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Posted in: Do you think a protest rally similar in scale to what happened in Hong Kong could ever happen in Japan? See in context

Oh how I wish, but just last week collegues told me again to only report "good news" to the president. People seem to prefer to live in a pretend world. Agree with stormcrow, democracy and human rights are not taught well here. Sd the new era name Reiwa emphasizes - harmony or "grin and bare it" from those in control or you will be locked up. I expect this to change when a new government is elected that can speak English.

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Posted in: G20 agrees on international framework to reduce marine plastic pollution See in context

Outside the G20 conference there were a number of companies promoting alternatives.

Two innovative companies which products stood out were

a) a company making plastic out of limestone rather than petrochemicals. The plastic alternative can be recycled and is biodegradable.

b) H2 fuel cell engine powering a Kentworth truck. The driver from California told me the engine performance is better than diesel.

Good to see companies here working on the solutions.

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Posted in: Trial of former KAT-TUN member Taguchi, partner on drug possession charge to begin July 11 See in context

I guess they were caught because some of the neighbours did not like the smell from the apartment.

Japanese society (and law) is very slow at adapting to world trends so these two will need to show they are very very remorseful and understand their mistake. Showing you understand the mistake is insisted daily by management in corporations throughout Japan when things don't go as planned. It will be interesting to see if this is the same with their case.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader suspends controversial extradition bill after protests See in context

@Strangeland Good on the Kongers for fighting for their democratic and human rights. They have a right to be proud of themselves this evening.

Indeed and well done! I have made a few of my friends here understand the importance of fighting for democratic and human rights here too.

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Posted in: Hong Kong unrest alarms Taiwan with wary eye on China See in context

riperez. Yes, I don't understand the logic here either. The issue behind the protest is there has not been any discussion or consideration of the public's view/concern on this law by the HK administration. Unfortunately, the regular public felt the only option to get the government to slow down and discuss the issues is to protest. Protesting is essential to protect against oppressiveness.

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Posted in: Airbus delivers first A350 to Japan See in context

This is great news! Looks like a glider, and no doubt cuts fuel and emissions. Here is the press conference in France at the hand over for those interested and the speech of JAL CEO.

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Posted in: Hong Kong unrest alarms Taiwan with wary eye on China See in context

@riperez One nation, one law!

The problem is there is not one rule law in China, it varies according the whims of the government. Comparing extradition arrangements is like comparing apples and oranges. This is what I and my friends in HongKong and Taiwan are concerned with VERY MUCH.

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Posted in: Parenting book author says school system, overprotective parents killing kids' creativity See in context

They expect them to be a 'good student,' they expect them to score well on tests, they expect them to obey rules. That's not important anymore because computers do better. 

Yes, I keep explaining to parents and teachers here that everything on the test I can google the answer in a few minutes. With all the answers to the tests in our back pocket, it is how to find the information and use it that is important these days ie. 21st Century learning skills.

Parents in Japan need to understand the world is changing and they need to know what 21st Century learning skills are. I hope there is more discussion on this topic in the Japanese media.

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Posted in: G20 to tackle ocean plastic waste as petrochemical producers expand in Asia See in context

reducing plastic production is also crucial.

Exactly, and Japan has a great opportunity to help eliminating the "over packaging" culture here. My plastic garbage collected once a week is actually more than my other garbage that is collected twice a week!

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Posted in: Iran's supreme leader tells Abe Trump 'not worthy' of a reply to message See in context

Iran says it cannot negotiate with a country that abandoned the previous deal.

Sounds like a reasonable reply to me. Things is the world work better (especially in Asia) if they are negotiated .

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Posted in: Pressure grows on Hong Kong over extradition bill See in context

This issue is extremely important not just for HK but for the world. I am glad to see there is some comments internationally and hope this is also discussed at the G20 meeting in Osaka.

There will be a mass exit for those who can.

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Posted in: Abe heads to Tehran to try and ease Iran-U.S. tensions See in context

Washington has since reimposed crippling unilateral sanctions that have forced Japan to halt its once substantial purchases of Iranian oil and launched a military buildup in the Gulf.

I don't think the USA can force Japan to do anything since Japan is an independently governed country. Isn't it that USA has imposed sanctions against Iran, and asked Japan to follow as a partner, and they agreed?

Abe will certainly be able to explain "Trump culture" to Iran, and that is very good.

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Posted in: Outrage at acquittals in rape cases sparks calls to fix Japanese law See in context

@presto345 These judges have no right to be on the bench and should be removed.

Absolutely! I am glad you said this.

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Posted in: Chinese media blames Hong Kong demo on collusion with West See in context

I am glad to see that HongKong continues to keep its values.

