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Posted in: City in Niigata drops milk from school lunches See in context

That "China Study book" is highly dubious. Milk promoting cancer? Nah, don't worry about it, we're all going to die anyway one way or another, whether from stroke, heart attack, or from road accidents, or a plane crash, or... well you all get the point, right? We are what we eat, want some Man boobs? Eat soy protein, or might as well take some estrogen pills. Some people think vegetable protein is enough, well, if they're into that flaky pale paper thin-look, why not? Man didn't evolve just by eating vegetable alone, imagine that about a million years from now, with just a vegetable-based diet, we'd all just devolve into something else.

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Posted in: Aquino compares China to Nazi Germany See in context

But does he have to mention the word 'Nazi'? This guy has been digging his own grave since the first day he got into office, and now in his last year, he is trying to give a big chunk of Mindanao to Malaysian-sponsored muslim terrorists.

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Posted in: Spanish tuna tradition, a Japanese gourmet delight See in context

People always blame Japan, but have you guys counted the number of sushi restaurants outside of Japan esp. th US , Europe and China? How bout the canned tuna industry? Anywhere in the world you go, you'll always find canned tuna in supermarkets, but still choose to blame Japan eh?

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Posted in: Japan takes a bite out of wealthy foreigners See in context

Seems a bit vague. How would they define "Exit" if, for example, you are a permanent resident and you shuffle here and somewhere else for family and business?

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Posted in: Indonesian, Filipino nurses to be allowed to stay extra year to pass exam See in context

Yubaru: "If Japan was really interested in becoming "internationalized" and use English fluently this test would be in English!"

I'd hazard a guess you don't live here.

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Posted in: New law takes aim at Japan's glut of vacant houses See in context

"“I discuss this matter with my wife every day, but we can’t make up our minds,” he says." --This is the real problem, they cannot come up with a decision.

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Posted in: Japanese dancers find samba salvation in quake tragedy See in context

Yonosuke! m/

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Posted in: Demographic crisis empties out Japan's rural areas See in context

Given enough resources, who here wants to have a hundred children? I do!

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Posted in: 3 Filipinos held for dumping bodies of Japanese man, girlfriend at sea See in context

Cont. sold the husband's business and properties, raided all bank accounts, laundered all the money into the Philippines then bought a very big empty house in their province, it so big you wouldn't miss it. Fact.

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Posted in: 3 Filipinos held for dumping bodies of Japanese man, girlfriend at sea See in context

Masashi Matsuura was murdered back in Manila 2004 for his insurance policy.The wife already recieved the insurance and already on her 8th marriage/victim. the wife is also involved in credit card fraud, marriage fraud and prostitution, even selling her own eldest daughter who at the time was still a minor. The wife is still at large.

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Posted in: World's largest all-LED vegetable plant starts operations See in context

plants absorb nutrients down to the molecular level, they do not distinguish if those nutrients came from decaying matter ie. animal manure or fish guts "tea", or from readily available "chemical" fertilizers. everyone especially organic farming proponents should know that. just like natural sea water vs laboratory formulated sterile artificial sea water, salt water fishes can live in it with no problems, they do not distinguish if it is natural or man-made. just like the air we breathe complete with carbon dioxides and monoxides from cars vs properly mixed gases without those pollutants like the those used by scuba divers and in artificial environments, we can all breathe in it just fine with no adverse effects. well we all know where this is going... so if those so called "organic" proponents want their salads grown in chicken/horse/cow poop complete with those disease causing bacteria in it, go ahead, bon appétit!

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