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Posted in: Mandatory charging for plastic shopping bags starts in Japan See in context

Ridiculous! How am I supposed to carry my omiyage back to my hotel whenever I visit Japan. Target here in the US is already oppressive with their bag policies. Free profit for the company in my opinion. Bags should be provided as a service as it already has been for years. Many other ways to go green, and for the record, I don't like plastic bags as there are many alternatives and I hate it whenever I see people present raggedy old reusable bags to put their purchases in. Ugh!

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Posted in: Japan calls China's reported move on Hong Kong 'regrettable' See in context

Regrettable is not a word I would have chosen given that oppressive overlords have been given the green light to expand their freedom-hating ways to yet another international entity. Vote my comment down if you wish while the current forum we are all on allows you to have free speech.

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Posted in: China passes controversial Hong Kong security law See in context

Not surprised. Send in the next nation(s) and territory(ies) to take the Red, if they haven't done so economically already.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl falls to her death from 6th-floor apartment See in context

So sad.

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Posted in: Air New Zealand to resume flights from Auckland to Shanghai, Narita next week See in context

Wow. Just wow. I guess the gains that they've gotten through careful control doesn't matter anymore. Here, I though Jacinda Ardern was one of the few truly prudent world leaders by comparison. People forget that China didn't get rich on its own merit, rather it was made rich by its enemies, the free capitalist democracies of the West. Add to that the systematic theft of intellectual and physical property so can they can rebrand such as "original" Chinese products.

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Posted in: Bolton says Trump pleaded with China to help him get reelected See in context

Explains all of Trump’s public grandstanding without any real sanction enforcement against China. The West is soft towards the CCP.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to molest baby boy mistaken for girl See in context

What a sicko! Glad they caught him, and I hope that justice will be served.

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Posted in: U.S., China to each allow 4 weekly flights for airlines; Delta to fly next week See in context

Here come the second, third, fourth+ waves of COVID-19 for both countries!

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers ask Zoom to clarify China ties after it suspends accounts See in context

I'm too old for the stupidity of TikTok but as I have said in a previously mod-deleted post, I am forced to use Zoom within my organization. ANY company that kowtows to Communist dictators (Chinese, North Korean, and to a certain extent, Russia) is bad for business and freedom in my book. For parity's sake, I also hate Apple, Facebook, and other companies that side with China when the going gets rough for them profit-wise.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers ask Zoom to clarify China ties after it suspends accounts See in context

Wow! As bad as the US can be, it has never quashed other countries' right to free speech. US flag burnings are the norm overseas without being interfered with by the US government!

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Posted in: Japan to let in 250 foreigners per day from Australia, NZ, Thailand, Vietnam under eased travel curbs See in context

Does the ban include those connecting to flights to other destinations? Asking for a friend.

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Posted in: BTS fans match group's $1 million donation to Black Lives Matter See in context

@Artemis Rogers

If you read a little further I mentioned others as well. It’s just that it’s only about George Floyd right now without any major mention of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, both instances of which just happened a few weeks ago. I’m never one to minimize the loss of any life to bigotry/racism but George Floyd had NBA friends like Stephen Jackson, in turn, LeBron James who made his martyrdom a cultural zeitgeist. I’m just saying all of the victims, voiceless or otherwise, deserve equal standing on the stage against racism. The last time the US had major race riots was Ferguson, MO for a name many had forgotten, Michael Brown. The media was christening it as the opening of a needed conversation on race relations and that’s when Obama was President. That was 2014, six years later and we’re still stuck on square one because people are just treating it a social media experiment and not as the serious catalyst for change that it should be.

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Posted in: BTS fans match group's $1 million donation to Black Lives Matter See in context

Man, my one negative vote touched a nerve with someone who denies that East Asian cultures are generally racist towards their darker-skinned brethren. Case in point, Naomi Osaka was bullied hafu till she won a Grand Slam title, then suddenly she’s Japan’s “It” girl! I remember that there was a Harvard University graduate thesis paper on the anti-Africanism of China. Then, there’s my friend, who’s Black, who married a Korean woman. His wife was disowned by her family for marrying him and, in their words, giving birth to a “black monkey!” They even said that if she had to marry a non-Korean, why didn’t she marry a white guy, then at least the shame of her marrying a foreigner would be glossed over by her producing “cute” babies. If that isn’t systemic racism, I don’t know what is.

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Posted in: BTS fans match group's $1 million donation to Black Lives Matter See in context

First off, who gets this money? Yes, Black lives DO matter, however this has become a social media circus. Why just George Floyd? Where’s the demonstrations for Ahmaud Arbery? Breonna Taylor? Known xenophobic/rascist cultures are monetizing unnecessary deaths via police brutality to increase their media footprint. I used to live in New York and whenever I’d go into a Korean grocery store, Black customers and I (thanks to my darker mixed race features) would get followed by the Korean owners and shoo’d away or hurried up if I was taking too long in deciding whether or not to buy an item. Now, living in Hawaii I see the systematic and willful ignoring of Black tourists/residents by East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) store owners. So I just have to laugh at notably and inherently rascist Asian cultures appropriating Black culture while now saying that Black Lives Matter! I’d laugh that I would a more egalitarian attitude toward darker-skinned members of the human race will happen in my lifetime once all this sturm un drang du jour subsides!

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Posted in: Ibaraki Airport considers name change to Tokyo Ibaraki Airport despite not being in Tokyo See in context

C'mon Ibaraki have more pride in yourself! Each prefecture has its own charms that are decidedly non-Tokyo and are great because of that!

