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Posted in: 9 things that make an ‘ikemen’ (hot guy) See in context

No fat guy with a billion dollar company? Common!

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Posted in: Fake doctor examines 2,300 patients See in context

Seriously??? Doctors are now dispatched too? What's happening to this country? It seems no company wants any obligations anymore.

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Posted in: Lantern runs solely on salt and water See in context

Better use the USB than charging it with salt water. Using salt water will make this 4000 yen device to work for only 5 -straight days then you have to buy a 980 yen replacement rod.

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Posted in: Japan to deport 14 detained Chinese activists See in context

China vs Japan; China vs US; China vs Philippines; China vs Vietnam; China vs Taiwan; China vs. Russia.. Get the message?

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Posted in: Airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia are under fire for their policy of moving men from seats next to unaccompanied children, causing humiliation to the passengers being moved. The airlines say the po See in context

It's the stupidest thing in the world. These days, men are so discriminated and are becoming 2nd class citizens. Those stupid airlines should put those kids at front seats where the flight attendants can see them (unless he is a man too, right?) Put them together so they can be "protected" from men.

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

One word for Hashimoto - cosplay! hahaha Coplay huh? you naughty guy! hahaha

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Posted in: 693 hospitalized nationwide for heatstroke See in context

To all the parents here:

Why don't you complain to the schools ? I've heard many schools don't have ACs for no reason. I bet it's again the "gaman" attitude and "reluctance" to ask for one as if it's something bad.

If you really want change then you should complain and write a letter to the Ministry of Environment. Even teachers complain about it but they to do the complain directly to the MOE that's why nothing happens. The parents have more power to demand for better conditions in schools. Because if you wait for the government to change things, it might not happen at all.

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Posted in: 3 die in Saitama scooter crash See in context

I know one of the girls

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Posted in: Wayward general wants to whip Japan's wimpy civilians into winners See in context

This Guy should be the prime minister :)

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Posted in: 30,651 committed suicide in 2011, NPA reports See in context

I'll tell you the problems why those people committed suicide. First, Japan is too lonely for anyone. It is a no-relation society and just too shy/hesitant/cold to build relationships with their families and work friends. Another thIng, Japan is too damn expensive for anyone especially if you belong to the working poor. This makes many people hesitant to get married or go into relationships. Third, women in Japan are like ninjas, they run away when you approach them. And they treat you like a chikan whenever you do. Fourth, jobs in Japan are too demanding, working til mindnight for no reason or for Kimochi for the company paying them a fixed salary. Fifth, people here don't enjoy life because they have no one to talk or go somewhere With even on weekends. Sixth, many old people live alone and their children and relatives don't contact them at all. Seventh, many people are sick physically and mentally and nobOdy cares for them emotionally except that health workers because that's their job. There are many more reasons and it will take me forever to enumerate everything. The bottomline here is the society has problemS and of course because of the culture, no one Is saying anything about it.

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Posted in: The latest singles pick-up spot: Buddhist temples See in context

This could have been a nice article, but unfortunately there are no detailed info where and which temples. Any ideas where?

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Posted in: 'Hunger Games' scoops up four MTV movie awards See in context

I don't know if its Just me, but I think Hunger Games is overrated

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Posted in: Gov't proposes letting high school students graduate after 2 years See in context

My country has been doing that since I was at the elementary school. And they come up with this just now?

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Posted in: Toru Hashimoto: Japan's would-be dictator See in context

I'm supposed to comment like this but fortunately JT did it first. This guy has some issues, no doubt his personal background has some influence on him. I heard from a Japanese that this guy is good leader and Japan lacks a leader but unfortunately I think guy will break Osaka and Japan into pieces. I hope we wouldn't turn the next big Hitler.

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Posted in: Police arrest president of bus company over fatal crash See in context

I hope they could do the same process in my country. Every time an incident happens like this, they only suspend the whole fleet of buses and arrest the driver, but the president has no liabilities but to compensate the passengers

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Posted in: Man cooks, serves own genitals to 5 paying diners See in context

Because cannibalism is not illegal in Japan, so don't be surprised if someone just slash your balls or any part of your body and eat it for dinner.

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Posted in: Sugar can make you dumb, scientists warn See in context

Is this true? Tomorrow, I'll give tons of chocolates to the girl I like!

