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Posted in: Vaccine minister Kono warns against wasting COVID-19 doses See in context

I do not understand that in a smart phone addict country you cannot find 5 people in short notice to get the left over jabs. The vaccine does not get expired in an hour.

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Posted in: Australia blames EU supply issues for slow vaccine rollout See in context

EU is as well facing supply issues and building a vaccine production facility takes a lot of time, competencies to build and run and is expensive, while this pandemic may last for years or end soon. Not sure AU is willing/able to do it.

Why are we so lost against this pandemic? Because none is interested in making vaccines for that. The investment is huge with no guarantee of return. Only a common global founded reserach organization can work on unknown future pathogens with organized production (including private) and distribution.

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Posted in: EU tightens coronavirus vaccine export rules as third wave builds See in context

L’Union européenne exporte 42% de ses vaccins, les Etats-Unis et le Royaume-Uni 0%

EU exports 42% of its vaccines, USA and UK 0%.

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Posted in: EU tightens coronavirus vaccine export rules as third wave builds See in context

The comments on this thread are ridiculous and sincerely embarrassing.

Vaccination is not stockmarket.

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Posted in: Barring fans from abroad for Tokyo Olympics creates many questions See in context

Get these Olympics done as quickly as possible and move on!

I'm so tired of hearing about that matter.

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Posted in: Japan temporarily sets higher tariffs on U.S. beef imports See in context


Antibiotics are given to animals that are not ill or sick widely.

Growth hormones are prohibited in most countries, but authorized and used quite massively in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, South Africa and Japan.

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Posted in: China to issue visas to foreigners who have taken Chinese vaccines See in context

*In the West and in Hong Kong.

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Posted in: China to issue visas to foreigners who have taken Chinese vaccines See in context

This is to push for China vaccine approval in the West mostly.

Because I do not believe you can order your Sinovac on Alibaba...

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Posted in: Record number of child abuse cases in 2020: NPA report See in context

While becoming a dad many years ago I read a book explaining how parents and especially fathers learnt to respect their children integrity: changing nappies!

It may look stupid, but this is 100% true. As a dad you see the intimity of your boy or girl with the duty of cleaning them and feel comfortable after that.

I work with japanese guys 30 years old younger than me in an international environment and none of them have never changed their baby kids nappies.

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Posted in: New Zealand has duty to support Muslim community: Ardern See in context

Keep your faith at home!

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Posted in: Do you think a sense of crisis among the public over the coronavirus is waning as the pandemic persists? See in context

I find very concerning the downvoting of Virusrex for trying to educate and explain the flaws of the conspiracy theories. Very sad!

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Posted in: Kelly innocent of Ghosn pay scheme, his lawyer says See in context

P. SmithToday  07:17 am JST

"He talks like a lawyer, and he thinks like a lawyer," Kitamura said. "He wouldn't do anything wrong or illegal."

That’s one weak argument.

Fully agree, it just made me think about Giuliani... :-)

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

During this time there are people making every effort and taking public transports to reduce the humanity carbon footprint.

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Posted in: Twitter considers charging users for special content, in revenue push See in context

Honestly, what important stuff can you get from twitter?

Charge as much as you can I do not care.

But pay the taxes in the country where these idiots accepts to pay for this "service".

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Posted in: Lady Gaga's dogs recovered safely; no word on $500,000 reward See in context

Rich people problems, what a hard life!

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Posted in: Tokyo high schools ask students to certify hair color not altered: NHK See in context

I suggest to prohibit hair dying (black) for men. Just to make the whole Japan understanding they are led by old people stuck in the 19th century.

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Posted in: Are bidet-type toilets a health hazard? See in context

Most - if not all - muslim countries have a little shower for this purpose posted on the right side of the toilet (the left hand is used to clean the bottom). But it's with cold water.

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Posted in: Drink-at-home 'Secret Base' tent is our new must-have interior item See in context

I bet it will be mostly used to watch porn websites while kids and spouse are walking around.

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges over 1,200 points to below 29,000; biggest drop in 4 years See in context

I don't care!

As much as liberal I am as much as I hate greedy speculators.

Real economy first!

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Posted in: Researchers urge delay in administering Pfizer vaccine's second dose See in context

I must agree the title is misleading.

Because it looks like this is bad news while actually this is very good news: twice the amount of people can be vaccinated.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court allows extradition to Japan of Ghosn escape aides See in context

Japan has the full right to claim these suspects.

But why not pursuing Ghosn in Lebanon?

Looks like a diversion to me to minimize the lose facing syndrom from the prosecutor.

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Posted in: Only 37% of firms met Japan gov't target of cutting commuters by 70% See in context

I believe 37% is already quite a good score for Japan.

Who would have even tried to imagine that a year ago? Definitely not me for sure.

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Posted in: Kono says nationalism could disrupt global vaccine supplies See in context


300,000/week is far too low even if 2 shots are included in the figure: 4 years to get half of Japan vaccinated. Just useless!

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Posted in: Kono says nationalism could disrupt global vaccine supplies See in context

Many pharma companies are getting ready to produce the vaccines under license.

If japan would it could too.

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Posted in: WBO superfly world champ Ioka warned over visible tattoos See in context

Peter NeilToday  09:17 pm JST

Japan doesn't like tattoos. It's their prerogative. Don't shove your mores down the throats of others.

Japan does not like everything and anything that is different: "The nail....."

Utter intolerance.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan will not join U.N. treaty banning nuclear weapons See in context

With all its nuke plants Japan has a huge quantity of radioactive material to produce A-bomb. Money and technology is available too to make such kind of bomb in a pretty short period of time.

I believe this is an option Japan wants to keep without admitting it.

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Posted in: 53 Hong Kong pro-democracy figures arrested See in context

@Ping An

Can you agree that the first days/weeks saw big peaceful protests of up to 2 miilions people from all generations and social groups?

Then why the mess started? Because these peaceful protests were much more dangerous to Beijing vis-a-vis the mainland interior policy. The rest just followed: protest interdiction and police provocations were the rigger for more radical protest actions. And the NSL came to seal the lid.

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Posted in: Suga considers state of emergency in Tokyo, vicinity; says Japan will start vaccinations in late Feb See in context


Thank you for your time to provide simple and factual explanations. I really feel sorry for the ones challenging you just for the sake of it.

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Posted in: Nikkei up 16% in 2020 for highest year-end close since 1989 See in context

Stock market has been long disconnected with real economy. With COVID19 it is all about expecting relief money will be put on the casino scene. Obscene!

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