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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested for attempting to murder son See in context

I’m happy I come from a country where people are expected to move out of their parents’ homes long before they reach 43.

There was no mention of the son living in the home... Just that he tried to break up an argument between his drunk father and his mother. But he probably does live there... lol

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Posted in: COVID-19 clusters break out in Hokkaido city as winter closes in See in context

I live in Asahikawa. My kids were born (albeit years ago) at the same hospital that had the clusters. One of my students at my eikaiwa, his mother works at Kosei Hospital, but she said everything is fine there. The news likes to embellish a bit I would say. There are definitely more cases here, but the health system is not at "near collapse" as the article has stated. But what do I know... ;)

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Posted in: Trump wins Florida; locked in other tight races with Biden See in context

Biden 119 - Trump 92 now. But Texas is almost identical now.

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Posted in: Day of the Dolphin See in context

Two closest people in the picture using shortboards to surf a half foot wave... At least the guys on the end

using longboards, which is better suited for smaller waves. Shortboards better for carving and such... On much higher waves. But you gotta make do with what you got I guess.

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Posted in: Judge OKs extradition to Japan of 2 men accused of aiding Ghosn escape See in context

These guys do contract work for the US State Department and private security work for them as well. My guess is the judge "allowed" the extradition knowing it will probably get denied by State Dept.

That obviously cant be proven.

But it makes the govt look like they are trying to appease the Japanese legal system somewhat. Judge ok's the extradition but State Dept shuts it down for the "greater good"... They will say the Taylors are an asset to the gov't and do essential work, yada yada.

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Posted in: Abe vows to double Japan's virus relief package to over ¥200 tril See in context

Just to let you all know. I went out of town or traveled out of my area Sunday and Monday. When I was unloading my car and bringing bags and omigae up to my flat. Checked my mail as I usually do. To my surprise a bright yellow envelope from International relations is in box. I was wondering whats this? Junk mail? It's the 100.000 man stimulus application paper. So it is coming. Confirmed. I live Tosu Saga.

My wife downloaded the application form 2 weeks ago and we sent our application in on May 11th. We live in Hokkaido. The money is supposed to take 2 weeks to receive, so should be this week, but who really knows.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka tops Serena Williams as world's highest-paid female athlete See in context

That article points out she chose Japanese citizenship. She did. The article doesn't say she gave up her American citizenship. She didn't.

She did give up her US citizenship... Nice try though.


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Posted in: Abe's virus-relief ¥100,000 cash program faces barrage of criticism See in context

On the application form which recipients need to file with their local government, a checkbox is provided for people who wish to decline the cash handouts.

What the heck is this supposed to mean?? Why fill out the form if you are gonna decline the money? Or is there some weird rule that we all are required to fill it out?

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Posted in: Home of ex-mayor searched over lawmaker's election scandal See in context

Voluntarily? He should be kept in solitary and away from his wife, a coconspirator. Why keep in on the street?

That was the ex-mayor of Akitakata (Hamada) who was voluntarily questioned, not the Justice Minister Kawai.

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Posted in: Nagoya Stadium disinfected See in context

You would think for a pro baseball team, they would something better to sit on than plastic benches... That dugout is seriously outdated... I know it's not really high on the team's agenda, but...

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon to restrict entry to elite athletes due to coronavirus See in context

The reason they are not refunding is because they have already made the "Welcome" packages that they give all the runners..(towels,t-shirts, etc.) plus the marketing, staff fees, etc. They will send the runner packages to all the people who got cancelled and those people are guaranteed entry next year.( but they have to pay for the entry fee again). The crappy thing is the hotels that were booked now have to be cancelled and the airfare( people not in Tokyo area) lost. They can cancel flights but have to pay a penalty fee.

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Posted in: Nissan files ¥10 bil damages suit against Ghosn See in context

They should sue for a billion yen. They won't get a penny, of course, but it would make Ghosn's upcoming movie that much better lol

Well the article does say 10 billion yen... Just sayin is all. ;)

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Posted in: Outfielder Shogo Akiyama wants to make history with Reds See in context

Japanese players bat about 40-50 points below their average in MLB. I’m expecting a very unspectacular .250 average with a dozen home runs.

Unless your name is Ichiro Suzuki. He had a decent average in the majors.

Home runs, not so much though.

But he was a leadoff hitter most of his MLB career.

