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Posted in: Man held for attempted murder after stabbing woman on street in Kanagawa See in context

Another case of mentally sick guy who needs counselling. These people are so much stressed or depressed that they forget the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Japan should try to find out why this kind of behavior has become so prevalent in the Japanese society and deal with it from the root so that the upcoming generation is much more mentally stable. There is nothing wrong in going to a doctor than leave it untreated and be a danger to others.

I am glad that the lady is in a stable condition.

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Posted in: Tokyo beauty salon manager found dead See in context

Grumpy old man gets angry and hits the old lady on the head. Should have thought before what he did, and that too at this age. There are other ways of solving problems instead of losing it like this!!

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Posted in: Man says he killed his wife because she wanted to die See in context

Suppose that what he is saying is actually true, but would a person kill his wife just because she is asking him to do so. If he truly loved his wife, he would motivate her to live on and try to get her out of whatever depression she was suffering from. I feel he was stupid for what he did.

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Posted in: Gov't aims to curb iPhone influence See in context

Mudassar KhanJul. 23, 2014 - 09:18AM JST

I being a foreigner is very happy to hear about this. Also they should remove machine lock, so that it can be used in any country of the world. If a consumer like me pays all the cost of machine, why not he should be allowed the property rights and freedom of usage in anywhere else in the world.. Government should also think and act on it.

I totally agree!

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Posted in: Mother, 2 children found dead in apparent murder-suicide leap from cliff See in context

Oh God! why the kids man!!!!.... 6 and 4 years old innocent kids, had hardly seen the world.... if u are not able to cope up with your life and want to die, why drag your kids along with u!!.... very sad news....

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Posted in: Woman robbed of underwear while walking home See in context

This underwear fetish is so common in Japan.... every other day there is a news about underwear theft... and this one is plain robbery!!... i hope he gets caught soon and his mental state is examined by doctors..

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