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OssanAmerica comments

Posted in: Trump trial jurors finish first day of deliberations without a verdict See in context

Trump, to anyone with a three digit IQ and an objective view, is guilty as sin. But the real test here is how many of the appointed jurors are brainwashed Trump worshippers. From common citiizens to Court Judges this is what enables Trump's disgraceful behavior and agenda to destroy the rule of law and democracy for the sake of protecting his buttocks.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers want gov't to look into UFOs See in context

UAPs are a global phenomena. Immediate tracking and response can only be done on site. Japan most certainly needs to establish whether any UAPs are a threat to it's security. Intrusions into Japanese airspace are challenged by the JASDF, not the USAF.

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Posted in: Macron urges a green light for Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia with Western weapons See in context

Ukraine should not have been limited to start with. The NATO nations showed fear in the face of Putin's bluster. All it did was encourage him and prolong the war. This is how aggressors behave.

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Posted in: Asia security may be at risk if Japan-S Korea ties sour again See in context

Suzerainty is "control over another country". Recognizing the sovereignty of that country is giving up that suzerainty. The Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895) used western terms as all diplomatic documents with foreign governments after the Meiji Restoration (1868),

What Japan did to Korea during 35 years of colonial rule was nothing. India was a British colony for 89 years. Indonesia was a Dutch colony for 125 years. And if you want to see what "Brutal" really means, see what Belgium did to their Congolese colonial subjects during their 52 years of control.


As many as 10 million people are estimated to have died in Congo from killings, famine and disease between 1885 and 1908 after Belgian's King Leopold II declared the vast territory his personal property.

-Severed hands became the infamous symbol of the colonial state where officials brutally maimed those failing to deliver harvest quotas.


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Posted in: Asia security may be at risk if Japan-S Korea ties sour again See in context

Agent_NeoMay 28  11:50 pm JST


Whenever I write this, it gets deleted, but Koreans always claim that the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty is illegal, but unfortunately no flaws under international law have ever been found.

Despite this, it is clearly strange to write that Japan was colonized even in textbooks.

There is considerable overlap in what defines Annexation and Colonization, with the former having emphasis on the legal manner of implementation. In the case of Korea in 1910, I don't consider that difference to be very significant. Under Japanese annexation, many aspects of colonization were implemented, such as the application of Japanese laws, the immigration of Japanese to Korea. But the reverse is true in that because Korea was annexed and Koreans were given Japanese citizenship a great many emmigrated to Japan where there were better economic opportunities.

What is wrong however, is the frequnt use of the term "Invaded" to describe the annexation. There was no invasion, no war or battles between Japan and Korea leading up to the annexation. Which in itself could not have happened without some Koreans supporting it while some Koreans were against it. Those who supported it comprised mostly of the wealthy who saw economic opportunity, those who saw it as away to modernize Korea and those who preferred it over Chinese domination. But all these Koreans hacve become disowned as "collaborators" under the present Korean narrative.

Moreover, despite the harsh plunder by the Japanese military, the population has doubled in the 35 years of Japanese rule. I'd like to hear how you explain this contradiction.

It is very simple. Under Korean anti-JPN education, the benefits that were gained by Korea under the annexation are completely ignored or denied, while only the negative aspects are stressed.

Despite being under the control of Japan for 35 years, as you correctly point out, the lifespan of the average Korean increased, through better hygene, nutrition, medical care all brought about by Japan building roads, rails, hospitals, schools, etc. In other words, Japan did to Korea what they themselves had done just 50 years earlier. Until the annexation girls in Korea were not even permitted to go to school. Korea was a backwards underdeveloped country bound by Confucian principles existing for thousnds of years in the shadow of the Chinese dynasties. It was Japan which forced the Qing Dynasty to recognize Korea's sovereignty after defeating them in the 1894/95 Sino-Japanese War.

These are just some of the historical facts that some Koreans ignore or deny, while stressing the harm the annexation caused to Korea.

