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Posted in: Images of Japan rugby players adorn JAL plane ahead of World Cup See in context

While I appreciate everyone in Japan will be routing for the home team, including companies like JAL, there is a missed opportunity for JAL to show support for all players and that winning is not the most important goal. (The words in Japanese show support just for the Japan team) . Think of how nice an impression it would make if a player from another country saw the plane voicing support for all the countries participating.

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Posted in: Trump downplays white nationalism threat after NZ mosque massacre See in context

But the mention from the suspect, who embraced Nazi imagery and voiced support for fascism, nonetheless cast an uncomfortable light on the way that the president has been embraced by some on the far right.

This is the troubling part for me. Leaders who do not denounce this diversifying far right ideology immediately as the NZ PM did are going back to the days of the 1930's and 40's. I hope the people in the USA will stand up to the benefits of diversity agreed in the UN declaration of cultural diversity.

The Universal Declaration makes it clear that each individual must acknowledge not only otherness in all its forms but also the plurality of his or her own identity, within societies that are themselves plural.

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Posted in: Okinawans urge Japanese, U.S. gov'ts to scrap base relocation plan See in context

@Steven C. Schulz It stays in Futenma then.

There are many other alternatives. (I've mentioned them before such as Ibaraki Airport. The heart of the issue is government has not discussed and refusing to discuss alternatives.

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Posted in: AKB48 annual popularity contest will not be held this year See in context

It is interesting to speculate why the General Election is not being held this year -- does this indicate change in Japanese society? The AKB phenomenon does illustrate a number of important elements contained in Japanese society, and therefore valuable to marketing in Japan and Japanese studies worldwide. Here is an example

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Posted in: Ruling finalized ordering cell phone TV owners to pay public NHK subscription fee See in context

Telling the collector I have an iPhone worked to convince the collector I did not have a TV receiver in my phone.

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Posted in: Verdict due Friday in MtGox bitcoin embezzlement case See in context

I hope the verdict explains the reasoning of the judgement based on the laws. Too often in Japan, the reasons how the judgement was arrived at based on the law is not clearly understood.

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Posted in: Hainan Airlines launches Haikou-Osaka flights See in context

I've heard Hainan island is an unspoiled resort area with luxury hotels, and wants to attract more tourists. This new direct connection to Japan will certainly make it more convenient to visit. The requirement for a travel visa is still a problem however.

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Posted in: Japan Airlines’ ZIPAIR low-cost carrier to start flights next year See in context

I wonder what Qantas thinks of this? JAL already has short-haul LCC called Jetstar.

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Posted in: 80 injured after jetfoil apparently hits marine animal See in context

Yes I hope the marine animal (whale) will survive. A humpback whale surfaced near our zodiac boat once, (west coast of Canada) and I will never forget the magical encounter. We knew the humpbacks were nearby because of the radar and radio communication with others. I hope there is some similar communication strategy put in place to protect both humans and the marine life.

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Posted in: Japanese cosmetics company Isehan’s new 'Face Hiring' campaign causing a stir See in context

This is very refreshing news! Creativity is very important now in the workplace and this skill is obviously what the company is looking for. I've attended meetings with several large companies HQ, and the designers etc are all dressed in T-shirts and jeans. I no longer dress in a suit or tie and the meetings are much more productive!

Good to see the trend!

PS The local kindergarten is holding their graduation ceremony today and I was happily surprised to see amongst all the black suits one young man had a very bright yellow suit!

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Posted in: Ghosn case makes Japan's 'hostage justice' system more visible See in context

From the article: "I'm not sure it's right to criticize other systems simply because they are different. "Shin Kukimoto, a deputy public prosecutor

Yes, the same thing can be said by the leadership of North Korea etc. If Japan wishes to receive the benefits of participating in the international community, then the country also must also consider the concerns of the international community.

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Posted in: Surveillance proposed by defense team likely helped Ghosn secure bail See in context

@drlucifer "Hostage Justice" to me it is "ijime or Harassment (Bullying) justice. Bullying is rife in all facets of life in japan.

I agree! You have identified the basic issue very nicely. Society in Japan, including the justice and government, really doesn't have the same understanding of what "ijime" is . The issue with hostage justice is strictly "ijime".

Glad the world is taking notice to help Japan understand the concept.

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Posted in: Ghosn posts ¥1 billion bail; released after 108 days in detention See in context

@Yubaru.....The prosecutors only take cases to court where they KNOW they will gain a conviction.

I see one very BIG difference this time. The world watchdogs are looking on, and changes in society will take a much deeper into the laws, consider deeper the human rights, and society and world ethics. I expect this will be a turning point in Japanese law and I'll do my best also to comment on the issues.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor criticized for putting her hands in pockets during Tokyo Marathon ceremony See in context

I think the expression on her face showing care for the athletes is more important.

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Posted in: Former AKB48 idol singer Mariko Shinoda gets proposed to on first date; says yes, is now married See in context

They may have met for the first time in November, but I suspect they could be texting each other for a while as part of the friends group.

