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Posted in: Huawei exec's arrest in Canada a 'despicable rogue' action: Chinese media See in context

News update: She faces a bail hearing in Canada on Friday.

The court in Vancouver did not make a decision on Friday about bail and will reconvene on Monday. This means Meng will stay in detention over the weekend.

More details here

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor attack survivor remembers the day from afar See in context

Remembrances of these kinds of stories of Mr. Long at Pearl Harbour, my father supplying the front lines in the fall of Germany or a friend describing how she was coerced into believing an atomic energy plant nearby would be safe and provide prosperity, make me appreciate these days of the internet and collaborative education. 

The internet offers better opportunities for communication but as humans, we need to show how more can be accomplished from embracing diversity and working together than bullying and coercion does.

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Posted in: JAL begins sales of new codeshare routes with Alaska Airlines See in context

Seattle-Tacoma airport is such a great airport to transit through because of its efficiency and you can get Ivar's clam chowder! Glad to see JAL recognizing the potential of the Pacific Northwest Gateway and transit destinations. Alaska's working culture is different and hope some of the good rubs off on JAL. (more flat management and people seem to enjoy their jobs- ie. female baggage handlers and flight crew)

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Posted in: Japan's justice system under scrutiny over Ghosn's continued detention See in context

Excellent point presto345 !

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Posted in: Japan's justice system under scrutiny over Ghosn's continued detention See in context

The crimes are punished strictly and fairly here. 

Oh, this statement is too broad. Fairly can mean anything depending on an individuals preferences. A more global approach for respecting humanity in society here would be nice to schools, corporations, family life, government...and the law system could very well show some leadership in this direction, especially with the Ghosen issue.

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Posted in: Drunk vice principal loses job after urinating in girls bathing area on field trip See in context

So it is OK for teachers to drink on the job but not pilots..... I don't think teachers need to drink on a school trip. Chaperoning students during a school trip is a 24hour job and does not provide good role model for students. They should be throwing the party for the kids, not themselves!

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Posted in: Prince's remarks become hot topic in Japan See in context

Excellent news! I am very pleased to hear Prince Fumihito speak up and shock the establishment. He shows the world, and more importantly, the current nationalistic government, the Imperial family has learned from past mistakes and will make bureaucrats justify their actions since no one else appears to be doing.

Excellent news indeed and thank you Prince Fumihito.

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Posted in: JAL fires co-pilot jailed in UK for drinking excessive alcohol before flight See in context

Many countries do not allow persons to enter with a criminal record so I can understand the concern JAL has, but they could assign him to operate on domestic flights where he can be home with his family every night. JAL has wasted a lot of corporate money training this fellow and his family will suffer -- but cultural issues of anyone a little strange is ostracized. I agree with Strangerland, the issue is a mental health issue and he needs someone who cares -- obviously JAL does not want to provide this.

Unfortunately, failure in Japan, is looked on as a fault rather than just a mistake. Once a person makes a mistake they are definitely not going to do this again, so I see this pilot as being safer than any other others. If I was JAL, I'd just put him on the domestic routes where he can return home every night. There are lots of airlines looking for pilots so he will be able to find a job and more caring organization to work for.

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Posted in: JAL pilot, 10 times over alcohol limit, jailed for 10 months in UK See in context

I guess that more Canadian pilots will be flying "high" now that our intelligent government has legalized marijuana....i despair

No, need to despair. Canadian airlines already have taken the responsibility of protecting the public and made it clear to staff (not just pilots) of a a zero tolerance for being high on the job.

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Posted in: JAL pilot, 10 times over alcohol limit, jailed for 10 months in UK See in context

I also agree with Luddite's comment and feel the UK judge missed an opportunity to mention the responsibility of the crew and JAL somehow. In addition to the pilot getting a jail term, if I was the judge and could, I would recommend cancelling JAL's license for NRT to London route for a year.  

When the law was changed in Canada, to make bars and other liquor establishments responsible for protecting their customers from driving drunk, they would lose their licenses, I noticed much more awareness from customers and staff about not driving drunk. Of course JAL did not serve the liquor but has a responsibility to keep their flights safe, and the crew must feel comfortable to mention issues they see are not correct.  

JAL needs to update their training immediately and let the public know. Until the company acknowledges, I will not feel like flying JAL.

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Posted in: Okinawa to hold U.S. base referendum on Feb 24 See in context

Actually, it was a group of citizens that took the initiative to gather a law-required number of signatures for a referendum to be held.

Even better - but the atmosphere of the government probably played some part in getting the required signatures.

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Posted in: Okinawa to hold U.S. base referendum on Feb 24 See in context

I applaude Denny-san!

Having a referendum is a very wise strategy because it allows the public to express their views on important issues that affect them. Recently the city of Calgary held a similar referendum about hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics, and rejected the establishment's recommendation to spend tax dollars to host the games again. While this referendum is not binding as well, in a democratic society, the politicians look very bad or will be thrown out of power, if they refuse the will of the people.

A very smart and creative way to proceed against a government that is refusing to listen to the will of its people! I encourage all in Okinawa to vote! It is a step forward to create a new Japan.

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Posted in: Auditors fail to unveil background of murky state land sale See in context

I want a discount too on my health insurance premiums and income tax......

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Posted in: Auditors fail to unveil background of murky state land sale See in context

I guess fairness is not a word to be used in this judicial system. 

Absolutely correct! FYI Judges in Japan are not independent but simply appointed bureaucrats worried about their jobs. They seem not to be able to justify their decisions which are often based on "feelings" rather than specific laws.

