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Posted in: Thailand to promote domestic tourism first, then Japan, China and Europe See in context

Chinese tourists = BAD idea! Look for other revenue streams, soooo not worth the headache!

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Posted in: 2 Chinese ships chase Japanese fishing boat near Senkaku Islands See in context

Chinese navy became brave because of what's going on in the West Philippine Sea. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered then-Philippine President Benigno Aquino III to stand down because the US would not back up the Philippines in case hostilities escalated between the Philippines and China. So the only recourse was to pursue a court case which the Philippines won but China doesn't recognize, rather conveniently for them because if China had won the legal right they would've openly flaunted it. Funny that it wasn't Clinton's call since the Philippines has the only bilateral defense treaty with the US in the region and neither she nor Obama ever had the power to supersede that treaty without Congress' consent. The problem has been exacerbated by the Communist-loving, pro-Chinese current President Duterte wanting to appease China akin to Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis. So, if they can do it there then China will try to do the same to others like the Vietnamese with the Paracels and Spratlys and Japan with the Senkakus. As long as there's healthy corporate profits to be made off the back of Human Rights victims, we can expect inaction by the West and the free democracies of Asia against the growing hegemony of Red China.

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Posted in: After virus, how will Americans' view of the world change? See in context

Are the commenters along with the article implying that the virus DIDN'T originate in China? Then in the almighty name of Political Correctness, we need to get cracking at changing the names of of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and quite possibly, the biggest true misnomer of all, the Spanish flu of 1918 (the real origins of which still aren't clear)! We also need to revise post-haste the current record of origin of SARS as not being the Yunnan province region of China. For the record, I'm an American of Chinese descent who has lived internationally but that doesn't require to me to be an apologist for any country especially when actual blame can be directed to that particular country/region/party.

I find it funny that the author and commenters are themselves very insular in implying that all Americans are uneducated, backwoods country hicks that can't see beyond the horizons of the farms or trailer parks that the commenters seem to infer as the common domiciles for average Americans. Get over the fact that just being an expat doesn't make you better than anyone else!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing husband See in context

@Bugle Boy

Drum roll and high hat!!!

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Posted in: Businesses in Japan hit by lack of Chinese trainees amid virus outbreak See in context

Besides being cheap labor, the Chinese are simply there to steal Japanese technology and know-how bring it back to China and then export it back to the rest of the world while Japan and other similar countries lose out on global trade primacy to an oppressive Communist machine that benefits greatly from Capitalism. All of this is going on while Communist China has no alliances nor has made any overtures to being a fair ally.

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Posted in: Facebook researchers use maths for better translations See in context

Here’s something that needs translating, what’s “maths?”

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Posted in: Air Canada passenger falls asleep on plane, wakes up alone See in context

I work for an airline and this just couldn’t conceivably happen as everyone needs to be upright for takeoff/landing and the flight attendants just wouldn’t leave her asleep out of politeness. Plus, aircraft are cleaned in between flights and mechanics would be on board when towed to the hangar and they’d notice a sleeper still onboard plus the flight crew can’t leave the aircraft until all passengers have deplaned. My professional opinion is this lady’s story is pure fiction. My question is, they have torches in the cockpit? They wouldn’t have flammable items onboard, they would, however, have flashlights.

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Posted in: U.S. men avoid spending time with female colleagues in the wake of #MeToo See in context

I guess one really can't have one's cake and eat it too...

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Posted in: San Francisco to join list of those banning cashless stores See in context

Come to Hawaii where a not-so-insignificant amount of businesses will absolutely NOT take any form of payment other than cash. From my experience as a Tax Enforcement Officer, it's a way to under-report income thus lowering a business' tax liability.

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Posted in: Rich and bald or handsome and poor? Survey asks Japanese women who’d they’d rather marry See in context

In my experience, the hot Asian girl will marry the rich dude regardless of looks but will undeniably cheat with a poor, handsome guy. Ask my pool boy buddy, he gets laid all the time by Japanese ladies who are married to guys who are at work round the clock here in Hawaii.

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Posted in: Rich and bald or handsome and poor? Survey asks Japanese women who’d they’d rather marry See in context

How about bald and White? I’m good-looking for my age, solid income, and I have a full head of hair but I’m Filipino and I never get the time of day from Japanese women who always gravitate to my friends who look like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos! I noticed that almost uniform look that’s attractive to income-blind Japanese women...bald, kinda googly-eyed, White, and usually acts like a modern-day Lafcadio Hearn, i.e. more Asian than Asians are! LOL! So being bald isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker day if one is a gaijin!

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Posted in: Twitter announces crackdown after online abuse of 'Ghostbusters' actor See in context

So Twitter can crack down on insensitive comments but active recruitment for terrorist organizations with intent to kill an indiscriminate amount of innocent lives is apparently OK. Why doesn't anyone do anything about that?!

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