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Osaka v. Williams 2 would be great to watch. BLM, you bet! Say their names, yep! Armchair coaches, critics, fans, not fans, athletes, non-athletes, for, against....go for it! I'm guessing Osaka and Williams are not so thin skinned. Win, loose or draw...they have given the sporting world great entertainment and timely voices.

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Having been a track and field athlete, coach of track and field and a fan of athletics; adding some form of strength training of course 'could' improve the performances in all athletes. The question isn't only the percentage of weighs lifted and intervals performed...Its often more the explanation of getting the athlete to buy into how this training is directly related to their specific need to go faster and minimize injury, soreness that heavy feeling often accompanied with strength training without proper stretching, attention to joints and ligament, core and range of motion. Just my 2 cents.

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Posted in: Trump feud exposes racial divide in U.S. sport See in context

In my opinion pledging allegiance to the flag is very limited without liberty and justice for ALL. But not your liberty or mine at the cost of the others civil rights and freedom. I have always stood for the National Anthem as a US athlete and citizen. It doesn't make me necessarily a patriot. I love this country (USA). I would think most athletes living in the US do also. That which is in a person's heart (good, evil, racism, divisiveness ...whatever!) and gut usually just speaks out and sometimes acts out. What one decides to do, say and practice is who they are (police, citizens, presidents...whoever) good, evil and indifferent.

Trump just pushes all of the buttons to cause reactions and deflections. Buying time to change the system if allowed. A voice for whosoever he wants to game. In my opinion again, He's trying to weigh his benefits and consequences of his past, present and future. He's into himself so deeply now that he can help himself (literally). In some ways he is the catalyst to a long looming issue(s).

I'm sure there will be some rule changes for US athletes at all levels in the code of conduct agreements from their respective organizations.

This is all very predictable. Has reached a point to where dialogue is being forced.

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Congratulations to the relay "TEAM". They showed up and executed as a confident world class team in the semifinals and manned up in the finals. Having been a university track coach myself, I can say that the silver was earned well. The baton passing was consistent and fearless, the decision of the 1st, 3rd and 4th legs were excellent for this race (the 2nd leg was good as well of course). I have lived in Japan in the past and coached there as well. I think mentally as well as running fearless, this has been one of the best races I have seen Japan run. They were certainly not running for silver but gold....Great job team. I am looking forward to 2020 for sure and the lead up to it.

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Posted in: Angry Koreans demand review of judges' scores in figure skating after Kim's silver finish See in context

I watched the performances again and again....Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova just skated a bit better in such a close finals....in my opinion.

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I laughed at the commercial at first.....I totally understood what the commercial was attempting to say.... Asked a half-dozen people, Japanese and American... Got mixed reviews but all thought harmless in the big picture. Most laughed... I just think a simple 30 min. consultation with an American/European...would have been wise.... The blonde hair only would have been better (in my opinion)....the envied after high nose was a bit too much. Hahahah...

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