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Posted in: Spreading the joy of marmalade across the sea from Ehime See in context

Yes, a great article! I had the pleasure to meet Yoriko and Seiko Ninomiya and try their marmalade at the Shikoku Ehime Antenna shop near Shimbashi station in Tokyo last month. I even got a signed copy of their book!

The fruit taste of the yuzu marmalade was very intense with light sweetness and yes, I bought a couple of jars that quickly disappeared. Their craft marmalades are one of the best tasting I've had, and definitely not the kind you find in the supermarkets. Both ladies speak English very well and through their travels visited the UK for over 30 years and no doubt know a thing about marmalade.

It was wonderful to hear their love of adventure helped them start this sharing their regional delicacies in their 60s.

Here is the link to the Shikoku products store in Shimbashi, Tokyo. .

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Posted in: Ex-captive journalist denied passport issuance for 5 months See in context

My passport clearly says it is the property of the government and issued at the discretion of the government. I wonder if it says this on Japanese passports?

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

Well, for me it's not really the Minister's personal opinion that matters! It is his responsibility to investigate the issue and then make a collaborative decision. He is not the 'kami-sama".

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Posted in: Mizuho Financial to allow employees to take side jobs See in context

Finally! It really shouldn't be the company's business what I do outside of work hours.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer slams bail conditions See in context

Why are the two men wearing face masks? 

People tend to wear face masks when they don't want to be seen or identified. I would say this is one of the times. Women have told me also they wear the masks to in trains so people (men) won't stare at them.

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Posted in: Japanese government has made an idol anime, and it literally wants your blood See in context

Wow! I thought the idea of giving blood is to help people. That's what I learned in high school, but this idea is not mentioned in the video. It seems like the government is saying it is a duty, and therefore, you should donate blood. The donors I see in the donation room here in Japan are more focused on helping people. I makes me feel the people scripting the video do not understand the reason most people give blood.  The video in the link below explains a more humanistic reason.

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Posted in: Diet OKs simultaneous streaming by NHK See in context

business expansion could have a negative impact on private broadcasters.

Does this statement mean that NHK can stream live content, but the other (private) broadcasters cannot? That does seem a little strange.

Japan has advanced 4K and 8K TV, but has been held back with live streaming because of the restrictions of the broadcast law. Hopefully now not only NHK but everyone will be able to stream their programs.

It will also be interesting to see how NHK will chose to handle restricting viewership from outside of Japan.

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Posted in: Trump is first head of state to meet Japan's new emperor See in context

I feel the message with all the "bromance" this weekend is to illustrate the "strong alliance" (ie power) of both countries to China, and also to help Abe get elected again.

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Posted in: Kanazawa aiming to become esports mecca to attract young people See in context

They opened a E-Sports center in Las Vegas this year. Maybe Kanazawa is thinking of the same?

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Posted in: Japan gripped by heat wave; mercury tops 39 C in Hokkaido town See in context

Yes, I agree it is unusually hot. It would be nice to hear what the reason is. Has the wind flow changed?

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Posted in: Japan to stop labeling people unmarried at 50 as 'lifelong singles' See in context

the idea that marriage is something for young people is becoming outdated, adding the agency sees more than 300 registered members marry at 50 or older every year.

Good to see the growing acceptance that age does not determine one's position in life. Marriage at any age can be very fulfilling for both partners and not just for creating offspring.

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Posted in: Lawyer for Ghosn slams 'outrageous' rules on seeing wife See in context

@OpenMinded The question I have is whether he has taken his decision within the spirit of the law or not. He has got a lot of discretionary power based on "feeling".

Exactly. OpenMinded sums up the issue very well!

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Posted in: Speculation rife over whether Abe will go ahead with sales tax hike See in context

as Fujimori says

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Posted in: Speculation rife over whether Abe will go ahead with sales tax hike See in context

@drlucifer So is it debt or not and has it got to be repaid or not?

Not necessarily in cash like debt by your and I. Government debt can also be paid back by economic growth. It seems the Abe government doesn't see economic grow coming to Japan or does it? That is the question the country is struggling with. The government does have other choices to help spur the economy.....but it has not been working.....

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Posted in: Would former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn's arrest be a factor in whether or not you decide to buy a Nissan car in the future? See in context

This is a simple question but digging deeper is the much bigger topic of business ethics. I see the question is, really asking if you support the business ethics of Nissan or not?

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders car owner to pay NHK fee See in context

The NHK fee is more like a tax, that is not managed properly. For this reason, a "simple" solution is to change the Broadcast law. I wonder why this is not being considered by the government with all the very valid complaints.

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