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I was trying to post this on the previous article, but it was being flagged as off-topic even though it actually talked about the same evacuation in the JT article.

I'm a mother from Gaza. When I tried to evacuate, Israel bombed the way out. Nowhere is safe.

It seems like some Western media like this communique is trying to white-wash what Israel is doing.

Imaginary conversation to show absurdity:

Israel: Tell the media that we are going to give Palestinians hours to evacuate.

> Also Israel: Make sure to bomb the exit so no one escapes.

> UN: This is just a minor skirmish, and do not blame Israel of any wrongdoing if it gets out of hand.

> Israel: Any criticism right or wrong is anti-semitic!

> Palestinians: We are semitic, too!

Mass punishment of Palestinians is not punishment. It is genocide!

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Christianity, Judaism, Islam all from the Middle East. What Good is your religion?

They became an issue when the first two was hijacked and exploited by Western colonists. The Catholic church was the world's first international conglomerate (global colonization) and the second fled Europe and illegally occupied someone else's territory (Modern Israel) while oppressing the residences, and the third is an abusive symptom of the first two.

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I think your narrative is childish and silly. Most Jews in Israel are from the region. There is no returning to anywhere for them. There is no guarantee of rights for them except in Israel which has been a fact on the ground for more than 70 years. Every country around them tried to destroy and murder them.

Maybe you are not familiar with the history. Maybe because of the method of acquiring that land and creating apartheid on the indigenous people had something to do with that.

In 2020, 78% of the Jewish population were “Sabras” - born in Israel - compared with just a 35% native-born population at Israel’s independence in 1948. Over half of the Jewish population are Israeli-born to at least one parent who was also Israeli-born. Those of European and American ancestry make up about 2.2 million (36%) of the Jewish population in Israel, while Africans fill out another 14.5% and Asians are 11.2%.

Only 35% of the population at the formation were native even though there was no independence but an occupation. The original population of indigenous jews were smaller than 35%. That means a significant portion were people being born right after fleeing from Europe and creating the state, thus, 65% were not indigenous. That 35% also did not outnumber the indigenous people arleady living there.

Vital Statistics: Latest Population Statistics for Israel (September 14, 2023)

The number is higher now because they have been occupying and oppressing the indigenous people allowing them to reproduce while killing younger indigenous population and creating an environment that increases the mortality rate for all non-Jews..

Do you believe the British pilgrims outnumbered the Native Americans when they first stole Native American territories?

Since the European Americans now outnumber the Native Americans, does that justify all the attrocities they committed?

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Posted in: U.S. government ponders the meaning of race and ethnicity See in context

Please seem only one that can't move on!

Ever heard of Ireland? 700 years of occupation and oppression less 100 year of freedom and it didn't take them long to drop the victim act they didn't have time they moved on with living.

All you are doing is repeating the same old excuse.

Let me point out that at the start of the civil rights movement 20% of black families were single mothers, today that is 70% and poverty rates higher, are you going to blame white people and racism for that also?

Again excuses excuses excuses

It is the black community that isn't carrying for their children, it is black on black violence killing young black men not the police but that doesn't play well in the media or the blame game.

I was a single white Gaijin father of 2 little children stuck in Japan with no family to help and a government that wouldn't help and the "no Gaijin" was common, I picked myself up and got to working in any Job I could find from construction to garbage sorting!

This is not a friendly place for a single Gaijin with children but if I did like you and blamed everything on others well my kids would have a jr high education and perhaps a low paying menial job, instead I am in Dept up to my eyeballs and my children have good university educations and good long term propects so they don't end up like I did.

It is called being responsible for yourself.

Lots of whatabouts based inaccurate information to make false equivalencies to justify a weak illogical argument.

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The difference isn't racism it isn't interference it is mentality.

