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MS killed Hotmail many, many years ago. I was a Hotmail user before MS bought it, and afterwards it just went downhill.

MS bought Skype. I can see Skype is going downhill now.

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I guess point is that Japan needs to have the constitution made by its own government and citizen. If I remember it correctly, after WWII, Japanese government had to submit GHQ a draft constitution before it is validated. Of course they had to manipulate its contents according to GHQ's politics behind. Like someone said already, the constitution is like a principle of the country. How can people uphold their principle that is not made by their own will? Or probably this might be a reason why Asian countries especially China, SK and NK do not trust Japan. After all, no matter how Japan act and behave as a member of international community, its principle is not its original. Putting it aside their own agenda, I personally don't trust the country that doesn't have their 'own' principle. On top of that, through 2/3 or 51%, the constitution must be continuously argued and revised by its own citizen. About fifty years, Japan has never revised its constitution, and created discrepancies. I guess it's about time. Otherwise, discrepancies will distort the balance and lead to a huge trouble.

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