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Posted in: Apple partners with OpenAI as it unveils 'Apple Intelligence' See in context

musk just said he’s going to ban all apple products from his companies because of this

"Space Karen" is so jealous! Tesla and Twitter are crashing, sometimes literally, while Musk is working on his new perfume called Elon Musk (it smells like sweat and desperation).

...and he would know Altman better than us average user. I have owned Apple stocks for 2 decades, but I will lock in profit as soon as Nasdaq open and close out my entire position.

Elon wants self driving cars everywhere, but he is concerned OpenAI will create a security risk. I'll drive my own car and take my chances with Apple Open AI. I guess I'm a wild and crazy person!

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Posted in: Apple partners with OpenAI as it unveils 'Apple Intelligence' See in context

Musk warns that he will ban Apple devices if OpenAI is integrated at operating system level


Musk is jealous and angry because he has been shut out of the cool kid table. They are cool kids because they provide quality products without lying or without scamming the public with drug-fueled promises.

The current cool kids at Google Apple Amazon OpenAi and Microsoft treats Musk like Musk treats Maezawa.

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Posted in: In Wyoming, Bill Gates moves ahead with nuclear project aimed at revolutionizing power generation See in context

Another cost on the environment for the sake of creating artificial super intelligence!

Musk must be so angry at the moment. I guess Musk will be running to China again to giveaway some more Tesla or SpaceX technology, so he can get his hands on a nuclear power plant, too!

I doubt Texas will let him build a power plant there!

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Posted in: 18-year-old man arrested on suspicion of assaulting 9-year-old boy at school See in context

It appears to be retaliation for bullying possibly committed by the victim. We do not have all the details. Depending on the severity of the implied bullying, this 18-year's actions could be morally justified despite the legal aspect.

How many people here would hypothetically justify seriously hurting someone who intentionally harmed their loved one in a brutal way?

At this point, we do not know the specifics. We do agree this young adult broke several laws and should punished.

Also, if the kid did bully someone; then hopefully, he learned that it is wrong, and there is always someone out there bigger and stronger unless he is also the victim of bullying or abuse. In that case, he might not learn anything of value to be a better human being.

Too many unanswered questions!

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Posted in: Japan to build anti-tourist fence at another Mount Fuji viewpoint See in context

The J- government has been arguing that the weak yen is a benefit after the pandemic. It is always bragging about bringing a very insignificant amount of revenue through tourism and the increase in exports.

All it has done is make the residence not like tourist and foreigners in general, fewer foreigners coming to work in Japan, an increase in wealthy foreigners purchasing real estate, a decrease in the Japanese birthrate, pensions being cut or reduced, increase in taxes, and overall standard of living falling.

Another example of be careful about what you wish for. Thanks J-government for running the country into the ground.

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward to extend night street alcohol drinking ban all year-round See in context

False equivalency between drinking in a bar and drinking in public - there are big differences.

Bars provide a controlled environment with staff to monitor behavior (i.e. they can stop serving or even remove patrons who are very drunk), while public spaces have no such oversight.

Public drinking can lead to greater disorder, visibility to minors, and enforcement challenges.

You are under the false assumption that will happen. Nothing is stopping anyone from going to a bar behaving respectful and drinking there fill in a bar until they are pi#'$ drunk. Then go outside and act of fool like all the Chu-hi by the conbini, Yamashita park, or hachiko folks!

Responding to Hawk's question:

Does drinking on the street make you more drunk and belligerent than getting blasted in a bar and then going outside does?

Simply, no!

The real difference is eluded to by Shogun36:

all about that money, eh kenny boy?

People who go to hang out in Shibuya do not want to go to bars or clubs and pay for overpriced and watered-down drinks. They can get a better experience for a cheaper price by going to the conbini and posting up somewhere around Shibuya to people watch and talk with folks.

Even the people who live in Shibuya go other places like Ebisu, Roppongi, Daikanyama, Omotesando, Meguro/Nakameguro, and Setagaya for a better bar or club experience. Even the host/hostess businesses are struggling in the Shibuya area.

That is not the kind of people who come to hang out around Shibuya station. They are less financially established, tourists, or day laborers like those who are working in the stores during the day or those who are working on the new project near the Kuyakusho. Neither are going to financial boost the Shibuya club and bar scene. These people also do not spend a lot of or any money in those new shopping buildings on either side of Shibuya station. Yamashita park shopping is only getting some attention despite it being ok.

Ken does not understand his demographic.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa cancels moon trip See in context

Another weirdo billionaire Maezawa being ignored and dangled along by weirdo Musk. Maezawa is disppointed because he cannot get any attention from the Japanese media if he cannot pretend to be friends with internationally famous people like Musk.

I am also pretty sure Musk has no time to focus on helping Maezawa because he is too busy complaining about not getting his Tesla package and Trump getting convicted of felony. If has talked to Maezawa recently, it was probably to try and get some more money out of him.

Maezawa has gotten none of the accolades that he was hoping for since making the announcement over a year ago.

If Maezawa wants to be liked, then do something that benefits others not just him and his ego.