Sounds like victim blaming! This previous post is weakest argument on this article comparing immigrants to African-Americans. Remember, immigrants chose to come to the US because they felt it was better in the US than war, financial crisis, and oppression. African-Americans were brought against their will and stripped of their culture and separated from their families that united them. Then for 100+ years, they were treated as animals to bred, abused for pleasure, and sold. They had to fight for their freedom that divided the country which lead large scale deaths. That war also humiliated some and economically ruined others especially in the South. After that, the country spent 265 years creating laws to allow to discriminate and stunt their progress as a people. When that did not work, they would simply incite a "white riot" to burn everything down and cause mass genocide. This was not just one incident like "the trail of tears", but many over two centuries. Therefore, a 500 + year old country where most of its existence treated Black people less than human (Constitution) and have be grudgingly given them "equality" for only 60 years. Who do you think is the real problem? The people in power mistreating another group for 400+ years or the group being oppress? The people who fought for their freedom and equality? Or the many people in power who fought against that freedom and equality? The people some call mom, dod, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, now.

Now compare that to the immigrants like Asians and other immigrants who came after Black people spent 400 years to fight for the equality and freedom that all people benefit from. The same immigrants who have their original culture, language, and history that connects them to their homeland. The culture that gives them pride, community, and connects them to all generations of immigrants from that culture.

The reason they are specifically called "Black" because they cannot trace their roots to a specific nation due to slavery. Most US Caucasians can still trace their roots to their homelands with a little effort. Only African-Americans (not Chinese-American or Vietnamese-American) in the US have to create an entirely new culture based off of slavery and discrimination from Caucasians. That is where most of their holidays stem from. The ending of legal slavery and oppression. What other immigrant groups have that situation?

By the way, the group that benefited the most from the Civil Rights movement and affirmative action was White women.

India, 1949, Vietnam 1945 with massive resistance from the French then Americans, now look at how India and Vietnam are today compared to Haiti,

First, several crucial factors caused this decline. First, the warfare of the Haitian Revolution destroyed the capital and infrastructure of the economy. Second, Haiti lacked diplomatic and trade relations with other nations. Third, Haiti lacked investment, both foreign and domestic investment.

France put sanctions on Haiti, so no European country or its colonies would work with them. It was a warning for the other colonies threatening to revolt. How can an island consisting of slaves brought from a land completely different from the island thrive without trade?

Second, all Black people regardless of where they come from are all grouped as Black people and treated as such unless they mentioned their immigrant roots. On the other hand, all Asian in the US are always considered immigrants even when they are citizens and are treated as such.

Someone seems to be victim blaming!

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@Peter Neil

No one, or their parents, or grandparents or great-grandparents in the US was a slave. The 1960's were two generations ago. There is nothing stopping anyone in the US from thriving and succeeding. What's stopping you?

The people burning crosses, killing minorities, and discriminating against them or the same people you would Grandma and Grandpa. Therefore, it is not that log ago.

No one, or their parents, or grandparents or great-grandparents in the US was a slave.

Second, that is utterly false. You do not understand how time works!

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Posted in: U.S. government ponders the meaning of race and ethnicity See in context

For the purposes of creating an indefinite lower class, the US and other nations that consider themselves a majority Caucasian country have used race as an excuse to discriminate and enslave others particularly Black people in the form of laws (police), religion (European/US-based Christianity), and violence (white riots and war). It did not matter if it was European aristocracy trying to replace the working classes and serfs who fled the country, or those same poor people fleeing to the new world to make their fortune to be the new royals and to have their own servants.

Are my kids Japanese-American, multiracial? Are the electricians I hired recently African Americans given they were from South Africa (but White)? What do I classify my neighbors from Argentina originally, white Hispanic? These are burning questions that no one should give a #$+& about.

Let it go, not many really give a farthing about this except the people that make a living of it.

I always hear these same points from people who are usually not a member of any of the groups primarily being targeted by racists.

Especially people living in Japan claiming they have experienced all that racism has to offer and brushed it off because they still live there. The prejudice in Japan is mostly nationalistic and applies to all foreigners even though Japanese prejudice has a hierarchy based on stereotypes of different countries from the media. In addition, Japan is one of the few countries where you can live comfortably in a complete bubble (Gaijin Ghettos) if they so choose. Actually, many Japanese people usually prefer it that way. It does not matter if it is Chinatown, Koreatown, Nepal, India, Brazil, Roppongi, Hiroo, or the US military bases. You do not really see these groups struggling.

So, the people claiming to have conquered real racism in Japan is full of it!

Also, the problem with that logic is the targets of racism are not encouraging racist behavior. The racists are the ones targeting these marginalized groups in the form of laws, religion, unethical practices, and violence. It not the victims that need to change. Some may argue that is victim blaming.

