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Thanks for the maths :-)

But for me 10 days holidays means 2 full weeks vacations, not 1 week in-between 2 weekends.

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Posted in: Extended Golden Week loses luster for working parents See in context

Why saying 10 days holidays?

There are 4 days of weekend and already 3 days from standard Golden Week.

It is a mere 3 additional days, or have I missed something?

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Posted in: U.S. military planes land near Venezuela border with aid See in context

Trump does not care about Venezuela people. He only needs the Venezuela heavy oil to balance its domestic crappy quality oil.

This "aid" is just a cheap psychological warfare.

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Posted in: Memories of Fukushima crisis rapidly fading, warn civic groups See in context


Important to have a free press

Unfortunately many people prefer to read/hear what they believe than actual facts to avoid the uncomfortable zone.

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Posted in: Ghosn hires new defense team in change of strategy See in context

Has anyone an idea when the trial may start?

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Posted in: Father held over fatal abuse of daughter rearrested for earlier assault See in context

In the rearresting Olympics, Japan will get all the medals!

Why cannot they get it done properly at first!

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Posted in: Face tattoos: A trend that is here to stay? See in context

If the tattoo is for the sake of provocation, just admit others can be offended (which is the objective) and accept there could be some social consequences.

Otherwise, who care?

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Posted in: Japan to recognize indigenous Ainu people for first time See in context

Government PR stuff before final extinction.

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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

@ Jonathan Prin

I just don't want even a second to be thought I am gay since I got married with a defined word. Is that a good reason ?


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Posted in: Renault scraps Ghosn's $34 mil deferred and severance pay See in context

Cynical game from the French government to calm down the yellow vests unrest.

Severance package scarped for absenteeism (!).

If Ghosn is convinced guilty the French government wins, if Ghosn is released not guilty he will get judicial compensation, which will not be understood as "salary" and the government wins again.


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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

Having their claim written in English clearly speaks that they have no hope from Japan and are seeking help from abroad.

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Posted in: Ghosn hires new defense team in change of strategy See in context

With Renault that has just scrapped his 30M USD severance package because of absenteeism (!) I bet he will fight to the end. He is described as a jet-setter, which is wrong. He is a hard working guy loving being in the light with its fair share of show off. But with his jesuits education when young and his experience in the féroce car business competition, he is on the top tier of resilience skill.

My guess, but for sure he is putting a huge of pressure on the prosecutor and Nissan-Renault alliance from his tiny cell.

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

All this article and thread comments is just a joke-olate!

Enjoy life, give/receive gifts and hugs with no limit and every day! Don't be greedy and be happy!

The minimal cost burdens for a few chocolates gift mentioned are just so awkward.

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Posted in: Japanese cities worried about receiving more foreign workers: survey See in context

I have been working in a Japanese company for more than 20 years. I am afraid Japan is not ready yet to mix with foreigners, could it be in Japan or abroad, could it be fluent in English or not.

The inner circles always dominate the behaviour vs. outer circles. Without getting rid of that... forget.

This principle is not unique to Japan but not to that extent.

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Posted in: ANA to celebrate Valentine's Day with complimentary chocolates for all passengers See in context

Flying Swiss Airlines or Cathay Pacific for instance, every day is Valentine's Day with regard to chocolate!

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Posted in: Abe defends BOJ's policy See in context

Does really Japan need more jobs?

I thought the labor force was shrinking.

I believe Japan need more higher productivity jobs with higher pay instead.

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Posted in: Trump, not especially vigilant on diet, declared 'in very good health' See in context

A cognitive assessment was normal.

Well, for the president of the USA I would expect a higher than normal cognitive capacity.

(And I really wonder what normal is referring to)

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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

Reading this article and all these comments from worldwide experiences sharing I realise how lucky I had been in my childhood. I hope my kids will understand that earlier.

Besides family show off with genius kids I believe the "highly reputable" universities with their hyper selective applications should be blamed first.

Accumulation of A* grade does not mean a future smart social/economic player.

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Posted in: Japan's 2018 farm, fisheries exports hit record high for 6th straight year See in context

@ englisc aspyrgend

Why does an apple need so much unnecessary and environmentally bamaging packaging?


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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

A bit outside of the topic, but this Brexit referendum shows very well the risks of direct democracy. I am not an expert of UK but I somewhat understand the 4 entities of the UK have different perspectives, challenges and needs. To acknowledge it the referendum should have been made with double majority win, i.e. people plus 3 UK entities.

In such a case the latest Brexit referendum would have been rejected but a real debate would have been engaged for a later - and informed - decision.

Direct democracy taken as a poker game is not democracy but populism.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

AzzprinToday  12:49 pm JST

Switzerland has no border checks with the EU and it is NOT a EU member.

So why have a border between Northern ireland and the Republic of southern irelend ?

UK is not part of Schengen area, Switzerland is.

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Posted in: Notorious Finnish ski jumping ace Nykanen dead at 55 See in context


So you are judging someone you do not know based on a JT tabloid style article about his private life. It says all. Nothing to add.

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Posted in: UK offered Nissan Brexit assurances, 80 mil pounds for car investment See in context

Insular people always believe they can go alone...

Time has changed!

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Posted in: Notorious Finnish ski jumping ace Nykanen dead at 55 See in context


Why so much hate?

Nykanen made ski jumping popular worldwide.

His private life is ... his private life and is not our business.

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Posted in: UK sports minister calls in soccer bodies over racism See in context

Soccer is the arena for frustrated people to pass the hate of themselves to the others, ideally different.

I used to enjoy watching soccer games live, that was 40 years ago.

30 years ago I went back to watch a junior game with my 10 years old nephew playing, it was just too horrible.

Now my young daughter is playing, this is enjoyable again... Hopefully it will remain in the female leagues.

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Posted in: Japan's wagyu beef looks to conquer the world See in context

This type of marbled meat must be cooked the proper Japanese way.

Like you do not cook foie gras the same way as plain duck/goose liver.

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Posted in: Hundreds gather near Japan's embassy in Seoul to mourn S Korean 'comfort woman' See in context

There is only one way to check if an apology is sincere or not: what do the school books teach to the young generation?

Anyone with sufficient Japanese knowledge can answer this question?

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context

The four main pillars of democracy are Judiciary, Executive, Legislature and Media.

Japan fails blatantly on two of them: Judiciary and Media.

On the Executive side, this is too hidden to have an obvious position.

Hence Japan is at best a half democracy.

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Posted in: No. of foreign workers in Japan triples in decade to record 1.46 million See in context


Nobody tells Japan to get only "ravage" countries people. Japan takes these ones because they are cheap and do whateverJapanese do not want to do. And mostly stay away from their sight.

But taking foreign white collars from less "ravage" countries - and safer... - means treating them equally, accepting to have a non-Japanese boss and so on.

Not sure Japan will ever be ready for that.

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Posted in: Up to 200 missing after Brazil dam collapse See in context

I do not think we can call that a tragedy.

A man made disaster - like Fukushima - sounds more correct to me.

That was avoidable with proper (and costly) construction, this is by no way bad luck!

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