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Posted in: Half of Australians want end to immigration: poll See in context

To all people here:

It's just a Tabloid. They can come up with a survey that 99.99% of Australians are against immigration. Since it is a tabloid and how the questions were ask could Influence their answers, anything can make the answers skewed. Just to give you an example, check out TokyoReporter, and you'll understand what I mean.

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Posted in: Extraterrestrial intelligence: The search gets harder See in context

There are extraterrestrial life out there, no doubt about it but the thing is, those aliens could be not intelligent, Just look at Earth, despite the thousands species of plants and animals, there is only ONE species who are really intelligent, and that's us. For billions of years, the Earth has created only humans as the most intelligent to create civilizations and technologies. This means that there is a very low chance that intelligent beings are there in other planets. And even if they are, it will depend on the state of their evolution and their societies.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga warned to tone down Philippine show See in context


Are you talking about your own country too? When people talk about prostitution and pedophilia, I don't think Manila is known for it. Better check your own backyard.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga warned to tone down Philippine show See in context

Aliasis, I got the "chock full of lewdness and debauchery" from Herve Nmn L'Eisa. Check out his post,

"A strong, talented woman who worked herself up from the bottom, gives an amazing show and uses her money and fame to support good causes... sure!"

Well, it depends what kind of shows she is doing and I think it should respect other cultures too right?

" She can represent us any day. Do YOU want to be represented by intolerant religious bigots? jw."

Yes, because there arevmany people at the church who worked themselves up from the bottom just to serve the people and the communities in the country and use their money to support better causes.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga warned to tone down Philippine show See in context

Yes, I've been to Makati but definitely not the kind of place you go to. Have you been to America and Europe? No need to specify a place, because they are everywhere anyway, chock full of lewdness and debauchery.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga warned to tone down Philippine show See in context


gogo bars on very corner? Have you actually been there? Maybe your are talking about America and Europe because they have strip clubs there on every corner. Is Lady Gaga the kind of woman the rest of the western people, would like to represent them? Think again. Don't look down on the Philippines because we shouldn't be embarrass because we are not the ones stripping at concerts for the world to see, Many western people are poor at understanding and respecting other cultures.

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Posted in: Japanese family's average savings: Y16.64 mil See in context

After reading this, I have to dump those credit cards.

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Posted in: J-Seed Ventures, Inc See in context

Mr. Char

I would like to apply to your company

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Posted in: Servcorp Japan See in context

Ms. Vietstra,

I would like to work for Servcorp

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Posted in: U.S. to decide on obesity drug in July See in context

Bottom line is, many Americans don't eat healthy food. The US gov't must consider it as a crisis and create regulations on food nutrition.

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Posted in: Philippines says warship removed from China standoff See in context

Teflon - you must read the news or checkout Wikipedia. The Philippines didn't arrest anyone but please do check when the Chinese military killed some Vietnense in the 70's and 1988; including the Filipinos that they fired at in Spratlys. Have you heard Vietnam and the Philippines shooting each other? It has never happened. Check China's record with South Korea, Japan and other. SE Asian countries, it might help enlighten you. Then again, this is not about hating China, it's about aggression to neighboring countries.

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Posted in: Philippines says warship removed from China standoff See in context

Teflon - actually this story isn't about America and China. It's about China and it's neighboring countries. I bet America committed that in the past and some countries too, but that doesnt give any country to do so in the 21st century. I hope it won't happen now in the modern time where people are more civil than centuries ago. About ancient histories and testimonies, please consider readIng the claims of other countries too and the International law. Again, I am no expert to know but of course we are all entitled to our own opinions. As I have said before, this is about aggression, and all counties should avoid this at all cost. Whoever islands are those, no one needs to die in there here again. After all, I don't think the ordinary people will benefit from the wealth of those islands but only some rich businessmen.

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Posted in: Philippines says warship removed from China standoff See in context

Peanut - I don't actually believe that China has any intentions to invade any country. It needs it's military power because it's a big country


We don't hate China and the Chinese people. We just don't like how aggressive China's military is to neighboring countries. It tends to claim everything even the islands are closer to other countries and that are deemed legitimate by International law and not just historical facts. But of course, I am no expert to decide which one is right. About "no fires" were shot, it happened already with Vietnam during the 1970s and to Filipino Fishermen in Spratlys. I think it was the Philippines that actually never fired anything.

I think the best thing here is to end the standoff, leave the islands and start the diplomacy. It has been happening for decades (including the case of Korea and Japan) and the international court should decide whose islands are those. That's the most peaceful way to do.

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