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For those who can read Japanese, here is a link that translates Korean history school textbooks.


As can be seen, it is full of anti-Japan sentiments. And Japan has never meddled in how Korea wishes to teach its history to its people.

I have children that attend Japanese schools so I have access to their text books.

I do wish people would look at primary sources and not form opinions just from newpaper/magazine articles. Or Wiki which is so unreliable and differing depending on language viewed.

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Posted in: School textbooks to be revised to reflect gov't view on history See in context

This is an interesting read if you wish to know some more details on the Nanjing Incident.


The problem with history is that although there may only be one truth and reality, it is written by human beings that are not all-knowing. It will always be a perception and hence there can and will be a variety of views on any historic event. Historians are the ones who are entrusted with having an objective view with reference to first source evidence, but even then there will always be conjecture on why something happened the way it did.

So history will always have an angle of some kind.

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Posted in: Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor See in context

Yamamto Taro has apologised for creating a ruckus.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to talk if Japan admits isles are disputed See in context

Well, that's the problem, isn't it. China claims the islands are theirs and Japan claims they are not. Hence, a DISPUTE. But since you clearly avoided my point about the hypocrisy, why doesn't Japan go to the international court with China on this, when they are so desperate to do so with SK on Dokdo? And why do you defend Japan on this island issue but start blaming SK (even talking about prostitution!) when the shoe is on the other foot?

For Takeshima, Japan has been asking Korea to go to ICJ because Korea is illegally occupying the island. Korea refuses. For Senkaku, Japan has had administrative rights to the islands, so why would Japan take China to ICJ from their side? If China believes that there the island is theirs, then China should ask Japan to go to the ICJ, which they have not.

This is not hypocracy, simple logic.

A dispute would only be internationally recognised if taken to ICJ. Why doesn't China do this?

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What exactly is a "Nuke fish"? Would love to know the Korean definition. A scientific definition.

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So exactly what are these protesters protesting about? The article fails to mention this most important part.

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Posted in: It is important to respect the cultures of foreign countries, considering we will host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and expect many visitors to come to Japan. See in context

Mutual respect is surely the correct perspective. When in Rome, do as the Roman's do.

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Posted in: Japan's new rocket blasts off in laptop-controlled launch See in context

Payload separation was also successful. Great stuff.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Istanbul, Madrid make final 45-minute pitches ahead of 2020 vote See in context

According to bookmakers:-

Tokyo 4/5

Madrid 13/8

Istanbul 13/2

but bookmakers are often proven wrong...

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Remember this?

2013-02-05 12:14:56 GMT2013-02-05 20:14:56 (Beijing Time) SINA.com Japan lodged a formal protest with the Chinese government on Tuesday after it said a Chinese warship directed a radar used to aim missiles at a Japanese warship, Kyodo News Agency reported late Tuesday. The Japanese defense minister, Itsunori Onodera, said that a Chinese navy frigate had directed its fire-control radar at a Japanese destroyer in the incident on Jan. 30 near the Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea. "Beaming of radar for firing is very abnormal, and it could have put us in a very grave situation if things went wrong," Onodera told a press conference, urging the Chinese side to refrain from taking such moves. On Tuesday, the Japanese Defense Ministry also disclosed that a Chinese frigate had directed the same kind of radar at a Japanese military helicopter in a previously undisclosed incident on Jan. 19. In both cases, the Chinese ships eventually turned off the radar without actually firing a shot, said the report.

Using fire-control radar is much more than a warning shot. It is an undeniable threat of attack.

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New rules are:-

Referee and judges. Only one referee on the mat and one referee at a video check table with a radio communication assisted by a referee commission member or another referee will judge the fights. A rotation system will be implemented for the Referees. The IJF Jury will interfere only when they consider it to be necessary. Technical assessment -IPPON: to give more value (to take into account only the techniques with real impact on the ground on the back). Landing on the bridge position: All situations of landing on the bridge position will be considered Ippon. Penalties During the fight there will be three Shidos, and the fourth Hansoku-make (3 warnings and then disqualification). Shidos do not give points to the other fighter, only technical scores can give points on the scoreboard. At the end of the fight, if scoring is equal, the one with less Shido wins. If the fight continues to golden score (due to a draw), the first receiving a Shido loses, or the first scoring a technique will win. Penalized with Shido: -Breaking the grip with 2 hands. -Cross gripping should be followed by an immediate attack. Same rule as for the belt gripping and one side gripping. The referees should strictly penalize the contestants who do not engage in a quick Kumikata grip or who try not to be gripped by the opponent. -To hug the opponent for a throw. (Bear hug). Penalized with Hansoku-make: All attacks or blocking with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt in Tachi-waza. fédération internationale de judo - Institut du judo 21 25 avenue de la porte de châtillon paris XIV cedex 14 01 40 52 16 09 – 01 40 52 16 66 fax 01 40 52 16 60 president@ffjudo.com  Tokyo 2/12/2012 Osaekomi, Kansetsu-waza and Shime-waza

