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Posted in: Gov't to boost hospital capacity to treat more COVID patients See in context

Private hospital almost never admit COVID-19 infected people. Public hospital make it hard to get tested. People who are infected and not admitted to the hospital are excluded on the official numbers. Therefore, we see the amazing infection numbers right before an election.

The J-gov had to test everyone during the Olympics, so they would not look bad in the international press. That is way we saw the more realistic numbers. Once the press l left, the J-gov returned to manipulating who and who is not counted on official records.

Why would they need to expand bed s if there are so few numbers?

Because the numbers of infections are a lot higher.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 235 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,093 See in context

These numbers mean nothing without the number of tests provided that day. Recording less than 2,000 tests in a city of 14,000,000 to show 235 infections is pathetic. It is only propaganda for the benefit of the current government before elections next month.

The Japanese government is being disingenuous to the residents of the Japan.

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Posted in: Kono win in ruling party election likely to push Tokyo stocks higher See in context

It seems like the media has already chosen its next PM. No other political party is getting this kind of air time. With these kind of puff pieces, the manipulated reporting of COVID infections in Japan, and all the free TV time on the taxpayers dime, it appears that the fix for PM is already.

The economy will not get better because of Kono just like the pandemic did not get better because of Kono.

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Posted in: Americans have little trust in online security: AP-NORC poll See in context

Half of the US also trusted the lies of Q Anon and former president Trump even more believed the lies of social media influencers.

Ironically, people around the world give away their privacy and personal details on social media everyday.

Hackers really do not need to do much work.

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Posted in: Shinsei Bank decides to launch defense against SBI's takeover See in context

Shinsei bank sucks! They pulled a switcharoo on all its foreign customers. It was a scam to collect foreigner's personal data abroad on behalf of the J-gov.

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Posted in: Former women's empowerment minister Noda to run for LDP leadership See in context

It seems someone saw an opening when the weird Sanae announced her run for PM with Shinzo as her mentor.

Where is Koike? Is this too rich for her taste?

It is too soon for Koike. She is still associated with the Olympics and the pandemic. The same reason is true for Suga and Abe. People still have animosity towards them for their handling of both events.

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Posted in: Fuji-Q roller coaster under investigation after riders’ bones broken See in context

I don't believe Japan has a strong track record with rollercoasters!

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Posted in: Extreme teleworking ... from Mount Fuji See in context

Interesting! Wouldn't mind trying it for a while.

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Posted in: Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart to perform at 9/11 benefit show See in context

Strangerland wrote:

Um SNL has produced the top comedians out there, and has an extremely hard process to get through, for a tiny number of spots, and only the top rising comedians get into it. What have you accomplished in comedy boomer?

And um:

Oops, sorry, there I am narrative destroying again.

Pete Davidson is not and never has been a top comedian at all. SNL has not been considered a top comedy show in decades. Your whole point about him being top and selecting Amy Schumer is moot. They are both B and C class comedians at best.

The only reason he is doing this charity event is because he started the event. If a group of only real top level comedians were creating this event with only top level comics, they more than likely would not select Pete Davidson unless it involved mental issues.

Your whole argument is weak and running in circles.

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Posted in: Facebook bans firm behind Pfizer, AstraZeneca smear campaign See in context

William Bjornson wrote:

Social marketing companies generally do a lot of research to design their lies to fit the expectations and mentalities of their target audience...apparently they see something in their targets which few Humans would be willing to admit is true about our general level of comprehension and understanding of our World...

Why do you think these adds were aimed mostly at Trump supporters? What does it say about the average Trump supporter?

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Posted in: Facebook bans firm behind Pfizer, AstraZeneca smear campaign See in context

Burning Bush wrote:

> In China if you post anything negative about the CCP on social media it'll get flagged as "American misinformation" and get deleted.

Same playbook is used on both sides of the fence to control the narrative.

I only remember the CCP and Trump with his administration weaponizing the government against individuals and private businesses that publicly humiliate, contradict, or negatively comment about them.

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccine discounts for customers catch on at eateries, hotels See in context

I think it is good idea because people are always looking out for themselves. However, it will only work with better access to vaccinations for everyone.

The wait for a Japanese alternative is not a bright idea.

Mostly likely Japan's attempt to make the vaccine without the current side effects in a short period of time will probably mean a less effective vaccine like the ineffective vaccines produced in Russia and China.

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Posted in: Prince Andrew likely to try to avoid testimony at all costs See in context

I read that Epstein hd 12 different telephone numbers for Prince Andrew. If that does not sound sketchy, I do not know what does!

Jeffrey Epstein had at least 12 different numbers for Prince Andrew in his little black book, according to a new lawsuit

If they get Prince Andrew on stand, the Royal Family will Harry and Meghan anything to bring them back to the fold to distract from "Randy Andy"!

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

How many nationalist and less educated people are running these facilities?

If I was her family, I would feel insulted that no one is substantially punished. What is a reprimand?

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Posted in: Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart to perform at 9/11 benefit show See in context

Strangerland wrote:

> It's interesting how JT posters feel comforable claiming Schumer isn't funny, when so many of literally the greatest comedians out there say differently. She is looked on with in respect in the comedy community, one only needs to listen to a few comedians' podcasts to hear everyone speaking of her with respect. And this is in comedy, which is one of the purest meritocracies out there, where you're either good, or you fail. And she's one of the 1%ers in comedy.

But yes, the unfunny people on JT know better than the experts in comedy right? Armchair comedians must be funnier than this proven comedian, right?

Yeah, she is not funny to me.

I also do not believe that you have a clue what the greatest comedian really think of her or which JT posters are funny or not funny.

I have seen that different posters have explain why she is not funny or at least not authentic or original with the stolen jokes. I have not seen where you have shown why she really is funny.

Resulting to name calling is a clear sign of a losing argument!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 5,042 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 15,263 See in context


Open-minded wrote: I am seeing more and more people walking around with no masks around town during the day.  It is not seniors, but middle age to young people. That explains the numbers.

Zoroto wrote: I don't.

Maybe, you are not looking. The numbers say otherwise.

People in their 20s (1,600 cases), their 30s (1,120), their 40s (811) and their 50s (552) accounted for the highest numbers, while 670 cases were aged under 19 and 60s (291).

Post my whole quote, next time.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 5,042 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 15,263 See in context

At this point, it seems the blame should now shift equally to the population. The last couple weeks have shown lots of the J-population making questionable behavior.

I am seeing more and more people walking around with no masks around town during the day. It is not seniors, but middle age to young people. That explains the numbers.

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Posted in: Microsoft to require U.S. employees to be fully vaccinated See in context

Any company that requires workers to be close to each other in a closed space for long periods of time should require their employees to get vaccinated. The alternative is to reassign them that might require a paycut if they have to change positions. Economically, how much would a company loose by employees always getting sick and not showing up work or being sued by employees/ their family members for allowing for an unhealthy work environment.

People are required all the time to get vaccinations when traveling to various countries. There is not much difference.

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