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Posted in: No host? No problem. Queen, Lady Gaga bring Grammys vibe to Oscars See in context

Lady Gaga and actor-director Bradley Cooper will perform a live duet of her hit song "Shallow" 

Fantastic! Lady Gaga and Bradley singing Shallow live! Best song of the year in my mind!

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend arrested for forcing daughter to take cold bath, binding, beating her See in context

They are just bullies and no doubt they learned their bullying skills in the Japanese education system.

Agree, very plausible indeed!

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Posted in: Father held over fatal abuse of daughter rearrested for earlier assault See in context

There is a huge problem in Japan with violence towards kids, which is almost always fished out some kind of twisted disciplinary action. 

Agree completely here. Parents tell me strong discipline (ie physical punishment) is designed to make them strong or give them "backbone". My reply is that is pre-1960s thinking! Thankfully I've also seen a number of mothers handle discipline issues by bending down to the child's eye level and discuss the problem like adults (often 4-6 year olds!). If I am with someone, I always point how well the communication is between the mother and child. Changes in society require education and building awareness through the media, society and government!

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Posted in: 24 of 50 new slots at Haneda to be given to Japanese, U.S. airlines See in context

Apparently the new slots are only available between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm so that puts some restriction on which airlines can take advantage of the openings. I'd like to see a better balance too of flights from other regions of the world.

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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

For me childhood is about exploring and understanding things around you in the world so that you can survive. UN report reminds us all that children are individuals and their opinions matter. The issues I see in Japan is the way parents and society look at children.

I've had parents tell me and their children that children's opinions don't matter because they are not adults yet!

Really? This attitude needs to change before the system will change.

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Posted in: Police raid yakuza office in Tokyo over Kabukicho shooting See in context

Arent the cops on the Yakuza payroll, 

Sort of, the police (and government) rely on the yakuza to handle certain parts of society they cannot. However there are a set of rules and areas. If the rules are broken such as shooting someone then the police get involved like they are now. This guy crossed the line.

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Posted in: Trump, Pelosi agree on Feb 5 for State of the Union address See in context

The speaker of the house is supposed to set the rules of the house -- isn't that what she is doing all along and not being bullied by the president to accept his agenda? I agree with the other posters - Pelosi upheld the honor of the house procedures as the post requires.

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Posted in: Trump's shutdown retreat reveals weakness See in context

It does look to me from afar that Trump admitted that he made a mistake and should not have linked the controversial funding project with regular funding of the government.

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Posted in: Trudeau sacks Canadian envoy to China after Huawei controversy See in context

But on Friday, McCallum told The Vancouver Star that it would be "great for Canada" if the U.S. dropped its extradition request.

@Kobe - After the first controversial comments to the press early in the week, Mr. McCallum continued to make comments on Friday. I would say that was the issue that did him in. You can't keep putting salt into the wound when you are told not to! Sorry to see him go but he should know better.

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Posted in: Tennis fans in Japan, Abe hail Naomi Osaka See in context

If Osaka-san does not choose Japanese nationality at 22, my guess is it will run into a problem to obtain a Japanese passport. However, this is really a personal issue isn't it?

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Posted in: China demands U.S. drop Huawei extradition request with Canada See in context

An example of grandstanding at its best!

Agree with ChipStar. It's not a given that Canada would approve an extradition request from the USA and will simply hand over Ms Meng. The request needs to go through the Canadian justice system and the decision will be justified with a reason for all to see.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

The court did not give a reason for the denial. 

I can't believe the court is allowed not to give a reason. If the court did not give a reason, doesn't this open up the system to abuse and bias?

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Posted in: Russians protest any Kuril islands handover to Japan See in context

as recognized by USA

Where did you find this information?

An opinion in the North Carolina Journal of International Law suggests the issue is not so clear cut


Amy B. Quillen, The Kuril Islands or the Northern Territories: Who Owns Them - Island Territorial Dispute Continues to Hinder Relations between Russia and Japan, 18 N.C. J. Int'l L. & Com. Reg. 633 (1992). Available at:

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Posted in: Ghosn again asks for bail; promises not to flee, pay for security guards See in context

Excellent! I am glad to see he is challenging the system but requires seems to require some empathy and creative thinking skills on the judgement side. Japan, and indeed business organization Keidanren and education ministry recognizes more creative thinking skills are needed in society to work in the global. With the worlds eyes watching, I certainly hope the judge will recognize the issue this time!

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Posted in: Abe, Putin on collision course over islands See in context

I agree it does look like the two parties have gone back to their respective corners demanding their way is the only righteous way, and as such the dispute cannot be resolved satisfactorily without a compromise on both sides.

The justifications of both sides look to me as a rather imperialistic view. There is another viewpoint which is being ignored in the media and that is about the people who inhabited the areas before the Russians and Japanese. One compromise which could resolve and save face for for both sides would be for the region to be recognized as the territorial land of the Ainu, and let both sides negotiate with the Ainu. After all, the Ainu inhabited the area before any Russian or Japanese did, didn't they? This is another way to look at this dispute that might help both sides to cooperate and create a better life for the people living in the region and others who wish to do so.

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