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OsakaT comments

Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Good on them and congratulations!

I hope they stay together for the rest of their lives and are very happy.

I really CANNOT believe some of the comments here. Love is love. Be it between man and woman or whoever.

Love is extremely powerful and has no bounds, no logic, does not conform to religion or other peoples views. It does not care who disapproves of it or who cannot understand it. And it is the single most furfilling emotion in all human existance.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Posted in: Korean man assaulted by extremists for protesting Japanese war crimes See in context

HAHAHA..............I had a good laugh about this!

What an idiot. What did he expect? He shold have hidden behind his computer and insulted Japan from there. Like all the other Korean netizens!

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Posted in: Osaka cop held on suspicion of forging police ID See in context

Osaka again baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love it here!!! You gotta watch your back in the BIG city boy!!!

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Posted in: Woman conned out of nearly Y4.5 mil in bank transfer scam See in context

bahahahahahahahah.......WTF, LMFAO!!!!

How about saying, "ok grandson, come over now, we'll talk about it and call the credit card company to work out some kind of repayment system". Or call the SON right away and give him an earfull for letting HIS son run up such a bill. I'm sorry, but as my US NAVY friend said ( I am ex-USMC), "a fool and her money are damn well soon parted"!

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Posted in: Two more arrests made over death of Nepalese man in Osaka See in context

I've lived in Osaka for the past 10 years. I have only lived in Osaka. I have also seen it get worse over those years. Japan is no farking paradise. Not Osaka at least.

I survive by not taking any "shit" from anyone. Being 190cm and 120kg, and ex-military. Plus, I don't go walikng around Abeno (Tennoji Sth. Osaka) area at night. Even kids know that South Osaka (in parts) is shitty and dangerous (in parts).

These punks are straight up murderers. They probably attacked that guy because he has a "job". Which I bet they don't, except the shitehead tattoo guy. Osaka (in places) is full of these young don't give a fark punk, NEETS.

I'd like to smash them in the face, but I'm a big gaijin, so I'd be arrested and they would demand my hard earned money.

My advice to anyone thinking of living in Osaka. Live as far north as you can. Fark these punks. I hope they hang. RIP Bishnu.

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Posted in: Police haven't ruled out suicide in severed penis case, media report See in context


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Posted in: Man suspected of murdering mother and sister in Hokkaido See in context

Another loner, loser, otaku, hikikomori, manga reading freak no doubt. I see them all the time in Namba Osaka where I work. To quote a Clint Eastward movie, "hang em high". To quote Metallica, "ride the lightning".

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Posted in: Trial of 'black widow' killer begins See in context

I have no idea how this fat and ugly troll ( I've seen her pic) could attract anyone but a blind man with a kind heart. Hope she "rides the lightening"! Metallica.....yeah!

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Posted in: Speedskater Shimizu gets 'speed' divorce from Reiko Takagaki See in context

Another sham celeb marriage. Hot humping doesn't always equal a happy and long marriage. Just ask Kim Kassardian?

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Posted in: Joe Odagiri apologizes for signing name 'Kumi Koda' as autograph for fan See in context

Hahahahahahaha.good on him. Korea bag Japan for everything, so "screw em". The fan was probably just going to burn his autograph at one of those crazy "ajashi" (oyagi) protest rallies anyway.

He should have posed next to that new statue of a "comfort girl" outside the J embassy. Korea is always portraying themselves as "victims". I know, I lived there for 6 years!

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Posted in: Wives recoil from violent fathers-in-law See in context

These old fools need a "slap upside the head" and a good ole fashioned "ass-whooping"! Osaka style.

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Posted in: Asada vows to skate for her mother See in context

Nobody will ever criticize Mao for trying to get home to see her mother alive, even if it meant pulling out of the competition in Canada. And if they do Osaka T says "you're an arsehole".

I flew 36 hours from a village in Thailand to Auckland to see my grandfather when he was given 48 hours to live in 1993. It cost my $2500 NZD and in the end he almost lived another 5 years. I never griped about it or mentioned it to him after he recovered. I loved and enjoyed every day he was on Earth. When he finally died in 1997, I was in Paris and couldn't see him. But the family knew I had done my bit in 93.

I flew home with only 24 notice of my grandmother dying in 2010 and didn't make it. But I earned the respect of the family for being there, even after the fact. And, I've never regreted either trip!

Go Go Go Mao Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olympic champion in 2014!

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Posted in: Mao Asada's mother dies while daughter on her way back from Canada See in context

All our thoughts and prayers go out to Mao and her family at this sad, sad time. Death is not the end. When someone we loves dies, we gain an angel to watch over us for te rest of our lives. We will meet them again, in another place.

R.I.P Kyoko Asada.

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Posted in: Asada leaves Grand Prix Final to be with ill mother See in context

Mao's mother died today 12/10. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Asada family at this difficult time. Lets hope that Mao's mother will be guiding her from above from now on and will help her to become the next Olympic champion in Sochi!

