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Posted in: 18-year-old girl killed by stalker hours after seeking help from police See in context

There is a lot the police could have done. Calling a cell phone is pathetic. Going to his place of residence is at least necessary. Even sending a police patrol past their house every other hour is not unthinkable, especially since the Inokashira area is extremely peaceful otherwise. Anyone who thinks nothing could've been done to prevent this is lying to themselves.

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Posted in: Police carry out nationwide crackdown on dangerous driving See in context

This is a really great initiative and I applaud it. In addition to this, they should have a pedestrian safety crackdown teaching spatial awareness and looking at areas where jay-walking is all too common.

Also, if they want to crack down on traffic violations, they should target taxi drivers. Every day, walking to and from the station, I'm almost run down by one of them speeding excessively to get to wherever the hell they're going to.

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Posted in: 'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaint See in context

These comics have nothing to do with the victims and everything to do with a commentary on the government's handling of the Fukushima situation. I find it hilarious that such a high ranking politician is wasting his time with such an inconsequential French newspaper. What legal or political grounds to they have to stand on in this situation when they ask for an apology?

And yeah, comparing the Fukushima situation to the Holocaust is COMPLETELY different.

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Posted in: TOKYO AWARDED 2020 OLYMPICS See in context

Condragulations, Tokyo. Shantay, you stay. Madrid, Istanbul. Sashay away.

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Posted in: Miyazaki says he's retiring because he can't keep up the pace See in context

He was truly the greatest. It's sad to think that all the movies by him now will be the only ones (barring any future projects he might churn out), but for the small number of films, he's definitely changed the world a lot. I just hope Ghibli can continue with his vision as long as possible.

Spirited Away is by far the best of his films and is definitely my favorite film of all time. It transcends animation and creates such a unique world with such real characters. The thing that puzzles me a lot is that there isn't much Spirited Away merchandise and if you've been to the Ghibli Museum, it's as if the film was never made. In the room with the sketches from past movie, Spirited Away's concept art is mysteriously absent and there is a lack of anything of much substance concerning it in the museum, despite it being their most globally well-known. To be frank, having been to the Ghibli Museum 5 times in the past two years, it should more accurately be called the "Totoro Museum". I do love a lot of the original content in the museum, but I think an overhaul of some of the exhibits is in order.

Also, slight correction, but wasn't the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923?

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Posted in: Birthday boy See in context

Anachrony in motion.

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Posted in: 3 teenagers steal DVDs to raise money for AKB48 concert tickets See in context

First teens mugging people for AKB48 money, now this?! I think all parents should sit down with their teenage sons and make them understand how trashy AKB48 is. Being infatuated with an AKB48 girl is like being infatuated with a cardboard-cutout.

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Posted in: The top 10 words to describe Japanese people (according to foreigners) See in context

This list is laughable. It should be "Top 10 words to describe Japanese people by weeaboos and Japanese people themselves". Anyone living in Japan longer than a year knows this isn't true and is mostly a facade. Don't get me wrong, there are really genuinely nice Japanese people, but they're usually the ones who are globally self-aware and aren't the unquestionably-loyal-to-their-company types.

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Posted in: Photo of Pizza Hut employee with dough on his face causes stir See in context

Ugh... This was not a "prank". Just a photo op. I understand it's inappropriate, unprofessional behavior, but to say that it somehow will poison us all is a little much, no?

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context

For those still in denial about how insensitive it is for government officials to visit Yasukuni Shrine, here's a segment from their website:

Moreover, there were those who gave up their lives after the end of the Great East Asian War, taking upon themselves the responsibility for the war. There were also 1,068 "Martyrs of Showa" who were cruelly and unjustly tried as war criminals by a sham-like tribunal of the Allied forces (United States, England, the Netherlands, China and others). These martyrs are also the Kami of Yasukuni Jinja.... The peace and prosperity of Japan today is the fruit of the noble work of the Kami of Yasukuni Jinja.

Taken from:

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Posted in: Israeli official suspended for Facebook posts on Hiroshima, Nagasaki victims See in context

This is a perfect example of Japan's double standard. As mentioned before, Japanese officials in very powerful positions of authority make very insensitive, condescending, and overall ignorant remarks (Hashimoto and the sex trade comment, Aso and his admiration of Nazi Germany, the UN delegate telling others to "Shut up", the Olympic Bid official saying a bombing like the Boston Marathon couldn't happen in Japan), yet there are no consequences or public outrage.

But then an Israeli official of not much importance shares a legitimate political view on his FB and it's the end of the world. Granted, much of the backlash is coming from the Israeli government being proactive and nipping things in the bud, but still, as long as Japan holds the position that nothing of importance happened between the Meiji Restoration and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, I really can't blame the guy.

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

I can't believe these people are allowed to remain in government. If anyone in North America, Europe, or Australia said something like this, the populous and media would be asking for their head on a stick.