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Posted in: Japan constructs world's 1st wooden satellite See in context

browny1Today  08:50 am JST

But the overall durability of a wooden structure in space is perhaps of paramount concern.

Scaled up to a large modern/future working satellite with large areas of exposed wood, the question is how long will it last?

How long do you think wood lasts in an environment with no oxygen, no wind, no water no life forms, all the things that cause wood to wear and rot on Earth?

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Posted in: N Korea condemns denuclearization discussion at S Korea-Japan-China summit See in context

I think North Korea is just feeling left and angry that it wasn't invited to the meeting.

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Posted in: N Korean rocket carrying its 2nd spy satellite explodes in mid-air See in context

elephant200Today  12:36 pm JST

The Kim regieme. Bad for the world.

Please do not regard the whole world agrees with America's agree. Not all the countries in this world agree with your state department rhetorics.

So you believe that a cult worship dictatorship based soleley on blood line is "good"?

You believe that a country that is poor as dirt should spend all of it's money on weapon after weapon when their citizens are starving is "good"?

You believe that a country that engages in the counterfeiting other nations' currencies, producing and exporting illegal drugs, hacking into and stealing money from overseas bank accounts are all "good"?

You belive that a police state where people get incarcerated for such crimes as "listening to Kpop" is "good"?

If you do, I'd say you deserve to live there. Nobody needs the US State Department or anyone else to tell them whats good and what's bad.

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Posted in: Asia security may be at risk if Japan-S Korea ties sour again See in context

Agent_NeoToday  07:13 pm JST

In the first place, it is correct that Korea did not become a Japanese colony, but was annexed by treaty and became a part of Japan. This was a fact acknowledged even by the United Nations at the time.

Are you aware that the United Nations was formed in 1945? Even it's predecessor the League of Nations was not founded until 1920. The annexation was in 1910.

However, the annexation of Korea in 1910 received no objection at the time from the United States inaccordance with the Tast-Katsura Agreement of 1905, or from the United Kingdom which maintained an alliance with Japan from 1902 until 1922.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Force conducts annual live fire drill See in context

JeffLeeToday  06:23 am JST

The manufacting industrial base of Japan was decimated. 

So what.

What that means in simple terms is that Japan could no longer produce the ammunition, weapons, etc to continue the war. They were already de facto defeated.

The IJA managed to get 800,000 armed soldiers deployed to Kyushu by mid 1945 with more on the way for what would have been possibly the bloodiest battle of all. With the same hunkering down tactics employed in the previous battles regardless of aerial or naval assets. But the atomic bombs quickly stopped that from happening.

Japan had no options left, it was either surrender or fight to the death. On the other hand, the U,S. had options. Operation Downfall which included Coronet and Olympic and Coronet which involved a land invasion. Without doubt it would have succeeded with very high casualties, both military and civilian. The US Navy in contrast advocated a full blockade and continued use of air power. This too would have succeeded, but both would have required time to bring Japan to surrender.

The USSR had shown in the European theater that if they are allowed to invade and occupy first, they would absorb that country into their union of Soviet satellites. Therefore a fast surrender by, and occupation of Japan was of the highest priority. As unfortunate as it was, the A-bombs were the only option that could achieve that aim.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Force conducts annual live fire drill See in context

JeffLeeToday  06:23 am JST

 Nuanced meanings of Hondo are not relevant.

Yeah, they are. There is a modern technical and official definition, and there are the older spiritual ones, which ran a lot deeper in the Japanese mindset at the time, especially in a time of war, which is what we're talking about. 

Total nonsense. We are talking about whether Okinawa is or isn't considered part of the Japanese mainland (本土)

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Posted in: N Korean rocket carrying its 2nd spy satellite explodes in mid-air See in context

The Kim Regime. Bad for the world. Bad for the North Korean people.