African Americans did non violent protesting during the civil rights movements. They were arrested, beaten, attacked with dogs, and killed. For some, all 3 happened to them. Before that, the government infected African American with veneral diseases, sterilized them and conducted experiments on them without their knowing or against their will. In addition, the general Caucasian public could burn them, hang them or drown them whenever they wanted with support of the local government.

When African Americans try to build thriving communities with the help of the local governments they were always destroyed, burned or worse.After the civil rights movement, their communities were flooded with drugs to stunt their progress. Then use laws and the police to incarcerate an usually large percentage to decimate their economies and the family unit.

For those that feel if POC are not grateful then they should return to where they came. Most probably would have after slavery, but the enslavers purposely forced these people lose their language, their culture, and their education, so they would have no home to return. It is no different than certain religions will not allow women to go to school, go out alone, or have friends. The reason for all these heinous acts is in the first sentence of this post.

Why do governments and few want to remove race and ethnicity? If people do not mention it then it does not exist. It will not be taught in school, and people cannot be sued or arrested for committing crimes due to racism. It makes easier to commit it if people's awareness is dull. It also also muddies the waters for the new reparations movement.

Every other group from the Jews, Native Americans, the Japanese and few others have been financially compensated for their mistreatment. Black people, who have been mistreated for centuries, have never been financially compensated (reparations). People do not want to because of the continued racist views and because the bill is too high in their minds.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant obtained for YouTuber, ex-lawmaker over online threats See in context

Yeah, because his current home, the UAE, is real loosey goosey. You can do anything there! Well, except eat a ham sandwich, or look at porn, drink a beer in public, use profanity in public, kiss your spouse in public, have a same-sex relationship, criticize the government, and so on. Not uptight at all!

You can if you have money and not a citizen of the UAE. Actually, only the first point really matters. The second one is not that important.

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Posted in: Baidu unveils ChatGPT-rival Ernie Bot; 650 companies sign up See in context

Baidu is another proxy for the CCP. Those companies would have faced mysteriously new investigations by the government if they did not sign up in show of solidarity. The owners would have been removed from the company like another former Chinese teacher that became a billionaire.

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Posted in: U.S. releases video of Russian jet dumping fuel on its drone See in context

Will Putin now claim that drone attacked its pilots? Or will he pull a Chinese excuse out of his hat and redraw the territorial borders like has been attempting to do with Ukraine?

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Posted in: U.S. says Russian jet caused spy drone crash over Black Sea; Moscow denies collision See in context

I say send another drone in the same area. If the Russians do it again, then we know what really happened the first time. Next, send a third drone with an escort and see what the Russians do.

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Posted in: Hot spring baths block Japan's geothermal potential See in context

Lessons from Pohang: A Stanford geophysicist discusses geothermal energy’s earthquake problem – and possible solutions

Apparently, the big South Korean quake in 2017 was linked to the geothermal energy project!

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Posted in: Hot spring baths block Japan's geothermal potential See in context

What is the environmental impact of building and operating geothermal power facilities? Will it destroy the natural scenery? What about the ecosystem? How many people will need to be displaced? Will they increase the chances of quakes?

These are important questions!

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Posted in: SVB's demise: Why didn't U.S. bank regulators see it coming? See in context

Trump; who bragged about gutting Dodd-Frank, who gutted the train regulations, and who removed the and defunded the team monitoring infectious diseases in ChIna; was jealous because Pres. Obama joked about Trump's incompetent and unethical behavior.

In return, Trump gave us two bank failures, train wrecks that caused environmental disasters, a world-wide pandemic, an insurrection, and a poor economy. Not to mention, the countless deaths in the US and abroad.

Every time another disaster happens, Trump tries ti control the narrative like criminal returning to the scene of a crime.

"He shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time."

> "He shall pay no attention to the gods of his fathers, or to the one beloved by women. He shall not pay attention to any other god, for he shall magnify himself above all."

> "And he was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months."

Trump's purpose is pretty obvious!

It only took 4 years for Trump to Make America a Ghastly Abberation (MAGA).