I, too, am becoming convinced more and more that if Japan gets a military, they're going to start making land grabs. With this kind of government with this kind of logic, not too long till an all out war in Asia breaks out.

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Posted in: Driver in fatal bus crash admits he shouldn't have been driving See in context

I agree with @ScottJohnson. The employer is more at fault for clearly over-working the driver. He was put in a tight position of either driving while exhausted or losing his job and he made the decision most probably would of keeping his job.

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Posted in: Antics of 3 students at Universal Studios Japan result in charges See in context

What I don't understand is how they were allowed back in after their previous stunts. It seems stupid to let this go on for over a year!

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Posted in: Helping hand See in context

Ballot tampering!

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Posted in: Florida jury acquits Zimmerman in shooting of unarmed black teenager See in context


Because you're bringing it up even though it's not related to this case at all. The entirety of the legal proceedings didn't use SYG at all. Why would you even bring it up?

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Posted in: Florida jury acquits Zimmerman in shooting of unarmed black teenager See in context


He did not have a history of burglary?

Yes, he did. During an investigation at the school where he went (which he got suspended from multiple times for multiple issues, including violence), they searched his belongings and found multiple items of ladies jewelry and a "burglary tool"


GZ's legal situation changed since as soon as he left his car SYG no longer applied. What exactly caused this? If he was just watching him from a distance simply he still could have been protected by SYG rights. What exactly did Zimmerman do to void SYG rights in that situation?

SYG has absolutely no bearing on this case. Why? Because even more basic self-defense laws cover what occurred.

The way I keep hearing people talk is that GZ went out with the express intention of killing someone. He had every right to be carrying a gun and the reason he carried it was for situations such as this where you are violently attacked in your own neighborhood. You can refute the facts all you want, but you have no legal or moral legs to stand on. It's open and shut and will never be opened again because the truth came out.

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Posted in: Florida jury acquits Zimmerman in shooting of unarmed black teenager See in context

He was captain of the neighborhood guard in a (multi-racial) gated community. He saw someone he didn't know walking not on the sidewalk, but closer to the houses in the middle of the rain. The community had a recent rash of burglaries (sidenote: Trayvon had a history of burglary). Zimmerman called the cops and got out of his car NOT TO STALK HIM but to keep an eye on his location until the police arrived, as any neighborhood watch captain would. According to most witnesses, the phone recordings, and everything else, Trayvon attacked first. Where does this narrative get that he was stalking him? Only 4 minutes after Zimmerman got off the phone with 911 did the gunshot happen. And within the four minutes, witnesses saw Trayvon beating up Zimmerman. Anyone with a brain in their head who doesn't blindly follow what the media says can clearly see this was not a pre-meditated case of "I wanna kill this black kid". Everyone needs to get over what they THINK happened and realize what MOST LIKELY happened due to testimony and evidence, not emotion and your desire to cry racism. This has nothing to do with race, especially as Zimmerman is from a multi-racial family with many black relatives and has a documented history of helping stand against injustices against the black community. Even the prosecution didn't note the race aspect, only THE MEDIA. Yes, Trayvon was unarmed, but that didn't stop him from breaking Zimmerman's nose and generally beating the shit out of him.

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Posted in: 6 others arrested over death of 16-year-old girl on Hiroshima mountain See in context

Wow! More and more is unfolding about this case each day.

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Posted in: Lawson store closed after employee puts photo of himself in freezer on Facebook See in context

I honestly don't understand what the big deal is. "Oh no! His pants touched the wrapper of the ice cream that I probably wasn't going to buy anyway! I'm gonna get AIDS!" An overreaction by all parties. If he was naked or something more extreme, yeah, but he didn't put anyone in any kind of danger at all by this "stunt". While it was kind of juvenile, it hurt no one. Please tell me how this in any way qualifies as food tampering.

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Posted in: Abe claims Fukushima food keeps him healthy See in context

There's reassuring the population that the food is healthy and then there's propaganda. This is clearly propaganda.

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Posted in: Heatwave kills 12 across Japan See in context

A 90-year-old victim of setsuden.

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Posted in: Tokyo pledges 'model' drug-free Games See in context

I had a lesson the other day with three higher level students, all Japanese men in their 50's or 60's. The lesson mentioned coffee, so we were talking about that. One of the students said that straight, black coffee is really good for you. I looked kind of shocked, because in America, coffee may have some health benefits, but it wouldn't be considered "really good for you". He said that Olympic coaches in Japan tell their athletes to drink straight black coffee every day. I was shocked, because especially for athletes, I would think coffee would have terrible effects on their digestive system and what not. I told him about how there's a host of health risks with coffee consumption, and he said they were told to only drink a "small amount" a day. The small amount was 5 cups a day. I told him that no matter the health benefits, that is way too much caffeine to be considered healthy, and he said that Japanese doctors recommended it, too.

