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Posted in: Aso apologizes for remarks about Japan's historical unity See in context

u_s__reamerJan. 14  01:38 pm JST

Aso's version of Japanese history was no slip of the tongue, but a Freudian slip revealing the fictitious, nationalistic version of history the Japanese rightists have been promoting ever since they regained control of the country after their defeat in 1945.

Totally wrong, This version of history centered on the "Yamato Minzoku" permeates Japanese culture as evidenced by the tie between Shinto shrines and the Imperial throne. Goes back over 1300 years at least.

If you belive "rightists regained control after 1945", then who in the world do you think was running the country 1930-1945?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, EU seek new global rules limiting subsidies See in context

But they refrained from naming China directly.

Cowards. As if it's not bad enough that it's like trying to close the barn doors after the horses ran out over a decade ago. An estimated 80% of Chinese companies are directly or infirectly tied to the Chinese government. And that government is a single party dictatorship.

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Posted in: Trump use of doctored Pelosi-Schumer photo draws Muslim ire See in context

It's so sad that I've become so use to having an idiot 5th grader in the White House that nothing really surprises me anymore.

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Posted in: Ex-captive Japanese journalist sues gov't over passport denial See in context

Tough call. Guy makes a living going into combat zones. But the J-govt doesn't want or need another hostage situation. To refuse him a passort does infringe upon his individual rights though.

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Posted in: 1,600 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

1glennToday  12:03 pm JST

At the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876, aka Custer's Last Stand, about 2,000 mounted Native Americans armed mostly with bows and arrows defeated 700 cavalrymen armed with repeating rifles.

I don't think so. All 700 men of the US 7th Calvarly under Lt Col Custer were armed with Army issued breech-loading, single-shot Springfield Model 1873 carbines and 1873 Colt single-action revolvers.

Of the 2000 mostly Lakota and Cheyenne warriors, 200 had Winchester repeating rifles. The others carried smooth bore caplocks or rifled muskets from thje Civil War. Single shot cartridge breech loaders such as Henrys, Sharps, Spencers were also used. The younger braves carried bows and lances which appear very prominent in artwork commemorating the battle, but it was a far cry from a guns vs bows battle.

As you point out, the main reason for the 7th Cav's defeat was strategic.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

JenniSchiebelToday  10:37 am JST

BigYen Today  10:23 am JST

Japan's judicial system and Ghosn's guilt or innocence of the charges agaisnt him are two completly different issu

No they're not. His guilt or innocence was going to be determined within that judicial system.

That does not automatically mean that Ghosn is "innocent" of the charges. The complaints that Ghosn has raised about the Japanese judicial system do not pertain specifically to the charges against him. In fact, in this regard, all he has ever said is "I'm innocent" with giving any specific details. How he was treated, how he was questioned, wether he had access to the internet or not, whether he could enjoy Christmas or Thanksgiving all have nothing to do with the charges against him. Your response is a perfect example of mixing the two issues.

Look at it the other way around, Suppose Ghosn was charged in a country where you believed the system was biased towards finding everyone "not guilty". Would that automatically make Ghosn "guilty"? Of course not. But that is exactly what you are doing.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

Hate to rain on everyone's parade, but any changes to Japan's judicial system, no matter how needed or not, isn't going to be caused by a bail jumper hiding in another country. And he sure isn't ranting about it to cause a change for the better, he's doing it to save his own neck. Japan's judicial system and Ghosn's guilt or innocence of the charges agaisnt him are two completly different issues which he has succeeded in mixing for his own defense. This may work as far as public opinion goes, but not in the legal world. No other country or court has any jurisdiction over the charges against him. While Japan has a heavy handed conviction rate, it also has an aburdly weak incarceration. It's far from impossible that Ghosn may have bee found innocent, or found gulity but given a very weak sentence, even suspended.

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Posted in: Chinese media blame 'dirty tactics' for Tsai's win See in context

Tsai and her Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) used "dirty tactics such as cheating, repression and intimidation to get votes, fully exposing their selfish, greedy and evil nature", it added.

Standard CCP protocol. Accuse the other party of everything that CCP itself is guilty of.

All power to to Tsai Ing-Wen and the DPP. The people of Taiwan have spoken.