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Posted in: Need a nanny? Chinese school trains women to take care of newborns See in context

Notice all those babies look Caucasian, but this same strategy can work on domestic and international Chinese elites abroad, too!

Any person with close family ties in China are potential spies!

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Posted in: Need a nanny? Chinese school trains women to take care of newborns See in context

Will see reports of a network of Chinese nannies (for wealthy and powerful elite families abroad) spying for CCP while indoctrinating their children. Remember nannies typically work for the wealthy and take care of children all day. They usually require those nannies to educate the children until they entire into school. Trump was bragging about his granddaughter speaking fluent Chinese.

It would be easy to get dirt on the family, plant dirt on the family, track their movements, or even tempt one of the family members with a "honey pot."

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I think this speaks more to the green initiative. China needs tons of gas and has no plans to get off of it. The USA going away from gas doesn’t exactly help the Middle East, so of course they are going to gravitate to who serves their interest best. It also why China and India are cozying up to Putin or vis versa.

Trump screwed over Iran and made things worse for the US. The house of Saud does not like Biden because he could not be bought like Trump. They cannot bribe him by renting two or three empty floors at his Washington hotel. Once he lost the presidency, Trump had to sell it. Biden does not owe any loans to China or NK like Trump. Also, Biden was not begging Putin allow him to open a hotel or being blackmailed with evidence of some humiliating or criminal nature.

It is also one step closer for China's ultimate plan which is try to get the world to stop using the US dollar. They want the world to depend on the Chinese yuan which CCP manipulates.

I believe Israel will attempt to break up this little coalition because they are stronger when the Middle East is fighting each other.

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There is another place that is beautiful during the winter and is full of wildlife year around. Do you know what it is?

Chernobyl! However, I am also not taking my chances of going there.

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill six in raid on West Bank refugee camp See in context

inclusivity = exclusivity

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill six in raid on West Bank refugee camp See in context

Jews are not a race, but many are related because the religion like so many others required people to marry other of their own faith. Some people must convert like Ivanka Trump to marry a Jew. Modern Israel is made up of mostly European (Caucasian) Jews from places like Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and etc after the war. Most European Jews are converts! Some of those places were/are not known for a lot cultural diversity. Russia?!

This modern identity of religion to a particular race has created a inclusivity within the Jewish community (White only). Europe also did it when they highjacked Christianity despite its roots starting Northeast Africa and the Middle East. This is why far-right/racist like to use Christianity as an identifier for their own. It is how African slavery in the Americas and the decimation of the Native Americans was justified. They also use Islam (a dog whistle) to identify the POC.

These identity politics has also made it harder for people who are non-Caucasian to be allowed to become Jewish and be recognized by Israel. You can see that in the hardline Israel takes on non-Caucasian Jews like secretly sterilizing Black Jews (one of the original and oldest tribes of Israel in the Bible) or denying citizenship to the Jewish POC.

Coercion and Control

There is no wonder that the current Israeli government and society has no problem killing their non-Caucasian neighbors. They do not see them as human. They have been employing some of the strategies that the Nazis did to them in their original countries (not all) during the great world wars. To the Nazis, Jews were not of the same Aryan race, so they were not human and treated them like animals. Christians did it to POC. To the modern Israeli Jews and some sympathizers abroad, those neighboring Arab and Black African nations even the Jewish communities older than modern Israel cannot be apart of their country because of the identity politics.

If Israel wants real peace they can start by removing the identity politics. Also, stop stealing and occupying other people's territory/possessions and placing those people in ghettos. You know like the Nazis did to them.

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Posted in: Tesla price cuts: Flagging demand or tactic to boost sales? See in context

LOL! Another reason why Musk's success was a fluke based on his fork tongue. He never really made those other companies successful. He just took the credit like Trump likes to do.

We are seeing now how incompetent he truly is.

His wasting 44 billion dollars on Twitter just to ruin it and put hisself in debt with financial institutions. Some posters on here pretend to be business savants, but they have not being bragging about how much Musk has been making them lately or their favorite political figure Trump. which they voted for and support

The social welfare Tesla has been receiving from the US government is the only thing keeping it a float.

There are better EV than Tesla on the market from more respected manufacturers, and China has already stole all the tech and ideas from Tesla it needs to make its own domestic vehicle. It also controls his production and ability to sell in their markets.

