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Posted in: Father of Japanese hostage reported killed still hopeful See in context

At first I pay my heartiest condolence to the hostages familys, the entire nation of Japan and across the world. This is a message to the ISIS or any terrorist groups who are active widely today. Please dont get hurt with my message if it is offended as this is only my opinion. My message is directly to the ISIS for two Japanese hostages whom they declared to kill them until the ransom of $ 200 is paid.

On this heinous news, I see a better path to give them lesson and understand the meaning of humanity. What will be best solution to stop or defeat the largest terrorist groups? I suggest to the Japan government or US, if any terrorist group like ISIS threaten to the world of killing two or three hostages for the ransom of like $ 200. Please allow them to kill. I guarantee that if the government say directly no and just allow them to kill. I am sure that terrorist groups like ISIS won`t kill any hostages but if the government is silent. The ISIS will take advantage of killing one person just to make the nation anger and outrage. And this is how the terrorists play politics. This big amount $ 200 will cost many 1000 innocent people life than two hostages. In addition, if the ISIS get this amount $ 200. They will buy more weapons and propagate their groups. If I were the hostage of ISIS, I would say to kill me because I have to die someday anywhere and this is the right time to die…saying the word may world be peace, beautiful and happy.

My last message to the fellow brothers and sisters please don`t risk your life to be one of terrorist hostages. Since the government is not responsible for every people life. I think those two Japanese hostages risk their own life and thus they are responsible to die in the hand of ISIS. May world be peace, beautiful and happy.

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