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Posted in: Asia security may be at risk if Japan-S Korea ties sour again See in context

The future of SK/JPN relations depends mostly on the South Korean public's willingness and ability to recognize the benefits of being allied with Japan. The past few decades of rampant anti-Japan education and politics has produced nothing but ill will with nothing of constructive value to show for it. There will always remain a minority in South Korea who make anything Anti-JPN their raison d'etre, but there are also plenty of South Koreans who have a favorable view of Japan.

"The number of Korean visitors to Japan last month reached more than 661,200, a record high in April, as Korea cemented its position as the top source of foreign tourists to Japan."


This is not new. South Korean visitor numbers to Jaopan have always been high, excluding only the Covid years.


The drawbacks to the South Korean claims and disputes over past historical events going back to WWII, is that because they are over 80 years old, substantiation and renumeration become difficult. Consequently they have become "emotion driven" fueling hatred and bias to make up for that shortage. But more importantly they diminish the liklihood of of resolving current existing disputes which are far more important to both South Korea and Japan today,

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Posted in: High-profile opposition figure Renho to run for Tokyo governor See in context

quercetumToday  11:07 pm JST

Competent woman. Will a Taiwanese father seal her fate or are the Japanese open minded enough?

That would be a bigger problem in China, than in Japan.

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Posted in: North Korea informs Japan of satellite launch plan See in context

WA4TKGToday  05:08 pm JST

This is true, they aren’t required to inform Japan of anything.

Strange they bothered to THIS time

North Korea warned Japan prior to launches in 2012 and 2017. It's not new.

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Posted in: 10 tattoo-friendly onsen in Kansai See in context

Agent_NeoToday  08:41 pm JST

I think it's okay to admit foreigners' tattoos when taking a bath.

Many Japanese people who complain about this are probably anti-social people.

Don't you find that idea discriminatory? Either anyone with tattoos can enter, or they can't. Everyone needs to be treated equally.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Force conducts annual live fire drill See in context

JeffLeeToday  06:56 pm JST

…only for geographical purposes.

Um, no. The connotation of “Hondo” goes well beyond “geography” : Here are the main definitions from GooKokugoJiten: “The main territory of a country. Refers to vassal states, remote islands, etc.” “The country where one was born and raised. One's home country. "Return to" “Buddha's Land. Pure Land.” And Okinawa wasn't part of it.

Um no. Sorry but you are wrong. Nuanced meanings of Hondo are not relevant.

"国土交通省による日本の14地域区分の1つである沖縄は、沖縄県1県のみから成る。 なお、「九州地方」の一部または「九州・沖縄地方」と呼ぶ場合もある(「九州#近現代の「九州」」を参照)。 国土交通省は、「沖縄本島」を、「本土」5島の一つとしている"

Please Read the last sentence and learn something.


Every Japanese source states that Okinawa is included as 本土.

So why were 800,000 soldiers deployed to Kyushu and digging in the summer of 1945? For a hymn gathering? The IJA’s strategy at that point didn’t rely on “air defenses,” but rather digging in and bogging down the enemy with small arms and drawing enough blood that they would quit.

Because the Army was adamant that soldiers should commit 玉砕. With absolutely no air defense and 67 cities already heavily bombed by Curtis LeMay, US aircraft had total unchallenged air superiority. The manufacting industrial base of Japan was decimated. Add to that the lack of oil, metal and other crucial materials, Japan could have been brought to surrender with a blockade. But with Soviet intentions clear in the European Theater, the U.S. could not risk waiting and allowing a Soviet entry into Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida conveys concern to Li about China military activities See in context

If Taiwan is "part of China" then why hasn't the Chinese PLA countered what could only be called an invasion from China's point of view?

"Taiwan Acknowledges Presence of U.S. Troops on Outlying Islands"


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Posted in: Kishida conveys concern to Li about China military activities See in context

bangerToday  10:35 am JST

US thinks world revolve around them....but it is not.

hint:Gaza genocide.

The U.S. is not an active participant in Gaza. Try to stay on topic.

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Posted in: Kishida conveys concern to Li about China military activities See in context

bangerToday  08:47 am JST


why does it sounds like almost every nation despise US and victim on war-mongers in US?

