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Samit BasuToday  09:23 am JST


The Abe administration is trying to change the second paragraph of Article 9, which contradicts the existence of the JSDF. 

The Article 9 doesn't contradict with the existence of the JSDF, which is technically an armed police whose members are civilian public servants.

Wrong. The predecessor to the JSDF was originally formed as an extension of the National Police Agency in 1950 as the National Police Reserve. But since 1954 the JSDF has existed under the control of the Defense Agency, then later to the Ministry of Defense. While JSDF members are public servants, they have no law enforcement authority in Japan. The second paragraph of Article 9 is a contradiction because the JSDF " ranked as the world's fifth most-powerful military in conventional capabilities in a Credit Suisse report in 2015 and it has the world's eighth-largest military budget." while the first sentence reads " In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. ".

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Posted in: Japan to develop air-to-ship long-range cruise missiles See in context

Sh1mon M4sadaToday  07:49 am JST

Therefore your comment (aka, we are no longer pacifist) is totally incorrect and very misleading. Japan is very much remaining pacifist

When was the last time any government make one change to achieve a longterm objective? Ever heard of salami slicing or boiling frog syndrome?

I think you underestimate democracy and what that entails for politicians.

It's one change to correct a contradiction in the existing constitution. Amendments to the constitution are common. In the U.S. since 1789 thirty-three amendments have been approved by the United States Congress. Twenty-seven of those have been approved by the states and are now part of the Constitution. Your "long term objective" is your own personal speculation.

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Sh1mon M4sadaToday  07:08 am JST

Hmmm, I wonder what is happening this week in the land of the rising sun, two front page stories: Japan wants to change its constitution (aka, we are no longer pacifist), and Japan wants to develop its own Air-to-Ground missiles.

The Abe administration is trying to change the second paragraph of Article 9, which contradicts the existence of the JSDF. The first paragraph that renounces war as a means to resolve diplomatic disputes is not being discussed for change,

Therefore your comment (aka, we are no longer pacifist) is totally incorrect and very misleading. Japan is very much remaining pacifist.

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Posted in: Abe renews commitment to constitutional reform See in context

Amending Article 9 to recognize the existence of the JSDF without changing anything else isn't going to bankrupt anyone, isn't going to start any wars and most certainly isn't going to send Japan back to it's Empire days. This doesn't change anything other than to recognize what has existed since 1950 and remove the obvious contradiction in the constitution.

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GoodlucktoyouMar. 10  08:25 am JST

But not China.

Of course not. China does not share "our respective visions of and efforts in the Indo-Pacific region."

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quercetumToday  03:00 am JST

People actually think Koreans wanted to be colonized? Keep it real folks.

Obviously some Koreans did. Unless you didn't read the article.

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Posted in: The enemy within: Shadow of Japanese colonial rule hangs over S Korea See in context

DisillusionedMar. 7 05:03 pm JST

There is a bit of information missing from this statement. "When the Seoul 'were forced to' sign a 1910 treaty....."

They were given a choice, but not the choice mentioned in the article. The choice was, sign it or face extinction at the hands of the Japanese imperial army. Korea did not have a strong military at the time and Japan just swept through the country killing thousands of people. This is what forced them to sign the treaty.

Please name the location and battles where the Japanese troops "swept through Korea killing thousands of people". There were no battles and no invasion of Korea in concluding the 1910 Treaty of Annexation. You are attempting to re-write history by fabrication.

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 "I wasn’t able to watch too much because I’ve been a little bit busy, but I think having a fake hearing like that and having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible thing."

So.,..I was watching a "fake hearing"?? What's a non-fake hearing? Every time I think this idiot couldn't possibly say anything more stupid he always proves me wrong. Come on Democrats Republicans Media..and all just plain normal intelligent people let's get this moron out of the White House and MAGA!

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Posted in: Swastikas and statues: Southeast Asia's fixation with Nazi iconography See in context

Who is the women in the photo with that round thing on her head? And how does that relate to this article?

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Posted in: Taiwan, Japan to discuss orderly fishing near Senkaku isles next week See in context

Taiwan is the country that originally had a claim to the Senkakus because of the fisheries. China usurped their claim on the grounds that "Taiwan is a rogue Chinese province" and advanced their own claim for strategic purposes. Taiwan and Japan are able to work together while China can not.

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Posted in: Russia calls U.S.-Japan alliance impediment to peace treaty talks See in context

Vlad is going to have to learn to "live with the outcome of WWII".

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Posted in: U.S. Navy ships pass through strategic Taiwan Strait, riling China See in context

"We resolutely oppose the United States taking provocative actions which are not conducive to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait," 

The US presence conducting legal navigation in International Waters between China and Taiwan sends a clear message to China that they should not consider taking Taiwan with military force. Therefore, the passage of USN vessels is conducive to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

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Posted in: Trump says he won't rush N Korea on denuclearization; peace deal possible See in context

I love this photograph. That's the way I'd like to remember this presidency.

