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OmenSpirits comments

Posted in: Review: New Surface tablets great for productivity See in context

@ lostrune2

It may be more PC than tablet, but once you add the peripherals to the overall cost of it, it more than the laptop and PC and would be more susceptible to theft than the prior mentioned. And simply put, it's not designed for the basic consumer market, it's strictly business oriented which is fine, but even a business has to justify the cost when compared to the gain and the other options on the market that match it for function and cost much less with the same quality.

Aiming it for corp business will kill it because the consumer market, those without a business, drive the portable electronics market. A business will want to save money whenever possible and will go for the most cheapest and easiest to repair and or replace. I'm not thinking that this will be either of those.

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Posted in: Review: New Surface tablets great for productivity See in context

Who needs a MS tablet when there are apps in Android that open all their docs and allow you to edit and create for LESS the price?

This will die. They should have thought of this back when Ipad 1 came out and Android was still young.

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Posted in: Nokia to sell phone unit to Microsoft See in context

^ Give me $10 and I can find all the info about your friends and family you fear M$ of capturing without M$. So, what's your fear again?

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Posted in: New book claims soldiers’ journals helped normalise acts of violence during World War II See in context

^Thus it begins...^

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Posted in: TEPCO president apologizes to Fukushima fishermen See in context

Why has no one contacted anyone that worked on the Chernobyl accident to get insight on how to deal with radiation treatment? I would figure, how they handled their accident, would help in understanding the clean up & disposal process.

And what's really no surprise is that the rest of the world, DIRECTLY in the path of tons & tons of nuclear irradiated water is doing nothing?

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Posted in: Microsoft eyes new course as Ballmer sets retirement date See in context

Microsoft always had the identity of a software company when it should have been software slash other things just to possible be in competition with other companies. Look at google. Company is a search engine that became a software creator and didn't have the history to its credentials like Microsoft and it's a powerhouse.

Microsoft should have seen the writing on the wall years ago.

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Posted in: Review: Google, Apple decent contenders to Office See in context

^Agreed^ I was wondering why those were left out. Open Office has constant updates and King is even mobile. I think Open Office has a mobile version also.

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Posted in: Nintendo cuts price of Wii U video game console See in context

Region lock is the big reason I did not purchase. Most of the games I wish to play aren't in english.

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Posted in: Japan suspends satellite rocket launch at last minute See in context

highball7Aug. 28, 2013 - 03:11AM JST

I don't know why you people...

In another country, this statement is a fist-fight waiting to happen. I'd either rephrase or clarify because right now, it's not looking very correct or respectful, know what I mean?

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Posted in: Decontamination of Fukushima hotspots costly and complex See in context

I'd say spend more energy on stabilizing and decommissioning the nuclear plant while at the same time taking your time and thoroughly clean the surrounding villages because no one will ever want to live in those affected areas until that plant is shutdown, if ever. As I posted on other social media, the world won't take action to help the Japanese government until the leaking waters used to cool the plant appear on the shores of California.

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