They don't. You are believing a false narrative.

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran do not constitute "almost every country".

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Posted in: Kishida conveys concern to Li about China military activities See in context

The US remains the nation with he largest military in the world. But the majority of nations on the planet are not concerned because the U.S. does not use it's force to bully and intimidate other countries for the purpose of it's own territorial expansion.

China does. And Russia is certainly doing it now.

Most nations see the US military force as protection from aggression from autocracies. The U.S. seeks alliances, not domination.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Force conducts annual live fire drill See in context

JeffLeeToday  06:14 am JST


The US invaded.

Not really. They only got as far as Okinawa, which the Japanese government did not view as "mainland Japan" (本土) and used the Ryukyuan islands as a shield from the mainland. The US govt certainly did not want a mainland invasion (本土決戦) . That's why they used the atomic bombs.

Okinawa became a Prefecture of Japan in 1879. The Southern Kuriles in 1855. Designating them apart from 本土 is onl;y for geographical purposes.

The use of the A-Bombs was not strategicaly necessary since Japan was effectively defeated with absolutely no air defense left. A blockade could have brought them to submission. But it was necesssary to secure and occupy Japan asap before the Soviets invaded the main islands.

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Posted in: Kishida conveys concern to Li about China military activities See in context

If it were not for China's massive military build up which dwarfs that of other neighbors combined with their unilateral aggressive territorial behavior in blatant disregard of International laws and rulings, Japan would still have no reason to build up it's military.

Just about every nation in the region is a potential victim of China's expansionist greed and should use every opportunity to openly speak out against it.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea to work together on tackling global issues See in context

Not going to solve world problems, but a very significant example of Japan-South Korea relations having moved beyond that of the last few decades. While a minority of South Koreans who have been raised under anti-Japan education continue, the nation of South Korea has politically and diplomatically ended being a de facto puppet of North Korea and it's backer China.

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Posted in: Kishida arrives in Seoul for summit with S Korea, China leaders See in context

Circumstances in 2024 are entirely different from the last 3-way meeting in 2019. I don't see how China is going to get any positive results considering it's current position on so many issues.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Force conducts annual live fire drill See in context

WoodyLeeToday  07:16 pm JST

Stop the Panic, No one is going invade Japan, Never happened, never will.

Leaving aside the two Mongol (with Korean and Chinese) invasions in the 1200s, the U.S. invaded Okinawa and the USSR invaded the Southern Kuriles in WWII.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Force conducts annual live fire drill See in context

Peter14Today  05:32 pm JST

All units and people in Infantry, armoured, artillery, missle and other front line fighting units should be conducting multiple live firing exercises each year, not just one annual demonstration with a fraction of the soldiers participating.

The JGSDF carries out numerous live fire exercises each year in different parts of Japan, as well as exercises together with US Forces and other allies. The annual one in Shizuoka is just one that is open to the public to view.

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Posted in: Japan to join large-scale U.S. Pacific military exercise in June See in context

Correction - 中國 is "China".

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Posted in: Japan to join large-scale U.S. Pacific military exercise in June See in context

deanzaZZRToday  11:08 am JST

中華民國 - Republic of China

中華人民共和國 - People's Republic of China

中華 - China

No, 中国 is China. 中華 is Chinese.

I do find it illuminating that the USA has a one China policy and does not have a two Chinas or a one China one Taiwan policy.

What's so illuminating? The U.S. recognizes the "One China Policy" but does not, and has never recognized China's claim to sovereighnty over Taiwan.

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Posted in: Japan on alert for unseasonal swarm of stink bugs that feed on fruit See in context

Stink bugs are really not hard to kill. They will die with normal insecticide or a home made soapy and water spray. The hard part is that whatever you do, it must be done quickly, and that usually there are just so many of them. I use to put a jar up cloed to them and they's jump in. Gather a bunch and put the killing liquid into the jar.

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