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Posted in: As newspapers close throughout U.S., role of government watchdog disappears See in context

No newspaper gives the truth.

Newspapers give only an interpretation of the facts they want to use.

Hence, newspaper diversity is paramount in democracy to help you building your own opinion, assuming you are open enough to read what you do not like.

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Posted in: Gov’t plans to use facial recognition system to help prevent gambling addiction See in context

Interesting article from BBC in 2012.......

In a country where gambling is prohibited.....:

*It sounds elaborate for a game, but pachinko is both big business and a national obsession – there are more than 12,500 pachinko halls in Japan, some with slot machines, which together make four times as much profit as all the rest of the world’s legal casino gambling combined. The game itself generates 30 trillion yen profit a year for the pachinko companies.*

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This just make me think that there is never any article about yakuza (all these places are run/controlled by them). And why politics do not enforce the no gambling law with pachinkos. Any connections?

I would be happy to hear JT comment on that!

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Posted in: Democrats bar Fox News from televising debates after reported Trump ties See in context

@ Serrano

These are 2015 figures.

Are USA people of higher value than the rest of the planet to be allowed to emit that much more green house gases than the others?

Not mentioning that 20 years ago it was not 5-10 times more than China or India, it was 100 times more.

Almost half of the released of the green house gases have been done by USA since 1900. Just ONE country is responsible for the current global warming situation and still is doing nothing!

You will not see that on FOX and this is one of the reason why Dems boycott it.

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Posted in: Gov’t plans to use facial recognition system to help prevent gambling addiction See in context

I though gambling was prohibited in Japan and that pachinko was a skill game with no reward money...???????

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Posted in: Court approves Ghosn's release on ¥1 bil bail See in context

Interesting that we never see the face of the prosecutor.

It is supposed to be a 1-2-1 battle, why only one is exposed in Japan?

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Posted in: Democrats bar Fox News from televising debates after reported Trump ties See in context

Vernon WattsMar. 7  08:10 am JST

And the facts are:

*Climate change is real -- yes, but *China and India are the biggest polluters

A convenient argument.


2015 total carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion (million metric tons) / 1st number

2015 per capita carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion (metric tons) / 2nd number

1 China / 9040.74 / 6.59

2 United States / 4997.50 / 15.53

3 India 2066.01 / 1.58

China, a massive exporter even to USA (industrial pollution relocation!) emission is still less than half of USA per capita.

USA CO2 emission is 10 times bigger than India per capita.

Green gas emission is not a country matter but a per capita matter. Everyone is responsible for the future of our planet earth.

These per capita facts are censored by Fox News.

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Posted in: Ghosn, family go for walk, trailed by media See in context

@ Schop... and others suggesting - suddenly - to give up on that topic.

Not losing face and cowardice is very often tightly linked.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji to expand voluntary fee to include all visitors, not just climbers See in context


The article clearly mentions voluntary fee. You can even take the standard trail for free.

But this is a mass tourist climbing mountain, which means some logistic is an absolute must, especially with toilets. And this has a cost that need to be beard by the users.

Until caring people cover the cost with their donation it can be kept fixed fee free.

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Posted in: Huawei sues U.S. government, saying ban on its equipment is unconstitutional See in context

China-USA: no difference!

GAFA, Huawei, CIA, Communist party, .... all the same in taking power in the big data and spying.

I do not trust one more than the other.

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Posted in: The enemy within: Shadow of Japanese colonial rule hangs over S Korea See in context

Ganbare Japan!Today  06:03 pm JST

All this happened so long ago. It's time to move on. Are European nations like France and UK still protesting about what Germany did in WW2? Of course not! Why South Korea keeps protesting? Is it because their government needs a smokescreen for the upcoming coup against the deeply unpopular regime?

It is not a matter of time but of sincere recognition of what happened.

France and Germany went hand in hand less than 10 years after the WWII ending. German schoolbooks contain everything about Nazi atrocities since that time.

Without real acknowledgement of mistakes (meaning in schoolbooks) and forgiveness, nothing can move forward.

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Posted in: Hitachi, 10 group firms caught using foreign trainees illegally See in context

Most of the Japanese companies do not have any job description (at least mine and a big one). Salarymen can be moved within a few weeks to any different jobs or/and locations without consulting.

Then of course "trainees" hiring companies abuse of this system for cheap labor while believing they are great employeurs developing third class people.

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Posted in: Ghosn posts ¥1 billion bail; released after 108 days in detention See in context

Nintendo ad: The future Super Carlos driving a Leaf in the Video Game!

(We need a laugh sometimes in this ridiculous story)

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Posted in: Court approves Ghosn's release on ¥1 bil bail See in context


Ghosn made the line workers keep their job as Nissan was going bankrupt.

