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Japan rugby has come a long way under JK. It's still quite a new sport here, but it's getting more and more popular all the time. JK is the best and by buying another famous player ( or All Black, as all the best players wore the glorious black jersey) to coach the Blossoms, it won't help. Like JK said, 4 years ago they "stole" a draw from Canada, now they're upset to get one.

Go the All Blacks. Stick it to them all, but especially to the Wallabies!!!

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Posted in: Canada rallies to draw 23-23 with Japan; Italy beats U.S. See in context

I can see the score already. New Zealand 80, Canada 0. Nobody can beat the mighty, blessed by the gods, ordained by the highest kings and queens in the land, NEW ZEALAND ALL BLACKS!!!

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Posted in: Canada rallies to draw 23-23 with Japan; Italy beats U.S. See in context

Japan gave it a good go, good on them. It's not JK's fault, he's an excellent coach as told to me by my cousin, who was coached under him when JK coached Italy.

Nevertheless, all teams will go under the boots of the mighty New Zealand All Blacks!!! Nothing and nobody can stop their rampaging crusade of destruction!!!

GO THE ABs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey!, can't we all just get along.

The fact of the matter is, if your family doesn't need extra money, then there's no need for the mother to go back (or start ) work.

If the husband earns enough and the arrangement is good between the couple, well all fine and good. The problem only arises when the family need money and the mother doesn't want to go back to work and leave their kids in the good care of carers. Even when the family need extra money. According to the article also because the neighbors would think less of them. Those "useless housewives" are the real pogs of society.

Basically, if you need the money get yourself off to a p/t job. If not, don't. Support your husband and enjoy time with your kids That's some OOOOOOSSSAAAAKKKAAA!!! wisdom for ya!

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@ lucabrasi (ha, love the name). Yeah, I know keeping house is a big job, but if the whole family get into it, it's pretty breezy. If the family needs money and the wife can go back to work and contribute, then she should. If they don't, they're lazy, selfish, narrowminded know it alls!!!

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@ Cleo; my kids were both 10 and 12 when we moved here and they went straight to international schools. But my post was more about "why J women don't go back to work after their kids are a reasonable age". My wife was an exception because she's a business professional. Those "useless housrwives" I saw, mainly had kids who were quite old, but while they're under 10, yeah, it's fair to stay home, but get a part-time job at least, if you NEED to.

I wouldn't work either if I were rich, but the article was about women who don't want to work when the family need money.

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Posted in: Hostess bar worker stabbed to death outside Saitama workplace See in context

Didn't want to pay the bill I guess.

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I used to have a weekday off from my job. When i went outside my apartment to get my bike you wouldn't believe it. A big bunch of young to middle aged housewives. Standing around talking crap about their kids or whatever. No wonder kids in Japan have no skills. Their mothers do everyting for them, they have NO chance to learn how to even fry and egg!

There's nothing wrong with working at Hoka-ben, Mc Donald's, the supermarket etc. I respect those women above others. Those useless housewives standing around were often compairing their kids and what juku they went to or their latest test scores. Whatever! There are no jobs for them anyway.

My wife went back to work within a few months of each of our two children (now teens). We and she never took a handout from anyone. Stand on your own two feet. Work for a living and then you can look your children in the eye with pride.

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I wonder if Asahi will start brewing and selling NZ beer in Japan. We could get a DB Export or A Lion Red at the Lawson. Sweet as, and choice. L&P at the Family Mart, sweet. Bring back Georgie Pie too!!!

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Ten plus years of fighting two or more wars has tapped out the US federal reserve. And, when they go down we'll all go down with them. Uncertain future for all.

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Posted in: Police ask for public's help in 1995 triple murder case at Hachioji supermarket See in context

Murder and suicide are two differrent things. This person may have gone on to commit more murders and terrible crimes. People like that need to locked up.

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Mao Chan is the best!. Why don't you negative people out there try to be a little positive and see that Mao brings hope to all people of Japan. She is a hard worker, kind, honest, never says anything negative about other skaters and never gives up in her skating. The people of Japan and especially those hit hard by the last two weeks of events need a role model like MAO CHAN!!! :)))

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Thank you. From a kiwi in Japan.

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Posted in: What makes Japanese women say, 'I never want to see that jerk again!' See in context


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Posted in: What makes Japanese women say, 'I never want to see that jerk again!' See in context

hahahaha...pamalot made a great comment."He pays the bill in 1 yen coins" haha. That's really funny.:)))))))))))

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If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. If you put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Be water my friend.

Bruce Lee was the absolute best! Hands down!

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for employing 50 high school girls as prostitutes See in context

Haha...He be "pimpin". Get that man a purple crush velvet suit, and a wide brimmed hat with a peacock feather on it.


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Haha..attending a BBQ at DAWN! on the balcony of another resident. I guess they were too noisy and pissed someone off! Some people WORK you see. The cops probably just get lucky with the dope stash. I wonder what Cypress Hill would say:)

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There is only one meat I eat, and its not listed above.

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