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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context

The term "must" is riiculous. "Shoud" is fine provided the world has gotten COVID19 under control by then to be even able to participate.

Kitchener LeslieToday  07:05 am JST

“Japan has not seen an explosive coronavirus outbreak as suffered in some other places”

Such BS. Japan’s rate of testing for the virus is pathetic.

Look at their death numbers. And ICU capacities. Sure increased testing will raise case numbers, but that's meaningless. There is still no established treatment if a person tests positive.

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Posted in: Half million Hong Kong people vote in pro-democracy primaries See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  12:31 pm JST

America is in a covert war with China and the poor residents of Hong Kong are the victims. Beware Taiwan...

It is China that has been in a covert war against the United States since about 2002. The poor residents are purely victims of the Chinese dictatorship. Has nothing to do with the U.S.

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Posted in: Abe visits rain-hit Kumamoto to assess damage See in context

kurisupisuToday  09:06 pm JST

Hundreds of infections in Japanese hospitals and nursing homes-that is doing a good job?

Shutting down the economy and people can’t pay their rents and buy food?

Definitely a bad job!

Not compared to many many other countries.

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Posted in: Japan may still build Aegis Ashore despite reports of cancellation See in context

Toasted HereticToday  12:04 pm JST

Pre-emptive strikes aren't defence.

Keep Japan safe from the warmongers - stay pacifist and dialogue. Always dialogue.

So if some country announces that they are going to nuke Tokyo and US satellite intel says they are going to launch in the next 24 hours, Japan must wait until millions of people are dead before they can do anything?

Please feel free to go talk to the war mongers in China and North Korea. I'm sure dialogue will be productive.

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Posted in: National Ainu museum opens in Hokkaido after COVID-19 delay See in context

zichiJuly 12  07:26 pm JST

The Ainu culture was almost wiped out.

A "culture" based entirely on subsistence gathering, living entirely off the land is incongruous with modern civilization and development. Another major factor is that aboriginal peoples often do not have a written language, which would serve to preseve the culture.

The same can be said for every indigenous aboriginal people, be it the United States, Canada, Brazil and basically all of South and Central America, Australia, New Zealand, etc etc.

If one wants to argue that the Ainu culture was almost wiped out, they should look further back to to the expansion of the Yamato people northward, the conquest, subjugation and absoroption of the Emishi on Honshu which took place for centuries before Hokkaido became part of Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. State Department OKs possible $23 bil sale of F-35s to Japan See in context

Ken WyattJuly 11  10:07 pm JST

It's beggar's belief how clueless so many commentators seem to be about China's increasingly aggressiveness towards its neighbours.

They'not clueless. They know exactly what they're doing.

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Posted in: U.S. State Department OKs possible $23 bil sale of F-35s to Japan See in context

Richard GallagherToday  07:18 pm JST

China would crush and obliterate Japan.

China is only more powerful in an all-out war, in which case China would also be obliterated in accordance with Article 5 of the US-JPN Mutual Defense Treaty. The JSDF are fully capable of resisting any limited conventional engagement with China.

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Posted in: Kim's sister says no need for another U.S.-N Korea summit See in context

I wish they'd use a different more flattering photo of her. This one gives me the creeps.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

Joe MuellerToday  03:57 am JST

Japan is in a bind.

First. it has no allies, other than the US, but the US is more and more getting out of projecting its influence.

Other than UK, France, Germany ,Canada, rest of NATO, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

Second, concerning human rights and transparency, its record is not much better than China's.

Japan should have made friends with neighbors, but now it is too late perhaps.

No it's considerably better than the Chinese dictatorship. How many minorities in Japan are locked up in re-education camps and used as forced labor? Please take your silly CCP wumao propaganda elsewhere.

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Posted in: Abe, Australian PM discuss China, Hong Kong in virtual summit See in context

Hong Kong is physically indefensible from complete Chinese takeover. Sorry to say this but everyone who does not want to live under a dictatorship needs to get out as soon as they can. The democratic nations can only go so far in extending help.

