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Posted in: Virus infections not rampant nationwide but Japan on brink: Abe See in context

Not rampant is a fair statement I believe.

Unfortunately running is most likely the reality.

Can someone translate the USA newspaper to Abe-san, even Trump is admitting the unavoidable coming chaos in the USA! That should be enough, no?

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Posted in: 7 Japanese superfoods to boost your immune system See in context

Superfoods and boost are just super misleading headers!

Either you have an every day balanced food or not, all the rest is naive belief.

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Posted in: Virus infections not rampant nationwide but Japan on brink: Abe See in context

I have no interest in Japan bashing.

But I have a huge question mark on why/how the Japanese number of Coronavirus contaminations and deaths are so low TODAY vs. what is happening worlwide.

TOMORROW is scary.

What differentiates Tokyo vs. New York?

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Posted in: Companies cancel welcome ceremonies for new recruits See in context

What a wonderful news!

A great opportunity to kill this middle age tradition looking like a military enrolment.

Hire people in January, March, July, or whatever month.

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Posted in: Japan advises against travel to 50 nations including U.S., China See in context

I live in Hong Kong and this week I have decided to work from home.

My boss is pissed off but I do not care (apart from the fact it adds up to the mental pressure).

It is everyone responsibility to make bold decision, no matter what.

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Posted in: Nagoya Stadium disinfected See in context


They are disinfecting this stadium now because a player who played there a month ago or so was found to be infected?

Is my understanding correct?

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context

If you follow a little bit what is going on worldwide, there is a strong probability a big outbreak is happening NOW in Japan.

This coronavirus is everywhere already and is highly infectious.

Scapegoat hunting is just a waste of time, anyone in your neighbourhood or even YOU might be contaminated.

Stay home as much as you can and when deemed needed keep social distancing.

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Posted in: Japan advises against travel to 50 nations including U.S., China See in context


The coronavirus is everywhere and until herd immunity (by survival from contagion or vaccination) or a cure (like Tamiflu for the flu) it will spread all over, no matter travellers or not.

The only current challenge is to maintain the outbreak to a level that the health care can manage it.

Only social responsibility by self distancing and hygiene can make the difference.

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Posted in: Japan advises against travel to 50 nations including U.S., China See in context

Nobody should travel unless absolutely necessary.

Nothing to do with spreading the coronavirus - it is everywhere by now - but to avoid being stuck abroad being sick or without any mean to fly back.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

This coronavirus will spread whatever we do. The key is to slow down it as much as possible to keep the health system afloat.


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Posted in: Abe warns Japanese to prepare for prolonged coronavirus battle See in context

In most of the world you have pro-any sides media.

Japan has nothing of that, just yes men.

No free press = no democracy = no transparency.

As simple as that

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Posted in: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for virus See in context

At the very least he had been able to change his mind re herd immunity theory.

Too late but still better than never.

If only he could make his oversea friend change his mind would be his legacy.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

With all respect I have for the athletes and all the efforts they are doing for the OG, this is just an entertainment event meant to generate big money for the sponsors.

Billions of people and millions of companies are much more affected by this pandemic.

I am not sure that even anybody is still interested in this show actually.

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Posted in: Ring-around See in context

Groups of more than 5 people are prohibited in Switzerland since Friday... Idiots!

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Posted in: As Olympics face coronavirus risk, Tokyo flags chief hoists standard for perfection See in context

I do not like the way flags are used for nowadays, especially in sport.

Athletes are competing, not nations!

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Posted in: 11-month-old boy dies after being bitten by two dogs See in context

*Great (instead of Giant), which is even far worse.

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Posted in: 11-month-old boy dies after being bitten by two dogs See in context

These 80 KG Giant Dane dogs are NOT pets!

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Posted in: Japan considers postponing emperor's state visit to Britain See in context

In Japan, expectations are high for new imperial diplomacy as Emperor Naruhito is the first Japanese emperor to have studied abroad, at Britain's University of Oxford. His wife, Empress Masako, is a Harvard- and Oxford-educated former Japanese diplomat.

What the hell is "new imperial diplomacy" in 2020?

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Posted in: Coronavirus must hit peak by end of May for Tokyo Games to go ahead: French Olympic Committee chief See in context

Must reach the peak in May where? Worldwide?

Because if only in Japan, or let's say far East Asia, there might be no need for qualification rounds.

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Posted in: Abe, Johnson to work closely over coronavirus response See in context

@ Giant

None of the countries taking hard measures are saying this will reduce the number of cases.

The objective is to flattent the epidemic pic to be able to provide health care to the maximum.

UK has one of the lowest hospital bed number per inhabitant (2.5/1,000 actually). They cannot handle millions of patients at the same time.

Boris is playing a very crazy gambling game.

My bet is that he will be in history books and not in a nice way.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being hit by truck in restaurant parking lot See in context

When I read the headline it just popped to my mind that commenters would criticise the father or mother that let the kid walking in a parking.

Unfortunately I have not been surprised with just the first one (@pointofview).

It is very well known that any parent will leave their kids wandering voluntarily in a parking lot to check if they can survive.

No need to read further.

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Posted in: Europe now epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic: WHO See in context

This coronavirus is or will be everywhere, just a matter of time, closing borders will not change much.

Everyone habits need to change, it is as simple as that.

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Posted in: Abe tells Trump Japan preparing for Tokyo Olympics as planned See in context

Pure political stuff on both sides.

Abe built on the OG to be re-elected.

Trump cannot afford a disaster of low gold medals harvest in an election year.

None of them care about the people, political agenda conflict at its best.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, a growing sense of angst over virus-hit Games See in context

Olympic games have been an only political and commercial game since decades.

Athletes are just the show-wo-men.

The problem is that it is a very expensive one and if cancelled, ....

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Posted in: All Top League rugby matches suspended over alleged drug use by one player See in context

Convenient excuse to suspend games due to covid-19.

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Posted in: Fukushima hotspots make headlines before Olympics, but what's the risk? See in context

There is most likely zero risk to go around Fukushima with this torch. It is just obscene and indecent to use the Fukushima so-called revival PR for that.

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Posted in: Mask resellers could face 1 year in prison, ¥1 mil fine under new ban See in context

People not sick should pay at least 10 times the price in order to keep masks available for the ones who really need them (front line medics and sick people).

Because for not sick people this is a fashionable article, which can be sold legally 1000 times higher than its value.

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Posted in: MLB: No plans to alter schedule because of virus outbreak See in context

The show must go on...! $$$$$$$$$

I am not an alarmist, but for respect with the front line medics that will need to face the outbreak in the US, I believe a little restraint from this not vital entertainment business would make sense. The time we understand better how and if it can be contained.

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Posted in: Mask resellers could face 1 year in prison, ¥1 mil fine under new ban See in context

Diapers are a necessity, masks are not for 99% of the population.

Diapers and toilet paper should be on the list.

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Posted in: Sumo tournament begins without spectators for 1st time See in context

I still believe that 20-30% attendance could be managed without any major risk not just to entertain the Sumo guys but to give a break to spectators in this tense situation.

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