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Moon is a left wing North Korean sympathizer. He has done everything that Kim wants. For decades every US President has refused to meet Kim (I II or III) but Moon saw an opportunity to give North Korea what they wanted in an idiotic egotistical Trump. So now that Kim has been raised to the level of meeting a US President, what has he done in terms of what the US wants? Nothing. Now Kim has turned his focus on destroying the US-JPN-SK military alliance. I have no doubt that under Moon, South Korea has turned, and behind Kim Jong Un is Xi Jing Ping...

Time to pull our troops out of South Korea....now before it's too late.

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japan4lifeToday  12:06 am JST

The U.S. Marines contribute very little to the defense of Japan or S.K. 

Spoken like a true military expert. LOL

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Japan's NK missile detection relies upon it's Aegis fleet in the of Japan. (Not the stupid "East Sea" which could be anywhere on this or other planet). SK's relies on land based radars. To date, Japan's system has been more accurate, and South Korea loses more. Not just in terms of accuracy, but now SK will have to rely solely on the information US provides. And rest assured that the US-JPN alliance holds a higher priority than US-SK.

Especially since it is evident that SK is leaving the US camp by unilaterally disrupting the 3-way alliance. The left wing South Koreans who worship North Korea can go join their Northern brothers. The US doesn't need to spend money or manpower defending such a pathetic country where reneging and betrayal seems to be a national trait.

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NK continues to test fire short range low altitude missiles. And SK terminates GSOMIA.......LOLOLOLOL!!

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The United States has made slow but distinct strides to eliminate racism and bigotry since the 1960s. And now this idiot in chief has managed to undo everything that we have accomplished. He has the mental maturity of a 12 year old and as POTUS he has let bigotry become acceptable.

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Looks like Trump's love letters aren't working. Big surprise...

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Japan is part of the US-JPN-SK strategic alliance, upon which SK relies for it's security. To refuse to renew the GSOMIA is tantamount to setting yourself on fire in protest.

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Berger stressed that Japan and Korea have common interests despite their differences, such as the threat posed by China and pursuing stability in Asia.

By all means please go to South Korea General and stress this point to them. They seem to think that hating Japan, an allied nation, is somehow more important.

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Another total waste of time.

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IloveCoffeeToday  07:27 am JST

I also find it repugnant that some business manager in Japan would complain about SK wanting to make peace with their other half

South Korea isn't trying to make peace. If they did, they would undo the damage they have done to SK-JPN relations from the reversed irreversible 2015 CW Agreement to accepting the Arbitration clause in the 1965 Treaty. Moon caused all this damage and what has he done to regain Japan's trust? He has gone to the WTO, the U.S. the U.N., and whipped the SK people into a hate-fervor. Now he talks about "making peace"? He needs to undo everything he has done.

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South Korea needs to do a lot more than just toning down the rhetoric if it has any desire to regain Japan's trust. Let's start with "irreversible" Agreements that SK has reversed. Then they can conduct themselves honorably and agree to Aribitration as per the 1965 Treaty. Which in turn will determine the validity of the SK Court's ruling against Japanese corporations.

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Posted in: 57% oppose sending SDF to Middle East: survey See in context

juminRheeToday  07:22 pm JST

SELF defence force. It's in the name. Is the middle east in Japan?

Doesn't matter where the location is. The "SELF" refers to individuals and property that are Japanese. Merchant vessels under Japanese flag and/or under Japanese control fall into that category no matter where they may be.

mmwkdwToday  10:15 pm JST

Well, whatever comments we write here, the Japanese Voting population won't read. They voted for Abe, and one of Abe's Policies is to renounce Article 9:

Abe's policy is to renounce the Second Paragraph of Article 9, which states that Japan can not have a military force. This is in contradiction with reality since Japan's SDF is already a sizable military force.

Abe has repeatedly stated that he does not advocate changing the First Paragraph of Article 9, wherein Japan denounces the use of war as a means of settling diplomatic disputes. In other words, the heart of the "Peace Constitution".

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Some posters equate China and the US as both being dictatorships. The difference is that in 1 year or 5, we can get rid of our current idiot leader. In China, Xi Jing Ping is the ruler for life, with no mechanism for the Chinese people to vote. Xi's policies, of military and territorial expansion, of taking Taiwan by force are not going to change through any change in administration. The world's eyes are on Hong Kong now.

China is a bully nation that uses it greater size and power to expand it;s control over smaller weaker neighbors. Whether one agrees or disagrees with US policy, it's the only country that can balance that threat. Hence, the US is welcomed by China's Asian neighbors.

China is simple replacing the US" would be fine if they were a democracy and not an un-elected one-party dictatorship. Many posters here denigrate the US, Japan, etc without fear of prosecution. In China one can not legally express opinions counter to that of the state. Only an idiot would support such a regime gaining more power and influence over more parts of this world. This is the hypocrisy of the Wumao crowd.

What should the US and Allied nations do about China's expansion? They already are. But more is needed. Open support for the people of Hong Kong, support for Taiwan independence, etc. The current US administration's position on China may be the only policy that makes any sense since they took over.