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Posted in: Lebanon may lift Ghosn's travel ban if files not received within 40 days See in context

Can Lebanon be trusted to properly handle files from Japan?

Can the Japanese gov't be trusted to actually send legit files to Lebanon in the first place?

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

If Japan couldn't convict him before, he's now broke the laws and became a criminal fugitive. He just made the procecutors job a whole lot easier. Who's red faced?

He'll be sent back, with chains on his feet this time. At least he won Moron of the Year award on the last day of 2019, credit to him.

Good luck with that. Lebanon does not have an extradition treaty with Japan... And do you honestly think they would extradite him even if they did after all the stuff that has happened to him?

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 8-month-old daughter in February See in context

This guy was suspected of abuse in February, but only now arrested?? 10 months to figure that out even when he admitted he shook her and hit her in the head??? Top notch police work there... SMH.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri’s detention for drug possession extended another 10 days See in context

What's funny is she was tested and tested negative for any drugs...

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Posted in: Skynet sends a Terminator to Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station to freak out commuters See in context

Basically, its already off display... lolz. Gotta love the effort.

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Posted in: New, old fans cheer Japan rugby win over Russia See in context

Sorry. Russia has 2 players in Europe.

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Posted in: New, old fans cheer Japan rugby win over Russia See in context

A good win for sure.. But when you factor in that most of the Russian players

don't play professionally outside of Russia( only one player plays in Europe), this

was the likely outcome.

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Posted in: Want Tokyo Olympic tickets? No problem if you have ¥6.35 mil See in context

i forgot to use the quotes in previous comment. My bad.

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Posted in: Want Tokyo Olympic tickets? No problem if you have ¥6.35 mil See in context

To get a ticket for mens 4 x 100 relay final, with Kiryu-chan anchoring Japan to hopefully win the Gold, will be priceless! Tokyo 2020 will be a lifetime of memories for generations.

The only way Japan wins a gold medal in relays is if the US or Jamaica are DQ'd.

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Posted in: Serena Williams beats Osaka to advance to Rogers Cup semifinals See in context

Osaka hasn't been the same since she fired her coach...

I am not stating my opinion, those are just plain facts.

Look at her before firing him, and now.

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Posted in: 28-year-old man dies while sunbathing in his home garden See in context

Aquarius, Pocari Sweat or that OS-1 dehydration drink work just fine.

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Posted in: Serena, Osaka set up Toronto quarterfinal clash See in context

Ever since splitting from her coach, she hasn't played nearly as well.

The guy helps her win 2 straight Grand Slams and that is the thanks he gets.

Plus she has lived in the US since she was 2 or 3 years old but plays for Japan??

I am assuming it is for the sponsors and marketing aspect of it?

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Posted in: Member of pop group Tokio referred to prosecutors for forcibly kissing teen See in context

I heard that Yamaguchi was actually in rehab for his alleged"alcohol problem" and

this all happened the day he got out of the hospital. He was in the hospital for liver

problems, and the day he got out he went and got drunk. Not sure if that is true, but

if it is, this guy has serious issues. He needs an intervention by his bandmates and the

company. But all in all, I would expect this to all blow over in 6 months or so.

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Posted in: Japan Series games to have fewer extra innings See in context

Because the Japan Series allows for ties and lasts until one team has four wins, the ostensibly best-of-seven series can go beyond seven games. Starting from Game 8, there is no limit to extra innings.

So what happens if they tie all 7 games?? I know its highly unlikely, but it could technically happen..

Imagine a 14 game series.. lol I know it probably won't happen, but that would be hilarious..

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Posted in: 2 Koreas agree to form first unified Olympic team See in context

Who cares if it is "only a gesture"? It is a step in the right direction..

I am actually surprised NK agreed to do it.

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Posted in: Prosecutors considering indicting ex-sumo champ Harumafuji over assault See in context

Asashoryu never did time. Harumafuji won't either. They both retired, and will have had

to pay compensation and nothing more. Their reputations are shot, but no jail time.

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Posted in: Nishikori's erratic loss to Murray reflects his French Open See in context

Nishikori is good, but he just does not have the size and stamina to keep up with the top guys

ala Nadal, Federer,Joker, and Murray. I think he has great athleticism for his size, but the others

just are bigger and stronger. He has to work so hard just to keep up with them. That is just my opinion

though. I am no tennis expert, just a fan of the sport.

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