of two evils See in context

It’s not just China that sees two bowls of poison. I think most people- left,right and center are seeing the same thing

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Posted in: As diversity, equity and inclusion comes under legal attack, U.S. companies quietly alter their programs See in context

Equality of opportunity =flourishing society

Equality of outcome= a non- flourishing society

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Posted in: A Japanese health ministry panel recommends adults sleep at least 6 hours at night. How many hours do you usually sleep? See in context

Sleep 9.5 hours last night-uninterrupted. Feeling fantastic today.

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Posted in: Man arrested over possession of ‘magic mushrooms’ See in context

In the early 2000’s Harvard did a test of people of different ages and backgrounds. Gave them all mushrooms and something like 90% described it as the most spiritual experience of their lives

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Posted in: What is your biggest hope for 2024? See in context

i think a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia would help bring global political tensions down

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Posted in: Investing in private assets, which can lead to higher returns, has not been rooted in Japan yet. See in context

Get a Rakuten account, buy some etf’s. Slow and steady. Anyone can amass a tidy pile over time-think in decades-not news cycles

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

Walking to the back of the farm to find the perfect tree. Watching my Dad climb up and saw it off. The dragging it back to the house and trimming it

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Posted in: Hamas leader visits Cairo as talks build for another Gaza cease-fire See in context

Big P… I don’t think Islam has been at anybody’s throat since before the time of Christ.

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Posted in: Hamas leader visits Cairo as talks build for another Gaza cease-fire See in context

Hamas charter. Article 13…

Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Abusing any part of Palestine is abuse directed against part of religion.

Hamas a partner for peace-unlikely

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Posted in: Man beaten, robbed on street in Chiba Prefecture See in context

That would be terrifying. I hope he makes a full recovery and the gang is caught on camera and apprehended

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