Will continue also outside of the contest area as long as Osaekomi was called inside. Osaekomi scores 10 seconds for Yuko, 15 seconds for Waza-ari, and 20 seconds for Ippon. The Kansetsu-waza and Shime-waza initiated inside the contest area and recognized as being effective to the opponent can be maintained even if the contestants are outside the contest area. Cadets – U 18 Kansetsu-waza authorized for Cadets. The bow: When entering the tatami area, fighters should walk to the entrance of the contest area at the same time and bow to each other into the contest area. The contestants must not shake hands BEFORE the start of the contest. Duration of Contests No time limit for Golden Score (Hantei is cancelled). Information The IJF is organizing an international Refereeing and Coaching Seminars in each continent, in order to explain and clarify the new rules. IJF will invite 1 referee and 1 coach from each nation (accommodation and meals). Travel fees are covered by the delegates. Additional delegates can attend on own costs.

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Don't be evil... Anonymity rules the waves in Japan.

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Posted in: Entertainer Rolf Harris charged in UK with 13 child sex offenses See in context

And to think that I used to own a Stylophone...

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Posted in: Female station attendant subdues violent passenger with judo throw See in context

Apparently a black-belt judoist, no less. The idiot was held down with the help of other station staff. Good job all round.

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"Samurai" is apt for this movie. Since the story is based in Japan, it will probably be a hit here.

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It's interesting to note that both Brian Tee as well as Will Yun Lee speak a lot of Japanese in this movie. The script is a little funny (many instances where a Japanese would not choose those words or expressions) but for a foreign Hollywood movie, it was very well done, I think. Best Wolverine movie to date.

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As expected, back peddling...

Japan misunderstood 'correct view of history' comments: U.N. chief Ban THE HAGUE, Aug. 28, Kyodo United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said on Wednesday that Japan misunderstood the comments he made earlier this week about Japan's need to have a "correct view of history." Ban told reporters at The Hague that he regretted the misunderstanding in Japan about the remarks made in Seoul on Monday on the political relationship between Japan, China and South Korea. "I regret that there was misunderstanding on (the) Japanese side," Ban said, adding what he said in Seoul was that political differences and tension "should be resolved through dialogue, by (a) strong will of leaders."

Perhaps he didn't realise how sensitive this issue is. Perhaps he doesn't do any thinking at all. Why isn't he in Egypt or Syria now? It must have been very comfy to be honored in Korea, but he is neglecting his duties. The credibility of the UN is at stake here, but he doesn't seem to care?

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Posted in: The top 10 words to describe Japanese people (according to foreigners) See in context

If anyone can read the source, here it is.


What is amusing is that the title here is different from this article in JT. "This is the real Japanese? Top ten English words that foreigners chose that exactly describe the Japanese" Madame Riri's tongue-in-cheek humour no less.

And the real source is here.


The word I would choose would be "insular mentality". Hardly surprising if you think about it.

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Well - I,ll take an uneducated guess here but I,d say as the head of UN he is probably more aware of international issues and contributed more to the world peace or prosperity than you, me or LDP,s Chief Secretary Suga.

With a salary of at least $227,253 as well as a budget for personal entertainment and free housing and security protection, he gets paid to do his job.

Oh and his job desciption?

The UN Charter designates the Secretary-General as "chief adminstrative officer" of the organization and head of the UN Secretariat with its 50,000 international civil service officers. The General Assembly, Security Council and other organs of the UN may also assign the Secretary-General certain tasks to perform. This means the Secretary-General has to oversee hundreds of programs, funds and agencies, and balance the budget -- a large portion of which is often overdue -- plus represent the UN to the media and in conferences around the world. The Secretary-General also has the authority, under Article 99 of the Charter, to bring to the attention of the Security Council matters that threaten international peace and security. Article 99 is interpreted as providing the Secretary-General with an independent political role on issues before the Security Council. Aside from his formal functions, the Secretary-General is expected to uphold the values of the UN and act as its moral authority.

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This guy says one thing, then retracts it. Only very recently...

NEW YORK – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon denied on Monday there is any bias in the UN against Israel. At a press “encounter” at the UN Headquarters in New York, a reporter for Israel Radio pressed Ban about his comments last Friday while meeting with students at the UN headquarters in Jerusalem.**** Ban Ki-moon urges Israel, Palestinians to refrain from undermining peace talks Ban simply said, “I don’t think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations.” He continued, “The Israeli government maybe raised this issue that there’s some bias against Israel, but Israel is one of the 193 member states. Thus, Israel should have equal rights and opportunities without having any bias, any discrimination. That’s a fundamental principle of the United Nations charter. And thus, Israel should be fully given such rights.” In Jerusalem last week, the secretary- general reportedly admitted to students that there is bias against Israel in the UN. “Unfortunately because of the conflict, Israel has been weighed down by criticism and suffered from bias – sometimes even discrimination,” Ban said at the time, according to several media sources. On Monday in New York, Ban retracted these comments, and emphasized that “incitement against any group of people, any religion or tradition… is unacceptable.”