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Posted in: AINU trademark application in China criticized by Japan's indigenous people See in context

Where are the Chinese apologists lurking here? Where's the usual CCP mouthpiece message of the Chinese being the most benevolent people that all can learn from? From appropriating other countries' indigenous cultures to oppressing religious and ethnic minorities to forced reeducation to open racism to people of African descent rivaling that of the US to continuous reneging of agreements most recently that of Hong Kong's semi-autonomy to stealing of non-Chinese intellectual property to false imprisonments to hiding/obscuring/lying about anything related to the coronavirus to false claims of sovereignty over other countries territories such as the West Philippine Sea.

Hmmm...none of those hallmarks of the CCP endear them to me. I'm not including the reasonable Chinese people like my girlfriend who's from Mainland China and absolutely hates the CCP for what they did to her and her family, rather those Chinese and otherwise who continually support the CCP and its malevolent machinations openly and tacitly.

Awaiting the apologists any time now...

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Posted in: TikTok owner ByteDance moves to shift power out of China See in context

How very convenient for them...sending American technology know-how and state secrets straight from American soil with complicit American sympathizers helping them out while getting paid for it!

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Posted in: Anthem bill sparks new clashes in Hong Kong legislature See in context

Question from an American English user...scupper=scuttle? Thanks in advance.

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Posted in: Thailand to promote domestic tourism first, then Japan, China and Europe See in context

BTW, before a bunch of you jump on me...I happen to be of Chinese ancestry!

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Posted in: Thailand to promote domestic tourism first, then Japan, China and Europe See in context

Chinese tourists = BAD idea! Look for other revenue streams, soooo not worth the headache!

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Posted in: 2 Chinese ships chase Japanese fishing boat near Senkaku Islands See in context

Chinese navy became brave because of what's going on in the West Philippine Sea. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered then-Philippine President Benigno Aquino III to stand down because the US would not back up the Philippines in case hostilities escalated between the Philippines and China. So the only recourse was to pursue a court case which the Philippines won but China doesn't recognize, rather conveniently for them because if China had won the legal right they would've openly flaunted it. Funny that it wasn't Clinton's call since the Philippines has the only bilateral defense treaty with the US in the region and neither she nor Obama ever had the power to supersede that treaty without Congress' consent. The problem has been exacerbated by the Communist-loving, pro-Chinese current President Duterte wanting to appease China akin to Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis. So, if they can do it there then China will try to do the same to others like the Vietnamese with the Paracels and Spratlys and Japan with the Senkakus. As long as there's healthy corporate profits to be made off the back of Human Rights victims, we can expect inaction by the West and the free democracies of Asia against the growing hegemony of Red China.

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Posted in: After virus, how will Americans' view of the world change? See in context

Are the commenters along with the article implying that the virus DIDN'T originate in China? Then in the almighty name of Political Correctness, we need to get cracking at changing the names of of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and quite possibly, the biggest true misnomer of all, the Spanish flu of 1918 (the real origins of which still aren't clear)! We also need to revise post-haste the current record of origin of SARS as not being the Yunnan province region of China. For the record, I'm an American of Chinese descent who has lived internationally but that doesn't require to me to be an apologist for any country especially when actual blame can be directed to that particular country/region/party.

I find it funny that the author and commenters are themselves very insular in implying that all Americans are uneducated, backwoods country hicks that can't see beyond the horizons of the farms or trailer parks that the commenters seem to infer as the common domiciles for average Americans. Get over the fact that just being an expat doesn't make you better than anyone else!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing husband See in context

@Bugle Boy

Drum roll and high hat!!!

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Posted in: Businesses in Japan hit by lack of Chinese trainees amid virus outbreak See in context

Besides being cheap labor, the Chinese are simply there to steal Japanese technology and know-how bring it back to China and then export it back to the rest of the world while Japan and other similar countries lose out on global trade primacy to an oppressive Communist machine that benefits greatly from Capitalism. All of this is going on while Communist China has no alliances nor has made any overtures to being a fair ally.

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Posted in: Facebook researchers use maths for better translations See in context

Here’s something that needs translating, what’s “maths?”

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Posted in: Air Canada passenger falls asleep on plane, wakes up alone See in context

I work for an airline and this just couldn’t conceivably happen as everyone needs to be upright for takeoff/landing and the flight attendants just wouldn’t leave her asleep out of politeness. Plus, aircraft are cleaned in between flights and mechanics would be on board when towed to the hangar and they’d notice a sleeper still onboard plus the flight crew can’t leave the aircraft until all passengers have deplaned. My professional opinion is this lady’s story is pure fiction. My question is, they have torches in the cockpit? They wouldn’t have flammable items onboard, they would, however, have flashlights.

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Posted in: U.S. men avoid spending time with female colleagues in the wake of #MeToo See in context

I guess one really can't have one's cake and eat it too...

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Posted in: San Francisco to join list of those banning cashless stores See in context

Come to Hawaii where a not-so-insignificant amount of businesses will absolutely NOT take any form of payment other than cash. From my experience as a Tax Enforcement Officer, it's a way to under-report income thus lowering a business' tax liability.

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Posted in: Rich and bald or handsome and poor? Survey asks Japanese women who’d they’d rather marry See in context

In my experience, the hot Asian girl will marry the rich dude regardless of looks but will undeniably cheat with a poor, handsome guy. Ask my pool boy buddy, he gets laid all the time by Japanese ladies who are married to guys who are at work round the clock here in Hawaii.

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Posted in: Rich and bald or handsome and poor? Survey asks Japanese women who’d they’d rather marry See in context

How about bald and White? I’m good-looking for my age, solid income, and I have a full head of hair but I’m Filipino and I never get the time of day from Japanese women who always gravitate to my friends who look like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos! I noticed that almost uniform look that’s attractive to income-blind Japanese women...bald, kinda googly-eyed, White, and usually acts like a modern-day Lafcadio Hearn, i.e. more Asian than Asians are! LOL! So being bald isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker day if one is a gaijin!

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