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smartacus, does your respect extend to the J-satsu?

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I'm not sure if "ruining your day" is a chargeable offense. But I'm sure that the bureaucracy can figure out a way to make him pay, just for you. If not, I'm sure he'll be fired in 25 years when it comes out that he was arrested for protesting, a la that Japanese postal worker who protested the Vietnam war.

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It's like arguing with a Vegan about how the human is actually meant to eat meat... futile.

Do you insult their parents too? It's no wonder they won't listen to you.

I don't want the shoddy reporting from JT to do it for me.

Again, you have a CHOICE in reading it or not. You act like they pull a clockwork orange and force you and your children to read. Have some accountability.

Do I want children to mix up hydrogen sulfide and kill themselves? No. I don't. But you're just like parents who complain about TV content and then let their children watch whatever programs happen to be on without monitoring them. If you feel your children cannot handle reading such things, which maybe they cannot, then it's your job to lock the proverbial guns away, which you advocate so highly, and stop them from reading them. You cannot depend upon others to do it for you.

All three children in my family miraculously grew up without killing ourselves with those uber-dangerous weapons. Judging by your point of view, your own family would not make it out of such a situation unscathed. So I absolutely understand your worries. But it's up to you to protect your kids. Not JT.

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Don't worry. There is a national campaign going on to fix this pram problem: falling birthrate.

Seriously, I feel some compassion towards some of these women (going to the doctor, etc.), but I don't weep for the ones loaded to the gills with department store/boutique bags. That's elective travel/shopping.

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You think these Chiba cops would have been removed for sheer incompetence at this point. Oh, wait. Given what we know about police here, they probably have the highest ability in the country.

Give me a break. They don't check a place with multiple sightings because they aren't familiar with the area? Probably they're more afraid of catching "the gay" than anything else.

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You're right, it doesn't "NEED" to be out there. And you don't "NEED" to read it if it is out there.

It's out there for those of us who are interested in absorbing information. Common sense isn't omitting information based on the fear that some negative will come of it, common sense is not going and mixing up a batch of hydrogen sulfide after reading how on the internet. THAT'S common sense.

I should be shielded from that info because you can't teach your kids how to handle it? I think, instead, you should go find a more family-friendly web page to read. That's common sense. If you don't like how they report, don't read their reporting.

even though your parents weren't bright enough to lock them up anyways

My parents were bright enough to raise a kid who didn't need the safety patrol looking over his back at every turn. Trying to protect your kids from every perceived danger will only make them incapable of dealing with real danger and/or adversity when it comes their way. I fear for your kids, not because they might read about making hydrogen sulfide on the internet, but because you will not have prepared them to adequately handle that situation when it does occur.

I say good on japantoday for trusting me to be a responsible reader.

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irresponsible journalism is when they put the how to and a step by step method for suicide when saying that people are mixing bathroom chemicals, or just household chemicals to make whatever gas is used to kill themselve.....

We all know that kids don't always make the best choices. It's like saying hey, I don't need to lock up this gun, my kids are mature enough to know better than to play with it...

First off, there is not a list of the chemicals in this article. "Bath salts and toilet cleanser" is pretty vague. Just reading that, I would have to google it to find out how to make it. And one could argue that knowing those things can be used to create hydrogen sulfide will lead to more parents being safer about where they keep them.

Secondly, my parents didn't lock up the guns in our house and I did know better than to play with them. Why? Because I was taught at a young age how to use and respect them, not "play" with them. Educate the kids. They aren't as stupid as you think. Keeping information from them out of fear will only make that fear more likely to come true.

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Nice... Publish the actual how-to right in your story.

Irresponsible journalism found right here.

No. Irresponsible journalism is when you don't report something because you think that people are too immature to handle adult information. Are we a society of six-year-olds?

I, for one, am insulted by the conduct of most media outlets in assuming I cannot analyze objective fact for myself.

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Posted in: I'm afraid I'll abuse the child. I'm giving up my freedom for the kid, and if he doesn't do what I say I'll kick his ass. See in context

Actually, "take care of me when I'm old" is more common of a reason than you might suspect.

I personally do not want children, and nearly every person who asks me about it inevitably follows it up with, "Don't you want someone to take care of you when you're old?"

If the only reason you have for wanting children is to have some slaves when you're geriatric, then you are probably a pretty awful person to begin with, and would most likely raise children who hated you. Good luck getting them to take care of you when you're old. :p

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i've seen this monstrosity being eaten. shared by three skinny girls. they just dismantled it with knife and fork and spread it around to the three plates. i mean... what's the point if you're just going to take it apart to eat it anyway?

the burgers at that place aren't even that great... so there's no way i would want one of that size.

although my pals love the place... so, as always, taste is subjective.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy dies after being left in car by pachinko-playing mother in Kagoshima See in context

regardless of the validity of pachinko's existence, it's absolutely ridiculous to place the blame on the business itself for this accident.

ultradude is spot on. "how far do you take that line of logic?"

if mom feeds her kid nothing but ice cream and malted milk balls, and he dies as a result of malnutrition, are the companies that manufactured those products then held responsible?

get a grip. people need to take responsibility for their actions. that's part of being an adult.

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Posted in: I'm worried that the overweight will be shunned in the workplace and these new rules will make no one want to hire them. See in context

You ask, 'why only men?'

Society has been holding women to these rules for years. It's not news.

You can't be a proper 'office flower' with a waistline over 85 cm, can you?

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