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Posted in: Elderly woman robbed by intruders See in context

Many of these crimes that target the elderly are based on the rather ridiculous Japanese habit of keeping a totally unnecessary amount of cash in the house. This is something the J-govt needs to address.

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Posted in: Indonesia asks Japan to invest in islands near waters disputed with China See in context

AlexBecuToday 01:31 am JST


They dont believe in climate change and their doing very little to lead the world or address the problem within just the U.S.

No, most Americans are not stupid. Just because we have an idiot in the White House right now please do not paint all of America in his image.

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Posted in: Taiwan's pro-Japan young people back Tsai's re-election See in context

they were taught at school about the Japanese empire's colonization and aggression before the end of World War II in a neutral manner, unlike their Korean and Chinese counterparts.

There you go. Taiwan does not fuel anti-Japan sentiment or use it as a diplomatic tool. This, despite the fact that The Republic of China (now Taiwan) was the China that fought Imperial Japan's invasion in the 30s. Some of those IJA troops being Korean, starting with Chung Hee-Park. South Korea, learn something and hang your head in shame.

Taiwan is a democracy and deserves the support and protection of the entire free world. Any military action by China to "unify" Taiwan would be nothing more than an invasion.

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Posted in: Man beats fast food worker because one chicken nugget was missing from his combo meal See in context

What a great reason to earn an arrest record. lol

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Posted in: Taiwan’s leader reelected as voters back tough China stance See in context

ReturningGraceToday  08:43 am JST

I blame the US for giving China the means to become the bully it is today.

It's not just the U.S. The entire free world was deceived by the CCP's claim of a "Peaceful Rise".

Should push come to shove I hope that the world will back the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan in the face of the authoritarian monster.

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Posted in: 2 SDF planes leave for Middle East on intel-gathering mission See in context

The JSDF is going to the Gulf of Aden to help protect Japanese commercial shipping; people and property, specifically the oil tankers that deliver vital energy to Japan, some of which have already been attacked by unidentified parties. The depolyment does not contradict Article 9 of the constitution.

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Posted in: Indonesia asks Japan to invest in islands near waters disputed with China See in context

Indonesia, like other SE Asian nations are simply worried about China, the world's most powerful dictatorship, infringing upon their territory.

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Posted in: 2 SDF planes leave for Middle East on intel-gathering mission See in context

The flag is the Naval Ensign of the JMSDF. And the P-3 patrol planes and surface ship are JMSDF. Knew someone would make a stupid comment about the flag, right on cue.

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Posted in: S Korean court rejects wartime labor claims from 54 plaintiffs See in context

If South Korea was so confident of it's own interpretation of the 1965 Treaty, they would never have refused to abide by the Arbitration Clause in that same Treaty, which exists exactly for when there is a difference such as this. South Korea is afraid of losing, and thereby be forced to over ride or nullify the SK Court ruling.

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Posted in: Snipers to cull up to 10,000 camels in drought-stricken Australia See in context

RecklessToday 09:51 pm JST

White people are also an introduced species, no?

I think invasive is the correct term.

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Posted in: Abe cancels visit to Middle East amid tensions See in context

YrralToday 08:51 am JST

Trump war has begun, with launch of ICBM by Iran

YrralToday 09:51 am JST

Trump is at war, Iran launch 12 ICBM at US base in Iraq, and declared war on war on anybody, that host US bases

Iran does not have ICBMs. Iran has short and medium range as well as cruise missiles which put maximum range at 2000km capable of hitting Eastern Europe.

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Posted in: Man accused of killing 19 disabled people disrupts trial See in context

"Mr Uematsu had a psychiatric disability and, as a result, he was not mentally competent," said the lawyer.

But he was competent enough to plan and carry out the murder of 19 people. This defense is so overused everywhere. While there are many cases where capitol punishment may not be appropriate, this isn't one of them.

one of his lawyers said his abuse of marijuana led to mental illness, adding: "This has turned him into a different person. As a result, this incident took place."

ROTFLMAO! Nice try though.

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Posted in: Abe urges LDP lawmakers to intensify push for constitutional reform See in context

minello7Today  10:15 am JST

I have a question , if Abe succeeds in his quest to amend article 9 , and gets to recognizes the SDF as the armed forces of Japan, does that not require Japan to go to the assistance of the US in any conflict that the US chooses to get involved in.

