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CrisGerSan what is the point of making movies. You may into watching pointless movies but many people have been moved by the movies which Miyazaki has made. This movie is all so much more poignant because many of us have never experienced the horrors of war. The story which he is telling is that through innovation can choose it's future but it depends on how that innovation is used.

He also knows that history does repeat again. It was Germany who was defeated not once but twice and one wonders if it will take two turns for Japan to learn the same lesson. It was the Showa Emperor who stated that the snows may cover the trees cold and deep and that the time for spring to come may be long. I hope he is wrong and that the spring of war which came in June 1942 never comes again.

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OssanAmerica most of the world's media is comtrolled by media organisations which have close links to the military (check out the American scene) so one wonders how unbiased the media in western countries actually is. That is not to say that China is better but you need to take things which you read with a grain of salt.

Media organisations are controlled by media clubs of which one can be thrown out of if you don't follow the line. They area in most prefectures. And foreigners aren't allowed to join them hence the existence of the Foreign Press Club to represent the interests of foreign interests.

I am not sure just how independant NHK is either but I have my doubts given their way of presenting the facts. They seem to go out of their way to paint China in a bad light but it isn't surprising given their history in the past. On the other hand China's media seems to be focused on the past.

It would be good for them to sort their problems out by themselves but given the childlishness of both sides this does not seem possible.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

August has come again for the repeat of this question. Come on give us something better like "Do the Japanese use the nuclear bomb to cover up for their own autrocities", "Have the Japanese really come to terms with their past?". This is a Do-Do of a question. It must be getting towards it's worn out date.

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Posted in: Gov't says Fukushima plant leaking 300 tons of toxic water into sea daily See in context

While we huff and puff I can't really expect much to change with the current lot of TEPCO executives, government officials and politicians. The man in the street needs to get up and do something but given the apathy of the average Japanese can't expect much. Pathetic reactions to disasters are a part of life here. Look at Kobe. The reaction was a joke just as this one is too. What and when will the next big disaster be and how many people will die because of incompetance, corruption and arrogance. I envy you, Elbuda Mexicano, in having a family which can see things for how they really are.

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Posted in: Aso's gaffe exposes Japanese ignorance of Jews See in context

It isn't surprsing that he said that given that his anscestors were on the same side as Germany in WW2 and probably had some of the same attitudes towards their asians neighbors as did Germany. It is stated that Japan killed 10- 20 million people which puts them in the same league as their Nazi pals.

Another scary thing is that when you hear the response of the audience there seem to be a lot of voices who are quite sympathic to his opinion. It would be interesting to know exactly who was his audience and what standing they have in Japanese society. I think this opinion is not just limited to Mr Aso. Just how widely his opinion is his opinion accepted? If it is widely accepted we might just jave another Night of Crystal on our hands.

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Is still only July and already thinking "when will this summer end" or "when can I go south for a while- a long way south".

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Posted in: 3 unacquainted men arrested for molesting schoolgirl on train See in context

Being a young girl on a train can be scary. Have seen an old man approach a girl about 15 saying 20,000 yen, 20,000 while she sat in fear and nobody around said anything. Don't expect her to get much in compensation either JA Cruise.

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Posted in: Japan eyes first-strike capability, Marines in defense policy update See in context

Several issues here- 1. looks like lots of exports for American military companies to help reduce the deficit. 2.The SDF has had a history of not reporting events until things have played things out and one wonders how strong the ideal of civilian control over the SDF is. It often seems as though the military are irritated at having being made accountable. 3. Japan also has one of the largest militaries in the world- top 4-5? and in addition it has several american bases with large garrisons so one wonders just how necessary it would be for the country to increase spending- especially with such a large deficit. 4. The whole island issue has only raised it's head since Ishihara decided to make it an issue. The island thing was never a problem until about a year ago and one wonders just how much China should be held to blame for the whole thing. A lot of scaremongering if you ask me. 5. There seems to be an attempt to make Japanese more patriotic and having a "strong" Japan ie. military is seen to be a condition. However, a strong Japan does not make for a healthy Japan. Human rights are being undermined by revisions to the Constitution. A strong man can die tomorrow from too much exercise!

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Posted in: G20 puts growth before austerity, vows to tread carefully See in context

Fighting corruption and malaise would also be helpful.

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Posted in: Japanese driving pet peeves: Not so different from other countries See in context

The incredible number of traffic lights gives one incentive to put the foot down, especially when there is a string of greens and missing one can double the amount of time it takes. Have counted 50 in 20km. Police aren't much of a help as you really see them and when they do pass with their lights flashing everything returns to normal. Truck drivers with mobile phones can wake you up too! Most driving is a result of the system and can't blame Japanese drivers too much although there are times.

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the pictures i have seen on the internet were peaches not tomatoes. the fruit may seem to be scary but how about the fish. The fishing industry is really scared and I would be to. I wonder just how far that contamination really has flowed.

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Posted in: More steam seen coming for Fukushima No. 3 reactor building See in context

may be this will be out of the news in our life time but don't count on it- the cancers will start in another 5 to 10 years although....

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This was a non- issue until good old right winger and China hater, Ishihara, decided to purchase the islands by the Tokyo government. Why did the ships all of a sudden appear in the islands around this tiny rock. The LDP may be calling a the alliance with the US a great thing but please recall your scariest enemy is your friend. They know you the best and take advantage of you. Japan has to be a bit more choosy about who are it's friends and who are it's enemies.

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Posted in: Kan sues Abe for defamation over Fukushima comments See in context

Leslie, it might be alright to have a go at Kan but at the same time have a go at Abe. Abe is presiding over a nuclear system which still has to many questions and he is just following the libe of the bureaucrats and big business who just want to have cheap electricity. Once again the situation has been papered over and no real change looks like happening.

