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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands dressed in black rally to demand Hong Kong leader step down See in context

Hong Kong people amaze me.

Massive peaceful march again with big Beijing watching it closely.

If only people living in full democracy could realise the chance they have and cherish it instead of trying to destroy it.

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Posted in: Pentagon still struggling with child sex assaults by 13-year-old boy at Kadena base See in context

Looks like the future Guantanamo guardians are trained in this base.

Lawless and impunity guaranteed!

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire tear gas in running battles with extradition bill protesters See in context

@ Hiro

With this kind of mindset we would still be in the dark age everywhere.

People stood up for freedom, a lot of them died, but at the end they made it. Our only task - for the ones who have the chance to enjoy it - is to keep it!

Mixing HK, France or Venezuela issues is a complete non-sense.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire tear gas in running battles with extradition bill protesters See in context

These HK people are the latest braves. Because they know the real threat. They have the biggest external antidemocratic pressure, with China eyes watching all their movement individually and they still dare resisting to this coming dictatorship. Hats off!

At the same time, well established democracies are self-destructing by voting for autoritarisme regimes or leaders (USA, Hungary, Japan, Italy, France, and so on ...)

We are in troubled moments excited by a few super powerful individuals. Keep calm and say NO!

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Posted in: Domino’s Japan unleashes 1 kilo of cheese pizza See in context

Calling this cheese is a joke. Complete fake cr&ap industrial gimmick.

Have a look at the king of "mozzarella". Just need to go to the toilet to vomit...

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Posted in: Chinese media blames Hong Kong demo on collusion with West See in context

SerranoToday  11:09 pm JST

China's communists can't be trusted even the SLIGHTEST bit. They will always -- ALWAYS -- do whatever they want and think they can get away with.

So Trump's policy of standing up to China's unfair trade practices is correct, right?

This HK demo has nothing to do with trade, which makes this post 100% out of topic, but not deleted by the moderator. And that is not the only one post. What a joke!

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Posted in: Stations to suspend use of trash cans, lockers in Osaka for 6 days during G20 summit See in context

I fully support Japan in the way that if you can bring stuff that might become trash, you can carry it back home. This however might be an issue at OG 2020 for people who are used to find trash bins everywhere.

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Posted in: 25 years after murders, OJ Simpson says 'life is fine' See in context

I strongly believe that justice should be related to society and rehabilitation. Not revenge.

I can understand other opinions though!

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Posted in: Renault, Nissan spar over governance reforms as strains worsen See in context

There are still some commentators who do not understand that Renault OWNS 45% of Nissan.

Japanese companies buy oversea companies almost everyday (I work in one of those).

If you invest in a completely bankrupt company at huge risks - like Renault did 20 years ago - you would expect some returns if you manage it well. Wouldn't you?

What I can agree is that the French government should step out and the like for the Japanese one.

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend sent to prosecutors over death of 2-year-old girl See in context

I am just wondering what is the objective of this discussion.

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Posted in: 'Central Park Five' accuse Trump of stoking public rage See in context

Just what I expected. Still people finding a way to clean Trump in such an obvious horrible spoiled racist children behaviour.

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Posted in: Ex-captive journalist denied passport issuance for 5 months See in context

Japanese authorities and most of the above comments are scary. Freedom seems to be not a society objective anymore.

I feel very very sad but I will fight hard against tis!

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Posted in: Tokyo expressway to have variable tolls during 2020 Olympics See in context


Tokyo has 35MM people. These few athletes transportation is a drop in an ocean.

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Posted in: Nissan had tech that drove Fiat Chrysler-Renault merger idea See in context

Country pride and job protection in the car business will be the death of this companies.

The paradigm shift in the car environment is too big to stay blind.

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Posted in: Tokyo expressway to have variable tolls during 2020 Olympics See in context


Based on your comment it looks like you are part of the mere 10% private cars user that creates the permanent traffic jam in Tokyo and complain.

While the 90% manage long commuting time and traffic congestion thanks you.

Not mentioning global warming because this must be to complicated to understand.

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Posted in: Tokyo expressway to have variable tolls during 2020 Olympics See in context

Who need a car in Tokyo?

The slowest and most expensive mobility way!

Ohhh sorry, Mistress and Mister cannot mix with the plebe!

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Posted in: Madonna says she feels 'raped' by New York Times profile See in context

I do not want to be rude and I deeply respect Madonna's career as an artist and as a trend leader.

But to some extent she is the victim of what she own sawn of hyper sexualisation of an attractive young body. A big chunk of her success came from it while pushing off the scene other talented singers less "exciting".

I still find her great but I am not anymore a targeted customers, hence nobody care...

Just keep going as you feel!

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Posted in: Trump says Boris Johnson would be 'very good' as next UK prime minister See in context

Trump does not even know who is Boris and he does not care about him or UK for a second.

Just a tweet maniac!

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Posted in: Trump hits Mexico with 5% tariff in response to illegal immigration See in context

This guy has zero respect for the institutions and treaties.

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Posted in: Politician’s birthrate plan: Parents should nag their kids to have at least 3 babies See in context

"Be more efficient in making children"

What an idiot trying to apply Toyotism to women!

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Posted in: Many Tokyo firms unprepared for Olympic traffic congestion See in context

Come on!

Tokyo has about 15+ millions commuters every day mostly at peak hours. The mere few additional 100 thousands Olympic tourists will move outside of this time.


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Posted in: White House wanted USS McCain out of sight while Trump was at Yokosuka See in context


If the request from the White House is confirmed. Is it acceptable?

This is quite a simple question.

Please no other answer than YES or NO.

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Posted in: Mahathir urges U.S., others to accept China's prowess See in context

Dr M. from Malaysia overturned a 60 years control of the country by one completely corrupted party supported by the majority of the Malais muslim people at 92 year old. I challenge any of the commenters doubting about his mental capability to do a tenth of what he has done and can still do.

But of course he is playing a double game in praising China as he is in a deep sh#t to find investors to keep the country afloat after all these years of compromission.

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Posted in: Mahathir urges U.S., others to accept China's prowess See in context

There is nothing like free and fair business with the superpower countries.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO sees no big downside to FCA-Renault merger See in context

Saikawa's best future job opportunity is to make car polishes at Maranello factory in a red uniform.

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Posted in: The kids aren't alright: Japan struggles to protect its most vulnerable children See in context

How can you grow up without love and become a stable and a happy person?

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Posted in: Japan gets its first male virtual influencer: Liam Nikuro See in context

You can laugh at it as much as you can but do you think it will fail?

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Posted in: Trump wishes 'Happy Memorial Day' to U.S. See in context

You better die in USA army war and be celebrated very happily in a public holiday than survive and be ostracized.

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Posted in: Old partner Nissan left sidelined by Renault-Fiat merger See in context

The car business is going through a massive transformation from an internal combustion engine to a computer basically. And this is going very fast.

I bet most of the car companies will die soon if they cannot make U-turn fast, even big German luxury ones.

Company ego and job retention will be the most damaging factor.

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Posted in: Trump expects Japan's military to reinforce U.S. in Asia and beyond See in context

Trump is the sales reps of the USA armement industry lobby. Saudi Arabia and so on!

Just that!

And if needed, add a bit of oil on sleeping fire (Iran) and sales go up again.

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