Japan has already passed legislation that would allow the JSDF to come to the aid of an allied force under "collective defense". And no, that doesn't "require" Japan to do so, it simply allows it. So Abe's efforts to amend the second parargraph of Article 9 so that the JSDF is officially recognized doesn't have anything to do with the issue you raise.

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Posted in: Abe sticks to plan to deploy SDF to Middle East See in context

@Seth M

You misunderstood my post. Yes the JMSDF will operate apart from the US lead coalition. However the current circumstances (after the US action) may lead to open conflict between coalition vessels and Iran, and/or Iranian attacks on commercial shipping which may include Japanese ones.

Japan has already had ships attacked, and they have had nothing to do with US-Iran relations.

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Posted in: Plain Japanese key to inclusive, multicultural Japan See in context

Do the hustleToday  04:19 pm JST

Firstly, Japan has one of the highest rates of illiteracy in the modern world,

The Literacy rate of Japan is 99%. This is the same as Australia, Italy, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, and the UK.


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Posted in: Abe sticks to plan to deploy SDF to Middle East See in context

Regardless of whether you like or hate Abe, facts are facts;

-Shinzo Abe's grandfather was never charged, much less tried and convicted as a War Criminal of any class by the International Trubunal for the Far East. He was pulled, interrogated and released.

Abe is pushing to change the 2nd paragraph of Article 9, which expressly prohibits Japan mainaining a military. Being that Japan was forced by the U.S. tp create the JSDF in 1950, and it has now grown to the 6th largest military force in the world, the necessity to amend the contradictory 2nd paragraph is obvious. Abe has declared no intent to try to amend the 1st paragraph, which is the part that prohibits Japan from waging war. There is absolutely no popular support to amend the 1st paragraph.

-With circumstances as they are following the U.S. missle strike against the Iranian No.2, the need to protect Japanese commercial shipping in the region is greater than ever before.

-The Japanese government hasd been wearing "penguin suits" for formalevents since around 1870.

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Posted in: Plain Japanese key to inclusive, multicultural Japan See in context

KniknaknokkaerToday  11:37 am JST

"The problem is not that Japanese people are not good at speaking English," he said.

I'm no teacher but I blame katakana for this. Japanese peoples brains are generally stuck in katakana English mode, which doesn't sound very much like actual English!

Personally I think you're barking up the wrong tree, in the sense that Katakana is not English and was never meant to be. The use of Katakana to express foreign words was a means to incoporate those words into Japanese text.

Japan chose to use Katakana for that purpose, as opposed to what the Chinese did. Los Angeles in Japanese is simply ロスアンゼルス. If you can read it, you know what/where it is. But in Chinese it is 洛杉矶. Not only can I not read it I have no idea what it is at all. I don't know about you, but I'm glad Japan did not do this.

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Posted in: Tuna fetches ¥193.2 mil at New Year auction in Tokyo See in context

This guy does this every year. There's no more "wow" to it, it's just him marketing his chain with an annual headline.

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Posted in: Veganism is a belief protected under UK law, tribunal rules See in context

Personally I think veganism is a type of disorder. Nothing wrong with it at all if practiced as one's own belief. But not something to be pushed on society. If humans had no canine teeth and multiple stomachs like unglulates, I would change my mind.

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Posted in: Turkey detains 7, including 4 pilots over Ghosn's escape through Istanbul See in context

All of his arguments about the unfairness of Japan's justice system go out the window as he is now a bail jumper with zero credibility. But obviously tons of money stashed away to pull off this operation. He had an opportunity to expose any unfairness in court that would have been watched by the world. But the only thing he accomplished was saving himself, and ensuring that any foregners in the future who may be charged will be considered a flight risk and find it hard to be released on bail. So why are so many rooting for a person who would throw them under the truck in a flash.

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Posted in: Taiwan's top military official among 8 dead as helicopter makes forced landin See in context

There are various news reports all put out around that same time, some saying  Gen. Shen Yi-ming is dead, and some saying he survived. Very confusing.

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Posted in: Japan's naval dispatch to Mideast seen as result of compromise See in context


At no time has Japan accused Iran, or any other nation, or specific organization of having been behind the previous attacks. Nor have they agreed with the US/UK view. Clarifying who was behind the attacks is not relevant to the JMSDF deployment.

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