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Posted in: Man in underwear swims palace moat 'to meet emperor' See in context

Mishima's reincarnation..?

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Posted in: 'Radiation divorce' enters Japanese vernacular See in context

Can't blame parents from reacting...old school probably would've kept it going right on, 'for the children's sake' as they would put it. These days it's tough to blame anyone. Leave it to individual preferences. Japan sure has changed from it's past. THis place needs a major revamp with a government that tells the absolute truth to it's people, or commits seppuka..old school government should come back...wish Mishima was alive..best damn president Japan could've had. When the women remember they had a Tomoe Gozen, and men remember they had nature as their ally, they might also remember that it was Perry who needed Kerosene Oil..Japan has lost more of it's rich spiritual heritage than one can imagine. Meiji must be weeping.

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