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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes off Fukushima, triggering tsunami See in context

60cm tsunami observed offshore at Onahama as well as backwash going out from the port (actually first tsunami flowing into the port as of this post).

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

Let's hope thats it for the big aftershocks and it settles down a lot more now

As one of the university professors who was interviewed on NHK said, they are going to have a lot of data to study (since the conventional thinking prior was that the main major quake occurred the other night and would be followed mainly by aftershocks that would eventually decrease in magnitude and then numbers).

What is giving them pause though is this area has several active fault lines running from Kumamoto to Oita and some of the JMA experts mentioned that while this M7.3 range tends to be near the limits of inland quakes, they are being cautious.

They mentioned the two larger quakes (M6.5 and M6.4) are now likely foreshocks to this one due to the nature of these faults (where a large quake could trigger new ones on a different fault). Thus the comment by the university professor since they learned a lot of new things from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Unfortunately, large aftershocks are going to continue and given the number of compromised structures, any large ones will make that problem worse (like the wall under one of the yagura towers at Kumamoto-jo continued crumbling with each aftershock today).

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

Here is some FNN footage of the landslide damage in Minamiaso.


To make matters worse, there is a dam in Nishihara village that has structural damage and could collapse if there are further aftershocks.


Some of the areas with landslides are also damming up rivers which could release a torrent of water with the low pressure system that is forecast for the area.

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

Yeah. After March 11th, some major things scientists thought they knew regarding tsunamis that were generated from megathrust events went right out the window due to previous unforeseen phenomena. The takeaway is that while our science is pretty good, it is also far from accurate in this area including earthquakes. Like assuming the other days M6.5 was the maximum this area would see for awhile.

NHK had copters flying over the Minamiaso area and the landslides there don't look good. Huge chunk of a mountain is covering a good portion of a roadway and the village shows major structural damage since the land there also subsided. Lots more collapsed structures will be found today.

Prayers to all these folks in the region.

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

This one is proving to be much more devastating now that day break is allowing a better view. Lots more structural damage caused by this larger quake including massive landslides, severed roads, and damaged bridges. Doesn't help that rain is being forecasted for the area which could trigger more landslides.

Wondering if the earlier one is going to be classified a foreshock similar to like back in 2011 when there was a 7.3 that occurred 2 days prior to the 9.0.

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Posted in: Google under scrutiny over search dominance See in context

Ahem, for those who think Google isn't a big problem, think again. Google (the search site) is innocent to many because of its spartan interface. In otherwords, it gets out of the way and allows people to search. What many (especially the non-techie crowd) do not realize is that the innocence ends there.

They (Google) have a lock on your personal information and while they offer lot of services for free, remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The company sells your personal information to the highest bidder and also monetizes what they give away for free via advertisements which are based on your personal information that it has managed to mine whenever you utilize their services. The more personal information you knowingly or unknowingly provide, the better profile they are able to build of you which makes it attractive to advertisers. Example; any personal information contained in your gmail messages instantly becomes valuable information (who your friends are, your personal opinions on things, what kind of things you may have bought such as if you use your gmail address to send confirmations when ordering something online, your real name/address/phone number, etc. Upload photos to Picasaweb and they can figure out your interests including travel habits. With Google+, it will be even more invasive since they insist on users providing even more granular information.

Their search engine scrapes peoples/sites content and uses that to wrap their ads around (and they have loopholes to get around the robots.txt exclusion). And while the company makes claims of tweaking their algorithms to provide the best results, it is no secret that the results can be rigged (this is why search engine optimization is such a big business and why there are private forums where users swap and share techniques including setting up a whole bunch of fake sites with the sole purpose of boosting their ranking in order to rake in fat paychecks from adsearch)

Brian Hall who is a mobile/smartphone analyst ranted about Google back in August about how it goes about abusing its power in search... I know fandroids who dislike Apple will take issue with lot of his points but he does highlight and make it known that Google's "don't be evil" motto is a bunch of crock. For those who want a somewhat entertaining read, see the following.


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Posted in: 435 cows shipped after being fed contaminated straw See in context

I meant did the radiation go all the way to Niigata.

Radioactive hot spots that were previously not known are being discovered far away by researchers and scientists.

Watch this recent NHK special [http://bit.ly/mTiWOZ] and it should make anyone realize how the ones who are supposed to be in charge of insuring the public's safety have been asleep at the wheel.

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Posted in: Tower Cheeseburger See in context

I remember how the Jack In The Box Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger made me feel after (gross) and that had like around 920 kcals, 62 grams of fat, and 1800 mg of sodium. Can only imagine what this must be like.

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