It looks like a change back to the past at the next election and given the past of Japan things look bleak. I hope that I am wrong. History does repeat and the consequences second time round are often even worse. On the courts know whether or not Kan is right but I hope that he keeps trying to keep the many vested interests honest.

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Japan is forgetting the base upon which it was built- trade not war. Imagine the cost to the country if it did come to war. China is only a couple of hours from Japan and Japan is surrounded by water which makes it difficult to provide all the resources it needs- one must remember that Japa imports 90% 80- 90% of it's food and other resources it needs for industry to survive. However, I doubt that it would come to war. The real reason that many companies support changing Part 9 is that it means Japan will use a lot more resources in it's military. Right now there is little turnover of things like planes, tanks and other military equipment. If they were to be used (for god knows what reason) there would be greater turnover and hence companies which serve the military would be able to make more money. They would also be able to export their crafts overseas which means more "exports" even if the third world countries which would buy them really need them. It may be okay to change to constitution but one needs to look at the motives of the parties involved. One would expect the shares of selected companies to go up.... Is Abe copying the American way? One thing about this election is that it is so little reported as compared to recent elections. I wonder why.

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Posted in: Japan atomic watchdog suspects Fukushima ocean leak See in context

Per, this is supposed to be a company but it doesn't have the funds to pay for fixing up the mess. The Japanese public will be paying for the cleanup for the next 40 years. That is not to forget that many of the current nuclear power stations are reaching the end of the working lives. Given the cost I am sure that the other power stations will be lining up for more hand outs from the government to mothball them as well. The taxpayer will be footing a lot of the bill at the cost of things which SHOULD be more important.

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Posted in: Manga and anime declared good study tools for kids See in context

Good for studying what?

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Posted in: Japanese companies could be caught napping as Chinese brands go global See in context

"Broadcasters ban Panasonic 'smart' TV commercial" says it all for Japan. They may have 'some' very innovative developers but on the other hand the system is against them. Good luck to them....

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Posted in: Big election win for Abe could strengthen vested interests See in context

Not "could" will.

The last 20 years of vested interests have been cause by the right's terrible decisions and their own self interests. They were the one's who got the country in the whole it has been and then fiddled while the country burnt- 30,000 suicides a year says a lot. More deaths than what were caused by Hiroshima and what did the government do about it nothing, that is until Noda and his lot came in and started to implement some programmes.

While Abe was in last time all he was interested in was patriotism. He may be keeping his mouth zipped for now but wait til after the election when we can see what his real plan for things is.

Had a visit to the Kochi to see Ryoma Sakamoto. Pity that everyone has forgotten about him

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Kishi was a war criminal which makes it all the more personal for Abe.

His first two arrows make look good but the one which counts, looks like going no-where. It is fortunate for him that the American economy is coming back and the worst of Fukushima looks to have passed- things in which he has played no real hand. Things which are not liked to have not been picked up by the average Japanese voter given their apathy. It is a real pity that Fukushima had happened in more ways than one as a window of opportunity looks to have been lost.

He has his head on knowing that if he spoke what he thought the LDP would be in real trouble at the next election. What he is really thinking will come out after the election when things are sown up and he is back from the dead- his ressurection

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The Governor of Tokyo knew what he was starting when he offered to buy those pathetic islands and his friends at the Defense Ministry are playing the line. In reality N Korea posses no threat to Japan. And the only argument that Japan with China has is over a couple of little rocks sticking out of the water. Pity that much of the mainstream media seems to be playing the same game- the losers are the Japanese public. No-one wins from more military spending- not even the Chinese.

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Posted in: Broadcasters ban Panasonic 'smart' TV commercial See in context

A good example of the vested interests at work in this country. Condemning the locals to second rate TV while the rest of the world is hitched up to the internet.

A pity that the vested interests just seem to get stronger and stronger at the cost of the average person in the street.

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

I can't see why we have to pay so much. Australia has a very high quality public provider (the ABC) but it works out the each family only pays about 5000 yen per year. This money is funded by the government's tax receipts which means the ABC is held accountable before they receive the money. Have you seen the attitude of the NHK directors at the annual budget hearings- arseholes. There is no accountability and anyone can see how the LDP always seems to be seen in a positive light by the NHK. Nothing but a propoganda channel if you ask me, biased- selected reporting and distorting the truth. I don't want to see the NHK so why should I have some bastard coming to the door demanding money. Keep them accountable by having the license system scrapped and introduce direct funding- NHK would fume at just the idea. No more free lunch boxes for the staff.

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Posted in: Education ministry will allow all schools to open on Saturdays from next year See in context

Tamarama, the big difference is that kids overseas have their own opinions, which means they have their own ideas. Japanese kids don't, especially those who go to the elite universities- they all just parrot what the system says they should as they have mindlessly memorised the answers. Giving kids days off would allow them to think for themselves and become individuals. It is great that the employment system is not working as students are beginning to think seriously why they work. They are challenging a system which has been in place for more than 60 years. In think that is why education is becoming conservative again as the ones in charge are worried. Another thing is that we don't hear these things until they are announced- why hasn't there been a chance for more debate in the media? Makes me wonder....

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Posted in: Education ministry will allow all schools to open on Saturdays from next year See in context

More Confucian brainwashing. Taking away the creativity of those who might dare to rock the boat. Exams are a waste of time. All the kids are interested in getting is 100% in their tests. It doesn't register with parents that the stuff they learn for those texts is a waste of time- such as stroke order in the way to write the letter 'f'. Those of who follow the system are just slaves or servants.

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