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Posted in: Tourism board wants foreign visitors to avoid 'public flatulence' See in context

YES, please do not do any of these. Belching can be easily controlled by doing so softly into a napkin, or the like. Saying excuse me isn't going to cut it in Japan as it is rude and they don't have the it is okay IF you apologise for it like in the west.

Farting in public is a no-no, and NO CROP DUSTING!! There are PLENTY of public toilets around Japan, always easily found in most Konbini's (convenience stores) and the like. HOLD IT IN and go to the bathroom. This includes blowing your nose as well. You can wipe your nose, but not blow it in public.

Remember, this is common courtesy when entering a new country entirely different than your own. As if you seen foreigners doing things in our own countries that is very rude, we wouldn't like it at all either -- and with Japan having so many courtesy rules, info about what to do and not to do is easily found online and off. Keep your manners.

NOTE: I notice people mentioning about smoking, it is very common for people to smoke, but with western influence there is a lot of change since 2010 when I first went to Japan. You cannot smoke and walk at the same time (ash can get in kids face, or a hot part of that ash and annoy people walking), you have to smoke outside in approved areas ONLY.

Yes, there are still bars and restaurants where there is smoking and non-smoking seats without a division or a separate closed off room --- but there are some places with at least a closed off room for the smokers to sit, and slowly the smoking inside laws will change. Just like how it took a while for them to change slowly here in Canada as well.

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Posted in: Organic food rarely found on Japan’s tables See in context

They fail to mention that Japan has a very strict use of pesticides. It is really low compared to other countries. Residue on produce are restricted to 0.01ppm, maximum. http://www.ffcr.or.jp/zaidan/FFCRHOME.nsf/pages/MRLs-p

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