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Posted in: More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll See in context

It questioned 1,000 Japanese aged 18 or older and 1,539 Chinese of the same age range in five cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang and Xian.

Yea.. because 1,539 people interviewed is enough to claim that over half of the Chinese population, which as we know exceeds 1 BILLION people, see war with Japan. Media sensationalist bull. Get it together

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Posted in: Goalkeeping blunder by Japan lets Venezuela grab 2-2 draw See in context

Japan seemed set for their first win under the Mexican

If the outcome upset Aguirre, who took over after Japan’s group stage exit in the World Cup in Brazil led to the resignation of Alberto Zaccheroni, the Mexican did not show it.

What kind of reporting trash is this? The Mexican...The Mexican.... Surely there could have been a much more tasteful way to describe the head coach of the team other than simply calling him the Mexican.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

I wonder how this extends to Japanese people taking pictures of who they consider to be 'gaijin' on trains

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Posted in: Chinese man arrested over death of wife in Tokyo's Ikebukuro See in context

Even if he is a gangster, who is stupid enough to walk around with a gun in Ikebukuro where they can be stopped and searched by the police at any time?

Random stop and frisks are an American thing. It doesn't happen in Japan. They may stop you, but they have to have a ton of probable cause. Moreover, even if you were stopped they wouldn't frisk you, simply ask you questions and things. Only until you're detained do they begin to go through your belongings.

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Posted in: Dog saves the day after 5-year-old boy attacked by bear in Akita See in context

That's the first time I've ever seen 'bitch' used correctly. Not going to lie, it caught me waaaaaaay off guard

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Posted in: Osaka studies ways to deal with problem children in schools See in context

So finally, they are deciding to initiate what is called in the west "detention" or "suspension" or even "expulsion". They claim the reason for these not being present is the fact that children have a right to education, which may be 100 % true, however they fail to see how the right to education of those students who wish to learn is denied. They should also think about holding kids back in grades, which I can't remember what bullshit reason it is that they don't do it, but it's a bullshit reason why they don't do it. -__-

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Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in See in context

These things are dangerous for the psycological well being of the child. The child will learn that once he/she is on the leash, he is trapped, and can't get away. But he will soon discover that once he hears that click of the leash being taken off, he can and will go anywhere he pleases, with little regard for the parents wishes.

I can understand that this is an easy way to try to keep hold of the child, but this also does psycological things to the parents as well. For example two moms are in a parking lot talking, and one mom has her child on a leash. She doesn't think about the child's safety because she is aware that he is on a leash and can't run to far away from her. Next thing you know you hear a screech and BOOM, as the mother turns around and is horrified to see her baby lying on the pavement not waking up. It makes the parents more careless because they are trusting in the perceived safety of the leash.

Parenting is not easy, and it's not supposed to be easy. Trying to take shortcuts to make it easier for your child will only hinder their full development. If a person is not ready to take on the commitment of having children then they shouldn't have them

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Posted in: AKB48 attack forces rethink on how handshake events are held See in context

Nobody thought before hand to check bags? Really? So in the picture, instead of someone saying 'we should treat this like airport security' or something, someone instead said 'Oh just give her a plastic child's claw. That will keep her safe'. And to that someone actually said 'that's a brilliant idea!'

I swear the logic in this country makes my blood presure shoot up

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Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name See in context

Kindai Daigaku = Kinki University University

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Posted in: No. of newly AIDS-infected persons in Japan reaches record high 484 in 2013 See in context

SimondBMay. 26, 2014 - 08:22AM JST Relatively speaking it is still a very low number in relation to the size of Japans population. I think one of the reasons numbers remains low because of the high use of condoms as a contraceptive.

Living in Japan I can tell you that this is not necessarily true. In the social scene there is actually very little use of contraceptives of any kind, especially since there is little sexual education. We can see this as we look in the public school system. What makes more sense to explain the low number of of HIV infected persons is the lack of people who are confident enough to go to a doctor for a STD screening, perhaps related to social stigmas.

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Posted in: Man dies after being flung overboard in pleasure boat collision See in context

NessieMay. 15, 2014 - 03:36PM JST No cause of death?

The cause of death is being flung from a freaking speeding boat and hitting the concrete like water, perhaps being dragged under as well.

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Posted in: 2 young sisters in coma after car crash in Kumamoto Pref See in context

Seatbelts help to protect against forward motion. They do very little against side-to-side motion. If the car was hit from the side then the children could have been safely buckled in and still sustained sufficient trauma to put them into comas. Cars are massive 1+ ton objects traveling faster than a running horse, and when you're hit by that sort of force you'd have to be crazy to think that something as small as a seat belt can guarantee your safety.

Not sure why this is getting downvoted so much. It is completely logical and sound, especially taking the case that in very small Japanese domestic cars, there is so little protection from side impacts. The front of a vehicle will practically eat the side of a kei car.

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