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Posted in: What’s behind Japan’s surprisingly low coronavirus numbers? See in context

So, to make sure of it, all of you who put the low numbers only on the lack of testing, think that they are also hiding deaths and severe cases that should be lining up in hospitals?

It may be only luck, but when you see what's happening in Europe and in the States Japan has been doing quite well until now. From now may be a different story still...

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Posted in: BBC lists Top 100 films of 21st century; 'Mulholland Drive' No. 1, Japan's 'Spirited Away' ranked No. 4 See in context

Don't want to be picky, but films from 2000 shouldn't be in a 21st century list...

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Posted in: Olympic Medals Table See in context

bogva, this has nothing to do with Japan, I can't remember a medal ranking shown like that here in Japan.

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Posted in: Asian hornets seen for first time in Japan See in context

The article seems to be misleading, according to the following link we're talking about "wasps". http://www.sankeibiz.jp/compliance/news/140310/cpc1403101712001-n1.htm ツマアカスズメバチis "Asian predatory wasp" according to wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_predatory_wasp

In summer we often see oosuzumebachi behind the house, near a path used to go the closest kindergarten. Not very reassuring...

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Posted in: Light snow falls in Tokyo See in context

Not light at all right now in Hachioji!

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Posted in: AKB48's new adults See in context

all of whom will turn 20 this year

I think it's wrong, this is those who turned or will turn 20 during the current scholar year, isn't it?

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Posted in: Chilly morning See in context

When you talk about temperatures in Tokyo you should always say where in Tokyo. I live in Tokyo, and 1.4 degrees is far from the coldest I experienced this winter.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners miss about Japan when they return home See in context

One thing I don't see mentioned yet, and that I would definitely miss if I left Japan, is what they called "unit bath".

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Posted in: Japan city seeks funds for dying 'miracle' pine See in context

This amount is so amazing that I immediately looked for a Japanese source to confirm it, but could not find any? Does someone has a link?

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Posted in: Panasonic's Android-based 'toughpad' unveiled See in context

Smithinjapan, maybe you missed its purpose, this has nothing to do with an iPad, potential users won't care about how it looks.

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