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Posted in: Prospect of peaceful reunification with Taiwan being eroded, China says See in context

The only side that wants reunification is the CCP. Taiwan is perfectly fine with being an independent democratic country. I am more than positive that they prefer it. The CCP needs Taiwan more than Taiwan needs the CCP.

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Posted in: Six-year-old Japanese girl is school’s one and only first-grader as lack-of-kids shutdown ends See in context

This is financially and socially irresponsible both from the village and the father. Like others have said, the school would not generate any revenue, but it would save a a lot more money. The saved costs could be used to bus the kids to a school populated with more kids and also add other amenities to the village. With so few students or young kids, this older population probably already have public services like free van transportation for the elderly population to go up and down the mountain. They could easily alter one of the routes to include another school.

To operate the school like this is waste of village funds, and it could stunt the social development of the children at that school which could lead to social and academic issues. It could even increase their chances of dangerous situation because people running the school may be more lax with so few students around.

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Posted in: Daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt files court petition to remove father's last name See in context

Children from divorced parents are only required to keep their birth name until they are 18 years old.

Is that not true for any legal adult?

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward to extend night street alcohol drinking ban all year-round See in context

Drinking in public is illegal in my country. This is not controversial.

Sure, there are! In theocracies like in the middle East where all alcohol is banned or communist countries like China that spy on its citizens and establish secret police centers in other countries to illegally arrest them abroad for any slight at the CCP. Those are not the extremes that we want to emulate.

A fair balance is needed!

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Posted in: Daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt files court petition to remove father's last name See in context

She is one of three biological kids. They also have twins. They all look mostly look like Pitt with some of their mom's features.

These outbursts are symptoms of the dysfunction not only caused by the child's estranged relationship with her father but also the manipulation of her mother who has history of instability herself. Jolie has behaved in unethical ways with her previous public relationships. Jolie has been documented purposely trying to sabotage Pitt's relationship with the kids because she has not gotten over the relationship with Pitt. Also, if we go a little deeper, Jolie and brother has never really gotten over the abandonment and trauma caused by their father Jon Voight (a hardcore Trump supporter).

Generational trauma at its finest!

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward to extend night street alcohol drinking ban all year-round See in context

First, grown and sexy adults do not go to Shibuya station to hangout all night walking the streets with a Chu-hi. They go to places in Minato city and Shinjuku city. Old folks go to the East side shitamachi. The younger and less financially established go there to hang out.

Second, how many young people of drinking age do you know in Japan that drink alcohol on the street in Shibuya before 6:00PM? This is basically indirectly saying no alcohol is allowed on the streets in Shibuya city.

Third, that ban goes beyond Shibuya station but all the popular neighborhoods and stations within Shibuya city which unbeknownst to the average person unclearly borders Shinjuku, Minato,, Setagaya, Nakano etc. I can literally be on a small street in a Tokyo neighborhood and one house is Shibuya city and walk 6 steps to the other side of the street and house is another city. Some places/establishments also have another city's name in the title, but a Shibuya address.

Fourth, If the resident young people no longer want to be manipulated by old Japanese men then boycott. Stop going to Shibuya or at least Shibuya station and find a new city other than Shibuya to hangout. Once it no longer becomes popular for young people of adult age then all those other age groups and tourist that follow the trends of young locals will stop coming as well. That will make all that young money and their followers dry up.

Fifth, vote!

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Posted in: Visitors to Japan exceed 3 million for 2nd straight month in April See in context

........while the country's economy contracts by .5%.

How nice for the tourists!

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Posted in: 64-year-old woman arrested for fatally stabbing 76-year-old husband See in context

Marrying that extra young wife who is usually healthier and more lively is not that great of an idea when you both get older, and she hates your guts.

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Posted in: 2 Vietnamese nationals arrested amid spate of burglaries See in context

The police need to get very tough with this kind of crime.

I feel for the situation these young guys are in. They come over with hopes of earning money to send home for their families. Maybe the job fell through or doesn't earn them as much money as they expected, and they're very likely being exploited.....BUT..... you CAN'T go around tying people up and stealing their stuff!!

It needs to be made perfectly clear that it won't be accepted, and when caught, they'll be in a world of trouble.

If the penalty isn't strong enough, it's going to happen more and more.

Most of the money they earn is used to pay for housing, a pension they will never use, and a health insurance their internship will not allow them to utilize because they need to work all the time.

They probably do not make enough money to have enough food for the month let alone go out with friends or dates. The last one really hurts if your a young person. Saving money for a family back home or a future family seems impossible.

When countries exploit low wage workers, this is the risk.

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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

But.........there are so many tourists?!

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Posted in: YouTube to block Hong Kong protest anthem videos after court order See in context

Where is Musk to speak out when you need him?

Its the CCP that is censoring, so it must be ok!

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Posted in: Shionogi says COVID treatment did not meet endpoint in late-stage trial See in context

The Chinese and Russian governments did not let facts stop them. When they could not steal enough data to reverse engineer an effective vaccine, those two governments still gave the less effective national brand to their population, while the wealthy of those two countries travelled to nearby countries to get the more effective western versions. Then those two countries suppressed the large number of COVID-related deaths especially China.