Taiwan on the other hand is defensible. And I think the writing is on the wall that China will be living up to it's threat of taking it by force. Taiwan needs to declare sovereingty, forget the "Republic of China" stuff which is now history and control of the Chinese mainland an impossiblity. Rename the island as the Republic of Taiwan and apply for United Nations membership. They would get a standing ovation and the support of every country both democratic and otherwise. Except for China and whatever banana republics are on their payroll.

It mat be too late to save the people of Hong Kong, but not too late to save Taiwan.

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Posted in: Sculpture of U.S. first lady Melania Trump set on fire in Slovenia See in context

BigYenToday  02:08 pm JST

Just had a look at a photo of the "statue".

Not sure now whether it was set on fire for political or for aesthetic reasons. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Melania set it on fire herself.


Umm..is that photo BEFORE or AFTER they destroyed it?

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Posted in: Pompeo denounces Chinese aggression toward India See in context

The US pushed India into the Soviet Camp back when Nixon foolishly supported Pakistan over India when they went to war. As a result to this day Russisa has a foot in the door. The US needs to expedite a security Treaty with India, with a goal of aligning ANZAC, ASEAN nations, Japan, Phillipines, etc as well as EU to stop China's expansion and dominance agenda. And this goes beyond the Nov 2020 election, Whoever is in office of POTUS after Jan 2021 needs to push this through.

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Posted in: Harvard, MIT sue to block ICE rule on international students See in context

Bob FosseToday  07:38 am JST

When foreigners attend our great colleges & want to stay in the U.S., they should not be thrown out of our country.

Agree 100%.....IF they wanr to stay in the U.S.


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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

ReasonandWisdomNipponToday  06:21 am JST

If you corner the CCP they might be even more violent in their decision making. Talks and leaders meeting is one of the most important thing they can do.

China is already acting agressively towards other nations geopolitically using their economic power. They aren't exactly "cornered" now. Xi Jing Ping promised then US presidemt Obama that China would not "militarize"the South China Sea islands. Six months later they were militarizing them. Talks are valuable between parties who have credibility.

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Posted in: European Parliament urges Japan to revamp child custody rules See in context

TrevorPeaceToday  06:51 am JST

And of course the Japanese government will pay attention to that. Phewy!

Maybe yes, maybe no. But the same European Parliament also passed a resolution urging Russia to return the four Southern Kurile islands to Japan. And we all know how far that went.

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Posted in: U.S. says Ghosn wired $862,500 to man who helped him flee Japan See in context

"Neither is a risk of flight and there are undoubtedly conditions under which they can be released," the lawyers wrote."

The lawyer may have as well as called the Judge an idiot. These guys specialize in "flight" as a profession.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

If Hong Kong and China's general beligerent behavior isn't enough, their current antics around the Senkakus should be. Don't invite this dictator Xi to Japan.

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Posted in: China detains professor who criticised Xi over coronavirus See in context

The CPP is a truly ugly regime.

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Posted in: U.S. says foreign students whose classes move online cannot stay See in context

"If not, they may face immigration consequences including, but not limited to, the initiation of removal proceedings."

The students are victims of COVID19. The school's policy is beyond their control. Once they are removed from the US by renmoval proceedings they will not be elligible for another visa for years.

The only good thing is that it will put a major dent in the Chinese Sea Turtles. Other than that, it hurts everybody else from every other country. But this Trump administration has never been able to clearly separate friends and enemies so I guess it's par for the course.

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Posted in: U.S. deputy secretary of state to visit Japan this week See in context

AkieToday  07:07 am JST

There is no legal basis for Japan to be involved in Hong Kong issues, unfortunately.

So you are personally against individual freedom and human rights?

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest with China over ships near disputed islets See in context

Hiro S NobumasaJuly 5  02:09 pm JST

OssanAmericaToday  11:23 am JST

*That can only happen after Taiwan declares itself a sovereign nation!*

Otherwise it would be just handing them to China. Duh!