On top of that, Musk insulting his main customer base (liberals) is not very helpful for his bottomline.

Whenever the public puts a lens on Musk's businesses, he attempts to distract with a new project.

It might have been the reason that he wanted Twitter to control the flow of information about himself and influence others and manipulate markets.

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Posted in: Ministry says files suggesting pressure on media were its documents See in context

To be a high-ranking woman in the male chauvinistic LDP, you would have to say and do some wild stuff. There is no telling what she said and did to get those old men's respect!

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Posted in: Ministry says files suggesting pressure on media were its documents See in context

The LDP and the CCP have more in common than general public would care to admit. I mean Shinzo Abe's grandfather was a war criminal, and Shinzo was hailed by his LDP and their cronies as a messiah! Still no one can tell me why Shinzo Abe deserved so many funeral processions on the tax payers dime.

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Despite its conservative, Confucian image South Korea, at least at the popular level, seems better able than Japan to embrace rapid social change.

I have met more open-minded, free-thinking South Koreans than Japanese.

Do you believe that there is a social maturity gap between two cultures?

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Posted in: South Korean romance reality shows boom, but marriage no longer the end game See in context

I have watched a few episodes of "Physical: 100" on Netflix. I liked it because I found it interesting to learn about Korean celebrities and public figures.

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This whole thing is stupid. It's stupid for anyone to order "kore" as it is inprecise and could easily result in a mistake. And it's stupid to write the sign in Japanese if it's intended for foreigners. But the intent is obvious. Also stupid is a foreinger trying to make a gaijin thing out of it.

If pointing at something and saying "this" is so imprecise, then why point at all. In fact, you should tell Japanese people to stop point at their noise when they refer to themselves with their name or pronoun.

You can also tell them to stop bowing and signaling each other when they want people to go "This way."

It is so confusing and imprecise, right?

Do you also dislike crossing guards, too?

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Posted in: Fender to open first-ever flagship store in Tokyo's Harajuku area this summer See in context

Well, it’s surely only a very special niche and will attract only a few people as paying customers, but anyway, selling the last available basses and amps is a good idea. Those little bluetooth plastic toy speakers everywhere just are an audio torture and must disappear. lol

I am not sure how long the store will last.

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Posted in: Message to foreigners at Japanese convenience store sparks controversy online See in context

Awa no Gaijin

Perhaps you should view the written note again in the above article photo because it isn't only written in kanji.

It helps to pay attention to your own language.

What is your point?

The Japanese language involves writing in a combination of kanji, hiragana, and katakana.

Everything, they said is still true! They still wrote the message in fluent Japanese for people who probably cannot speak or read Japanese.

Writing messages to foreigners would make more sense if it was in the foreign language.

That is why train stations and other locations have signs written in multiple languages for the foreigners.

Logic issues?

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Posted in: Message to foreigners at Japanese convenience store sparks controversy online See in context

Awa no Gaijin


Well perhaps you aren't aware of the fact that Russia is Europe and also Asia and that not all the countries of Europe are connected as one land mass.

Geography issues ?

I am well aware of European geography. No one cares about Iceland, I can see the UK from several European countries' shores including France and vic versa. The same can be said between Ireland and the UK. Russia is still in Europe with borders with other European countries that I can walk across.

What is your point?

Everything, I said is still true!

Logic issues?

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What’s “interesting” is that they didn’t write the message in English… I’m sorry but I can’t get used to the fact that ninety nine percent of the Japanese population can only speak Japanese…; in Europe, especially among the younger generations, it is considered normal to have a second language and there’s a considerable number of people that can speak more than two languages…; I speak five languages so I’m guessing that it’s not impossible to learn a few words of the universal language (sorry, érow and sankyuu is not enough)…; **lazinessignorance and stupidity**…, what a terrible combination.

Europe is a continent or one land mass comprised of closely connected countries both linguistic and culturally with very few barriers to move between them and a long violent history of conquering one another to force one's culture on another. Japan is an isolated archipelago. Then add the large refugee migration. Not really the same thing!

That being said. Japan being a first world nation with usually the first or second largest economy in Asia. They should have a better education system with a stronger grasp of at least one foreign language considering it is compulsory in school.

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