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I am so much disappointed by all that negative comments about Contract & Haken. I am a 34 yr-old Japanese female and I chose haken working style to improve my skills as well as to gain new experiences.

Myth 1 - I stayed with the previous company for 3 years as Executive Secretary on haken. The reason I left the company was because my boss went back home in England. There were many haken co-workers especially secretarial positions, and the longest haken staff was in her 6th year in the Procurement section of the company.

Myth 2 - I don't think so. Contract employment provides you with more options. You can improve your skill-set, gain knowledge and experiences in a new field to bring you up to the next step.

Myth 3 - Some jobs require high-skilled people, others are just OK with entry level. It really depends what kind of people company needs.

Myth 4 - This is again, it depends on what type of job you have. It is usually lower than permanent staff, however, you may expect your salary raise if you are committed to your job for a long-time. In my case, it was only '100yen' during my haken period though. (Ouch!)

Myth 5 - I was qualified for 'Social Insurance Scheme' which included 'Health Insurance', 'Unemployment Insurance' and 'Welfare Pension'. As Mr. Wahl says this is a mandatory if you work regular hours (over 30 hrs/wk). Also I was able to use welfare provisions at discount rates.

I appreciate my agent for finding me a job and their continuous support after starting my work. I believe Robert Walters does provide the same support and efforts. After total of 5 years of haken experience I became a permanent staff, and without the haken times I wouldn't have had this permanent opportunity.

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