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Posted in: Auditors fail to unveil background of murky state land sale See in context

Ah, this follows the typical (bias) rational in Japan that you avoid passing judgements that would embarrass your superiors. If Japan is to be trusted as a global society, the country needs to start justifying decisions being made and taking leadership to recommend changes as other developed countries do.

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Posted in: Osaka to host 2025 World Expo See in context

Kansai has stood under the shadow of Tokyo and to some degree Kyoto for years. This will give the city a chance to show off its talents and wonderful food.

I don't regard Kansai as a "shadow" of other regional cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Taipei etc.....If find Osaka a very balanced city with a very creative population, but the leadership in government and business is struggling with the changes from industrialization to knowledge intensive global economy. The Expo will definitely help focus on promoting this changes for Osaka to develop its own knowledge intensive organizations (KIO). I look forward to participating in creating this awareness.

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Posted in: Transport ministry eyes inspection of JAL, ANA over pilots' drinking See in context

It points to some other underlying problem ......

Agree, I hope JAL and ANA will provide staff and opportunities for "counselling" similar to some of the hospitals I know here in Japan. One of my friends is employed by hospitals to provide trauma counselling to staff, and it is a requirement for the staff to talk to her.  Talking helps but society/family life seem to discourage this and many turn to alcohol for relief to cope with the stresses.

It will be interesting to see why the pilot drank so much that night...

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Posted in: Fish oil cuts heart attack risk; vitamin D lowers odds of cancer death See in context

Good to see official research is catching up with Chinese medicine practices!

Fish oil capsules and vitamins have been a staple gift at supermarkets in HKG, Asian Food markets in Canada, Vancouver Airport Duty Free for the last 10 years.

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Posted in: Fukuoka shaping up to be Japan's startup capital See in context

Osaka wa?

Agree the food is good in Osaka, but the business culture is still inward looking. I've had a number of the smaller companies refuse orders because they were afraid to receive purchase orders in English! Fukuoka is easy to get around and the beach nearby as a place for reflecting and thinking about ideas reminds me of Seattle! I'll have to check out the cafes!

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Posted in: Fukuoka shaping up to be Japan's startup capital See in context

Thank you JT! Booking my flight to Fukuoka today to investigate. I've always thought Fukuoka was so convenient to navigate and love walking on the beachfront. I think it is time to investigate the start up opportunities.

I've marketed my IT projects to companies in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kyushu, but the people in Kyushu always seem to really listen to my proposals and have given the first orders.

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Posted in: Flying high: Co-pilot's breathalyzer test failure at Heathrow puts JAL into tailspin See in context

What about the other crew covering the pilot? Has anyone spoken to them and why did they feel the pilot was OK to fly? This is an important part of the story too!

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Posted in: Nov 11 is Pocky and Pretz Day See in context

And in Europe, North America, Australasia etc 11/11 has an entirely different meaning, especially at 11.00 am.

Yes and the 100th anniversary this year too! ......"In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row,...."

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Posted in: Trump insults more reporters; claims Acosta video wasn't altered See in context

I am puzzled. Is this type of condescending attitude acceptable in business in the USA? Belittling and talking down others by a person of superiority is not OK, and harassment in my books. I am wondering why are people not calling Trump and others out on this?

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

Oh this didn't take long! After the election loss, Trump seems already started campaigning for the next election by getting his supporters riled up by focusing on Japanese car imports. As others have mentioned, if you have a good product for a market and good sales staff sales increase but you need to make the investment first.

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Posted in: Princess Ayako to retain honorary positions after marriage See in context

No other female imperial family member has ever continued to serve in such positions after becoming a commoner upon marriage, according to the agency.

Nice to see some "common-sense" heading up stream !

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Posted in: Miss International Japan See in context

Yes, rather old fashioned - aren't there better ways to gain independence, travel and promote world peace? Perhaps volunteer or get involved in an internship or working holiday visa. For me, an attractive women need to be more authentic and engaging in personal wellness and awareness.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 11, wounds 6 in Pittsburgh synagogue See in context

Ah! When you have a leadership promoting such hate then people start getting worried about it. Bullying needs to be stopped by the top leadership in the country!

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Posted in: Okinawa sees chances for economic independence without U.S. bases See in context

Any Japanese official thinking about Okinawa's economy if the U.S. military footprint is reduced needs to look at Hawaii.

Ah? The world is large. We need to look outside of the USA for good examples!

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Posted in: Okinawa sees chances for economic independence without U.S. bases See in context


Okinawa has a great opportunity for tech jobs........and wellness eco-tourism. Creative software developers always work better in an area where the lifestyle is balance. Developing high speed open access internet service will bring jobs.

Just replace the city name in this video and you could use it for Okinawa.

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Posted in: Foreign divorced parents fight in vain for child custody in Japan See in context

It depends on the person I say, there is dragon women both in Asia and outside of Asia, but there are also the ones who can compromise and are more open minded mentally.

Kenji Fujimori's comment is very insightful.

a) I know a Japanese mother whose father kidnapped the two elementary kids after divorcing her. When the two handed in the divorce papers at the city hall no one asked about the children. The police told her she agreed so they can't do anything. After turning 18 the two girls came to visit their mother and now regularly talk to her by Skype.

b) I also know a Japanese father who divorced when his children were very young, however, he regularly sees them because his former wife thinks that is OK.

I gather by these stories the government (law) doesn't want to get involved in family issues and that is a very irresponsible for the population. I applaud all those pushing the government to be more responsible.

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