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Posted in: Samurai Blue See in context

sayonara :-)

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Posted in: Minister calls judo beatings Japan's worst sports crisis See in context

“gravest crisis” ? Just because it did news? It is just normal here in Japan such beatings! Sport and Japan isn't that good match! Japan and Japanese don't even know the meaning of "enjoying sports"... strange but true. I just hope things will get better soon but at this time Japan isn't a country who should host Olympics! Here no Olympic spirit at all. Just look at the faces of Japanese silver medalists! Crying because they "lost" the gold medal!

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Posted in: Okinawans rally in Ginza See in context

Haha, I think the US should agree with these people and get out of Japan. Then see what happens.

Yes! Build up selfdefence forces with no need of US military! But still keep relations with the US for "world-peace". No free country should need to have US bases in their own soil.

I think the US will be a very "small" country if they lost all the US bases around the planet and financial investment in the US is stopped. History show us the americans is strong only if wars are keeping "alive" around the globe. The world should just close the doors to american politics.

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Posted in: Taiwanese boat leaves disputed islands after water cannon duel See in context

Give them to Taiwan and problems are solved... or give it to the USA lol (sarcasm)

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Posted in: U.S. sailor arrested for trespassing in Yokosuka See in context

I hope JapanToday will post this kind of news again and again if it happens... in this way we will get a better idea of what kind of military personell we have here in Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor arrested for trespassing in Yokosuka See in context

Again?? How pity to see what kind of military is protecting us from dangerous China and North-Korea! (sarcastic mode)

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Posted in: Hashimoto apologizes to parents of student who killed himself See in context

Hashimoto said that he himself used to think that corporal punishment was a necesary part of discipline

I just hate liers! The death of this poor kid didn't change his sick mind at all!

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to push 9-year-old girl off platform at train station See in context

other passengers grabbed Shimazaki

good to hear people just don't stand there without doing anything. Things are doing better

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Posted in: Aso pledges Japan's support for Myanmar See in context

Japan's loans to are used to buy japanese products and services so that money already went back to Japan. New loans will be used by Myanmar again to buy services, technology, labor and goods from Japan. We will see many Toyotas there shortly.

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Posted in: S Korean man stabs himself at airport to protest arrival of Japan envoy See in context

Agree on both posts by smithinjapan.

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Posted in: 94-year-old candidate loses funeral fund election deposit See in context

Totally agree with Yubaru

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Posted in: Funny face See in context

with such stupid japanese comedian i will left the studio! What the point to be a top producer and go to Japan to be a puppet of such stupid shows?

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Posted in: Russia to hand over Japanese POW documents See in context

As well as invading Japanese islands AFTER the war ended the big brave Russians took Japanese POWs to camps AFTER the war ended

please study! When the russians declared war it was not ended yet! And still it isn't ended as there is no peace treaty yet! The russian took japanese POW while at war! Please read some history book and then come back posting!

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