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In any case, it's a very beautiful picture...

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optikool, you didn't have to bother so much. The issue here is not metadata. The issue is data.

@YGHome3 what do you think metaDATA is.... enough said...

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The problem with Snowden is, he pretended to have a conscience and used that as reason for leaking the documents and also said he was prepared to face the consequences of his actions. Then he left the country and went to 2 countries that are obviously counter to what he was trying to achieve. Later he told Chinese media in an interview he did that he purposefully joined that branch just so he could get this information and leak it. And on top of that he exposed secrets with regards to Russia and China that we were spying on them, which any 3rd grader should have already assumed. What was that for? Was it to get on their good grace?

You can't be considered a whistle blower if the knowledge is common sense or in the case of PRISM, already mentioned in a report back in 2005. He being a computer programmer should have realized that most people have know idea what meta data is and what it isn't. It's like the meta data of a video you stream off the net on youtube. The meta data tells your player every thing about the video, it's width and height, file name, playback length, author... but it doesn't tell you the payload, which is the video itself... for that you have to actually watch. Try to imagine the NSA storing actual voice recordings. How big is your favorite mp3 song that's 5 minutes long. 3mb?? 5mb?? To simplify now times that by 300 million calls a day and then by 365 days a year... things add up. It wouldn't be necessary to listen to every call unless you have a reason to do it. It would make more since from a developers point of view, which I am, to use the meta data to say connect the dots... if this call originated from this location and this person is a known terrorist, the meta data would allow you to go up the tree and expose a whole network of people. At that point it would make since to listen in.

All Snowden did was exposes how the US conducts it's own Espionage and in doing so exposed the Espionage conducted by other countries as well. When we gave back those Russian spies caught in the US not to long ago, no one batted an eye. But then Russia wanted to act like a little trick when we asked for our spy back. Snowden is a coward and the fact that he ran to 2 different countries that don't really believe in civil rights just shows how ignorant he is. He had no backup plan. And the more he leaks the clearer it becomes that he is really trying to hurt the US and not really doing anybody any favors. Personally I don't want Russia or China knowing we are spying on them because I know they are spying on us, especially China. And I don't care that my government is looking at meta data of calls leaving the country, because for one I don't have anything to hide, two I don't use the phone that often and three if they were really serious about knowing what I was up to, they just go to Facebook or Twitter where everybody does basically a data dump of their personal lives. People here seems to not think about that when they are trying to fuel a controversy...

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Like the juror said, he should have stayed in his car. He put his own life in danger by following Martin on foot. The result of that was getting decked by Martin, and then shooting him.

The jury concluded the shooting was in self-defense. It wasn't murder or manslaughter.

Well if he put his own life in danger, how can one call if self-defense. You can't intentionally put yourself in danger and then use the self-defense card in justifying killing the person you were following.

And maybe the reason why Trayvon was cutting through the side streets was because he was trying to get away from a creepy guy following him in a car. And what I still haven't heard was at what point did Trayvon drop his drink and skittles to fight this wannabe rent a cop? Was is during the time when he was yelling "Get off me, Get off me" before the phone dropped to the ground with his friend on the other line? Because it's very doubtful he would just drop those items unless he was provoked. In the end Zimmerman got away with man slaughter and as an old Devil Dog and black person I will now need to think, if that person following me and not identifying himself, if he reaches me, should I brake his legs and ask questions after or listen to what he has to say, because either way it will not be a good situation.

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Well Rigs83 if they had a picture of the bike that could give you some clues.. most men tend to have a boyish looking bike where as a woman tends to have a girlish bike. But regardless of who was at fault I still can't believe someone would do such a think. Hopefully the police will do DNA testing, track down both parents and find out who is to blame.

HonestDictator, had the mother (or father) really made effort, they would have either put the baby under cover to protect from the rain or left the baby at a hospital. Any idiot could have known what the weather for the past week has been like, especially in Japan. This person simply left the baby walked off...

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