Ghosn has a huge ego, much bigger than the Saikawa's one, he will not try to escape. His life objective now is to kill this odious judiciary system and the cockroaches in Nissan in a legal manner.

Or all the charges are discarded and he keeps is promised money for a deserved retirement. But I doubt this will happen.

I bet!

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Posted in: IHI admits to aircraft engine inspections by unqualified workers See in context


Nobody asks for a degree but to be qualified, i.e. a certification you can undertake a high responsibility job and sign off quality release.

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Posted in: Court approves Ghosn's release on ¥1 bil bail See in context


(just wasting my time, just for once).

You may not like the universal declaration of human rights, but this is an important piece of the live together in the world. Japan seems to stay apart from it. Fine but expect to be seen medieval if you do not join it. It is quite a significant matter in worlwide politics.

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Posted in: Court approves Ghosn's release on ¥1 bil bail See in context


I wonder if the acceptance of his bail request has anything to do with the complaint made to the UN about human rights breeches.

Probably part of the tactic of the new lawyers team. At least the timing would speak for it.

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Posted in: Nagano tries to preserve traditional insect dishes See in context

Tradition or survival food in tough time?

BTW, I think there is nothing wrong in eating insects as an efficient protein supply.

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Posted in: A dispute between convenience store chain 7-Eleven Japan and one of its franchise stores in Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture, which closes between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. after ending its 24-hour service on Feb 1 due to a staff shortage, has brought the industry's 24-hour service into the spotlight. Do you think convenience stores need to be open 24 hours a day? See in context

In my way from the subway station to my home there is 5 convenience stores for 600 m in a residential area.

If 1-2 of them would stay open 24/7 that would be more than enough as long as properly communicated to local customers.

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Posted in: Japan proposes U.N. working group to tackle ocean microplastics pollution See in context


I have seen beaches much worse than that in SEA.

The worst one was in Phu Quoc in Vietnam.

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Posted in: 50 years on: Concorde: technical feat, financial fiasco See in context

Concorde has been a commercial fiasco, but there must have been scientific learnings that have benefited further airplane development.

This was in the civil aviation this is why we know it has been a fiasco. I am sure much bigger fiasco have/are happening in the confidential army aircrafts development.

Bottom line it was a beautiful airplane for rich people when CO2 emissions were not a problem.

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Posted in: Ministry of Justice's human rights bureau offers free consultations to foreign residents See in context

@ IloveCoffee

I do not know the Japanese law on that matter.

But it is quite common worldwide that operating a public business (restaurant, coffee shop, pool, hairdresser, ...) need a license stipulating that it cannot restrict to any customers (assuming they behave properly, which is another topic).

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Posted in: Ministry of Justice's human rights bureau offers free consultations to foreign residents See in context

※¹ & ² these measures will only be taken with the understanding and agreement of the relevant parties, and cannot be forced if either party is unwilling.

This summarised it all. Nothing to add.

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Posted in: Job-hunting season begins for Japanese university students See in context

I have nothing again this tradition, why not?

And I have no issue with the principle of life employment.

The problem is that traditional J. Inc do not hire outside experimented people to be incorporated in the management to bring new perspectives.

Breeding origami professionals seems the J. Inc destiny unfortunately.

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Posted in: Smoking, vaping to be banned at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

I love these people saying that smokers cost to their health care insurances.

Can anyone shows me the profit from the tobacco taxes vs. the cost of the smokers?

Not mentioning the saving on the retirement pension because of early death of smokers?

Show the real numbers, facts and no aggressive emotion please!

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Posted in: Trump says talks with Kim failed over N Korean sanctions demands See in context

Two zero-negociators with the biggest egos in a room.

What Can you expect honestly?

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Posted in: Starbucks to open 4-story high-end roastery cafe in Tokyo See in context

Regular coffee - with most of the time gimmick add-on - sold at prestige price. A complete reap off.

You get 100 times better coffee anywhere in Europe, with table service in a proper cup for half this price.

Or maybe show off or smoke free is more important than good coffee.

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Posted in: Disaster-hit Fukushima still short of 2020 Games volunteers See in context

All Fukushima's stuff is covered up. How can you expect volunteers going there without knowing the truth?

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Posted in: Emperor thanks people for support during 30-year reign; urges Japan to open up to world See in context

The less we can say is that Akihito does not look that excited about Abe's banzai.

Quite another embarrassing situation.

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Posted in: Gov't panel finalizes draft to cut plastic waste by 25% by 2030 See in context

With common sense you can reduce plastic useless wrapping by 25% worldwide overnight.

That is the job of the consumers to get rid of this plastic wrapping habit.

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