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Posted in: Hokkaido man arrested over attempted murder of woman in Tokyo hotel See in context

A sex worker. in her 50s....wow...

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Posted in: Australian nuclear subs will be banned from New Zealand waters: Ardern See in context

Thanks for that team spirit NZ. Your ships can be the only ones to "register" with China if they want to pass through the International Waters known as the South China Sea.

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

JapantimeToday  05:11 pm JST

I guess that only foreigners could be mistreated in an immigration center.

Gee, how many citizens of any country go through their immigration centers? And how many non-citizens who go through an immigreation center go "violent"?

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

bokudaToday  05:22 pm JST

Very nasty.

Detained was chained, in sensory deprivation, for 14 hours straight.

He was detained as an immigration violator. He was handcuffed, not chained. And being put into an isolated room is nothing like "sensory deprevation".

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Posted in: Australian nuclear subs will be banned from New Zealand waters: Ardern See in context

Arden should recognize that NZ security very much relies upon Australian security.

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

MableToday  12:33 pm JST

However, long-term foreign residents are aware of the dark side of this society. Discrimination, nationalism and feeling of superiority are often palpable in the interaction with us foreigners.

That's true of every country on this planet. Japan is probably way less than most Western nations and other Asian nations as well. At least you got to experience what most non-caucasian people feel in Western countries.

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

Fujii was left with his arms handcuffed behind his back for more than 14 hours on Dec 20, 2017, after he expressed dissatisfaction with his lunch and became violent.

Under the circumstances, behaving in any violent manner is going to have consequences. Honestly I don't have anywhere near the sympathy for him as I do for the Sri Lankan woman whom I suspect needlessly died while under Immigration's custody for which I firmly believe Immigration should be prosecuted.

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Posted in: GSDF troops begin nationwide drills for 1st time in 30 years See in context

Interesting that no one questions China's intent to invade Taiwan. Just a matter of exactly when.

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Posted in: Rival Koreas test missiles hours apart, raising tensions See in context

This kind of NK activity really isn't news anymore.

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Posted in: China urges Japan's PM candidates not to meddle in internal affairs See in context

Perhaps if China had not made Yasukuni visits a constant issue for years they might have had a point.

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Posted in: Biden, leaders of Australia, India, Japan to meet in person See in context

Other issues.......China.

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Posted in: Vietnam in same boat, says Japan defense minister amid China's rise See in context

Japan is not back in the "War Making" business. Paragraph 1 of article 9 prohibits that. And in fact they are not really "back" in anything. They have covertly been in the "War Supplying" business for some time.

Japan has supplied US with ammunition during the past decade to cover Iraq/Afghanistan shortages. Even in 1991 the cameras on the then-new "smart bombs" that brought Gulf War I to the TVs in American homes were Nikon. If anything is new it's that supplying military equipment can now be done in the open.

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Posted in: Vietnam in same boat, says Japan defense minister amid China's rise See in context

R. T.Today  07:18 am JST

We've been hearing about "China's rise" for many years.

China lied to the world about a "Peaceful Rise" for over a decade. The cat is now out of the bag and the world will not allow it.

The truth is, Japan is jealous of China because they're doing much better, economy wise, than Japan. Every few months we hear about another Japanese firm going bankrupt.You have lost, Japan. Admit it.

Countless Chinese have been and continue to leave China. In fact many of them "escape" to Japan. No democratioc country is jealous of China for the simple reason that the populace has no desire to live under an unelected totalitarian dictatorship. Admit it, China is the most hated country in Asia and working hard to make it the entire world. It's sad that you have such a complex towards Japan though.

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Posted in: Japan passes 50% fully vaccinated rate, nearing level of European nations See in context

Everyone I know in Japan has already been jabbed twice or at least once down to a 21 year old. Don't know about below that because I don't know anybody in that age bracket. Without doubt Japan got off the mark slow and well behind other developed nations. But no one can deny that now they are vaccinating at a fast pace. The higher the number of vaccinated people the less will be hospitalized. As for those still holding out for one inane reason or another, enjoy your ECMO experience. Let us know how it goes.

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Posted in: Japan, Vietnam sign defense tech transfer deal amid See in context

Sven AsaiToday  11:53 am JST

Dealing and making military or technology presents to communists (Japan-Vietnam) or Islamic terrorists (U.S.-Afghanistan) seems to be the completely new and contradicting Western defense doctrine. Some explanations, please!

The Enemy of my Enemy is....my Friend.

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Posted in: India, Australia call for global action in Afghanistan See in context

Well yes, all true....but.....

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Posted in: China pledges 3 million COVID vaccine shots to Vietnam See in context

In June 2021, Japam donated 1 million doses to Vietnam.


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Posted in: U.S. marks 20th anniversary of 9/11 See in context

I was in NYC that day. Now 20 years later looking back at it all, was US engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan succesful? If "success" means kept any further foreign terrorist attacks on US soil from happening after 9/11, then yes, I suppose it was. Was it worth the price? I'd be hard put to say it was. So many lives lost, Afghani civilians and troops, US troops, Allied nations' troops, all for such a long period.

