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Regardless of your political leanings, the WORST possible scenario FOR THE WORLD is that Trump dies from Covid...We could then be facing potentially TWO terms with M. Pence!

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The body reminds me of Volkswagen's old  Karmann Ghia (1955-74)...

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Inadequate testing and delaying the lockdown...Abe clearly prioritized the Olympics over the health of his people. Feel sorry for the healthcare workers on the frontlines. Hospitals will become quickly overwhelmed and doctors will be forced to choose who gets a respirator and who dies...

Due to lack of testing, there is no ACCURATE data of the current number of community spread cases. Best practice: assume everyone is infected or a carrier. Physically isolate yourself from them. STAY HOME!

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Posted in: Testing blunders crippled U.S. response as coronavirus spread See in context

Americans are

Dying, yes, literally

Not to hear Trump speak

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