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Posted in: Misery deepens in Gaza's Rafah as Israeli troops press operation See in context

Should we believe you because you say what is true and not true with any evidence?

WITHOUT any evidence!

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Posted in: Misery deepens in Gaza's Rafah as Israeli troops press operation See in context

Patently not true. Even in Hamas-released videos, you do not see underfed people there. And fwiw, there are no "settlers" in Gaza. The Jewish villages in Gaza with population of about 10,000 were forcefully removed in 2005, with the expectation that a Jew-free Gaza would be at peace with Israel. Big error, especially after Hamas took power from the PA in a violent coup.

Should we believe you because you say what is true and not true with any evidence?

Israeli Settlers Are Terrorizing Palestinians In Record Numbers



Israeli settler violence: Palestinians in the occupied West Bank targeted


Or should we believe what we see with our eyes?

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Posted in: Misery deepens in Gaza's Rafah as Israeli troops press operation See in context

Aid is not getting in. The Israeli lets the aid cross the border for optics/media, then they allow settlers and soldiers not in uniform to attack and destroy the aid! They're always playing the victim but we know the truth...

Israeli protesters block aid convoy headed to Gaza


Israeli's terrorism of Gazans is in display here. This sort of thing has been going on for 75 years in Gaza and West Bank. The cameras were not there for us in the west to see it, or if there were they won't get the attention which they deserve.

Imagine if it were the other way around...Shameful and disgsting, but not a surprise. Remember when those goofy IDF soldiers were having fun ripping up clothing, smashing toys onto the floor and throwing endless bottles of medicine against the wall meant for refugees in a warehouse in Gaza? When the IDF commander was questioned about it and shown the footage, he weasled out of it by saying the standard IDF response: "We'll look into this and get back to you". They never get back to anyone.

Block aid convoy for women and children?? They destroyed it !! Gods' chosen people?? I don't think so..

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Posted in: Australian judge lifts court ban on X showing video of Sydney church stabbing See in context

Musk is correct to fight this. One country (in this case Australia) cannot be allowed to dictate what the rest of the world can view. When one looks across the world at all the prejudiced and narrow-minded countries, the imposition of unilateral bans would leave little left on the Internet. We need to be allowed to view material even if it offends some tin-pot dictator.

However, Musk never argues these points when it comes to China.

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Posted in: Graffiti found at mausoleum of Emperor Meiji See in context

My guess is a Chinese tourist. Probably young Chinese tourists who thought it would be cool while visiting Japan! It is not the first time this has happened in Japan and not the first country that has been vandalized by Chinese tourists!

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Posted in: Trump increasingly directing personal attacks against independent rival Robert F Kennedy Jr See in context

Trump is projecting his fears of losing. He knows RFK. Jr. will siphon the Q Anon types who are no longer convinced by the Trump lies.

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Posted in: Owner of unauthorized MSDF drone video says he knew risks, shared it for fun See in context

They still have to be cleared by the base before they can enter. The FedEx and UPS drivers that serve the last base I served at all had to get cleared with a background check before they could enter. Same for civilian contractors doing construction or repair work on base. Twenty five years ago it was easier for delivery drivers and contractors to gain base access but not today.

Do you believe the Russian and Chinese governments cannot create a believable cover to become a student at UMGC? They go through same process as vendors.

Foreign nationals have always required an escort be present at all times and everyone on base is notified the foreign national will be on base, where they will be and be told to clear their spaces of any visible information on what work they do.

As a former student, I know that this is no longer the case. I have taken class with two Russians in Japan. One was a vendor in Okinawa and was a student on base. The other in Yokosuka married a Japanese man and claimed to be German, but had a strong Russian accent.

There are Chinese vendors and students, too!

It is not as difficult as people think!

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Posted in: Musk says Tesla charger network will grow, days after layoffs See in context

Protests in Germany have erupted over plans to expand the Tesla factory, which would involve clearing a forest.

Musk is trying to do something similar in Texas around the Austin area.

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Posted in: Owner of unauthorized MSDF drone video says he knew risks, shared it for fun See in context

The Russians and Chinese may also access US military bases in Japan by being students of UMGC. They are all given access to the military personnel and bases not just the vendor route!

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Posted in: Owner of unauthorized MSDF drone video says he knew risks, shared it for fun See in context

I have ran into quite a few Chinese people with that attitude in Japan. If the Japanese government wants to crack down then they need to take it more seriously. There are Chinese people who specifically move near military bases on Japan and attempt to get access to them. They are working full-time/part-time for the CCP. I know a few Chinese residents who are vendors and gain access to the US bases by opening traveling popup shops near the commissaries selling cheap flea market items. They travel to all the bases throughout the year, but they do not sell much.

What a great way to gather intel on the US military bases!

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Posted in: Accountant admits to false reporting in LDP funds scandal trial See in context

Well past retirement age, a middle level manager, in line for a nice golden parachute.

Gentlemen, we have found the mastermind behind all the LDP's political slush funds and tax evasion!

Case closed!

Not the mastermind! One of the true masterminds were unfortunately assassinated before he could be brought to justice because of his families involvement in another corruption scandal going all the way back to his grandfather who was convicted of war crimes!

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