Removing the Taliban completely was a pipe dream from the start. I'm not at all surprised at he present outcome. But the U.S. ending it's military involvement in Afghanstan is necessary, and frankly I think it took guts on the part of Pres Biden to go through with it. There is no way the US can confront the new challenges and threats posed by China and Russia, with one foot still stuck in the mud.

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

 administer third shots of coronavirus vaccine, potentially by the end of the year,

My understanding is that the third booster shot is to be done 8 months after the second shot. Assuming "end of the year" means December, how many people in Japan had completed their second shots by April 2021??

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Posted in: Kono announces bid to become next prime minister See in context

Pukey2Today  01:25 pm JST

At least he speaks fluent English. I think that's a pretty good start for the 3rd largest economy in the world.

Slow down for a minute. Let's take it one step at a time. Does he pronounce I.T. correctly or does he say itto? Can he tell the difference between 'How are you?' and 'Who are you?' ?

He graduated from a US University that you couldn't get into.

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan urge Japanese immigration center to fully disclose video See in context

Nonsense. The family should bring a suit immediately against the J-govt and Immigration Bureau, and demand the Court secure the full video under Shoko Hozon, on grounds that it may be destroyed or erased.

There is strong reason to suspect extreme negligence on the part of immigration leading to death. Immigration law violation is indeed a crime and there are protocols in place. Causing the unecessary death of the undocumented immmigrant is not one of them.

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Posted in: Biden calls Xi as U.S.-China relationship grows more tense See in context

Whatever Biden and Xi may have in common, it is dwarfed by the fact that Biden is an elected leader with a two term limit, whereas Xi Jing Ping is a unelected leader for life.

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Posted in: Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil leaders charged with subversion See in context

This is the face of the CCP. They run over Chinese civilians with tanks, try to erase the the entire event from history, and they prosecute Chinese civilians for memorializing those victims. Makes one wonder how there can be so many China supporters on JT.

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Posted in: Biden announces sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans See in context

This is good news. The vaccination rate in the US is still only 53%. Excludiung the people who have valid medical reasons to not be vaccinated, the rest need to be "coerced" through every legal measure possible. Those crying "discrimination" have no idea what the word really means.

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Posted in: China chases 'rejuvenation' with control of tycoons, society See in context

Express sisterToday  05:17 pm JST

An ideal society created by killing or jailing anyone who doesn’t see it as ideal is not ideal.

You're going to lose it when you hear about what Western nations do to people who are undesirable.

There is a difference between expressing one's views against society, and comitting crimes.

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Posted in: Aso, Kono meet to discuss LDP leadership race See in context

ToshihiroToday  05:36 pm JST

People may hate him, but he sure does dress very well.

He dresses very well if it were the 1960s. But it's not. And considering his complete lack of qualifications to be in politics at all, other than being born into a poltical family with a silver spoon in his mouth, I think he looks like a clown in that get up.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Simon FostonToday  01:44 pm JST

OssanAmericaToday  01:38 pm JST

So what's wrong with that? Japanese aren't allowed to be nationalistic while their neighbors in China and South Korea are drunk on nationalism?

You're saying that Japan should be allowed to be as bad as they are?

They haven;t been bad for 76 years. Maybe you mean a bad as China is now?

Neither of which have a Peace Constitution.

How long do you think Japan would continue to have a Peace Constitution if Takaichi and her ilk had their way?

Probably at least as long as your lifetime. Even Shinzo Abe made clear that he wanted only the second paragraph of Article 9 amended to recognize the existence of the JSDF. He insisted that the first paragraph, which prohibits Japan from using military force to settle disputes, the portion which we call the "Peace Constitution" remain intact.

Constantly pointing at a Japanese historical boogeyman is a not so clever way of distracting from territorial expansion, subjugation and genocide today.

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Posted in: IOC suspends N Korea from Beijing Olympics for Tokyo no-show See in context

North Korea thumbs their noses at the UN Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency. I really don't see them giving a hoot about anything the International Olymic Committee has to say about them.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Nibek32Today  01:23 pm JST

I love the idea of a female PM for Japan, however, this woman’s nationalistic views are no different than your typical 90 year old Japanese man politician.

So what's wrong with that? Japanese aren't allowed to be nationalistic while their neighbors in China and South Korea are drunk on nationalism? Neither of which have a Peace Constitution.

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Posted in: Japan to extend state of emergency again; set road map to lift curbs See in context


The J-D/L can expire. It is not needed in the US since it requres an Intntl Drivers Permit (issued by JAF) and it's only valid for 1 year anyway. Upon return to Japan and with a registered address ( 住民票) in Japan a new J-D/L can be obtained without any driving or written test. The only requirement is that the person had a valid unrevoked J-D/L in the past, even if currently expired. So there is no need to come back to Japan just for the D/L at this time when travel is a P.I.A.

As a J-national living in CA, the person can apply for a CA State D/L with a CA address. If a PR in in posession they will get a normal D/L. If the PR is still in application, they will get one but is stamped not authorized to work.

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