Now, reading this article and also factoring in the scandal earlier this year where the Japanese Olympic bid chief said Japan was safer than any other country and wouldn't be bombed like the Boston Marathon, I have a feeling everyone involved in the Olympics in Japan has never set foot outside the country nor has a shred of common sense when it comes to how things actually work. As others commented, in this land of corruption, I wouldn't be even close to surprised if the majority of doping cases here were covered up. Just like a 98% conviction rate doesn't mean that you've always caught the right guy, having only 40 REPORTED doping cases doesn't mean there's not more.

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Posted in: Elderly shoplifters outstrip teenagers in Tokyo See in context

I don't mean to sound too cynical, but maybe if this generation spent less time boozing it up with their coworkers and being slaves to their companies and spent more quality time with their families instead, they wouldn't be alone. If you act like your children only treat you as a food and money source but don't offer anything else besides that, then guess what? Once your children don't need that from you anymore, there's no reason for them to stick around. I know we owe a lot to our parents, but it takes more than obligation to take care of elderly parents. It takes love.

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Posted in: Japan says Australia trying to impose its culture in whaling row See in context

“We do not criticise other cultures,” he said. “Were it necessary to establish the superiority of one culture over another the world would never be at peace.”

Yep. I never hear criticisms of other cultures. It's not like there were two big new stories this year about such cases. Like the Japanese delegate to the UN saying Japan "is one of the most advance country" in terms of their justice system and told everyone to "Shut up" when people called that into question. Or the Japanese Olympic bid chief saying other countries weren't as "safe" as Japan. No, no criticisms at all, cause it's not criticizing if you're the best at everything!

Seriously, I don't like Sea Shepherd very much, but at least they're doing what they're doing for a real reason. Japan is just doing it to create a market that doesn't exist. They're not selling all of their whale meat and no one wants to buy as much as their hunting. Get off it, Japan, please.

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Posted in: Heatwave kills 3, hospitalises 2,500 across Japan See in context

Yesterday, I had to go out in the middle of Saitama to teach at a kindergarten. It was a long, sweltering 20 minute walk there from the closest station with no buses available (correction, there was a bus that went there, but it ONLY CAME THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY). I got to the kindergarten expecting some relief from the heat, but, surprise surprise, the kindergarten had no form of air conditioning. I don't understand how they can have these kids in these terrible stuff heat boxes all day and not expect any ill effects?

This brings the other point that Japan doesn't seem to get. For some reason, they choose summer to do 節電, because apparently the air conditioning is unnecessary in Japanese people's eyes. But during the winter, when it's not even really that cold, they crank the heat up as if the next ice age is coming. Heat kills MUCH more than cold does, especially in Tokyo where it never even really gets that cold!! Get your 節電 priorities straight!

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

About two months after I moved into my new apartment, I was pretty broke and basically just had a functional bed and a cheap dresser for my clothes in it. Then the NHK man came into our building, somehow having access without being buzzed in. He knocked on my and I opened, not knowing anything about this sort of thing. I was highly suspicious already at having an unwelcome guest. He asked me if I had a TV. I told him no, and showed him my sparse apartment. I thought that was the end of it, then he asked if I could get a TV signal from my computer. I said I don't think so since I got it in America. He then asked if I had a TV equipped smartphone, and I said I had an iPhone and had no idea how to get TV signals. He stood there thinking, probably about other ways he could get me to pay, but do to my upset face and obvious foreign-ness, he made the smart decision to leave. He hasn't been back yet, even though I bought a TV and registered the location and everything. NHK should not have this much power.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for pushing man onto train tracks after argument See in context

@Chin4Sailor In the US that I know, there's a thing called "sticking up for what's right". In the cities I've lived in, the vast majority of people would've done the same thing and not let any unarmed punks like these get away with something like that, no matter how "trivial". I'd even go out on a limb and say most people would call someone "un-American" if they let any slight injustice slide by. To me, anyways, being an American means confronting any injustice you see, hence the mass protests over unjust acts by the government.

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Posted in: Malaysian police say Japanese man hanged himself in cell See in context

I swear, all Japanese people are taught in junior high or something how to make a noose from anything. You see this so much in the news here about a suspect in custody hanging themselves from almost nothing, like the Amagasaki lady.

As for people saying "it's fishy", it's not at all. Japanese society sees suicide as a semi-noble "way out" of a bad or seemingly hopeless situation. He obviously had a lot against him: wielding a knife against police and a suspicious passport. I think many people would at least contemplate committing suicide if the other option is being locked up in a foreign prison. Watch a couple of episodes of "Locked Up Abroad" to see some horror stories.

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Posted in: Implications huge for Japan if casino legislation passes See in context

To clarify, I meant a million yen. Probably should've just written it out. He worked for a pharmaceutical company and definitely made a lot of money, but I think 1,000,000 was probably a big chunk of his savings.

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