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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of 8-year-old son See in context

Kill yourself you weak minded selfish beach, but leave your kid alone! I don't see any mention of an attempt to kill herself either.


Alright, I understand that what she did horribly awful and disgusting of her. You should never endanger your child's life, or any child's for that matter. I am not trying to excuse her from her actions, because there is nothing that could ever justify this unfortunate event, but she is clearly mentally unstable, and what she needs is help - not to be called a "b****" and that she should kill herself.

I hope that young boy is alright and that this will not leave him scarred, both physically and emotionally. Best regards to the family.

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Posted in: IS tells NHK it doesn't really need money; video authenticity questioned See in context

Photo edited or not, this is a serious situation, and some of the comments actually kind of tick me off with the amount of inconsideration that is exhibited. There are only two things that the "photo-editing" could correspond to: one, those two men are, regrettably, dead and were placed into the video; two, they are still alive and clinging onto dear life. This is not something to be so insensitive about. They are human beings, like all of us. Yet some of the comments on here speak of them as if they are of a lesser importance. Imagine stepping into their shoes perhaps? Their families' shoes? Sure, they made a mistake by roaming foreign territory, even with the knowledge of the amount of danger, but, as I said before, they are human, and do not deserve to be murdered by the hands of a Terrorist.

Sure, Abe saying "I strongly demand that they not be harmed and that they be immediately released," is probably not much of a help at all, but what can he even do in this situation? There's a lot of bashing towards him, but this entire thing is at an arbitrary stalemate with almost no way out at all. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of pressure that is on him right now. Or the country as a whole. Terrorism is a truly frightening thing and my heart goes out to their families.

I trust that Japan will not pay. And I truly hope and pray that those two men have not yet died.

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