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Posted in: U.S. power waning in Pacific, warns top Australian think tank See in context

If the United States and allied nations do not heed this warning the time may come when it is too late to stop the most militarily and economically powerful dictatorship in the history of this planet.

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Posted in: 57% oppose sending SDF to Middle East: survey See in context

References to WWII are simply stupid. Japan today is nothing like the Japanese Empire with the military controlling the government. Not to mention the first paragraph of Article 9. Do some actual reading up on what Japan was like for the people through the 1930s and 40s. Shinzo Abe addressed a joint session of the US Congress and received a standing ovation. Only Chinese and Korean nationalists harp on Abe and WWII forever.


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Posted in: 57% oppose sending SDF to Middle East: survey See in context

Protecting Japanese interests (ships) is neither getting involved in a war nor taking sides in any argument. It would be taking action as a "self defense force". No particular country is taking credit for the recent attack on a Japanese vessel. Therefore the ships would be escorted to protect them from acts of terrorism and piracy. Not engage in any "war".

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Posted in: 57% oppose sending SDF to Middle East: survey See in context

43 to 57% is not a great wide margin. These 57% are the insulated "heiwa-boke" people who think that the nice lifestyle and amenities in Japan are free. No need for Japan to join any misdirected "coalition", but certainly if the JSDF exists to protect Japanese lives and property, the Japanese owned and controlled oil tankers need to be escorted. Their presence alone may deter any attacks.

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Posted in: N Korean officials cancel trip to Japan See in context

Looks to me like NK's way of telling SK they don't want to do a joint-Koreas thing next year,

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Posted in: U.S.'s North Korea envoy to visit Japan, S Korea next week See in context

Moon has started a war with Japan in every which way except actual military conflict, And he even came close to that too. The sheer stupidity of the Moon administration to think that any efforts to unite the Koreas, or to engage in a military conflict with NK can be done without Japan's cooperation and support is mind boggling.

While SK has a clear value to the US, mainly as a "tripwire", Moon's actions regarding THAAD and his war against Japan are resonating loud and clear to the United States. And perhaps that's what Moon ks aiming for, a complete withdrawl of US forces from SK to make Kim Jong Un happy. Trump has frequently twittered about removing US forces from SK to "save money".

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quercetumToday  06:52 am JST

Korea was divided after War World II. It wasn’t because of the Korean War that it split into two though there was a possibility of a united Korea via the UN Troops led by MacArthur.

This! The UN forces would have over run North Korea had it not been for China that sent 250,000 troops into the Korean Peninsula and pushed them down south again.

Yet this idiot SK college student blames Japan for the division of Korea.

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Posted in: Foreign ministers of China, Japan, S Korea to hold talks See in context

I don't think it's a waste of time for China who undoubtedly sees this as an opportunity for Chinese electronics companies to take over the markets dominated by Samsung and LG.

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Posted in: Danish MPs ridicule idea of Trump buying Greenland See in context

Sound wacky as hell....but if China is going to bid on it....we should too.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't plans to sell F-16 fighters to Taiwan See in context

Good. The U.S. should stand by Taiwan and support this tiny democracy in the face of the giant militant dictatorship threatening to gobble it up. All democratic nations should support Taiwan.

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rgcivilian1Today  07:40 am JST

Bad idea and bad move by Japan as it is going into a meeting 2 vs 1.

True to a great extent. On the other hand I don't think China would bat an eyelash at doing anything that benefits China at the expense of South Korea.

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They were only checking once per quarter?

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The South Korean foreign ministry expressed concern over Kono's reported remarks that Moon should"exert his leadership" to resolve the dispute, saying they were unhelpful for stable management of two-way ties.

Why be concerned South Korea? The comment is very helpful. Just do it. Moon made this mess, let him fix it.

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The sei whale meat if from 2018 and prior were taken during Scientific Whaling under permit in accordance with IWC Article V which states that the meat must be processed. So what CITIES is saying is in direct contradiction to the IWC regulations. If CITIES wants to claim that those North Pacific research whaling programs were "commercial" they can't just decide that on their own as they have no jurisdiction to make such a determination. They need to follow the example of Australia and litigate it at the ICJ as Australia did in 2014 to terminate the JARPA II Antarctic program. Otherwise, CITIES is simply saying to throw the meat away.

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This SK college student's lack of historical understanding really shows what biased revisionism taught in the SK school system can do.

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Seth MToday  10:20 am JST

No. the US troops will stay.

Only as long as we feel secure about their safety. If Moon is unwilling to swallow his pride and undo the mess he has created, it is "possible" that he may turn SK towards the Chinese sphere of influence. and if that happens Trump will be proclaiming how he "saved us money" by pulling US troops out of SK. On the other hand, the South Korean people may not agree and throw Moon's butt out on the street.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 projectiles into sea; says it won't sit down with S Korea for talks again See in context

Good going for the Moon. He put all his eggs in uniting the two Koreas and destroyed SK's relationship with Japan, threatened to destroy the US-JPN-SK alliance, and Kim wants nothing to do with him. How long will it take for this incompetent's approval ratings to hit the floor?

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