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Posted in: After Putin's warning, Russian TV lists nuclear targets in U.S. See in context

The targets included the Pentagon and the presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland.

But not Mar-a-Lago?

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Posted in: List of Japanese female POWs held in Soviet labor camps after World War II discovered See in context

Burning BushToday  07:34 am JST

The USSR reluctantly declared war against Japan because the US and UK demanded that they do, and Russia didn't want to renege on the treaty it agreed to at Yalta.

THe USSR wanted to take Manchuria and hopefully Hokkaido or more as part of the immediate post WWII Soviet global land grab. They didn't invade the four Southern Kurile Islands after Japan declared surrender with any "reluctance".

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Posted in: North Korean leader's train arrives in China: reports See in context

"China wants North Korea to make some steps to denuclearise as much as anyone else."

Yea right. NK wouldn't have achieved nuclear capability without China protecting it from UN sanctions for decades.

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. security talks to be arranged without waiting for new Pentagon chief See in context

Wonderful. Biggest military power in the world. And we don't have a Secretary of Defense. What an administration.

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Posted in: Japan steps up claim to S Korea-held islets at 'Takeshima Day' event amid tensions See in context

Since both sides have contradicting positions and alleged evidence to back their claims, the only rational solution (among civilized nations) would be to take the matter before the International Court of Justice and let the Court decide.

However, Japan has requested to settle this dispute THREE TIMES, and each time South Korea has refused.

And South Korea has unilaterally occupied the Liancourt Rocks. These facts say all about South Korea as a nation and their position on this dispute.

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Posted in: Venezuelan troops open fire near border, killing 2 as aid standoff intensifies See in context

Civil War waiting to happen. Russia and China backed Maduro, US and Allies backed Guaido. Has he potential for US military intervention since there's no way we will allow Russia or China to settle in militarily at our doorstep. Going from a Vietnam scenario to a Cuban one fast.

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Posted in: Bones from 500 people found at Tokyo skeletal model company See in context

India no longer exports human bones. Neither does China.

"For a while, China took over India’s role as global bone merchant, but they also banned exports in 2008."


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Posted in: Japanese space probe lands on asteroid 300 million kilometers from Earth See in context

A big applause to Japan and the people at JAXA. This is really remarkable. Hoping for further success throughout the mission.

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Posted in: Warren backs reparations for black Americans affected by slavery See in context

..supports the federal government issuing reparations to black Americans who were economically affected by slavery, she said on Thursday.

I am wondering how the government is going to be able to discern and document those black Americans who fall into this category. Or is this to cover every legally "black" person in the United States? I think it's a poor idea, as do many intelligent educated black Americans. I suppose the ones who are not, and harbor the view that they are "entitled" to something will back this completely. Thanks Liz, either you're making a blatant grab for all the "black votes" in the country or you're a nutbag.

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Posted in: Actor Smollett staged 'hate crime' hoax to advance career: Chicago police See in context

What a POS. I guess he couldn't care less about the real victims of such crimes. And his motive was dissatisfaction with his salary. Pretty self centered.

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Posted in: Trump likely to visit Japan in May, return for G20 in June See in context

As one who is anti-Trump I can understand most of these comments. I do wish we had an President who was not an embarrassment. But that Trump as POTUS was invited to meet the current Emperor Akihito before, and now may meet the new incoming Emperor Naruhito not only solidifies the importance of the US-JPN alliance, but also sends a message to some idiot SK lawmakers who are trying to drag the Emperor into SK's anti-JPN fanaticism nonsense.

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Posted in: Number of foreign visitors to Japan rises 7.5% to 2.69 mil in January See in context

This is all good for the people, both Japanese and foreign visitors. But I'm annoyed that every place I want to stay is all booked. lol

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Posted in: Kim must make 'meaningful' gesture to see sanctions ease: Trump See in context

This is going to be interesting. China and Russia obviously don't support the sanctions but that's to be expected. But now Moon is under extreme pressure from domestic South Korean business interests to ease the sanctions.

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Posted in: Moscow ready to cut time for nuclear strike on U.S. if necessary: Putin See in context

Putin did not confirm how, technically, Russia would deploy missiles with a shorter strike time. Possible options include deploying them on the soil of an ally near U.S. territory,....

Like.....Venezuela maybe?

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Posted in: IS teen 'shocked' after UK revokes her citizenship See in context

We all make decisions and must take responsibility for the consequences. Being young, stupid or naive does not offer any exception to this rule.

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Posted in: Abe urged to ensure Trump-Kim talks help resolve N Korean abductions See in context

robotxpartyToday  02:31 pm JST

Sad to say, but those people are long since gone. You should have done something years and years ago when the abductions first happened.

That argument is no longer is valid.


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Posted in: Japanese fighter crashes in Sea of Japan; 2 crew rescued See in context

Good news both pilots are safe. Accidents happen. Hats off to the JSDF S&R.

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