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Posted in: Police kill gunman shooting at cars in Hollywood See in context

"The gunman screamed "kill me, I'm gonna die. As the police officer shot him dead"!

hahahaha, that's right buddy!

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Posted in: Man gets 50-year term for nine rapes See in context

Prisoners never serve their full sentences in Japan. He'll be out in 10-15 years, guarenteed!

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Posted in: Japan apologizes to elderly Australian POW nurse, others See in context

I read about this in The Aucklander magazine. Although the nurses endured 3 years of real hardship in Japan during the war, this lady has no animosity towards the Japanese people. "It was the government, not the ordinary people" she said in the magazine.

Good on the Japanese government now to do this. I can't see the US having the Taliban over to tea, even in 70 years.

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Posted in: Speeding blamed for pileup involving 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini See in context

Blahahahahahahahahahahaha...........what a great story! A bunch of super rich ar__holes racing around and scaring other drivers. Then, "wham"! Eat concrete scumbags!

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Posted in: 8-yr-old girl stabbed by man while walking home from school in Matsudo See in context

What an a__ehole! People are getting more and more aggressive thesedays. I see it here in Osaka. Pushing on the subway, dangerous driving in big panel vans, and general shitty behaviour between strangers. Unemployment and social discontent. Many Japanese people aren't used to dealing with the type of society Japan has become.

In short, more police, more action by the police and more public intervention when shit like this happens!

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Posted in: Woman found strangled in Kamakura See in context

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...gee, I wonder what happened?

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Posted in: Korean drama backlash See in context

I've lived in Japan for the past 10 years, and I lived in Seoul Korea for 6 years before we came here. I can tell you that Korean dramas are JUST as bad as Japanese ones. I never watched t.v in Korea and I only watch selected J-t.v now. They both suck! I'd rather be punched in the kisser by Mike Tyson than be subjected to watching K or J t.v.

But, if the J people want to protest about too much foreign influence on their t.v (regardless if it's as crap as the t.v they already have), then so be it. It's their country after all and they have a right to their opinions!

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Posted in: 64-year-old man in blond wig nabbed for robbing cake store See in context

hahahahahaha. this is really funny.

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Posted in: Woman found bound and murdered in Aichi apartment See in context

Yep, sounds like a murder to me! Hopefully the killer left DNA all over the place and will be in a 4 foot by 4 foot gray, windowless cell soon, awaiting the hangman's noose!

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Posted in: Olympic judo gold medalist fired for sexual harassment See in context

haha........... Come on, is this news? Go out and find some real criminals! They were both drunk, he got a little "excited" and the next day she felt embarrased and decided to ruin his reputation and get him fired? Is that it?

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Posted in: Australian BMX champ dies after failed dive from balcony into pool See in context

RIP mate. I lived on the Gold Coast for 3 years in the late 80s early 90s. People get pissed and do silly things all the time, and the GC is a great venue for it. Everyone is on holiday and partying, egging eachother on to go one step further. It can get pretty hairy there sometimes.

I'm sure the law is tougher now, but when I was there we had house parties, parties on the beach (not the main beach because of cops) and drank a skinfull almost every night.

Shame to lose a young talent. RIP and thoughts out to the family!

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Posted in: Two boys detained for snatching bags from women See in context

Haha..............18,000 yen isn't even enough money to have a good day at TDL or TDS between two people. They would have done better to GET A JOB!

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Posted in: Tom Cruise has 4 missions during 27-hour visit to Japan See in context

Tom Cruise is well liked wherever he goes. When he flimed parts of The Last Samurai in New Zealand, he was known for walking around, shopping at the supermarket and talking with fans and normal people in the street. He attended a local Maori performance and was very respectful and polite. He has an easy way about him I think.

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Posted in: Yomiuri Giants fire general manager Kiyotake over feud with owner See in context

I don't give a "dog's bollocks" about The Yomiuri Giants, or the crazy old "coot" who owns them!

I'm Osaka T baby!!!

Hanshin Tigers Forever!!!

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Posted in: Rugby world focuses on Australia-NZ rivalry See in context

"Tis the quickening"!

The mighty All Blacks time has come. Australia have a weak team at best. Just pulling a victory out of their whatevers to beat RSA by 2 points. The All Blacks will dine on Aussie BBQ this Sunday. And I?, I shall be LOVING IT!

Crush the Wallibies! Mighty ABs FOREVER!

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Posted in: Stage set for 'killer weekend' at Rugby World Cup See in context

The All Blacks ARE the World Cup and rugby in general. -They are the best team in the World. Ex-All Blacks coach all the top sides. Even Aussie has Robbie Deans, they know kiwi quality when they see it.

GO THE ABs!!! Crush em all, but especially the Wallabies!

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