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Posted in: The 10 most common surnames in Japan (and their meanings) See in context

I think someone once tweeted that 99% of Japanese surnames contain either a SA/SHI/SU/SE/SO or a dakuon (ZA/ZI/ZU/ZE/ZO&BA/BI/BU/BE/BO). Try it for yourself. 99% is too high, maybe 80%? but I have no idea why this is so common.

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Ban Ki-Moon is not fully aware of anything, world-wide. What has he done to contribute to world peace or posperity?

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Posted in: Japan could be 'main player' if Asia conflicts break out: defense minister See in context

Has anyone seen any Japanese news articles about Onodera's comments?

This seems to be the only original source.


I would really like to know what he said in Japanese. Anyone have any relevant info?

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Posted in: The 10 most common surnames in Japan (and their meanings) See in context

I knew a Japanese guy whose surname only used 2 Chinese characters but when written in Romaji became "Tsutsumibayashi" which is 15 letter long! Foreigners found it difficult to pronounce his surname and called him Mr. TT. And it's not such an uncommon name.

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We should all remember that:-

1) There is no bilateral security agreement between Japan and Korea. 2) Korea still continues to perform Naval drills near Takeshima. 3) This is the first time that Japan and Korea has joined forces in any military drills.

Last year, the two neighbors came very close to signing the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA), a bilateral security agreement designed to facilitate the sharing of military intelligence on mutual security threats: namely North Korea, and, though to a lesser extent, China. However, at the final moment, South Korea withdrew from the accord, primarily as a result of fierce domestic opposition, thus putting a halt to bilateral South Korea-Japan security agreements.

Naval drills will be conducted in waters near the easternmost islets of Dokdo later this year, bolstering Seoul’s sovereignty over the islets which Japan lays claims to, according to the Ministry of National Defense Thursday. Military drills have been conducted near Dokdo since the mid 1990s with the most recent carried out in June. “The Navy conducted a defense drill in late June under the control of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” said a defense ministry official. “The drill was carried out under a scenario in which foreign forces landed on Dokdo.” “Another drill near the islets will be conducted later this year,” the official said. The drill reportedly involved about 10 ships, including 3,200-ton destroyers and 1,200-ton submarines, as well as Air Force F-15K jets. It was followed by regular maritime drills in the East Sea the same month. Seoul has carried out similar military and Coast Guard exercises around Dokdo in previous years. Another Dokdo drill is scheduled for later this year, according to the defense ministry. Although most exercises in the past involved the Marine Corps for landing operations, this year’s training excluded such maneuvers as it did during the last drill. Last September, Korea’s Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard conducted joint operations in waters near the islets, but landing operations were canceled amid high tensions with Japan after former President Lee Myung-bak visited Dokdo in August.

The American may think that the drills are going well, but if anyone thinks that the Japanese and Korea militaries are buddies are mistaken.

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The Pacific Ocean has a volume of around 7,241,760,000,000,000,000 liters. If it is unlikely that contaminated water ican be stopped leaking into the ocean, so they perhaps mixing things up would dilute its effects. Don't know how ocean currents and mixing works but perhaps all will be cleansed by the ocean?

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@Offwithyour arrogance

Unfortunately road fatalities occur around the world.

To get an idea of how safe Japan is, take a look at this.


Japan is ranked 189th out of 192 countries for death rates per 100,000 for road traffic accidents. Data from WHO 2011.

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The Korean media seems to be giving this a very negative spin, as they are saying that Korea is feeling threatened by Abe's wish to change the Constitution, specfically with regards to a change to allow collective self-defence. Anf that they should have thought more about joining such a training only a few days past Korea's Indepence Day on August 15th.

Somewhere over the Delta Junction area Monday, a Japanese C-130 cargo plane received an escort from four South Korean F-15 fighter jets as it flew through a flurry of simulated attacks.

It seems that some Koreans think that this kind of training indicates USA's preference for Japan rather than Korea.

The Korean military is sure having a bad time, being criticized like this. Buy unfortunately so many Koreans feel that their current enemy is not North Korea...

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Some figures from the United Nations Development Programme: More than a billion people live with less than a dollar per day. 2.8 million people, that is to say almost half of the global population, live with less than 2 dollars per day. 448 million children are underweight. 876 million adults are illiterate, two thirds of which are women. Every day, 30,000 children under 5 die from avoidable diseases. More than a billion people don’t have access to healthy water. 20% of the global population have 90% of the wealth.

No bread? Let them eat cake. Oh, and also give them Internet access, they'd love it!

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Posted in: SDF sees surge of popularity thanks to anime tanks See in context

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