Dakine ROC-TW is already a sovereign nation .

Then Taiwan needs to apply to join the United Nations. Even if China objects. Until then your self proclaimed "sovereinty" will not be recognized.

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Posted in: Iran confirms damaged nuclear site was centrifuge facility See in context

*I suspect Israel. At any other time I might even have suspected US.

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Posted in: Chinese ships make another lengthy intrusion into Japanese waters See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  01:41 pm JST

Historically they are Chinese. Japan got them as a gift from America.

Wrong. Even into the early 1960s Chinese (PRC) maps showed them to be Japanese. Japan incorporated them in 1895 as Terra Nullius and China under the Qing, ROC, PRC ever raised a claim. It was only after Taiwan raised a claim in 1970 for fishiing rights that China(PRC) took over the claim. Despite Chinese arguments of "historical ownership", a ploy they use everywhere to steal territory, no evidence or records of human habitation on the Senkakus exists other than a Japanese fish factory.

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Posted in: China accuses Canada of meddling over Hong Kong law See in context

Never fails to disappoint. Fascist China needs to be stopped. Taiwan needs to declare sovereignty before they get swallowed up.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest with China over ships near disputed islets See in context

Hiro S NobumasaToday  01:49 am JST

Next step is for Tokyo to return the isles to rightful owner and former colony Taiwan!

That can only happen after Taiwan declares itself a sovereign nation!

Otherwise it would be just handing them to China. Duh!

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest with China over ships near disputed islets See in context

The argument that Ishihara or that the J-govt "nationalized" two of the islands as a cause for the dispute is total nonsense and nothing more than CCP propaganda to incite domestic anti-JP sentment and nationalist fervor over the Senkakus.

The two islands which were "nationalized" were purchased by the J-govt from their Japanese Owners. So they went from Japanese ownership to Japanese ownership. Furthermore, of the 5 islands in question, one was already owned by the J-govt.

Yet the Chinese govt gave their people the impression that Japan had "invaded" one of their islands.

The wumaos here swallow the CCP nonsense and keep parroting it.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest with China over ships near disputed islets See in context

Richard BurganToday  04:52 pm JST

Some enterprising Japanese Nationalist Group should set up a Chinese Car Dealership on one of the islands. China needs the business and wouldn't dare attack one of their own car dealers.

The existence of a "Chinese car dealership" on the island would support their argument for De Facto control and boost their claim of ownership.

Besides, they would not hestitate to attack one of their own car dealers. The primary objective of the CCP is to protect it's own existence and power. Chinese citizens, business entities come way behind.

Japan needs to build a JSCG or JMSDF station on these islands. Like 10 years ago.

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Posted in: North Korea says it has no plans for talks with U.S. See in context

rgcivilian1Today  04:09 pm JST

Trump has in his 4 year term totally destroyed US policy towards North Korea in effect since 1951, through muliple Presidents and administrations, and granted Kim global recognition for absolutely nothing in return.

RE: neither did any of the past administrations or Presidents.

No previous US President legitimized the Kim administration by meeting with a DPRK leader. This was one of the goals openly stated by the Kim regime for generations, and every US adnminstration up till now has refused.

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Posted in: Japan formally asks U.S. to extradite men accused of helping Ghosn flee See in context

macvToday  11:24 am JST

Japan has well documented history of not honoring USA or other nations court rulings, I don't see why they should recognize Japan's.

Nonsense. Foreign Court Judgements are enforcable in Japan based on Comity and have been for decades.


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Posted in: Pilots on trial in Turkey over Ghosn escape released from jail See in context

Brian WhewayToday  04:07 pm JST

I think that Turkey and a few other countries are just going through the motions to show Japan that something is being done.

LOL. You give Japan way more importance than it actually holds. Every country is prosecuting within their own jurisdictions based on their own laws.

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