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Posted in: Starbucks teams up with Japanese clothing brand to create new contactless payment system See in context

I don't think Starbucks accepts suica cards.

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Posted in: EU to Trump: Trade barriers, building walls 'doomed to fail' See in context

The E.U. should talk, they have already failed.

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Posted in: Asian media decry isolationist Trump, fear economic, diplomatic turmoil See in context


What the hell are you talking about?

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Posted in: Japan says its active investment is a source of U.S.-Japan vitality See in context

Japan will do whatever it takes to make sure China doesn't get her position.

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Posted in: Toyota is latest Trump target over Mexico production plans See in context

"Designed in California. Manufactured in Alabama. Made in America." HYUNDAI! Thats why Toyota will soon be obsolete in the states. Korea is Selling everything from electronics to food to cars.............. Toyota needs a boost, they should do what TRUMP requests as it will make TOYOTA great again!

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Posted in: Andaz provides personal style high above Tokyo See in context

When it comes to the first floor, there is Pastry Shop and the casual café and bar BeBu, which faces Shintora-Dori; sure to be viewed as Tokyo’s version of the Champs-Elysees in the next few years.

I don't think so. That area is just a glorified Shinbashi.

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Posted in: Trump threats may not stop U.S. companies moving jobs offshore See in context

Tough talk from the guy who promised Carrier a giant bribe from the taxpayers' wallets if they just keep half the people they were going to fire in the US.

All the know-it-alls that think they know everything that goes on behind the scenes. Did it ever occur to you that just maybe he knows what he is doing? Trumps threats may not stop every company from leaving, but it sure will make them think twice before making such a big decision.

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Posted in: Japanese comedian parodies Trump in ramen skit See in context

Sucks, shame on you Japan.

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Posted in: Celebration, sorrow and slights greet news of Castro's death See in context

Castro was a romantic thug.

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Posted in: Trump auditions cabinet prospects high above Manhattan See in context

A tweet is on the bottom levels of speech and discourse.

Get used to it. Legacy news corporations have worn out their welcome because of lies and deceit. Embracing new forms of communication be it through social media, alternative websites or plain old word of mouth is what the future of news reporting will be about. The people will read it then decide for themselves if it's real or fake.

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Posted in: Abe says TPP would be 'meaningless' without U.S. See in context

I'm wondering if with the election of trump, more and more countries won't start negotiating around the US.

I think it will be the other way around.

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Posted in: Trump, Romney, once bitter rivals, meet See in context

Looks like President elect Trump is having the last laugh. It seems like he is already much more transparent than Obama ever was.

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Posted in: Trump picks Priebus, Bannon for top White House roles See in context

Great guy! he will do well.

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Posted in: Japan says economy grows 0.5% in July-September See in context


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Posted in: Anti-Trump protesters take to streets for third night See in context

These people have way too much time on their hands. Maybe they should just help build the wall.

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Posted in: In 2nd day of anti-Trump protests, civil rights a top concern See in context

Why are they protesting? They lost.

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Posted in: Trump election win sparks protests across U.S. See in context

I disagree so I will burn down my whole community. Brilliant!

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to White House win See in context

Trump wins UTAH!

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Posted in: The Kong Show visits Knock in Ebisu See in context

Doesn't look to appetizing.

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Posted in: Trump, Clinton court voters in swing states three days before election See in context

Please check twitter cbsnews.

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Posted in: Trump, Clinton court voters in swing states three days before election See in context

otherworldly is correct. Its all on film.

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Posted in: This isn't 'Survivor,' Obama says; Trump, Clinton fire away See in context

Election Update: Yes, Donald Trump Has A Path To Victory.

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Posted in: Mel Gibson: 'It's time Hollywood forgave me' See in context

Only Respect.

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Posted in: Clinton lashes out at FBI's handling of new email review See in context

The right is acting like the left for once. That confuses people.

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Posted in: Clinton lashes out at FBI's handling of new email review See in context

She knows VERY WELL why she's being re- investigated!! A genius at playing dumb!!

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Posted in: Clinton tries to quell resurgent email issue late in race See in context

How would putting a criminal in the White House keep criminals out? That makes no sense.

Your beginning to see the light.

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Posted in: Clinton tries to quell resurgent email issue late in race See in context

WOW! Even CNN is all over this! The FBI would never reopen a case unless this new evidence was a real bombshell. This is deep my friends, Hillary can't spin it and Huma is in hiding. The sh!t has finally hit the fan.

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Posted in: More Republicans expect Clinton to win U.S. election than Trump: poll See in context

I would love to know who makes this stuff up? What poll? Today the polls have shifted again.Does JT even check what they post? Is the news filtered in Japan for the masses? O.K. folks heres is the REAL story. Clinton is in full panic mode, she knows Trump could pull a fast one and win the election. His numbers are going up ever so slowly and he has another 2 weeks before the campaign is finished.He is a business man, he thrives on this kind of pressure and he could very well come out on top. Don't be fooled into thinking Clinton has it in the bag. She doesn't.

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Posted in: Looking past Trump, Clinton aims to help other Democrats See in context

@otherworldly,Definitely a liberal media. I think the polls are wrong. they usually are. Just depends on who is doing the polling.

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Posted in: Canada walks out as EU trade talks founder See in context

The EU is history. Just prolonging the inevitable.

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