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Posted in: Continental Airlines begins cashless cabin service See in context

This would make it a lot more convienient for travelers, especially since on some flights you even have to buy your own meals!

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Posted in: Work prospects bleak for 'arafifu' men; sex prospects better See in context

>“WE” seems to be the most important word missing from both the article & the posts.

Well said! Marriages CAN work, it is really what you put into them. All these hours of working and spending no time with the family gets you what it gets you..distance, resentment, anger, frustration, and eventually nothing. I love my marriage, I love my husband, we work together. We are a team. We have conflicts, but who doesnt. Working through them is a part of growing up and becoming an adult. Too much childishness going on here.

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Posted in: For allergy season, Japan turns to surgical masks See in context

Where I work (a preschool), the masks really do not do a whole lot of good. Neither did gargling every 30 minutes of the day. Last year, I kid you not, kids wore masks to school EVERYDAY, we gargled, washed hands, set the humidity up to 60%, ventilated, disinfected, you name it. Most of the kids still got sick! Half the class got the flu. Parents blamed us teachers for not separating them enough while they were eating and for making them take off their masks while they were singing. Go figure

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Posted in: Barbie doll See in context

Dressing girls up is just so much fun isn't it?

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Posted in: Seven & I recruits See in context

Isn't it a little early for induction ceremonies? I always thought they were in April. At least where I work they are.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing woman during overnight bus trip in Shimane See in context

I agree Likeitis. This woman handled the situation very well. I had a Japanese man grope me on a flight once and I was terrified about what to do. This was before cell phones, but I did manage to excuse myself and tell a flight attendent to immediately ushered me away from the passanger to the front of the plane (first class) so I would not have to confront the man. He was taken in to custody in Los Angeles where he confessed and apologized, claiming he had "a few drinks too many." I never heard what became of him. But you really do not know what these people are capable of. With all of the stabbings and murder going on recently, you just never know what could happen.

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

Its a shame that kids are still being picked on for having genes that happen to make them look different from others. In my nieghborhood, a pretty significant number of the kids I see are mixed Japanese/some other nationalality. My daughter's class is make up of 20% mixed kids and they are all treated just like everyone else. I think some areas are just worse than others when it comes to discrimination. That is a darn shame.

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Posted in: Police bust child porn ring See in context

Midievaltimes, yes you are correct. I just read on the US embassy website that possession of child porn is not illegal in Japan. They are trying to change that.

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Posted in: Cell phone of murdered boy found in Fukuoka park See in context

I don't see anything wrong with leaving a 6 year old out of the toilet to use the bathroom. 6 year old boys usually don't go into toilets with their mothers once they get into elementry school, and have you seen those dirty, nasty dinky squatty potties in those parks? How could a mother and a 6 year old boy even fit in one? 6 year olds are pretty big, and pretty darn independent. Many of those parks don't have "family" or handicapped restrooms. I don't understand why people are all over the edge about the fact the woman let her boy stand outside the toilet for a few minutes. Heck, my daugther is 4 years old and already trying to assert her independence about going to the toilet by herself and having her own privacy (I usually make her go with me though and if she goes into a toilet by herself, I make sure she talks to me the whole time).

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman breaks into love hotel room See in context

That is just embarrassing.

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Posted in: Sex and the city: Tokyo's taxi drivers see it all See in context

Interesting article. My uncle was a cabbie in MN for awhile and the stories he had, he actually made a book out of! Some pretty messed up stuff! I would think if the fares were lowered, more people would be using taxis. The current rate is absolutely awful!

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Posted in: Ex-'juku' instructor charged with enlisting student to photograph classmates in changing room See in context

Too many of these kinds of stories surfacing in Japan nowadays. I don't know how these guys think they won't get caught.

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Posted in: 12 more arrested in China's tainted milk scandal See in context

Maybe it is time for Japan to tap into the worldwide baby formula market.

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Posted in: Arrested man charged with more than 400 bag snatching cases in Yokohama See in context

Now the streets should be a lot safer since this guy has been arrested. 400 purse snatches...that must accounted for almost all of them in yokohama!

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Posted in: Amnesty International Tokyo English Network helps foreigners fight injustice See in context

I would support the death penalty in Japan if it was more humane. For one thing, there needs to be solid and substantial evidence that a heinus crime was committed by that person (not simply a forced "confession"). Next, there needs to be a date set for the execution within the next 5 years at least. If new evidence is brought forward, a retrial needs to be conducted immediately. None of this dragging things out and doing things all of the sudden. That is where I have a problem with it.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in coin locker at train station in Tokyo See in context

Are there even any baby hatches in Tokyo? Think of all the families waiting to adopt here. This baby could have had a chance.

