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Posted in: Tokyo International Players to perform 'The Rocky Horror Show' See in context

Sounds like someone needs to come to TIP's defense:

@nakanoguy01 Which TIP show did you see? If it's been a few years since you last saw one of their shows, I highly recommend giving them another chance. I've seen several productions over the last 2-3 seasons and have been duly impressed with the increased quality... you get the feeling they're growing as a company, which can only be good, right?

@Joeintokyo Actually mate, ¥4,500 is pretty reasonable when you consider the cheapest seats for Pippin in English at Hikarie are currently going tor ¥9,000... Lion King in Japanese at Gekidan Shiki is about the same. Where would you recommend seeing better, cheaper live theater with my kids in Tokyo? Hmmm?

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Posted in: No fun See in context

You'll never see this sign in 新宿二丁目、however...

hoserfella: I can't tell if you're being sarcastic here, but the no-dancing law has actually been one of the major topics of discussion among the guys in Nichome for several months now. Gay clubs were certainly among the first to be asked (by local police) to put up these multilingual signs, and people are certainly being kicked out of Nichome clubs for dancing. Happened to a friend just this weekend.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga arrives in Japan for 3 concerts See in context

Lady Ga Ga is great Entertainer and singer with lots of born given talent.

I agree! Not to mention the fact that she's a classically trained pianist who NEVER lip-syncs.

I feel so sorry for the Japanese people right now. Japanese fans going gaga in more ways than one... shes going to be in trouble as soon as she hits indonesia At least she chose the right name... You guys can keep her :D

Wow... such hate! I challenge you all to make ONE intelligent criticism of Lady Gaga that is unrelated to a) your personal taste in music (i.e. "I hate mainstream pop") and/or b) her appearance. I dare you!

her meat dress was vomit-inducing.

Wasn't that the point? She was making a statement against vivisection....

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Posted in: The expat summer See in context

What I dislike is the writer's huge generalisation that all "ex-pats" are the same, all teaching and all eligable to get the summer vacation off.

@Frungy: I heartily agree, though I think you should read the article again... it's actually just the KIDS that have the summer off; these wealthy expat housewives leave their husbands behind to traipse around the globe! I seriously doubt that Ms. Jardine has a job of her own... unless you count "volunteer" work at the Tokyo American Club (which, of course, costs her husband's expense account millions of yen in yearly membership fees).

Seriously, it's as if this woman made a list of Most Annoying Wealthy Expat Stereotypes and chucked every single one of them into this piece-of-crap article. Baseball cleats and tennis whites (as if that isn't telling enough)?! Hiking boots for the trip to Bhutan?!? Doctor's appointments for pasty white kids?! Imported Greek olive oil?! Good god, I suppose life is hard when you fail to realize that all of these things are readily available IN JAPAN!!!

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Posted in: Uno Kanda and husband’s cell phone snapping contest See in context

most worthless article i have ever read. ever.

...and yet it was worthwhile enough for you to take a few valuable minutes out of your day to read and comment on it.

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Posted in: British employee of Merrill Lynch Japan among 10 busted over cocaine use at nightclubs See in context

I agree with Westurn; if this were any other strictly "Japanese" story, we'd have names, ages, and possibly mugshots! What gives, JT?

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Posted in: Rafting See in context

please tell you aren't an English teacher.

Nope. Never even met one.

Which explains why you didn't know that "challenge" can indeed be a verb. Sheesh. Instead of ordering JT to "fix it", I'd sooner ask you to "look it up"!

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Posted in: Ichihashi reportedly seen in Tokyo's gay area See in context

I'm sure he was out of the country within days of the alleged crime, funded by relatives.

Too bad the police never thought ask your opinion, since you're so sure....

Wonder which country though?? As long as it's not USA or S.Korea, he can't be touched.

What the heck are you talking about? What do the USA and Korea have to do with harboring murder suspects?

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