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Posted in: Man arrested after taking mother hostage in Tokyo See in context

I have got to feel sorry for the parents who end up with kids like this!

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney Resort hotels to offer special accommodation plans with multi-day passport See in context

I am sure those packages are going to be extremely pricy.

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Posted in: Man stabs 27-year-old son to death in Okayama See in context

Hard to say what happened. Perhaps someone could shed some light on what was going on (such as the mother). There are so many cases of kids attacking their parents and vice versa nowadays. I just saw a Mother and daughter beating the crap out of each other at Nishi-Kasai station the other day. They were shoving eachother into walls and photo booths and hitting each other with handbags and umbrellas. Lots of people were trying to break the two apart, but they just kept going at each other.

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Posted in: Tourism trend: Halloween is now its own season See in context

I wonder when Trick or Treating is going to catch on in Japan?

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Posted in: United drops planned meal charges on Europe flights See in context

You would expect this on a domestic flight, but a transcontinental international flight? Give me a break! Everyone should be fed on a flight that is over 5 hours long, no matter what. If they must, why don't they just add the extra money into the ticket?

I can certainly understand charging for alcohol, but anything else should be included!

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Posted in: 60-year-old woman arrested for threatening to kill all students at Tokyo school See in context

This woman should get in trouble for threatening to kill students. You don't threaten a whole school of kids for something one child did. Also, children aren't allowed to ride their bikes to and from school in the first place, how on earth did she even know which school this kid came from?

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Posted in: Juliana's See in context

I remember those days..the days of para para...pretty cheesy actually.

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Posted in: 2-year-old missing boy found on Shizuoka mountain See in context

I can imagine the panic those parents must have felt! I went camping with my daughter when she was 2 years old once, and will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER go camping with a 2 year old again! You can't even begin to imagine how difficult it is to set up camp and watch a 2 year old at once. If we must go on vacation with a 2 year old again, it will be somewhere we aren't going to be distracted and closed in enough so the little bugger can't dissappear!

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Posted in: Halloween donuts and coffee See in context

Personally I prefer the Key Lime doughnuts. Do they even sell them here? The lines have always scared me away.

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Posted in: Clinton salutes Obama as Democrats rip McCain at convention See in context

I think I am going to go with Bill Clinton. He said who would you rather vote for? Someone you totally disagree with but actually CAN do what he is promising or someone who you agree with who CANNOT do what he is promising. Hmmmmm. Now I wonder which is which?

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Posted in: Ex-sumo wrestler Wakanoho says he bought cannabis at Roppongi disco See in context

Canabis is really still a big deal here huh?

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls to death from 7th floor apartment in Osaka See in context

Well, when you are the only adult taking care of the kids 24 hours, taking out the trash, hanging the laundry and unhanging the laundry, doing the shopping, doing the cooking, feeding, bathing, nursing and supervising the kids, cleaning up, washing the dishes day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, you are bound to make a mistake or two that could be downright deadly to your child.

The reality is that Japanese mothers have it tough. We do NOT have the right to judge them, but frankly pitty them and empthize with them. I am a mother of a 3 year old and am pregnant and let me tell you, I get so tired I can hardly stand up sometimes and yea, I sometimes have to OH MY GOD..SLEEEP while I am ALONE with my child, thus leaving her unsupervised!!!! Even if she was sleeping, she could get up, unlock the balcony door and do god only knows what. She has unlocked the door and gotten out of the house a few times on her own and thankfully I have woken up just in time. She did fall down the stairs once. Sorry...I know I am a horrible mother. God forbid I should fall asleep on the job!

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Posted in: Mother of Filipino allegedly raped by U.S. soldier in Japan appeals for help See in context

I don't know how many filipeno women I have run into who said they were "raped" by Japanese or foreign men. Many had several kids, were married years and claim "but he FORCED me to marry him and have his kids!! And no, I will not go to the police, I will not work for a living unless my job is to be a hostess and make 30 dollars an hour eventhough I am 40 years old and insist on being a bitch to my customers, so give me money and a nice place to live and pity me because the bars won't treat me well."

If this really did happen to the gal, I feel really sorry for her and do hope this guy goes to jail. But I am sure the government has heard enough girls cry "wolf" to be highly suspcious.

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Posted in: Murder in lotus land See in context

Well, not that this looser got everyone's attention, I wonder how many other loosers out tehre are going to pull these kinds of stunts to get attention.

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